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Hookup Hotshot Sex Tapes Vol 1

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 5/17/18

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Main menu for Hookup Hotshot

The Evil Angel logo proudly dominates the top of the box art in this Hookup Hotshot Sex Tapes Volume 1 DVD. Kristen Scott’s slut glare is superimposed over old-school VHS color bars and grainy type filtering to purvey a theme. The organization is another design facet I picked up on with the cast list tucked away at the bottom left corner. Kristen Scott taking the larger box shot with and larger font in the name credit essentially crowning her the cover girl for Hookup Hotshot Sex Tapes Volume 1. Thankfully with Evil Angel discs, a standard besides the red plastic boxes are the director’s credit brandished proudly at the top of the artwork. Flipping the box over adheres to the organized marketing points like snaps of the girls engaged in hard sex with Bryan Gozzling, the director, who is also the sole male talent. A large picture of Kristen Scott arched in doggy rounds out the stills of hardcore sex from the film with a sound summary of words under her describing the film in one paragraph all apart of the design on the back of the box.

The roster of girls on the disc.

Evil Angel’s streamlined DVD menu design is here in simplistic yet effective form. In this straightforward approach, the viewer has access to these options “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”, “Special Features”, and an EvilAngel.com preview selection. The main menu furthers this organized design with the logo “Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 1” on the top over a montage of moving sex from the feature itself above all of those aforementioned DVD options. The art direction seems to be following the old-fashioned theme of a VHS sex tape with the grainy haze of those color blocks from the older televisions of yore. Thumping hip-hop instrumentals slam through as the background music akin to what a millennial would have blaring in their headphones. Don’t forget that there is 4K support for Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 1.

Cast: Kristen Scott, Ariana Aimes, Keegan Kade, Trina Rush, Bryan Gozzling
Directed By: Bryan Gozzling
Number of Scenes: 4
Photo Gallery: No
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time: 3 hours and 30 mins.


Hookup Hotshot is the flagship series of director Bryan Gozzling ’s vision. Those who are a member of hookuphotshot.com would probably agree with me as well. Yet as an honest reviewer, I have to admit that I’ve never joined the Hookup Hotshot member site. I’ve only heard of its infamy from the collective of members who are staunchly loyal to the Bryan Gozzling brand. I’ve also seen how interactive Bryan Gozzling is with his members on his site and beyond. This isn’t unheard of in this age of social media and directors like Bryan Gozzling who actually care about the content they produce is why followings can be so loyal. You can usually tell a certain style with distinct characteristics like Bryan's because you can't really compare him to other directors currently. I have admittedly seen Gozzling’s films only sparingly, yet his discernible touch can be noticed in even in the tiniest of thumb stills I’ve run into here and there on social media. It’s time for me as a curious fan and now critic to explore the Hotshot Productions catalog and what better place to start than Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 1.


Trina's title spot.

If you hit the “Play Movie” feature the intro plays through with the same smooth sounding hip-hop from the main menu music. The intro is very brief but effective enough to blow through the cast list with scenes of the film flying by. Finally after the title rolls out we get Trina Rush walking in full slut garb. Bryan Gozzling’s wardrobe choices for his girls are quite eccentric in the most welcome ways. The more petite the girls the sleazier the look I’ve noticed. You can call them little “sleazelettes” if you will. In Trina Rush’s case, Bryan is working with a full figured booty with massive hang as he jokingly quips “Your booty is bigger than it was in the profile picture."

Trina rush in a spread eagle stance.

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Sub and dom play is apparent as Bryan Gozzling is now sensually massaging Trina’s exposed vagina. This is right after that rough disciplinary spanking segment after Trina was punished for saying “uh huh”. The massaging turns into intricate inspection of Trina’s pussy meat. Bryan migrates to the top of Trina to toy with her tits during his explorations. He’s finger deep in her pussy during the examination before he grabs the camera to give the viewers up close and personal viewing of the vaginal probing. The camera “pans” out by him setting it back on the table to give us a view of him rapidly finger banging Trina Rush until she starts to squirt a little. Bryan’s cock is finally removed from out of his pants which is seen through a POV camera. He’s holding the camera close as Trina begins her deep sucks. Staying compliant with her commands she constantly refers to Bryan Gozzling as “daddy”. Even while sucking cock in this up close and personal oral sequence. The “Thank you Daddy” responses pressed on as Bryan dipped his dick deep down in a throat session with Trina the goal being saliva fished out from her throat to land on her pussy. It took a few tries but they got it. Water bottles were scattered around the set and implemented as Bryan rehydrated Trina Rush’s reamed mouth with water. A few more vaginal jabs by Bryan's hand before Trina is dragged into missionary for the fucking to start.

Hard oral with Bryan Gozzling and Trina Rush

The growling and pounding start soon enough as Bryan is barreling into Trina’s pussy turbo style. These solid thrusts are followed by serene sucks from Trina’s mouth, which eventually turn into drool-inducing throat thrusts in this solid pacing. All of this taking place on and around a red couch with a wardrobe rack in the background as this Hookup Hotshot scene’s set piece. With her head laying on the couch cushion and pussy arched in the air in doggy it’s time for Trina to get humped even more. This part is filmed in a POV shot with Bryan holding the camera for the bumpy ride. He’ll set the camera back down again for more panned out shots of him slam fucking Trina Rush in doggy style. Some brilliant ball sucking is started adding more variation to the sex positions and pace of the scene. Some “perfect” rimming happens as Bryan himself describes. After more unique camera changeups we finally get to see Bryan Gozzling plaster Trina Rush’s face and lips with his ball seed.


Ariana Title Splash

Ariana is dolling herself up in a bathroom when she gets a match on Hookup Hotshots! She grabs her phone immediately to see the inquiries of sex sent to her cellular phone via text. After the exchange of messages, Ariana Aimes will find herself at Bryan Gozzling’s doorstep for a sexual encounter. Upon entering his abode her dazzlingly slutty outfit is inspected then she is commanded to walk further inside for a more hands-on approach. The goal being the studying of Ariana’s cute frame. “When is the last time you got fucked really rough?”, Bryan Gozzling inquires. Ariana honestly answers that she doesn’t remember. The camera is in scan mode once Bryan is at the helm and the subject of this scanning is a tight little booty. He even does us the pleasure of giving an extreme zoom shot of Ariana’s spread open butt cheeks. Bryan will toy with Ariana slowly in another security camera filter while they are in the house making out in front of the red couch. Bryan really gives Ariana Aimes’ boobies some love during the prolonged security cam shot. More inspecting ensues after the regular camera filter is brought back into play.

anal inspection of Ariana

Bryan makes the pleasant discovery of lactating tits as he plays around with Ariana’s big boobs. In between hungry sucks, you’ll see Bryan squeezing out squirts of Ariana Aimes’ titty milk. After the messy milk play is done it’s time for some dick to be sucked. With a close-up shot of Ariana slowly sucking dick Bryan Gozzling makes a funny quip about “holding his own balls all day” and asks for a hand from Ariana to lift them up as she sucks his dick. In other words “never forget the balls”. Ariana’s bouncy hair waves around as she bobs her mouth up and down on Bryan’s erect cock. This is done so far in the POV angle where the camera is brandished by Bryan Gozzling himself. Next, he’ll place the camera in a prolonged shot of him face fucking Ariana Aimes while she’s on her knees. Now the fucking starts with her laying on her back in missionary.

Ariana cumstache

Bryan Gozzling is thoroughly laying down the pipe as he splits Ariana’s pussy open with solid humps. He gives the alternate angle of his poundings as he lays the camera on the table once again. He’ll turn out Ariana with more deep thrusts while they’re both on the red couch. We’ll zap back to a standard zoom shot after Gozzling slowly slides into Ariana’s vag in doggy style. Some harder oral play is instituted as Ariana’s head hangs off the couch while Gozzling pumps away at her face. Seeing Ariana Aimes get rocked in reverse cowgirl was a fun segment to see. Gozzling pulled out at one point to massage her pussy with his penis which eventually leads to the continuation of the reverse cowgirl. More heavy milk play happens while Bryan has Ariana on his lap once again. Ariana’s body is completely marinated in her own mammary milk in this sloppy display. After a little more humping in sideways spooning Bryan goes right back to Ariana’s round boobs for more milk blasts. This time aiming for her smile and further coating her all over. Profuse pounding occurs in pile driver all in vaginal before Bryan yet again returns to the bountiful blasts of booby milk that Ariana Aimes provides him with. As viewers, we’re also provided with more intense rimming as with the apparent delivery of “daddy cum” is the goal for a giver like Ariana. She is left with a “cumstache” akin to the "Got Milk?" Commercials from the 90s after Bryan Gozzling is finished ejaculating on her.

Kristen Scott Title Splash

It’s a nice California day for Kristen Scott to take her fine ass for a slutty little stroll. She’ texting on her phone with a match she’s made at Hookup Hotshots. It’s Bryan Gozzling and he’s totally down for some anal as he texts back and forth with Kristen. She couldn’t be happier and rushes to his house in her cute little black mini skirt that fits her sleazy attire. Once she is at the door Bryan is inspecting the goods as usual in his scene setups. But today is truly an anal prize as the amazingly adorable Kristen Scott stands at the doorstep with her cutting gaze.

Kristen gets a match!

Once inside she is lead to the same red couch from other scenes which means it’s time for both Kristen and Bryan to get down to it. This is also where further inspection may occur and does occur as Bryan Gozzling takes peeks at Kristen’s pussy while also ordering her to spin around for the camera. Her clothes will be peeled off and some oiled splashed on her naked butt cheeks. Her legs are peeled behind her head knotted together in the stockings that were pulled down from her legs. Bryan walks off camera to get the view set up before he starts tearing away at Kristen’s stockings. His fingers go right up Kristen’s vagina as he makes out with her. Things get a little messy as well when Bryan rapidly stimulates Kristen Scott’s swollen clit. Bryan will step off camera after toweling a horny Kristen Scott down. She beings to rub her own clit while Gozzling is out of frame. Once Bryan returns to he is again tasked with tearing into Kristen’s vagina with his fingers. This is causing genuinely extreme orgasms from Kristen as Bryan blasts away on her twat.

Bubble BJ Kristen

On security cam, you’ll see a very revealing shot of Gozzling holding this own camera giving us the skinny on how he does his own POV shots. A very honest style of filming if you ask me, which is being displayed during this Kristen Scott BJ sequence. After the alternative camera angles during the oral and foreplay, it’s time to get up close and personal for the anal insertion of Kristen Scott. Bryan holding the camera over a proper anal pile driving. The camera is at a perfect spot as Bryan is dropping dick down properly while Kristen is still with her ass in the air in piledriver. Kristen then goes nuts during the rimming and you can hear that reiterated with how exhilarated Bryan Gozzling is. He can barely hold the camera still as Kristen feasts on his butthole. Time for Kristen to remount Bryan in reverse cowgirl which is filmed through the security camera filter again. After some more raucous humping, the load of Gozzling is finally splattered all over Kristen’s pretty face. The camera hovers over the goo splattering as the scene fades out.

Kristen rimming up close.

Keegan's Title Splash

Laying on her bed Keegan is on her laptop PC looking for a match on Hookup Hotshot. Her room is filled with bright pink colors that match her outfit accordingly. Her roller skates lay on the floor matching the theme of a teeny bopper looking for an internet fling. What better place to look than Bryan Gozzling’s Hookup Hotshot?! The conversation is shown through the same pop-up text bubbles from the other scenes. An obviously horny Keegan Kade is explaining to Bryan that she likes to watch porn when she is bored. The two naturally hit it off and Bryan sends his address to Keegan Kade.

Instead of the usual entrance where the girl is at Bryan Gozzling’s doorstep, this scene is more to the point. Both Bryan and Keegan are making out on the couch intimately after Keegan Kade made the agreement to meet Bryan at his house for some sex. By the time Keegan’s tight white pants are peeled to her ankles the pussy inspection is in full effect. Finger-jabbing will take place as well as the director sticks to his formula. Bryan’s wiener is now firmly being placed into Keegan Kade’s mouth for her BJ segment. Hydrating the head he is getting by plopping some bottled water only to have Keegan gag and choke on his dick. I also realized Bryan seems to have extra help with the filming of this scene. You can hear the cameraman clicking away in the background grabbing stills.

Dick slapping pussy.

Keegan Kade is now laying on her back spread eagle to allow Bryan to slide his dick into her tight pussy. With his hand firmly around Keegan’s neck, Bryan begins his steady thrusts into her pussy with his erect dick. The sound missionary pounding will happen for a few minutes. Keegan is then arched in doggy to get slammed fucked for a bit in that position by daddy. Bryan will then flip Keegan onto her stomach for some down doggy pounding. This was instituted after a little oral with Gozzling pumping Keegan Kade’s face for a bit. They go back to hard oral after the fornicating which has Keegan Kade hanging her head off the armrest of the couch to get her throat fucked. The deep throating continues with Keegan expelling more saliva accompanied by gagging noises. Finally, Bryan Gozzling is milked to fire off a load of semen on Keegan’s cutie face. Concluding a quick and to the point scene.

Hotshot Pro

Bryan Gozzling's unorthodox filming style is instantly distinguishable upon first sight. I can't stress this enough as a collector who relies heavily on visuals. From odd security camera angles to shots where he simply lays the camera on a table for a distant shot of him pounding poon. The man has is own style of porn that he carved out. From a distance, it may seem like an attempt to emulate amateur porn yet Gozzling's vision is entirely of his own doing. A website designed for members that are supplied with girls tailored to the Hookup Hotshot brand is what new fans will walk into. That's exactly where I'd steer newer fans to the Hookup Hotshot method of porn. Rather than start here join the actual HookupHotshot.com website and poke around for a tart you want to see Gozzling-ified. With a healthy dose of updates, you'll have plenty to poke around for. I have to admit this didn't seem like my style at first but I have a feeling I'll be matching up with a Gozzling DVD in the future sometime soon.

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