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Hollywood Ending

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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 3/27/18

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The main splash of Hollywood Ending.
Meaty special features menu.


At the very top of the box, you have the WICKED PASSIONS line advertised loudly with big font. Underneath this, you have a picture of Tommy Pistol and India Summer embracing passionately as if it were a cover of a romance novel. HOLLYWOOD ENDING is written in a transparent font at the bottom of the porn power-duo embracing. Next you have credits in the vein of a mainstream Hollywood film alerting me of the players in this Mike Quasar game. Even the rating box at the bottom left corner of the DVD box resembles the MPAA’s rating system. Except instead of “Rated R” it’s thankfully “Rated X” as an Adult Romance. The Wicked Pictures insignia is infamously displayed at the bottom right on the front of the box. Flipping the box around I notice something I appreciated right away which immediately leads me to applaud Wicked and that is a store program. This is a little yellow box displaying what section to display the DVD in accordance with the genre so your local adult video store (if you even have one) knows where to categorize it on their racks. This is helpful both to the consumer and merchant as it prevents any misleading marketing which is rampant when it comes to buying DVDs in brick and mortar stores. Sometimes you might end up with a compilation instead of that feature showcase you were looking for. That plastic wrap is more of a barrier to the exploration of the consumer. Any and all help is appreciated from studios in guiding the blind eye of the buyer. This will show that studios like Wicked Pictures are truly concerned on marketing their products properly and giving the consumer ease of options. The back contains a brief summary surrounded by an art design implementing mainstream Hollywood box cover elements. Which I’m positive was intentional. Various stills surround the small caption describing the film. They are hi-res shots of “clean” photos showing no hardcore sex from the actual feature on the box.
Wicked trailers on the disc.

The main menu is a splash of the box cover image of India and Tommy embracing over what looks like to be the LA skyline sprawled in the haziness of night. The film title of “Hollywood Ending” sits above these main options for you: “Play Movie”, “Chapters”, “Special Features”, and “Trailer for HOLLYWOOD ENDING”. A very simplified main menu but if you want the real goodies besides the actual feature head to the “Special Features” menu. Here you will find three bonus sex scenes plus a “Photo Gallery” as well. More trailers from other Wicked Pictures features is a welcome addition to this meaty package of special options.

Directed By: Mike Quasar
Cast: India Sumer, Aaliyah Love, Karlee Grey, Mercedes Carrera, Derrick Pierce, Jay Smooth, Logan Pierce, Tommy Pistol
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Photo Galleries: Yes
Behind The Scenes: No
Condoms: Yes


Approaching this film I have to admit I’m not a fan of porn with condoms in it. It’s strictly fantasy to see raw sex on film. In porn, the performers are tested in the name of a safe working environment in a production revolving around sex. I’m also not an avid viewer of “couples porn” which usually entails a literal attempt at making a watchable film where sex is the driving force of the plot opposed to mainstream films who use other forces for their plots: like violence! In this sex filled cinematic endeavor, I’m already aware that there will be dialogue something gonzo fans aren’t fond of as well. Yet with an open mind and being a film buff myself I’m excited to see porn take itself seriously. Some of my favorite performers are in “Hollywood Ending” flexing their acting muscles so I get excited when I see who’s included in this film by Mike Quasar. Adult films are legitimate pieces of cinema with scripts and production crews rolling on a schedule. The average consumer is most likely skipping over to their favorite performer for a quick pop or watching it on demand in a hotel (or stealing it). But there are film fans alike who appreciate the effort of a director chopping away at his craft. Mike Quasar has been procuring porn for many years and pictures like “Hollywood Ending” are proof seasoned vets getting room to express other creative avenues is much needed for the health of the industry.


The opening starts with ominous music filling India Summer’s daring narration of a scandalous setup. We have an actor and actress developing a heated relationship during work hours. Of course, what better line of films to portray this than appropriately titled Wicked Passions series. India’s character is describing the intricacies of this budding affair and how it's difficult to tell if whether feelings are real or not between the two actors. It’s plainly obvious that India and Pistol can act their asses off. Paying attention to their other works will alert you to this. If you’re used to seeing Tommy Pistol in a gangbang or India Summer getting DP’d it’s a natural change to see them flex this acting muscle of their's while ironically playing two actors in this film.

Tommy hilariously sticking his tongue out.

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As the two can barely keep their hands off each other the scene takes a heated turn into a bedroom. The overly natural dialogue fits the characters these two are playing very well. The role of discovery by Tommy Pistol who’s delighted at every inch of India Summer’s agelessly beautiful body is very believable. The heavy petting then goes into Tommy eating out India’s pussy during these oral endeavors of the foreplay. The camera glides slowly capturing all of this in that intended Hollywood sheen.

India on top.

It eventually goes beyond heavy petting as articles of clothes are pulled off of the lover’s bodies. Still, in character comedic pieces of dialogue are slipped out during this fiery fling. The two lovers tumble around in bed in what resembles very real sex between a couple in the throes of curiosity. The rotations don’t happen as rapidly as you’d see in a gonzo scene adding more to the realness of this relationship between the characters. India Summer riding Tommy Pistol cowgirl to me was the pinnacle of the poundings in this scene. Tommy Pistol, of course, pumps her to a healthy finish in spooning and coats India’s body with his warm load rather than study the script like they were supposed to do.

Late in the relationship after some time has elapsed, we see Tommy sitting on some steps and reminiscing about how far Rebecca (India's character) and he have gone. Both seem to be getting bigger roles now after that miraculous first fling we witnessed earlier. Now Rebecca's career has escalated enough to have a big-time manager in the form of a buxom Mercedes Carerra who plays Jen. It’s quite obvious from the onset that Jen and Tommy don’t see eye to eye on many things and this charity event that India is attending is one of them. Tommy is not willing to participate in the fake aspect of Hollywood (rather desiring to send a check in the mail). Rebecca is forced to attend alone without Tommy by her side to a devilishly delighted Mercedes who is still playing the cold manager relishing in the fact that Tommy is not up to par with Rebecca’s bigger PR schemes.

Fuck Romanian Orphans.

Enter: Karlee Grey who is playing Tommy’s assistant. They arrange a meeting with a “Derek”. The scheduling takes place after a brief discussion between Karlee and Tommy about Derek getting a job even though he is on a bad streak. Yet Tommy has faith in this actor friend of his. Karlee admittedly thinks he is handsome to Tommy's chagrin.

Karlee assisting Tommy.


Aaliyah and India are out to lunch having girl talk as close friends. Aaliyah Love’s character is hell-bent on convincing Rebecca that Tommy just isn’t the one for her. Adopting the ways of the cougar is a much less strenuous way of living an adult life, aka being single. India plays the role of the old-fashioned unconvinced loyal wife very well in this candid conversation with her friend. Yet flippantly recognizes her friend’s life choice while calling her a “crazy cougar” in adoration.

Girl talk with Aaliyah and India.

Eventually, in the sheer demonstration of Aaliyah’s cougar skills, she seduces her boy toy that happens to be Logan Pierce. Logan greets Aaliyah with his completed tasks of the day one of them of which being her laundry. It doesn’t take long for the subject matter of Aaliyah’s panties being on the table for discussion or on the floor for that matter. The panties drop as they slide down her legs. While still wearing her sun dress she stuffs her underwear in Logan Pierce’s mouth. The hot and heavy foreplay fires right up as Logan eats out Aaliyah for a little bit. Next Logan’s dong gets flopped out for Aaliyah to pleasure with her pretty lips. “This is my dick now!”, The cougar commands. Giggling with diabolic glee Aaliyah Love continually gobbles up that cock. Cowgirl is then activated as Aaliyah mounts Logan. Her bubbly butt jiggles every so poetically as she rides that dick. I forgot how amazing Aaliyah’s ass is and it’s the star of the show in this scene. Now that incredible ass is arched in doggy to get pounded out. They finally seal the deal with Logan’s load after some serious sideways-spoon smashing.

Aaliyah getting pounded out.


We’re now back with Tommy who’s pacing back and forth reading a script his friend Derek Pierce, playing a fellow actor, handing him a script to receive some guidance regarding a career move. As Tommy plops down on the couch next to Derek he has the look of someone who isn’t truly impressed. He then offers solace that he recognizes Derek’s attempt at acting outside the box in this proposed role instead of taking the usual action hero part. Unfortunately, this isn’t about acting outside the box at all for Derek, it’s about the money. The topic then shifts to this now tumultuous relationship that he and Rebecca are mired in. Derek seemed to have a hunch that Tommy's relationship with Rebecca has taken a chaotic turn as he walks off to his liquor cabinet to grab Tommy some scotch.
an altercation between Rebecca and Tommy

We’re now back in Tommy and Rebecca’s kitchen where an argument is taking place about the state of the relationship. An ultimatum is offered to Rebecca from Tommy on finally being able to walk out the door ending this agonizing affair. Rebecca then drops a ton of bricks on Tommy that she’s found someone else to take care of her and it’s not someone who Tommy would ever suspect; it’s her manager Jen. The scene ends with a floored Tommy pistol upon hearing this revelation. Of course, we will know where to find Tommy next and that’s his usual consolation spot with his buddy, Derek. Tommy soon realizes Derek has a few issues of his own and asks Tommy to live with him since he will soon be kicked out of the very house both of the men are conversing in about Tommy's tattered relationship. The fun never stops for poor Tommy.

a scandalous affair between manager and clientele

Tommy is now reaching out to his assistant July, who is played by Karlee Grey of course. She’s alerted to how she won’t be seeing Rebecca around much longer. Like a good assistant, she offers her support immediately to a shattered Tommy. An innocent hug quickly turns to gratuitous groping and clothes being stripped off. Tommy digs into this hot little tart assistant of his in this passionate foreplay which is a reoccurring theme in these couples focused scenes. The hot action really started when Tommy banged out his assistant in some healthy humps of doggy style. The camera still maintaining that slow slide of capturing every movement of the sex in that pro-flow of Mike Quasar’s Hollywood vision. At times I felt like I was watching a soap opera given the plot material as well. Tommy eventually reaches climax and decorates Karlee Grey’s thatch of pubic hair with his gooey drops of semen.

Tommy doing doggy to Karlee


Oh, Jen! The scheming manager’s scandalous nature knows no end which is fitting to where the plot is taking the viewer. As we now have her seducing another client that ISN’T Rebecca. Under the impression that their relationship is serious India’s character has no idea she is being played as Jay Smooth and Mercedes Carerra go at it in this scene. The hot sex scene has Jen’s buxom body being worshipped by this client of hers who she considers her number one. Expect to see big beautiful boobs being sucked as Mercedes also returns the favor by deep throating Jay’s dick in the exchange of intimate foreplay. The humping happens of course with a very horny manager that rides cowgirl and takes it doggy like a true manipulative pro. The scene upon context alone is super sexy as Mercedes is playing the ultimate player in the form of Jen, the ruthless manager out to get what she wants. The cum shot consists of a painted ass cheek with drops of cum from Jay Smooth.

Jen played by Mercedes and Jay Smooth.


If you’re losing track of where this web of deceit and lies is taking you then that may have been the intention of the director. Being how this is a full-on scandal at this point it should be no surprise that Tommy’s assistant, July, is now fucking his best friend who is living with him. To cap it all off it seems this was premeditated all along by these two opportunists. Derek can’t help himself to the delicious tart that sits before him and the sex starts accordingly. The oral play comes first in these standard cuts directed at couples. Karlee brings her BJ game to the scene and deep throats Derek proper. I really enjoyed the dynamic of these two in this scene together. I like to see a known industry veteran teamed up with one of today’s more modern tarts like Karlee. The scene has Karlee riding Derek Pierce in cowgirl so we can get a nice view of her plump butt cheeks jiggling. Derek Pierce fires off his load over a booming bush completing the sex in this scene.

Karlee deep throating Derek.

At this point, everyone is fighting and /or at odds because “that’s how this town works” as Jenna would state to India, regarding her misleading and cutthroat tactics of luring in clients. The conversation between Jenna and Rebecca leads to the closing of the relationship over the phone. Next, we have more trickle down chaos with Derek and Tommy speaking to each other about how July is too young for Tommy and the novelty of her young age wearing off once he gets to know the real person behind the 24-year-old frame. It doesn’t take long for Derek to slip up and leave his phone on the table as he steps out to get Tommy a drink. What happens next is quite expected if you learn from these types of relationship games. Yet Tommy is utterly surprised at what happens next. He alerts his friend off camera that he’s receiving a text only to find out it’ s his July texting Derek about their "new" affair with each other. After seeing the text of a topless Karlee on Derek’s phone he begins to laugh maniacally at it all. Walking away from the day of drinking he had planned with his so-called friend in utter disbelief.

It all comes full circle as Tommy and India reconvene after a short montage of them driving to where they met at the very beginning of this feature. Maybe now they'll realize they were just pawns in the Hollywood rat race that can consume personal lives like a ravenous beast lurking in the abyss. All in and all it's just another Hollywood Ending.
Hollywood Ending.


"Anti-climatic pops, no anal, and condoms?!" This is probably the basic brand of thinking an average porn consumer would brandish(as they sit behind their keyboard stealing it). I'm not that shallow (and I pay for porn) which allows me to appreciate a director expressing his skill in a craft he's refined over many years. This is a full-on feature with top-tier acting and a digestible plot that flows with perfect pace for how complex the plot twists are for an adult film. As a couples-focused release though it's a perfect rental which unfortunately doesn't say much for replay value as a collector. Yet I did witness stand out moments where Tommy Pistol made me laugh or India Summer spoke a line of inspiring dialogue. All memorable enough to possibly capture this as a collector and rewatch again one day. Yet a weekend with this film or watching it On Demand out of curiosity is where Hollywood Ending will treat you the best. A memorable plot with a tale that houses characters in real roles with some real sex. Get to a streaming service and give this film a whirl just as you would if you ran into it at a video rental store (in 1998).

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