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Private Life Laura Angel, The

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Studio: Private » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/31/04

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Private Life Of Laura Angel

Director: Various

Date of Production: Compilation date 12/2003

Length: Disc 1: 1 hour 38 minutes, Disc 2: 1 hour 49 minutes (Times do not include two bonus scenes)

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Nikky Andersson, Monique Covét, Silvia Saint, Susy Q, Kate More, Sorricca, Laura Angel, Cassandra Wild, Katia Love, Frank Gun, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang, John Walton, Mike Foster, Elone, Zenza Raggi, Hakan Le, Kevin Long, Frank Major, Tony de Sergio, George, Chioa, David Perry (This does not include Bonus scenes or second disc cast. See scene breakdowns for more.)

Video/Audio: The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen (exclusive scene only), 1.33:1 full frame and letterboxed color. Video quality varies a little, but is very good overall with crisp visuals and not a lot of artifacts present. Audio is available in several languages and has a mixture of overdubbed and live sound scenes.

Extras: One Exclusive Scene with two versions (Hard/Soft), Laura Angel Quiz with strip tease and another bonus scene ending, Production notes, Interview, Laura's Privateography (1 Private Movie Special and 7 Pirate magazine photo sets, Trailers for all of her movies and compilations, Photobooks from her movies)

The DVD: As with most Private releases, this dvd set is top notch. The menu, the navigation, the graphics are all fantastic. The one drawback is the lack of chapter breaks. One per scene just isn't enough.

Scene Breakdown:

Laura Angel & Silvia Saint

Scene 1: Hell's Belles: Angel and Saint Silvia Saint, Laura Angel Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Silvia works on Hakan's cock while Laura strips out of her clothes. Once she has stripped, Laura comes over to help Silvia do some licking before going back to put on some sexy fetish clothes while Silvia rides reverse cowgirl for a bit. When she is dressed and has had enough of her own fingers, Laura lays back to get fucked by Hakan briefly. Hakan then moves around to stick his dick into Silvia's backdoor while she licks Laura's pussy. Laura decides it's her turn to fuck again and rides in a reverse cowgirl on Hakan's cock for some anal sex until he is ready to unload on Silvia's face and mouth. She drops the cum onto Laura below.

Hot scene! This is some of the best stuff Frank Thring has done.

Laura Angel

Scene 2: Xtreme Desires: The Swing: Laura Angel, Sorricca, Monique Covet, John Walton, Mike Foster, Kevin Long Directed by: Tanya Hide
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Toys, Facial
There is so much action going on in this scene I can't keep up with it all. Laura sits in a sex swing and gets fucked while other women and men go at it around her in a large cage. The sex is fast and furious which goes with the techno soundtrack playing. At one point, Laura holds her ass open with four fingers as her guy slides his cock in and out a few times. The entire group gets together in a huge bundle of flesh and the sex continues a few moments later with Monique and Laura back in the sex swings for more anal. Laura and Monique are put pussy to pussy and a double ended dildo is placed into their pussies before they get out of the swings for more fucking and sucking. Laura gets her ass pounded some more before the guys start unloading on the women one by one.

Hot scene! Not for everyone though. The sex is hard and dirty, nothing sweet or nice about this one.

Laura Angel

Scene 3: Sex Shot: Laura Angel, Elone Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Laura and her man walk down the street drinking and getting playful when it begins raining on them. Instead of getting out of it, she pushes him to a brick wall and they begin to kiss. She goes down on him for a while and he pours whisky on his cock as she sucks him. The man moves Laura and lifts her skirt to remove her panties so he can fuck her form behind as they stand. She rides reverse cowgirl on his dick for a long time before going back to standing doggy style for anal. Laura's face would have been soaked in cum if the guys aim was on and it wasn't pouring down on them, but she still received a pretty big facial to end the scene.

Another hot scene! The wacky video tricks are there, but it's not too annoying in this scene.

Laura Angel

Scene 4: China Box: Sex in the Toilet: Laura Angel, Leslie Taylor, David Perry Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Laura walks into a restroom where David and Leslie are. She sits down and starts to tease them a little by showing her thighs to them. She makes her way over to David and Leslie follows her. Laura goes down on both men at the same time for a while before getting fucked by David as they stand face to face. Leslie stands next to them and watches until it is his turn screw her in reverse cowgirl as she sucks Dave's prick at the same time. The guys switch up again and David bangs her slit and butt in spoon as she blows Leslie. Both men fuck her in a double penetration until they are ready to cum. Laura lets both men spray her face with their jism then sucks their cocks one last time for the scene finale.

Aside from the sanitary issues, this was another hot scene.

Laura Angel & Nikky Anderson

Scene 5: Italian Flair: Laura & Nikky: Laura Angel, Nikky Anderson Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral

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The girls go at it next to a pool. Laura sits down to lick Nikky's pussy from below for a while before fingering her pussy as she sits on the edge of the pool too. Nikky bends over to receive more vaginal attention from Laura's fingers for a bit before Laura begins to probe her asshole.

This was an ok scene. The sheer beauty in this one is hard to beat, but the excessive use of video effects and color shifts from black and white to color again became more annoying than interesting.

Laura Angel

Scene 6: Italian Flair: After Hours: Laura Angel, Frank GunDirected by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Laura and Frank start out with a little bit to drink and then she moves down to suck down something else. She blows him for a while before he removes her panties to eat her out. They begin fucking in missionary and move to a standing doggy style position a little later. Laura gets back on the barstools they were using earlier for some missionary anal before blows his wad on her tongue and tits.

Nice scene. The effects in this one were a little annoying, but not as much as the last scene.

Laura Angel

Scene 7: Cleopatra 2: (Quiz Bonus Scene) Laura Angel, Leslie Taylor Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Laura tells Leslie he is sexy and then kisses her way down to his cock. After pulling it out of his pants, she proceeds to suck on it for a while until he begins to fuck her in a standing doggy position. They move to spoon for an extended screw that eventually turns to anal sex. When Leslie is ready to cum, Laura kneels down to let him cum on her face and tongue. Laura performs a good amount of post cum oral before the scene ends.

Hot scene! This little preview of Cleopatra 2 makes me want to pick up the first one. Adamo didn't use a lot of video tricks and kept it straight forward for this one.

Laura Angel

Scene 8: One Night in Sixty Minutes (Hard Version): Laura Angel, Chioa Directed by: Juan Carlos Jesus Villalobos
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM
Laura moves up to kiss Chioa and then pulls back quickly the moves down to his cock. She sucks it then sticks it between her tits to let him fuck them before having him go down on her. He enters her pussy in missionary as she sits up then they move to the bed to continue with the position. They change to spoon and Laura grabs his dick and pulls him all the way out of her then guides him back in quickly several times before riding him reverse cowgirl. She hops off to give him a little more head before sitting down on his cock for a hard anal fuck. They go back to straight sex in the spoon position before finishing up with missionary.

Wow! This scene is incredibly sexy. I'm not sure who this director is, but I want to see more. If it's anything near the quality of this one scene it will be amazing. The look and feel is a lot different from anything else I've seen in porno for a long time. By the way, I really liked this scene.

Laura Angel

Scene 9: Sex Shot: Laura Angel, Cassandra Wild, Zenza Raggi, Elone, Frank Major Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
laura and Zenza walk into a living room and he calls for Cassandra. When she walks out she has a leash in her hand and he asks her about a surprise. Cassandra calls laura over to her and places the collar around her neck then guides her around on her hands and knees for a moment. Laura kisses her feet then moves up her body to her pussy, but before she can do anything else Cassandra places her against a wall then walks away and calls in two other men. Elone starts kissing Laura's body and begins to eat her out in front of everyone else. Laura kneels down and works on both of the new guys cocks at the same time before bending over to be fucked by one while sucking the other. They quickly move through reverse cowgirl to go to spoon for vaginal and anal sex. Both men fuck her at the same time until they have to cum. She lets them cum all over her face then blows them again

Laura Angel

Scene 10: Hells Belles: Laura Angel, Kate Moore, George Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial
Laura and Kate like to share men, so they get one and do just that. The women, all dressed in fetish garb, start out by giving this lucky guy some head at the same time before kate lays back to have him lick her. Laura moves up from his cock to help him eat her out a little before being fucked with Kate straddling her face. Kate gets her chance to ride in reverse cowgirl with Laura pulling out George's cock every once in a while to suck on. Laura lays down on her side to let George fuck her asshole while she licks Kate nipples for while. Laura gets off of George's cock to let Kate ride it again for some anal reverse cowgirl. George can't take to much more and unloads on both women's faces the receives a few post cum licks by the girls to finish.

Hot Scene! Kate and Laura look like twins almost.

Laura Angel

Scene 11: Triple X Files 11:Red, Red Wine: Laura Angel, Mike Foster, Frank Gun Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
When the action starts up, Laura takes Franks dick in her mouth while Mike eats her out down below. Mike moves around to get some head as Frank starts fucking her gash from behind. They move to reverse cowgirl and Mike gets to take over fucking duties eventually sliding into her ass for a hard fuck. Frank has his turn to try out her asshole in spoon before they both fuck her at the same time. The guys cum all over Laura's pretty face in the end.

Hot scene. Another good one from Frank Thring.

Silvia Saint

Scene 12: Xtreme Desires: Doctors: Laura Angel, Silvia Saint, John Walton, Tony De Sergio Directed by: Tanya Hyde
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Laura breathes through an oxygen mask while Silvia fucks her with a large dildo. The mask comes off and Silvia's tongue goes in before they sixty-nine. A couple of male doctors show up and the ladies accommodate them too. Laura takes a dick in her mouth while Silvia continues to lick her pussy and Silvia lets one lick and fuck her from behind as she is buried face first between Laura's thighs. Laura becomes the center of attention for a bit when the men focus on her mouth and pussy at the same time with Silvia handing out some oral services a little later. Silvia and Laura both get fucked at the same time with Laura in missionary performing anal while Silvia stands in doggy. The group form a big square with the help of the hospital bed. Laura hops on to one of the dicks one last time and rides it until it's ready to burst. Silvia pulls the cock out and jerks it off onto her face. The other guy finishes himself on on Silvia's ass.

Hot scene! Anyone with a nurse fetish will love this one. Very odd and filthy.

Laura Angel

Scene 13: China Box: Laura Angel, Nick Long Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Laura dances on a table in front of Nick. He begin to help undress her and licking her pussy before fucking her in the missionary position. They switch to spoon briefly before she starts to suck his dick. They start to fuck again in reverse cowgirl, starting with straight sex then moving to anal. Laura and Nick stand up to screw in doggy for a little bit before getting some more anal sex in the spoon position. Laura uses her tits to coax the cum from Nick and catches it on her tongue.

Not bad. The effects were a little annoying, but the action was pretty good.

Susy Q & Laura Angel

Scene 14: Sex Shot: Laura Angel, Susy Q, Zenza Raggi Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Laura and Susy start off by kissing and Laura rubs wine all over Susy's body. Zenza helps out by pouring the wine down her body towards Laura who is eating out their new friend. Zenza gets more involved by putting his cock into Susy as she lay back on the table. They move to spoon and Susy begins fingering her own ass before moving to doggy so she can eat Laura's pussy and be fucked at the same time. Laura comes in for some anal action in spoon before Susy takes a turn sitting down on Zenza's prick too before he cums on both women's faces. Laura is above Susy, so she catches some in her mouth then spits it into Susy's.

Again with the effects, but still not a bad scene.


Scene 15: Hells Belles: Laura Angel, Fovea, Mike Foster, Kevin Long Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, PTM, Facial
Laura rubs a riding crop on Kevin's dick while Foeva kneels and watches from a few feet away holding a large double ended dildo in her mouth. Laura move to her and rubs the riding crop on her tits and pussy then takes the dildo out of her mouth. Laura orders the male slave to fuck Foeva's face and he winds up getting head form both women before bending Foeva over to fuck. Laura watches and gets hot. Another man shows up and Laura goes down on him. Foeva and the first slave move to reverse cowgirl for anal then she gets fucked by the second man in standing doggy. Laura stands above the slave and has him eat her pussy before sitting on his cock in reverse cowgirl. Both women get a load of cum each on their faces when it's all said and done.

Hot scene. I've liked Foeva for a while, she has a different look.

Katia Love

Scene 16: Sex Shot: Laura Angel, Katia Love, Mike Foster, Zenza Raggi, Frank Gun Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, PTM, Facial
Laura watches Katia on stage as she begins to feel up her male partners. Laura reaches over and begins to stroke Zenza's cock as they watch. Katia starts sucking both guys cocks and Laura does the same with Zenza's. Onstage, Katia gets nailed doggy style in her pussy and mouth at the same time before moving to reverse cowgirl. Laura continues to suck Zenza's cock when Katia moves to spoon for more vaginal and eventually anal sex. Katia gets on top in reverse cowgirl for more anal before both men dp her. She flips around to be double penetrated in cowgirl before the cumshots. Zenza stands up to deliver his load to Laura's face and Katia takes hers on her face as well.

Hot scene, but the weird overdubbed word that keeps popping up is friggin' annoying as hell.

Overall Thoughts: After being thoroughly impressed by my first Private Life Series DVD, I had high expectations for this one. I was not let down at all. Like the previous dvd set, this set is packed with all sorts of great Laura Angel related materials, 16 full scenes (one exclusive), magazine photosets, production photosets, trailers for her movies, and on and on. The striptease quiz for the second bonus scene was very hot and very different from the one on Lea's set. The only thing that would make this better is more chapter breaks per scene for the dvds.

Laura is one hell of a sexy woman and this two disc set shows that off on every level possible, Highly Recommended.

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