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Dream Cum True, A

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Studio: Brazzers » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/24/18

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Feature Running Time: 2 hours 22 minutes

Date of Production: 2017

Genre: All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Unknown

Cast: Jessa Rhodes, Peta Jensen, Madison Ivy, Abigail Mac, Rachel Starr, Krissy Lynn, Danny D, Charles Dera, Johnny Sins, Keiran Lee

Bonus Scenes: Veronica Avluv and Danny D with lots of anal action

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Pornstar Paradise 3, Let’s Play Doctor 2, Slippery When Wet 2, My Wife, the Slut 3; Website Information


Brazzers’ A Dream Cum True is a roundup of five hot scenes from the Brazzers library, and these are scenes fans will enjoy. The flick stars Jessa Rhodes, Peta Jensen, Madison Ivy, Abigail Mac, Rachel Starr, and Krissy Lynn in over two hours of great sex. The hottest fuck of the flick is Madison Ivy’s opening scene with Keiran Lee. The whole scene is a treat for fans who have been asking for Madison’s return. We’re treated to a long opening that features Madison lying in bed half naked and later putting on one of the hottest striptease and pole dancing shows you’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder this buxom brunette is a fan favorite. She eventually fucks Keiran in the back room of the strip club, feeding her hyper sex drive. You’ll also enjoy Peta’s poolside pussy slam with Johnny Sins in the closing scene of the flick. Peta is so hot, she melts a red popsicle all over her tits and pussy. Johnny bangs her poolside in one helluva scene. Overall, I recommend this movie. Brazzers always produces high-quality porn with great storylines. This flick captures five of their recent scenes and they’re worth watching.

Scene 1: Madison Ivy and Keiran Lee

Madison returns to Brazzers in a big way in this opening scene. We see short flashes of Madison’s body as she lies in bed and as the camera pans from her toes to her long hair. Those flashes are interspersed with flattering quotes from fans who have been longing for Madison’s return. She sits up in bed, stretching and soon gets out of bed as we see a quote from a fan that says “bring her back please.” Madison moves in slow motion toward the shower and slowly pulls her black lingerie off and steps into a sensual bubble bath. She splashes water and bubbles all over her perfect tits. We get to experience every curve of Madison’s incredible body as she bathes. “I love this woman,” another quote from a fan reads. She gets dressed and makes her way to Keiran’s place. Unfortunately for Keiran, she’s delivering bad news. She works for his wife’s attorney and she’s brought the divorce papers for Keiran to sign. He signs the papers but is sure that he has seen Madison before. She looks very familiar to him. Madison says she just moved her so he must have her mixed up with someone else. After she leaves, Keiran checks his computer and his hunch is right. He recognizes Madison from porn videos and he knows she is the famous Madison Ivy. He asks her about it, but she denies it. Madison is still convinced he knows the truth. He sets off on a quest to find her and follows her to a strip club where he watches this lawyer by day, porn star by night put on a sizzling striptease. Madison is a goddess on a pole dressed in

red lingerie. Her striptease sequence in this scene is amazing to watch. She proves why so many fans were begging for her to come back. After her fiery dance in red, she picks Keiran out of the audience and takes him back to the private room. She admits to Keiran that she loves performing and she never wants to stop. Keiran promises never to tell anyone about this. “That’s a good boy,” she says as she crawls toward him, unhooking her bra.

Keiran takes out his cock and Madison is a slave to it. “I love your dick,” she tells him as she sucks and spits on it. “I’m gonna suck all the cum from you,” she tells him. Madison deep throats his long cock and opens her mouth wide as he fucks it. She sits on the couch, spreads her legs open and shivers as he licks her pussy. She bends over doggy style and gets her pussy slammed by Keiran’s cock. “Use that pussy,” she screams. “It’s your little fuck hole.” Madison begs him for more cock as he pounds her hole. She tells him to use her as his little fuck toy. She holds on to the back of the couch while Keiran slams her pussy. After sucking his cock, Madison rides it cowgirl style then spins around on it into reverse cowgirl position. She massages his balls before bouncing up and down on his cock. “Use me like a fuck puppet,” she yells until she cums on his cock. Keiran pumps her pussy, keeping it creamy and wet after her orgasm. She sucks him some more then lies on her side for spoon fucking. Madison gets on her knees again and sucks him until he cums in her mouth. The two agree to do this more often.

Scene 2: Abigail Mac, Jessa Rhodes, and Johnny Sins

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This scene is all about the hippy sounds of Johnny who has a huge club following. The crowd is hooked on Johnny’s psychedelic music, especially Abigail and Jessa who seem to be in a trance when Johnny is on stage. His lyrics are all about fucking and cumming and that’s what these two girls want to do. They join Johnny in his dressing room for some psychedelic fun and it’s all about free love. The girls initiate a threesome with the music star that will soon have him hitting a few more notes. Abigail and Jessa are good at sharing cock. It starts with Abigail sucking Johnny’s dick and Jessa then sitting on it reverse cowgirl style and riding it. Abigail fingers Jessa’s clit while she rides his cock. Jessa’s pussy creams all over Johnny’s prick then she and Abigail suck it, tasting Jessa’s pussy and licking his balls. Johnny lies back and watches the girls eat his meat. These two groupies will do anything for the band, and fucking Johnny in his dressing room is their ultimate fantasy. Jessa is back on top of Johnny’s cock, riding it cowgirl style while Abigail spanks her ass cheeks and squeezes her tits. “Yeah, use his fucking dick,” Abigail tells Jessa. All that makes Jenna cum, leaving her body shaking in pleasure. She sits on Johnny’s face and gets her pussy tongue lashed while Abigail sucks Johnny’s cock. “Yeah, suck on my fucking clit,” Jessa tells Johnny.

Now, it’s Abigail’s turn to get fucked and she takes Johnny’s dick from behind, doggy style while eating Jessa’s wet pussy. Jessa and Abigail have great chemistry together, and they especially enjoy each other’s cunts. Abigail takes a hard pounding from behind but keeps her face buried in Jessa’s cunt, licking and sucking on it. Jessa tells Johnny she wants to taste Abigail’s pussy off his cock. She sucks it clean then watches Johnny slam Abigail’s cunt until she cums. Jessa gets fucked missionary style followed by spoon position then Abigail is back on top, taking more cock in cowgirl position. Jessa loves the taste of Abigail’s pussy and she sucks the flavor off Johnny’s cock again. A hot standing cowgirl follows, first with Jessa and then Abigail. The girls both get on their knees and share in cock sucking duty again, before another round of doggystyle fucking. “Harder, harder,” Jessa screams as Johnny drills her cunt and spanks her ass. Abigail gets fucked missionary style and then the girls eat Johnny’s meat until he cums in their mouths. They swallow every drop of his spunk.

Scene 3: Rachel Starr, Charles Dera, and Keiran Lee

Rachel is having a normal day at home, doing housework when a knock at the door changes everything. A case of fucking the feds is about to begin. It all starts when she opens the door and is surprised by two police officers, Charles and Keiran, showing her their badges. Charles accuses her of being the Rachel Starr, a notorious drug lord. She tells Charles he has her confused with somebody else. Charles isn’t buying it. They guys make their way into her house and Charles leaves Keiran in charge of watching Rachel while he looks around and inspects. Keiran isn’t convinced that Rachel is guilty and that doubt is all Rachel needs to persuade Keiran. Her sweet talking so leads to cock sucking as she compliments Keiran then drops to her knees and sucks his big cock. “Give it to me,” Rachel says as she squeezes her tits together around his cock in a hot round of titty fucking. She’s back to sucking his dick again and looks up at him with her big beautiful eyes. She deep throats his long pole, lubing it with her spit. Meanwhile, Charles is still searching the house. He’s determined to find her drug stash. It’s hidden in her bedroom and Charles sees it. He confronts her with his bag of evidence but walks up on Rachel sucking Keiran’s cock. She begs Charles not to take her to jail, especially because this is the last time she will get a really good fucking. Charles agrees and joins in the fun for a fucking fed threesome.

Rachel’s hands are cuffed behind her back but that doesn’t stop her from eating the guys’ cocks. She kneels as the guys feed her face with dick. She gets into standing doggy and bends over to suck Charles’ prick while Keiran slams her pussy from behind. “Don’t go easy on her,” Charles says. These feds are making Rachel pay for her crime. Charles fucks her doggy style as Rachel begs the cops to take her cuffs off. She gets her wish and is in a doggy style bang, getting her pussy stretched by Charles’ cock on one end and her mouth stretched by Keiran’s on the other. Rachel loves getting her hair pulled and her ass spanked while she gets fucked by the feds. Reverse cowgirl on the floor on Keiran’s baton gets her going. Charles beats her tongue with his prick while she bounces up and down on Keiran. Rachel does reverse cowgirl on top of Keiran and keeps Keiran satisfied with her ball sucking skills. A long session of back to back cowgirl on top of the guys soon turns into deep penetrating missionary fucking that has Rachel begging for cum. “Fucking choke me,” Rachel screams as she gets her pussy drilled by Charles. After more standing doggy and leg up fucking, Rachel finally gets what she wants, two big loads of cum all over her face and tits. The guys blow their loads all over her. Rachel says she doesn’t want to miss a drop up cum, but before the guys know it, Rachel is gone and they’re handcuffed to each other. It seems this master criminal has escaped the feds again.

Scene 4: Krissy Lynn and Danny D

This scene with Krissy Lynn is a photo shoot that turns to penetration when Krissy lets her horniness take over. He partner is Danny D and his big dick is what Krissy can’t resist. They meet at the beginning of the shoot which is set on a bed. Krissy is so disappointed when she learns that there won’t be any sex today. The first shot is of her on her hands and knees on the bed reaching for Danny. She gets distracted by the size of his cock in his underwear and she reaches for it. The photographer stops her, telling her that’s not what the shoot is about. She straightens up and starts the shoot again, but a few seconds later, she reaches for Danny’s hard cock, puts it in her mouth and sucks it. The photographer tries to stop her but gives up and tells her to get it all out of her system while he changes the fil in the camera. Once the photographer is ready to shoot again, he stops Krissy’s cock sucking and positions them doggy style on the bed. The shooting starts again but Krissy is too distracted by Danny’s dick. He sticks it in her pussy doggy style and starts fucking her. The cameraman gives up and leaves the shoot. Krissy slams her pussy back and forth on him, screaming “I’ve never had anything that big inside my pussy before.” The doggy fucking continues, making Krissy scream out on set.

“I love the way you’re handling my pussy,” Krissy yells. She uses his big, long pipe for her pleasure, using it to stretch her tight, wet pussy out. “Just fucking use it,” she screams. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it cowgirl style, forgetting there was ever a photoshoot. Danny grips her ass cheeks and pounds her pussy, sending every inch of his long cock deep inside her. After more pussy-to-mouth cock sucking, she turns to reverse cowgirl cock riding, grinding her hips around and around, smothering his cock with her cunt. She lies on her back and opens her legs wide near the edge of the bed where Danny continues to drill her hole. He uses her pussy just like she asked him to. The harder she gets it the harder she wants it, telling him to make her pussy sore. He drills her cunt balls deep, sending her into uncontrollable ecstasy. Krissy gets her face fucked then hosts more of his cock inside her missionary style. Danny pumps her pussy then pulls out and pops all over her stomach and face. This turns out to be one photoshoot Krissy will never forget.

Scene 5: Peta Jensen and Johnny Sins

It’s Peta’s pool time and she does it like only she can. This whole scene is outdoors at the pool and the sexy, busty Peta is wet and oily as she twists and shakes her body with hula hoops. Her tits are so sizzling hot that a cold red popsicle melts when she rubs it across her boobs. Peta is into a little food play and it’s hot to watch as she takes the melting popsicle from her mouth to her pussy, allowing the melting red liquid to drain down her pussy lips. Johnny is a peeping Tom, watching Peta from behind a tree and then from behind the furniture. Peta is so caught up in pleasing herself with her popsicle, she doesn’t even notice Johnny until he walks up to her, catching her masturbating. Johnny says hi, then picks her up and throws her into the pool. Peta is even sexier when she’s all wet. She swims her way to the edge of the pool where Johnny is sitting. “You’re lucky I’m so horny,” she tells him and she pulls his swim trunks down and puts his cock in her mouth. She licks it all over then sucks it. We’ve got Johnny’s POV, looking straight on at the beautiful Peta. “I can’t wait until this thing is deep inside my pussy,” she tells him. She continues her oral feast, sucking and licking his balls then she works her way back up his shaft.

Peta uses her big boobs to titty fuck Johnny’s prick. She wraps her knockers around his shaft and bounces them up and down, making him moan. After telling him she wants his cock deep inside her fucking pussy, Peta strips down and rides his pole reverse cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on it. We’re still watching Peta from Johnny’s POV and it’s still hot to look at her from this angle, using her big round ass to grind back and forth on Johnny. Poolside standing doggy gets hot and heavy, sending Peta into the stratosphere of pleasure. Johnny lies her on her stomach and eats her pussy and ass hole, tonguing both openings and keeping them wet. After shaking and spanking her ass cheeks, he eats her pussy some more then fucks it missionary style over the edge of the water. Peta sucks him off until he pops in her mouth then she disappears into the water just like a beautiful mermaid.

Final Thoughts:

Madison Ivy fans will love the opening scene in Brazzers’ A Dream Cum True. The fan-favorite shows she’s still got the chops in a comeback scene that features her curvy body half-naked in bed and an incredible striptease and pole dance scene you won’t ever forget. She fucks Keiran Lee’s long hard cock in the backroom of the strip club after he pursues her and learns her secret identity as a porn star and stripper. That’s one hot scene. This flick also stars Jessa Rhodes, Peta Jensen, Abigail Mac, Rachel Starr, and Krissy Lynn in five scenes of hot sex running for over two hours. Peta Jensen’s poolside fuck with Johnny Sins is another great sex scene. These two fuck each other with the water splashing between their bodies. Peta is so hot, she melts a bright red popsicle all over her tits and pussy. Overall, I recommend this movie. Brazzers is consistent in producing high-quality porn with great storylines. This flick captures five of their recent scenes worth watching.

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