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Private Life of Lea deMae, The

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Studio: Private » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/2/04

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Private Life Of Lea de Mae

Director: Various

Date of Production: Compilation date 10/2003

Length: Disc 1: 1 hour 28 minutes, Disc 2: 1 hour 48 minutes (Times do not include three bonus scenes)

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Silvia Saint, Daniella Rush, Lea de Mae, Jane Darling, Jean Yves Le Castel, Dick Nasty, Guy Di Silva, Franco Roccaforte, Nacho Vidal, David Perry, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue (This does not include Bonus scenes or second disc cast. See scene breakdowns for more.)

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 full frame and letterboxed color. Video quality varies a little, but is very good overall with crisp visuals and not a lot of grain present. Audio is available in several languages and has a mixture of overdubbed and live sound scenes.

Extras: Two bonus scenes (one is exclusive to this release), Lea de mae Quiz with strip tease and another bonus scene ending, Production notes, Shooting a photo set, Interview featurette from Snow Sluts, Lea's Privateography (Private and Triple X magazine photo sets, Trailers for all of her movies and compilations, Photobooks from her movies)

Scene 1: Sex Trip: Sex in the Office Lea de Mae, Jean Yves Le Castel Directed by: Jean Yves Le Castel
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Lea plays a secretary that goes the extra mile to make her boss feel better. To help his headache, Lea starts out by sucking Jean's cock. She must have helped him out because he lets her sit down in the chair so he can eat her pussy. As he enters her in missionary, Lea takes hold of his tie to bite it and then uses it to slap his face. They move to doggy for another round of straight sex that eventually turns to anal. Jean sits back down in the chair and has Lea sit her ass back on his cock then reclines the chair back before they start moving again. They move into spoon for more anal before the facial ending. As with all of the Matador and Assman titles Jean Yves did, he gets in some gaping shots of Lea's asshole for the fans.

Scene 2: The Bride Wore Black: Lea and David Lea de Mae, David Perry Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Lea sits on some stairs dressed in red and black fetish garb when David walks in. She plays with herself as he pulls on her hair before she goes down on him. David spits in her mouth during a short break from having his dick sucked. He sits down on the stairs and has her ride him reverse cowgirl before moving to doggy. He takes a few breaks from fucking her doggy style to get more head before they switch to reverse cowgirl anal. Lea performs some more oral on David then he puts her into spoon for more anal sex. She gets on her hand and knees next so David can fuck her ass from behind for a while. David pulls out of her backdoor for more head and gets in some titty fucking before unloading on her face. I could have done without all of the spitting David did in this scene, but other than that this one smokes!

Scene 3: Dangerous Things: Lea in Brazil Lea de Mae, Sylvia Saint, Franco Roccaforte, Nacho Vidal Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Nacho and Sylvia get a little frisky on a boat and cause Lea and Franco to get worked up and join in. Sylvia and Lea both suck their guy's dicks before fucking. Sylvia does standing doggy while Lea faces Franco as they stand too. Sylivia rides reverse cowgirl and Lea moves next to them for doggy action from Franco before both men cum on their faces. Hot scene. Sylvia and Lea together is a wet dream come true.

Scene 4: Dangerous Things: Sex on the Beach Lea de Mae, Nacho Vidal Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Nacho and Lea talk on the beach then walk to a grassy area where she begins sucking his dick. She leans against a tree to let Nacho fuck her from behind then slides down on his dick in reverse cowgirl for a while. This short scene ends with Nacho cumming on Lea's face. Nice scene.

Scene 5: The Academy: Lea de Mae, Daniella Rush, Dick Nasty, Guy DI Silva Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
This is actually one of my favorite scenes from The Academy. Daniella and Lea are dressed in some super hot outfits and make slaves out of the two men that should not be in the mansion. The girls make the men lick their boots before giving them some outstanding head. Daniella is the first to get pounded, in standing doggy then she does some missionary anal. After the lengthy anal, Guy pops on her face and the scene fades to Lea getting it from behind as they stand. Lea sits down on Dick's rod, taking it in her ass reverse cowgirl before taking his sperm on her face.

Scene 6: Snow Sluts: Lea in Chamonix Lea de Mae, Jane Darling, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue Directed by: Gazzman

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Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial
Lea and Jane are sitting at a table when the guys come asking about another person. One thing leads to another and they are soon sucking the guys dicks. The group moves inside where it's a little warmer to continue their activities. Lea gets fucked in missionary and helps Jane suck the other man's cock before Jane bends over and lets her new friend fuck her too. Lea changes to reverse cowgirl and rides hard for a while slowing down to kiss Jane and to let her suck her man's dick. Both women get on their hands and knees side by side to let the guys fuck them in the ass and pussy before they try out spoon for more anal action. Both women get a load of cum on their faces to end. Lea was the most vocal I've ever seen her in this scene which was nice to see.

Scene 7: Dangerous Things: (Bonus Scene 1) Lea de Mae, Sandra Kay, Isabel (?), Franco Roccaforte, ?, ? Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
This Bonus scene is an orgy scene that takes place in a night club. Lea does a little strip tease while Sandra is stripping across the room. Isabel talks to a man and he tells her she's afraid. She gets up and walks over to Lea and starts to rub on her naked body. Isabel strips down and Lea eats her out while Sandra gets some oral attention of her own. Franco enters the scene and gives Isabel his dick to suck and one of the guys that was playing with Sandra gets Lea to suck him before fucking her. Franco holds Isabel up and fucks her pussy from behind while Sandra starts giving head to another man then goes into the spoon position to have sex. Isabel switches to reverse cowgirl and Sandra moves to doggy while Lea fucks her man cowgirl. Lea goes to spoon to start out with anal sex and Isabel tries out doggy for vaginal and anal. Sandra is shown again in reverse cowgirl then we see Isabel sitting down on Franco's cock while Lea does doggy anal nearby. Sandra is the last to try anal but goes all out with a double penetration while the other women suck on one lucky guy. To prove even further she's not afraid, Isabel takes all four loads of cum on her face. Lea and Sandra come over to share the cum with Isabel by kissing her and licking her body. Hot scene! The women looked wonderful and the sex wasn't bad either.

Scene 8: Dreaming Pool: (Exclusive Scene) Lea de Mae, Denis Marti Directed by: Little Al
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
This is a scene where Lea Dreams about her and Denis together in a pool. As she walks across the room with the pool, a vision of Denis appears briefly then disappears. She walks around a corner and stops as a vision of herself appears and walks to the pool. The vision takes off her robe and begins to rub her pussy at the same time the real Lea begins rubbing her body. Dream Lea dives into the pool and swims to Denis. They fuck in the pool facing each other for a bit then she holds on to the edge while he bangs her from behind. They get out of the pool to perform oral before having sex in missionary. She rolls over for spoon then gets on top for a sideways cowgirl. That turns into reverse cowgirl anal before they move to doggy for more anal sex. She turns around to face him when pulls out to cum and she takes his load on her chin. Lea performs some more head on him then smiles at the camera. This was a very sexy scene. The special effects were used sparingly, but done in good taste. A few times you could see the couple having sex in the background as the real Lea masturbated in the foreground. Those shots were extremely effective.

Scene 9: Dangerous Things: Lea de Mae, David Perry Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
David and Lea kiss each other and he begins to undress her slowly and kiss her body as he does it. She does the same to him then sucks his dick before they move to a bed for sex in the spoon position. They move through cowgirl and doggy then he fucks her breasts until he cums. This was a fairly short scene, but not bad in the quality department.

Scene 10: The Bride Wore Black: Lea de Mae, Daniella Rush, Wanda Curtis, Catherine Count, Timea, Karl Ben, Choky Ice, David Perry, Frank Thring Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
This group scene is just starting out when we join it. This one has a lot of action in it and following who does what when is pretty tough so I'll mention some of the highlights. The wardrobe for the women consists of latex outfits, mmmmmm shiny! Catherine gets fucked in the ass while she licks Wanda's pussy with the help of Frank. Lea de Mae and Daniella Rush both do dp's before all of the women receive facials. Lea really stands out as the only blonde in this good group scene.

Scene 11: Private XXX 08: Brunette's Affair Lea de Mae, David Perry, Robert Rosenberg Directed by: Jean Yves Le Castel
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
A dark haired Lea sets some coffee on a table in front of the guys then begins sucking their cocks. Lea stops to remove most of her clothing and hops on David in reverse cowgirl and sucks Robert at the same time. She switches up and moves over to Robert for cowgirl then David enters her ass to perform a dp. She shows off some gaping shots when she gets on David in reverse cowgirl and does the same when she moves over to Robert's cock for more of the same. Lea gets on her knees between the men and sucks their cocks until she gets them to cum on her face. These Jean Yves directed scenes are nice because they are simple and to the point.

Scene 12: The Academy: Lea de Mae, Daniella Rush, Silvia Saint, Zita, Rumika Power, Katy, Tamara N- Joy, Monika Sweetheart, Monica Moore, Sandra Russo, Dick Nasty, Guy DI Silva, George, David Perry Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, PTM, ATM, Facial, Cum Swapping
Once again, another fine scene from the Academy. This time it's the final orgy scene and there is so much to see in it. Frank did a really good job at showing each group of performers one at a time and in overall shots, so you get the feeling it is actually an orgy. This one is definitely hot!

Scene 13: Dangerous Things 2: Lea de Mae, Nacho Vidal, Franco RoccaforteDirected by: Antonio Adamo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Lea takes on Nacho and Franco on the deck of a boat as it sails across the ocean. Franco buries his face between her legs as she suck on Nacho. She then gives both of them head at the same time before she gets on top of Nacho. Lea lets Franco fuck her pussy and ass in doggy and Nacho fills her mouth once the anal sex starts up. Lea and Franco move to reverse cowgirl for more anal then move to spoon for even more. Both men fill her ass and pussy simultaneously before they end the scene by jerking off on to her face. Not a bad scene, but the music is terrible and over powering.

Scene 14: Sex Trip: Lea de Mae, David Perry, Robert Rosenberg Directed by: Jean Yves Le Castel
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, ATM, Facial
This scene is almost identical to the Private XXX 08: Brunette's Affair scene. Lea has dark hair in this scene too. Starts out with some tea then leads into sex. I like this one a little better though because it's more playful. Jean Yves kept the "keep it simple stupid" principle going in this one and delivered a good and dirty scene.

Scene 15: Private XXX 11: St. Marks Romance Lea de Mae, Zita, David Perry Directed by: Frank Thring
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial
Zita meets David out on the street and takes him back to her place. When they get there she gets into something a little more comfortable and tells him she has a girlfriend. He asks if he can watch them do something and Zita calls out Lea. Lea goes down on Zita then they both suck David's cock when he walks over to them. Lea gets to be the first to ride David's prick and goes with reverse cowgirl to start out with. Zita bends over a chair and lets David fuck her ass as Lea watches then takes it in her ass too back in the reverse cowgirl position. David tries to cum in Lea's mouth, but gets it on her face mostly. He spits into her mouth and she shares that with Zita before the fade. I could do without the spitting.

Scene 16: Snow Sluts: Lea de Mae, Luisa de Marco, Mick Blue Directed by: Gazzman
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Luisa and Mick kiss and suck on Lea's tits before just Lea and Mick move indoors to continue with head for both of them. They start with some missionary sex before moving on to doggy and reverse cowgirl. Lea bends back over and fingers her asshole getting ready for Mick to slide his dick inside. Lea then gets on her knees so Mick can cum on her face. She gives him some post cum head and plays with his dick for a while before the scene ends. Like the other scene from this movie, Lea is extremely vocal and demanding which is hot.

Overall Thoughts: This is my first foray into the Private Life Of series and I have to say, I'm very impressed with what they have done with this two disc set. This set is packed with all sorts of great Lea de Mae related materials, 16 full scenes (1 exclusive), magazine photosets, production photosets, trailers for her movies, and on and on. I'm surprised it has taken this long for Private to add her to the Private Life of series, but I'm glad they waited since they included a couple of very new scenes from Snow Sluts. The striptease quiz for another bonus scene was neat and the striptease is pretty hot. I've always been a Lea de Mae fan and this compilation of several of her Private scenes is fantastic for fans and as an introduction to those who might not know who she is, Highly Recommended.

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