Reviews | Reviews en-us SnapChat Takeover: Kyra Rose | SnapChat Takeovers Mon, 25 Jun 2018 09:52:00 UTC I honestly doubt you will find a cuter performer in all “Sin-City” when it comes to new starlets in the adult industry than this lovely Rose. This beauty is bringing so much to the table and is starting things off with a massive bang in the industry. On Friday, June 29th, the best kept secret in Las Vegas as well as within the ranks of the girls, is taking over the Snapchat in our Porn Star Takeover Series, the beautiful Kyra Rose What this sweetheart brings to the game is a new style within the ranks of the adult world. A woman who not only has a flair for acting and performance, her stills in the Wood Rocket and Porn Hub parody of Jurassic Park show that she has depth that is just waiting to burst out onto the screen with a flaming pass... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Ambriel Willow | SnapChat Takeovers Fri, 22 Jun 2018 08:58:00 UTC On Thursday, June 28th the stars come out to shine and the adult industry has its annual summertime awards show in Los Angeles, California. The open their doors at 7PM sharp for a red carpet that will feature all the starlets of your dreams. This event has had a stoic history that dates back to Valentines Day decades ago and was founded on the idea that every adult performer should have a place to go on Valentines Day. XRCO was to be a place for all the heartbreakers to get together and enjoy a night just for them on. That essence is still something that runs strong within this award show to this day and when the doors do in fact open, brand new porn starlet and spokes model Ambriel Willow will be taking you on a tour through the event like no one ever has, when she takes over... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Emily Austin | SnapChat Takeovers Sun, 17 Jun 2018 03:11:00 UTC “I just want to enjoy the ride” Words from one of the most gracious women the adult industry has ever seen. People find many ways into this industry, but few take the road were passion is their lead. The featured performer for this weeks Porn Star Takeover is a woman who has been doing this since she was twenty years old. Spending most of her adult life entertaining the world from stage to screen. You do not see this very often fans, but this porn star can be seen daily under the stars of that big Texas sky. Dancing, performing, entertaining they are what comes natural to this blond bombshell and she lives the life that most think is only a show for the crowd. Well, this Texas vixen is here to tell you it is not. The Emily Austin fresh off her triumphant return to the adult film world will be taking over the... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Michele James | SnapChat Takeovers Mon, 11 Jun 2018 19:47:00 UTC The XXX world that we know and love is one that is changing always. Today’s market consists of many performers taking fans on journeys into their very heart and souls with independent production and cam modeling. This week's featured performer has one of the coolest collection of independent roles as well as one of the best reputations for creating something that caters to her girlfriends in the business just as much as her fans. Michele James not only has one of the most gorgeous natural bodies in the adult world, she also features one of the best natural acting talents that I have ever seen in the world of clips and customs. This beauty is turning heads faster and faster every day and we thought, what better style performer to bring you in her prime than this amazing new starlet.

day two is where the weekend truly begins. Chicago, it is a place that draws some of the hugest crowds in the adult realm. Some shows and cities do not survive the road trip tour that is eXXXotica but on stop that will forever be on the map is Chicago. This year’s convention is taking place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. A very fitting location for such a party. This city, like New Jersey at years end is one that you simply can not afford to miss. Even if you can get or take the time off work to take the vacation of a lifetime, fear not, has you covered this con. On eXXXotica Day Two, the stunning new starlet Brandi Bae will be ... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Kimmie Kaboom | SnapChat Takeovers Mon, 04 Jun 2018 19:07:00 UTC Chicago is this week ladies and gents and is going to be bringing you double the fun and double the perspectives from the grand adult conventions. Chicago is the start of the convention growing into it’s most massive get together which culminates in New Jersey almost at years end. This convention honestly starts the path of a wider range of stars and a heavier line-up as most performers begin their whirl wind national tour at this stop. On Friday, June 8th, day one of the convention will feature one of the dedicated stars in the adult world taking over the Snapchat the amazing Kimmie Kaboom the world of curvaceous babes has long been something of a hidden grandeur in the adult industry tha... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Grace Evangeline | SnapChat Takeovers Wed, 30 May 2018 01:26:00 UTC When you think of variety in the XXX world, we hope that is the first thought that pops into your dirty little minds as XXX fans. We honestly pride ourselves on bringing you performers, films, clips and productions from every realm and genre of the adult industry. One of this weeks featured performers for the start of summer is a gal who honestly helped to mold the term MILF with the start of her career. On Saturday, June 2nd, the lovely Grave Evangeline will be taking over the Snapchat live from the “Land Down Under” in our coveted Porn Start Takeover Series.

Grave Evangeline 

Just the aspect that this beauty is taking you o... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Pepper Hart | SnapChat Takeovers Wed, 23 May 2018 10:08:00 UTC The look of a model is something that has more than even fifty different shades, especially in the adult world. One of the freshest looks in the business has come from a young beauty whose stock grows with every single scene she completes and every single editorial she partakes in. Pepper Hart is a woman who is XXX through and through, mixed in with a huge helping of girl next door. Fans, her look is not deceiving, she is as approachable and as sweet as she looks. Trust me, you will not regret getting a taste of what this beauty has to offer at After that, be sure you jump on over to Snapchat and find us at that way you are prepared on June 1st for a Porn Star Takeover that is goin... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Sonia Harcourt | SnapChat Takeovers Thu, 17 May 2018 23:53:00 UTC The age of the modern adult industry is one that has many roads, many sites to see as you travel from one venue to the next. Our featured performer for the week of May 21st is a gal who simply has a view on sexuality that simply is not one of a kind but is one that I myself, wish more people had. The stunning Sonia Harcourt will be taking over the Snapchat live on Tuesday May 22nd. As this amazing ball of fire takes you on a ride that few believe an independent performer can, one thing I will tell you fans who may not have ever seen Sonia’s work, she loves this business and it shows in some of the steamiest scenes that are available on the internet.

On Saturday, May 19th is proud to bring to you a change up to the Snap Chat takeover. Our series has brought you so many new and veteran performers of the adult industry in so many ways. One of the genres I think we have failed to tap into as of late is the girl/girl performer. When you look at some of the things that get over looked the most with a girl/girl performer, I think it truly must be how fans think that this genre of performer simply can not bring kink, passion, nastiness and flavor to the table. This week’s beauty is simply proving everyone wrong and has been since day one. Aali Kali since her jump onto the scene has simply made every genre she has been apart of become something that fans simply never knew such grace, beauty and kink could be apart of. Aali is starting to become known in many critic&a... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Whitney Wright | SnapChat Takeovers Mon, 23 Apr 2018 00:15:00 UTC Since 2016, the world of adult entertainment has seen a few performers come and many others go. One of the rarest finds of that year was a beautiful young woman from the mighty great plains region of the US named Whitney Wright. Now, I know this article is starting up a bit differently than others but that is due to the fact that Whitney is turning out to be not just your everyday, ordinary actress, nor is this going to be your typical Porn Star Takeover. On Tuesday, April 24th Whitney Wright is taking the fans on set to experience what is most likely going to be one of her sexiest, steamiest and deepest roles to date with

Whitney Wright 

As another first is brought to the XXX fans of the industry during thi... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Johnny Goodluck | SnapChat Takeovers Tue, 17 Apr 2018 18:35:00 UTC This week brings forth so many new things to the website and snapchat takeovers. The growth of this branch of our network seems to keep growing and growing. To all the fans of the XXX world we thank you so much for that. This week’s concluding Porn Star Takeover features one of the hottest damn adult stars on the planet and ladies, we are doing this one for you. The studly, Mr. Johnny Goodluck will be taking over the account live on Sunday, April 22nd, on what is sure to be one hell of a ride ladies. You can not miss this first so be sure to follow on Snapchat at:

Johnny Goodluck 

Johnny simply has the stylish classic look of a James Dean hot and ready to take on Hollywood. Talk ab... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Emily Blacc | SnapChat Takeovers Mon, 16 Apr 2018 11:38:00 UTC since the beginning, has been an agency that has had some of the hottest new starlets learn the true essence of their capability and passion within the adult industry to begin great careers. This week’s takeover features one of the most beautiful red heads to lace up a garder in the adult industry, Emily Blacc

Emily Blacc  

This cutie career has begun with one of the best companies. Her Evil Angel debut was simply one of the hottest scenes this critic has seen when it comes to appetites for some of the tastier pleasures in this amazing business called adult cinema. Models have always consisted of some of the youngest and most beautiful adult entertainers in the industry. Their brand has gone on to launch the careers of some stars who have gone on to become Hustler Honeys, Penthouse Pets and much, much more. I think that when we began searching for the next grandiose thing to showcase in our Porn Star Takeovers, we thought that no other could showcase the true essence of that within Society 15 than the lovely Monica Sage

Monica Sage 

The path to success in this business can take many, many turns. This stunning middle eastern beauty has begun with two companies that simply sh... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Tana Lea | SnapChat Takeovers Fri, 06 Apr 2018 19:32:00 UTC On Wednesday, April 11th. The Porn Star Takeover will be simply known as the Tana Takeover. The performers who have populated your phone and tablet screen in our Snapchat series have been beauties that range of all types, heights, and passions. This performer we are bringing you, she is a mixture of something that is so rarely seen in the adult industry. Her ink, her fashion model beauty and her down to earth spirit and character have had fans, directors, producers all wanting to find out, who is Tana Lea. Starting from my first time I saw her as an Inked Awards trophy girl, this fiery phenom has been kicking ass, taking names and driving the masses insane with her provocative performances and pictorials. When you log onto this coming Wednesday, you may never be the same again in terms of what you expect to see from ... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Anna Claire Clouds | SnapChat Takeovers Sun, 01 Apr 2018 03:58:00 UTC Winter has come to an end, now, it is time to turn up the heat. What better way to do this than attend your favorite adult convention. On April 6th through the 8th, the tour bus which consists of some of the most beautiful porn stars in the world along with some of the most dashing toys, entertainers and models all looking to do one thing, meet their fans and have you take something home of theirs with you, possibly in more ways than one. Yes, the first city of sensuality will be Denver, Colorado. The second straight year will be stopping by due to what was an indoor attendance record for a convention last year. Here at, we thought what better performer to have take the reigns of our snapchat promotion than an entertainer who hails from Colorado herself. The lov... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Ella Hughes | SnapChat Takeovers Sun, 01 Apr 2018 02:56:00 UTC As spring begins to come into full swing, we here at thought, why not try something new to showcase to the fans. Although much of what the agents do within this business is a secret of the business left for the performers of the industry to know those soon to be entertainers to find out. The one thing we can tell you is that they are an intricate part of the magic of this business and ensuring that performers continue to create things for the fan that not only drive them wild in the bedroom but also keep their curiosity and imagination fresh for what comes next. is run by one of the queens of the industry, the lovely Kendra Lust and when we began this project she could not think of a better person to start out this spotlight month t showcase to the fans, then the stunning Ella Hughes ... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Cindy Starfall | SnapChat Takeovers Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:06:00 UTC There are many faces of empowerment within the community of amazing women within the adult industry. The path to which a performer finds this industry is a path that is unique for every loving spirit that takes a seat upon the bed within this land of fantasy and daydreams. Few in this business truly give a just due to this month’s closing performer. The month of March could not come with a better choice to simply satisfy the XXX fans every need in this little sneak peak into the stars we love in our acclaimed Porn Star Takeover Series. When you join our snap chat at you are going to be witness to the amazing Cindy Starfall’s first ever SnapChat Takeover.

Cindy Starfall SnapChat Takeover: Ginger Banks | SnapChat Takeovers Sun, 18 Mar 2018 21:31:00 UTC When you think of adult entertainment, what is it that you picture in your head? As of late, so much has changed in the adult industry that many different answers exist for that question, larger in quantity now that ever before. is proud to bring to you an actor, a performer, a model and cam star who is simply erasing the lines that separate so much and so many of us in the adult world. The multi-talented and ever so beautiful Ginger Banks is taking over the Snap Chat, live this Friday, March 23rd, in what is sure to be a show you will not soon forget.

Ginger Banks 

This Arizona beauty has been wowing fans for more than a few years and is truly one of the unsung pioneers in the growth of scene and clip prod... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Vicky Vixxx | SnapChat Takeovers Wed, 14 Mar 2018 20:17:00 UTC The month of March continues with more and more XXX fun, parties and everything in between. The post St. Patricks Day week features performers are two of the best in different realms of the adult industry. Doing things that the fans of the XXX world seem to be growing hungrier for with each live broadcast or each new scene that tests the senses and everything else that lies within the imagination of the human mind in both extreme ways as well as the soft and sensual. BDSM, Kink, Fetish, what ever you wish to call it, the genre, the lifestyle has become something that more and more XXX fans seem to become more comfortable with each day. is proud to bring you one of the dominant beauties in the adult world today and I mean that literally, the stunning Vicky Vixxx

Vic... ]]> </description>
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<pubDate>Sun, 11 Mar 2018 12:35:00 UTC</pubDate>
<p style=St. Patrick&rsquo;s Day will never be the same after what has in store for you XXX fans. This month, we are bringing you some of the that Irish sass that can only be portrayed by some of the most beautiful red heads in the adult industry. This day would not be complete without a little debauchery to go with the endless hours of drinking. On Saturday, March 17th the XXX worlds most fiery red head takes over the Snap Chat, the one and only Maddy O&rsquo;Reilly.

Maddy O'Reilly&nbsp;

Since the start of her career in 2011, Maddy has gone on to achieve some of the industries most coveted prizes, like her 2015 XBIZ Best actress award for her spell binding performance in the Jacky St. James masterpiece On Friday March 9th, we begin our spotlight of not just the most gorgeous red headed beauties in this business but also, a fun look into how these stars continue to climb the ranks in ways that so few would ever believe possible. First up, for your viewing pleasure, is the always alluring Alexa Nova one of the most striking beauties in this business, who since her acceptance into this industry, has done things in her first year, that few complete within a career if they are lucky. This takeover has been one that the staff has been dying to bring to you, the XXX fan, since this promotion began well over a year ago. This starlet is truly the definition of what it is all about in terms of entering a world that few fans ever get to see and even less could ever imagine, a performer does with this large smile always upon... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Sadie Holmes | SnapChat Takeovers Tue, 27 Feb 2018 14:07:00 UTC This month, we have brought you something that was guaranteed to open your eyes and show you a future that consists of beautiful models, self-made production, and erotica that has as fierce a bite as it does an alluring touch to the other senses. This Friday, March 2nd Fetish superstar Sadie Holmes takes over the snapchat in our grand finale of independent women creating new realms within the land of fantasy. This Porn Star Takeover is one that is simply years in the making and can only be seen on snap chat at:

Sadie Holmes&nbsp;

Sadie has simply done it all ladies and gentlemen. Having starred in so many of the most glamorous films in the business lik... ]]> SnapChat Takeover: Maria Jade | SnapChat Takeovers Thu, 22 Feb 2018 02:58:00 UTC On Monday, February 26th. We end the month with a bang, in more ways than one. Floridian sensation Maria Jade makes her return to the domain to host our Porn Star Takeover for a second time. Saying that Maria is back and better than ever is an understatement. Join us on snap chat at it is free to join to catch a glimpse of a model/performer who is starting her climb to the top of the mountain in a way that is beyond unique and beyond bold.

Maria Jade&nbsp;

Making her Evil Angel debut in Mike Adriano&rsquo;s, this blond beauty seems to simply always turning over new leaves with her work, her look an... ]]>