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Colombian Teens 4

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/25/18

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Feature Running Time: 3 hours 9 minutes

Date of Production: 2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; Amateur; Gonzo; Anal; Big Cocks; Latin

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Indira, Maria Antonia Alzate, Veronica Orozco, Siarilis, Matilde Ramos

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Nacho’s New Girls, Suck My Ass and Say Nacho, Young Latina Pick Up Sluts; Cast List; Website Information


Welcome to Colombia! Spanish stud Nacho Vidal takes us on a journey to Colombia complete with all young and all-natural horny teens who know no boundaries when it comes to intense sex. Colombian Teens 4 is an over three-hour Gonzo flick that pits Nacho’s prick up against some of the tightest teen twats in Colombia. Every girl does anal and loves it, wrapping their tight ass holes around Nacho’s big cock. The flick features teen starlets Indira, Maria Antonia Alzate, Veronica Orozco, Siarilis and Matilde Ramos who are each erotic in their own ways. Each girl ponies up the pussy in deep penetrating action shot the way Nacho likes it with lots of POV and close-ups. I highly recommend this movie. This is no-frills fucking at its best and Nacho’s style of porn makes this Colombian exploration hot to watch. Each teen gets her pussy and ass hole drilled and stretched by Nacho’s throbbing prick then she’s sprayed with blasts of hot cum. You’ll enjoy watching each young, Colombian cunt take cock in this over three-hour sex fest.

Scene 1: Maria Antonia Alzate and Nacho Vidal

The movie opens with Nacho setting the scene with a selfie video, talking about being in Colombia to fuck beautiful teens. He pans the camera around to his first starlet, Maria, who is ready for fun. She sucks his thumb while he explains how sexy she is. He zooms out to show us Maria’s beautifully curvy body. She is leaning over a kitchen island in standing doggy position, showing how flexible she is by opening her legs wide like a scissor. Maria knows how to work the camera. She’s a gorgeous tease who strips to show us her all-natural boobs. Nacho can’t resist them, so he squeezes them and rubs her nipples. Maria sits on a stool, showcasing her big round ass for us, urging Nacho to fuck her. He positions the camera in place then walks up behind her, spits on her ass hole and tongues it. Maria spins around on the stool, giving us a great shot of her tight twat and ass hole. Nacho stands up and penetrates her pussy, making her legs quiver from the sensation of his cock stretching her pussy out. “She’s so tight,” Nacho says as he pulls out and fingers her pussy. He sticks his cock back inside Maria, making her mouth gape as she moans in pleasure. Maria mumbles in Spanish to Nacho, whispering how much she loves his cock. He teases her cunt, pulling his cock in and out of her pussy, then drilling it again in long, consistent strokes. Maria faces the camera and bites her lips as Nacho pumps her teen twat.

Maria’s wet pussy is creaming all over Nacho’s prick. When he pulls out, she turns around, facing him on the stool with her legs wide open. She puts one leg over his shoulder and holds on as Nacho continues to use his big cock to explore her tight cunt. Maria moves to the table for more fucking, lying on it on her side so Nacho can squat over her and use his piston to pump her creamy pussy. She turns to ride his cock cowgirl style on top of the table then gets ready for anal. Her ass hole gets spread open missionary style as Nacho works his dick deep inside her anal cavity slowly. Maria grips the edge of the table and moans and gasps as her bum is opened wide. Nacho makes her ass hole gape as he pulls in and out of it. Maria does more anal in standing doggy with one foot up on the table then she kneels on the table for more anal doggy style. She winks at the camera as her teen ass hole gets stuffed. She drops to her knees for ass to mouth cock sucking, gripping his dick with both hands as she feasts on it until Nacho pops in her hungry teen mouth. He finishes the scene by watching her swallow his load and saying, “Welcome to Colombia!”

Scene 2: Matilde Ramos and Nacho Vidal

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Matilde walks up a flight of stairs in Nacho’s condo. She’s wearing tight fluorescent pink yoga pants and a bra as she shows off her body for Nacho and the camera. Matilde is a long-haired brunette who’s ready to play and she has a lot of fun in this scene with Nacho. In no time, her bra top is off and she’s squeezing and pinching her teen tits. She loves licking her fingers before using them to tickle her nipples. Matilde makes love to herself in the wall mirror, licking her own reflection as Nacho turns her on. She pulls her yoga pants down and we finally get a great view of her ass. Matilde is a shapely starlet who knows how to steam up a mirror with her hot antics. She gets on her knees and continues her solo tease in front of the mirror. When Nacho moves closer, she reaches for his hard cock, pulling it out of his underwear and putting it in her mouth. Matilde spits all over his prick, making it wet and sloppy as she deep throats it. She’s the best cock sucker of the flick, making a sloppy mess of Nacho’s cock and savoring the taste in her mouth. She beats her tongue with his big pole then focuses on fitting it all down her throat.

Matilde stands up in front of the mirror, leaning over in standing doggy position and soon experiences the big cock of her Spanish explore. Nacho slams her pussy from behind and pulls her arms behind her back. Matilde screams out in pleasure, “Hay, Que Rico,” as her teen pussy gets pummeled. The pair continues their Colombian exploration in bed where Matilde sits on Nacho’s cock cowgirl style, leaning all the way over and kissing him while her pussy creams all over his cock. Nacho fills her pussy all the way up, stretching it to its limit and making Matilde lose her breath. She grinds her body back and forth, riding his cock like a mechanical bull. Matilde works up a sweat on her cowgirl ride, making her body glisten as she gets fucked. She cums from the pleasure then kisses him passionately, whispering “Si, Si.” A round of good old-fashioned missionary fucking gets Matilde moaning and cumming again. Nacho pries her wet pussy open with his cock, making her squirt. He puts a Hitachi vibrator on her quivering pussy lips, making her cum and squirt again and again. Matilde melts into euphoria, cumming like she never has before. She stays in missionary position as Nacho stuffs her ass hole with his cock and keeps the Hitachi on her clit. This is hot to watch as Matilde soaks the sheets with her squirting blasts. The anal sex continues with a hot close-up on Matilde’s ass hole getting pumped in spoon position. Every inch of Nacho’s dick disappears up Matilde’s ass hole. She sits on his dick next in reverse cowgirl position, taking stroke after stroke of big cock in her ass. Her mouth gapes open as she moans, “Hay, Que Rico.” Her pussy takes another round of stretching in doggy position. Nacho slams her cunt and pins her face to the bed with his foot. The pumping action gets harder and faster in downward doggy until Nacho pulls out and blows his load all over Matilde’s face. She licks up the cum that’s dripping from his cock and swallows it then says, “Welcome to Medellin.”

Scene 3: Siarilis and Nacho Vidal

Siarilis looks like a horny young ballerina in her tight green tutu. She leans up against the wall, showing off her ass and shaking her cheeks. She takes her tease to the bed where she crawls into doggy position and looks back at the camera as Nacho pans across her whole body. She teases and teases Nacho until he can’t take it anymore. He puts the camera down, gets in bed and eats Siarilis’ ass from behind. She’s lying on her stomach, looking back at him as he tongues her tiny teen holes. Siarilis stays on her stomach as Nacho opens her wet pussy with his prick. She closes her eyes and moans in enjoyment as Nacho drives his dick deep inside her. Her pussy creams his pole and gets even wetter once he starts choking her and fucking her hard. “You’re so nasty,” Nacho tells Siarilis as he slaps her face. Her downward doggy pussy slam has her mouth gaping wide open as her pussy gets stretched out. He spits down her throat while fucking her, putting a smile on her face.

Siarilis kneels on all fours for doggy style fucking, but this time she takes control, shaking and grinding her ass back and forth on Nacho’s big cock. She likes the way it feels and starts smiling and looking back at him as his cock stuffs her cunt. We get the benefit of Nacho’s point of view as he slams her pussy from behind. She lies on her back next and gets ready for anal. He fingers her ass hole, spreading it open, readying it for the hard pounding that’s to come. Siarilis spreads her legs open wide in anticipation. Nacho fucks her pussy first in missionary position then takes aim at her tight, wet ass hole. He works his cock deeper and deeper inside her cavity, stretching it wider and wider. Siarilis grabs her ass cheek, holding it open as her ass hole gets stuffed with cock. She transitions to spoon position for more anal romance and Nacho makes her ass hole gape. The anal spoon fucking continues, making Siarilis say “Hay, Que Rico.” She sits on his cock next in cowgirl position and enjoys riding his big pole. She turns and looks at the camera again as he pussy hosts his cock. Siarilis gets nasty, squeezing her nipples until milk shoots out and spraying his dick with milk. She licks the milk off his cock then sucks it. She rides him a final time in cowgirl position and quickly climbs off, so Nacho can shoot his cum in her mouth.

Scene 4: Indira and Nacho Vidal

Indira has to be the sexiest starlet of the flick. She waits patiently for Nacho, sitting on a stool, showing off her big round ass. Nacho feeds her his thumb and she sucks it like she would his cock. He plays with Indira’s ass then she climbs off the stool and does a standing doggy dance, shaking her ass cheeks and bending over in her high heels. She spreads her ass cheeks open for the camera, pulling her G-string aside. Indira plays with her pussy for Nacho until he walks up, spits on her pussy and ass hole and tongues it. It’s not long before Indira is bouncing back and forth on Nacho’s prick. She holds on to the kitchen island as Nacho pumps her little teen pussy. The sensation is overtaking her and she succumbs to it, putting her face down on the table and closing her eyes, smiling as her pussy gets stretched out. She climbs off the stool and eats his big cock, jerking it back and forth in her mouth.

She gets back on the kitchen island for more cock this time in missionary position. Nacho stuffs her pussy until it covers his prick in cream. A hot round of cowgirl fucking happens next, and Indira screams out in pleasure as Nacho slaps her ass and fucks her pussy. Indira takes her cock riding to reverse cowgirl position now and can barely contain herself as Nacho helps guide her body up and down on his pole. She’s back on the table again and this time it’s for cock up her ass doggy style. Nacho drills her ass hole then spoon fucks her ass while she fingers her clit. “Oh, papi,” Indira screams as Nacho fucks her harder and harder. He pulls out and shoots his spunk all over her pussy and thighs.

Scene 5: Veronica Orozco and Nacho Vidal

Veronica loves her sex toys and in this scene, she uses them on her pussy, squirting all over herself and the couch. She sits on the couch and asks Nacho if he would like her to show him her latest toy. She opens her legs and uses her pink vibrator on her clit. Nacho zooms in close to her cunt, showing just how she uses the vibrator for pleasure. After enjoying the sensation of the pink vibrator, she trades places with a Hitachi. That vibrator makes her body shiver and shake as it gives her the sensation she’s been looking for. Veronica keeps the vibrator right on her clit until she cums. She squirts a stream of pussy juice that leaves a huge wet spot on the couch. Nacho beckons her over to suck his cock. She gets on all fours, grips his dick with both hands and eats his huge meat.

Veronica sits her wet pussy on Nacho’s dick cowgirl style and takes a hard pounding from him. When she turns around into reverse cowgirl position, the fucking is even more intense as Nacho goes into overdrive, pumping her pussy like a well-oiled piston. He spreads her legs open wide, fingers her clit and keeps stuffing her cunt. Her teen tits get some attention as Nacho squeezes them together. Veronica lies on her side in spoon position and gets her pussy plowed by more of Nacho’s inches. We get a hot close-up of the action as Veronica’s tight little pussy swallows Nacho’s cock. Her ass hole takes his girth next, opening up for his thick dick in spoon position. The doggy style fucking up the ass is hot to watch as Veronica’s mouth gapes open in pleasure from the size of Nacho’s cock stretching her ass hole out. The downward doggy is even hotter to watch as Veronica screams out for more. She lies on her back, missionary style for more fucking that sends her body into convulsions. He spits in her mouth while he fucks her then Veronica begs him to cum. He drills her hole, asking her if she’s ready just before he pulls out and pops all over her tits.

Final Thoughts:

Spanish super-stud Nacho Vidal packs up his huge prick and takes it on an exploration of Colombian cunt in his movie Colombia Teens 4. You’ll enjoy watching Nacho’s five young teen treasures Indira, Maria Antonia Alzate, Veronica Orozco, Siarilis and Matilde Ramos welcome Nacho’s cock inside their tight twats and ass holes in over three hours of hot sex. These all-natural teen babes are ready for the big cock league, fucking Nacho with a fiery flair. Each scene is hot to watch, and each girl knows no boundaries when it comes to intense sex. I highly recommend this movie. Nacho films this Gonzo flick in true Nacho style, featuring lots of POV and close-up shots, putting the focus on these girls’ wet pussies and tight ass holes. There are no frills in this fucking flick and each pussy and ass hole is drilled deep and stretched hard before being sprayed with blasts of hot cum.

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