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Brown Bunnies 27

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Studio: Bang Bros » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 6/10/18

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Genre: Interracial Vignettes, Family Roleplay, Anal, Creampie, POV, Blowjob


Cast: Maya Bijou, Sarah Banks, Harley Dean, Misty Stone, Aaliyah Hadid, Kira Noir, Peter Green, Connor Kennedy, Logan Pierce, Sizi Sev (non-sex)

Director: Unknown

Release Date: March 23, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 53 min.

Extras: Five trailers, repeat play and a slideshow

Overview: This is a fine compilation of five scenes from Bang Bros. ethnic sister site . And they've done a very good job of selecting some great ebony talent for this release. All of the names are very well known in the porn world, from the sexy Sarah Banks to the legendary Misty Stone to the always great Kira Noir, all of the ladies give you their all in grand fashion.

Scene One: Maya Bijou and Peter Green


Maya is having a sleepover at her BBF's house. She gets up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water when she finds her friend's brother Peter sitting in the kitchen texting. She goes to the fridge for some water and when she bends over Peter can't help but check out her ass. She tells him goodnight and goes back to bed next to his sister. Maya can't stop thinking about Peter as her hand goes down between her legs and she starts rubbing her pussy. She tries to stay quiet and not wake her friend up, but the feeling of her fingers manipulating her clit is too much and she has to cover her mouth to keep from yelling. Peter can hear her though and opens the door to the bedroom to find Maya masturbating. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to fuck the beautiful Maya Bijou, Peter sneaks up on her and places one hand on her mouth and the other on her pussy. Peter rubs Maya's clit making Maya moan with pleasure and soon Peter is replacing his fingers with his tongue.


Maya silently gasps as Peter licks and sucks on her pussy. Maya's cries become louder and Peter puts his hand on her mouth as his tongue flicks over Maya's clit. Peter starts fingerbanging her as he kisses and sucks on her tits, and then goes back to rubbing her pussy and making Maya cum. He then drops his pants and Maya sucks his already throbbing cock. Peter fucks her mouth and throat and Maya gives him some sweet head as the shot turns into a POV and we see Maya looking up at Peter as she gags on his dick. Maya then lays on her back and Peter fucks her missionary. She rubs her clit as Peter's cock slides in and out of her pussy, Peter breaking half way to eat her pussy, until Maya covers her mouth to muffle her scream as she cums on Peter's cock. As Peter keeps fucking her Maya can't help but yell as his cock plunges in and out of her sweet shaved cunt, not at all disturbing her VERY sound sleeper of a friend next to them. Peter gives her multiple orgasms and then Maya gets on all fours and Peter fucks her doggy style. She buries her face into the mattress getting her ass in the air for Peter and Peter starts slamming his cock into her pussy.


The shot again goes to a POV and Maya screams she's cumming as Peter pounds her pussy from behind. Peter then lays down and Maya climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his dick. She rides his cock, sliding her pussy up and down his shaft making her cum, first reverse cowgirl and then regular where she bounces her ass up and down on his cock. By this time she has lost all concern about being quiet and screams as she comes on Peter's cock. They then go back and fuck missionary for a few minutes before Peter shoots his load on Maya's face.

Scene Two: Sarah Banks and Connor Kennedy


The very sexy dark skinned beauty Sarah Banks is visiting her BFF Sizi Sev at Sizi's house when they start talking about big dicks. Sarah asks Sizi if her step brother Connor has one, to which Sizi says she wouldn't know. Connor has been hearing the conversation in the other room and when Sizi gets up to find something to eat he comes in and sits beside Sarah at the bar. Sarah starts rubbing his bulge and pulls his cock out, all unbeknown to Sizi on the other side of the bar. Sarah strokes it for a little bit before going down and sucking it. She gives Connor head behind the bar just long enough for Sizi to come back saying she can't find anything. They tell her to keep looking and when she walks away Sarah pulls her shorts down for Connor to feel her incredibly sexy ass. She strokes Connor's dick a little bit before she bends over the barstool and Connor starts fucking her from behind. He slides his cock in and out of her sweet dark pussy completely out of sight from Sizi who asks Connor where she went. Connor tells Sizi he didn't know, and when Sizi leaves to look for her they both head to the bedroom. Immediately their clothes are off and Sarah starts sucking on Connor's cock. She slurps and gags on his dick as he fingers her pussy and smacks her ass. After giving Connor some superlative head Sarah climbs up and lowers her wet pussy down on his cock.


They both fuck each other in perfect rhythm as Connor pounds Sarah's pussy from underneath. He fingers her asshole and makes and gives her multiple orgasms which Sarah sucks off of his cock. She bobs her head up and down on his cock while he plays with her pussy, and then she climbs up and fucks him reverse cowgirl giving us a terrific shot of her sweet dark pussy as it glides up and down on his cock. Connor makes Sarah's clit swell as he pounds her pussy from underneath sending her over the edge several times. She gives him more sweet head and then they start fucking missionary, Sarah keeping her legs closed to make her pussy tighter for Connor's cock. She lays on her side with her ass back to us as Connor keeps fucking her and Sarah keeps cumming over and over. He fingerbangs her making her cum on his hand and then he spoons her from behind.


He chokes her while his cock keeps pounding Sarah's pussy giving her more orgasms and then Connor goes down on her pussy lapping up her cum. He then fucks her missionary again before going into a 69, Sarah twerking on Connor's face as her head bob's up and down on his cock, taking it off just in time for Connor to shoot a stream of jizz in the air and coating Sarah's hand as it runs down his cock. Great and very sexy scene with the marvelous Sarah banks.

Scene Three: Harley Dean and Connor Kennedy


The scene starts with Harley and Connor having dinner with Harley's white step mom. As they chit chat about the usual benign conversation subjects Harley starts rubbing Connor's bulge and making cock sucking faces. Harley then drops her fork and ducks under the table to undo Connor's pants and suck his cock, giving him head while her step mom keeps chatting away. She then says she found her fork and Connor zips his pants up while she tells her step mom she's going to show Connor around the house. They go another part of the house and immediately Harley drops to her knees and puts Connor's cock in her mouth. She works on Connor's cock with her hands, lips and tongue while gagging on it from time to time before bending over the bed and letting Connor eat her out from behind. He sucks on her ass and flicks his tongue on her clit getting her pussy nice and wet before he stands up and works his huge cock into her tight pussy.


They fuck doggy style and Harley has to cover her mouth to keep from screaming as she cums on Connor's cock. He keeps keeps pounding her pussy, her chocolate brown ass jiggling with every slam of Connor's cock. They fuck like this for a while, Harley laying on the bed while Connor pistons his cock in and out of her pussy from behind and giving her several orgasms. Connor then lays down and Harley climbs on top of him, lowering her pussy down on his ivory cock while Connor bucks his hips and fucks her from underneath. Harley cums over and over on his cock before she starts sliding her pussy up and down and rubbing her clit for more orgasms. They then start spooning and I love how they look into each other's eyes and holding hands while Connor fucks Harley, giving an almost romantic feel. She rubs her clit and cums over and over while Connor fucks her from the side and they kiss passionately. Connor then rolls over and Harley starts riding him cowgirl, Connor bucking his hips and in and out of Harley's pussy. She twerks and bounces on his cock a little before he hugs her up and pounds her pussy from underneath, giving her several more orgasms.


They then starts fucking missionary, Harley spreading her legs wide for Connor as his cock slides in and out of her pussy. She looks up at him and smiles at him while he fucks her and Connor wraps his hand around her throat to keep her from screaming as she cums on his cock. As his pace quickens Connor tells Harley he's reading cum and Harley starts jerking him off, working his swelled cock with her hands and mouth before he shoots his load into her mouth.

Scene Four: Misty Stone, Aaliyah Hadid and Logan Pierce


In this scene the legendary and ALWAYS GREAT Misty Stone is being introduced to her new boyfriend's son, Logan, and his ex-wife's daughter, Aaliyah (ok?). Logan and Aaliyah find Misty is VERY “touchy-feely” as Misty hugs Logan's head against her tits and feels Aaliyah's breasts as they hug. As they sit on the couch and talk Misty tells Aaliyah she thinks she might have some clothes that could fit her and that she could have them if she wants them. They go into the other room to try them on, and when Misty goes into the closet to get them Aaliyah hikes up her skirt and bounces her ass in front of the mirror. Misty sees this and takes Aaliyah's dress off, carressing her tits and kissing her neck. She works her hand under Aaliyah's panties and Aaliyah starts licking the mirror. Misty then starts taking her clothes off while she plants kisses down her body, pulling Aaliyah's panties down and smacking her ass. Misty then plants her face in between Aaliyah's buttcheeks and starts eating her out. About this time Logan comes up and spies on them outside the door. He starts jacking off when the ladies hear him and call him inside. Misty then tells Aaliyah to suck his dick, hold her head and maneuvering it back and forth. Misty joins in and the two go to work on his cock. They make their way to the bed and Aaliyah starts titty fucking him before climbing up and riding him cowgirl.


Misty. Who's completely and beautifully in control of the whole situation, starts rubbing Aaliyah's clit while she glides up and down on Logan's cock, Logan pulling out from time to time for Misty to suck. After Aaliyah cums on Logan's cock she grinds on it a little and jumps off for Misty to suck on it. Aaliyah then takes her turn sucking Logan's cock while Misty climbs up and rides Logan's face. Logan eats her pussy and gets her nice and wet before she climbs down and lowers her pussy down on his cock. She rides his cock to Chicago, screaming out “Oh my goodness!” as her perfect ass bounces on his dick and Aaliyah licks his balls. She has several high pitched orgasms on his dick before climbing off and she and Aaliyah clan all of her cum off with their mouths. Misty then lays back and Aaliyah eats her pussy while Logan fucks Aaliyah from behind. Logan smacks her ass and pounds her pussy as Misty cums in her mouth.


After Aaliyah orgasms orgasms on Logan's dick she sits at the end of the bed and in a great POV shot masturbates while Misty gives Logan some of that magnificent head she is so famous for. Aaliyah cums at the sight of Misty fucking Logan with her mouth, and then Misty climbs up and sits on Logan's face again while Aaliyah jumps back onto his cock. Aaliyah glides her pussy up and down Logan's cock giving her self another orgasm while Misty cums on his face. Misty then climbs off and gets behind Aaliyah so she can get a close up view of Logan's cock as it works itself inside Aaliyah's pussy, licking his balls from time to time while Aaliyah twerks on his cock. We then get a transitional shot of Aaliyah bent over and Logan sticking his dick in her ballerina style. He fucks her pussy from behind while Misty holds her head and remarking how “fucking good” this looks. He gives her several orgasms this way before he pulls his dick out and shoots his load all over Aaliyah's tits, Misty sucking his balls dry while his cum rolls down Aaliyah's chest. This is a VERY well made three way scene with some terrific chemistry between the actors.

Scene Five: Kira Noir and an uncredited actor

It really bugs me when studios don't credit everyone in a scene. The actor that the absolutely gorgeous beauty Kira Noir, who simply has one of the best bodies in the business, is with in this one is really good and if anyone knows who he is, please let me know. This combination anal and creampie is a good scene that's a take off on the “Dick-In-A-Box” scenario when Kira's boyfriend shows up at her doorstep with her Christmas present. She takes the lid off and guess what it is. That's right, it's his dick! Simply hilarious!


Kira goes down and starts sucking it, sliding the box off and working his cock with her mouth. She gives him some wonderful sloppy head before they both get completely naked. Kira bends over the couch and her boyfriend licks her pussy and asshole. He eats her perfect ass and she twerks on his face, dancing her ass on his tongue. He stands up and sticks his cock into her pussy, fucking her from behind. She's absolutely loving his cock, burying her face into the couch cushion. After cumming on his cock she tells him it's time for his present and to stick it in her ass. He pulls out of her pussy and slowly works his cock into Kira's asshole. His pace quickens as he fucks her ass giving Kira the first of many assgasms in this scene. He pulls out and shows her gaping asshole to the camera before sticking it back in and we get a great POV shot of him ass fucking Kira. She is absolutely loving his cock and they go from ass to mouth, Kira sucking her juices off. They then go into a missionary and he spreads Kira's asshole with his cock as he slowly works it in again.


The expressions Kira make are simply fantastic as he pins her legs back and fucks her anally. He pinches her tits as he pounds her ass giving Kira several beautiful orgasms. She sucks her juices off again and then climbs up and glides her asshole down his dick, fucking him reverse cowgirl. He pounds her ass from underneath making her cum again and Kira bounces on his dick, her beautiful dreads swaying back and forth as he fingers her pussy making her orgasm over and over. She spins around and rides him cowgirl before sucking him off again, jerking him while she sucks on his head. They then start spooning and he plows her ass from behind while he rubs and fingers her pussy. Kira turns her head and gives her boyfriend a kiss as he drives his cock into her ass. VERY HOT!


They go back into a missionary and fucks her ass some more when she says he can cum in her pussy, you know since his present was so good. He starts fucking her pussy and fills it up with his jizz, Kira holding her pussy open to the camera as his cum drizzles out down her ass. The scene ends with a quick post scene interview with the beautifully naked Kira.

Final Thoughts: Bang Bros. always does good work making fine little story based vignettes. Here they've collected some good ones whose strength lies mostly in the wonderful talented of each scene. The best is the wonderful Misty Stone who is a natural talent that seems so comfortable in front of the camera. The beautiful dark-skinned Sarah Banks with curves that can kill delivers a scorching hot performance opposite Connor Kennedy. And man, what can I say about Kira Noir, with one of the finest, most athletically slamming bodies in the biz today. This a fine collection to whet any chocoholic's appetite and I definitely Recommend it. Oh, and Bang Bros., in the future see about doing a better job on crediting ALL of the performers, including the male talent and the non-sex actors, thanks.

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