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Dark Side of Kate England, The

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Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 11/5/17

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Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 22 minutes

Cast: Kate England, Isiah Maxwell, Rico Strong, Moe Johnson, Shane Diesel, Prince Yahshua, Ricky Jordan, Jon Jon, Jax Slayher, and Lisa Tiffian

Directed by: Unknown

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Blonde, Creampie, Interracial, Showcase, Threesome

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD, presumably - audio does fall out of sync on the second scene of the disc

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: The prolific yet still young Kate England possesses the rare "girl next door" face and body porn producers crave. The 24-year-old star, while not as explicitly youthful as Piper Perri nor as ribald as Adriana Chechick, has cultivated her own brand of confident sexuality, which involves wild love-making crossed with an endlessly energetic personality. Her proclivity for interracial has also rendered her one of the fastest growing porn-stars in the modern day, so it's no surprise Dogfart decided to capitalize on the fact with The Dark Side of Kate England, one of their many most recent interracial showcases following Valentina Nappi, Chanel Preston, and Riley Reid's respective showcases.

Scene 1 "Cuckold Sessions" (2016): Kate England, Isiah Maxwell, Rico Strong, and unnamed male performer (non-sex)

We open by watching Isiah Maxwell and Rico Strong interrogate a friend-turned-for before kicking his ass into the grass in front of his house. An ex-member of their gang, he apparently snitched on his old posse and got the two men in trouble as a result. The an's girlfriend, Kate England, comes home at the right time to stop the fight: "What's it gonna take for you guys to leave?," she asks desperately. She suggests a blowjob and soon falls down to her knees in the open right before her boyfriend. She sucks off both Isiah and Rico while remaining stunned at the sheer size and girth of both of them.

She gets a literal mouthful, double-fisting both of them until Isiah throws Kate over her shoulder and the three head inside. They lie Kate down on the bed where her and her boyfriend sleep so Rico can spread her legs. Kate expresses both concern and hesitance but hardly has time to inspire any more emotions before Rico is deep inside her. A great overhead POV ensues, which shows Rico going balls deep and Isiah's testicles resting on the lips of his former girlfriend. It's around this time that Kate's boyfriend sneaks up the stairs and enters, aroused at the sight of his girlfriend having sex with two hung black men.

Moreover, Isiah is a bit rougher than Rico, slapping her ass and grabbing a hold of her waist until the two swap places again with Kate shifting to blow Isiah and view Rico's penetration. "Babe, I've never been fucked this hard before," she cries out." "I kind of like it." Moments later, she admits to him, as he sits, masturbating in the corner of the room, that she fucked the entire basketball team in high school.

Rico spreads his ass and gently inserts himself to the pleasure of Kate and her boyfriend. Isiah is next and his entry makes her eyes widen with delight. To those ignorant of Kate and her incredible sexual prowess, almost all you need to know about the beautiful blonde starlet is shown in this scene, her capabilities and multitude of strengths on display for all to see. Rico hoists her in missionary while she hangs her head over the edge of the baseboard to blow Isiah while her boyfriend looks on with intrigue. He continues his fascinating stint of voyeurism as his girlfriend creams on Rico's penis as he cums inside of her in missionary. Isiah seizes the moment and pumps another load inside of Kate as she's bent over as the scene concludes with her unable to wipe the smile off her face.

What a scene to open this showcase. Kate proves as charming as ever, with a great commitment to both the sex and the character all while the enthusiasm never escapes anyone. I'm not one to favor cuckold scenes, for my sympathetic side renders me unable to appreciate the genre's scenes on the necessary level, yet this one in particular strikes the right balance of naughty and arousing. All the performers bring a great amount of energy and Kate England allows herself a chance to be entirely believable in a cuckold situation. This one is simply a lot of fun and a fantastic opener. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: "Interracial Gloryhole" (2015): Kate England and two unnamed male performers

Kate England has heard rumors that a local ex-shop has a popular gloryhole in their private viewing booths, so one day, on her lunch-break, she decides to stop by and check it out. In low-cut, ass-hugging jeans and hard nipples, she waltzes in to rent an interracial gloryhole DVD (fittingly) from Dogfart and comfortably settles into a room she rented.

As Kate strips, entranced with the video she's watching,two big black penises peek through the holes in the wall. "I get a double dose," she exclaims, quickly grabbing both of them and using her deepthroat techniques to gulp them down. She makes herself and the dicks very sloppy as she scarfs them down, uncaring about the mess she's making while treating them to a rigorous blowjob in great succession.

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Kate grabs a chair for support and squeezes a dick inside her, making him cum rather quickly inside of her after a few powerful strokes. She moves to the adjacent penis, making the man it's attached to audibly moan before prompting the same result, showing her utter talent for making men orgasm at the right time with the right moves. She plays with the cum as it falls into her mouth and out of her vagina. Often the best part of Dogfart's "Gloryhole" videos is watching the women re-dress in a dick-drunk haste on top of trying to make it out of the sex-shop unseen. I can safely say that Kate compliments a mostly adequate scene with a fun exit, living up to the standards set forth by history. 3/5 stars.

Scene 3: "Black Meat White Feet" (2016): Kate England and Moe Johnson

[NOTE: I reviewed the following scene in Dogfart's compilation disc Black Meat White Feet 3. The review below is the same from that specific disc.]

Two interracial genre-greats, Kate England and Moe "The Monster" Johnson, appear in the disc's only narrative-based scene, which has an injured Kate coming back from a workout with her personal trainer Moe. After getting her shoe and sock off, Moe massages her toes and ankle before beginning to suck and savor her toes right as the other shoe and sock come off. Once Kate reminds Moe that her husband will be gone for several more days, he can't undo his pants fast enough to reveal his enormous dick that Kate, in eye-popping yoga pants, squats down and attends to promptly. During this blowjob sequence, Billy Watson's camera frequently cuts to a strong, intimate POV sequences that arouse and add to the quality of this scene. This allows Kate's blowjob technique - gripping Moe's balls with her left hand as she runs her right up and down his shaft as she slurps - to be fully communicated.

The two eventually move inside, where Moe softly rims Kate's ass before returning to her feet, indulging in her toes specifically. When Moe finally enters Kate's puss as she's hunched over some exercise equipment, Kate's talents come through almost immediately. Her expressive face, gorgeous body, and seductive charm show her pornographic prowess and might even render her a great MILF one day. Moe finds his groove inside of her pretty early, as she lifts up her pink tank-top to reveal perky breasts with sizable areolas.

The foot worship continues well into the sex, as Moe stops on occasion to continue servicing Kate's young and spotless feet. She eventually goes to jerk him off with her toes, but Moe can't help but continue to drill Kate, especially when he picks her up and she submissively spreads her legs for him. To conclude things, she uses her toes to fondle his balls while he jerks himself off and bathes her feet in a large load. This is basically an ordinary "Blacks on Blondes" scene with some sporadic, conservatively placed scenes of foot worshiping intermixed. This shows that this formula does well when given much-needed variety such as blowjobs and sex. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: "Blacks on Blondes" (2015): Kate England, Prince Yahshua, and Rico Strong

Kate England is trying to play the piano alongside Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong in a band, but is evidently as tone-deaf as myself when it comes to showing her skills in tryouts. The two men, desperate to find an adequate member, decide to have her prove herself and her talents in a different way; they drop their pants and reveal foot-long cocks before her face.

Kate decides to make the most of her situation and, once again, double-fists the men with balanced handwork. Prince is the first to stick his dick inside Kate in doggystyle while her mouth sags from being stuffed with Rico at the same time. A good perspective materializes when the camera goes underneath Rico's crotch and shows her deepthroating him while her head tilts downwards - a hot and unexpected angle given Dogfart isn't one for experimental videography.

The guys don't hold back, and any Dogfart fan knows how rough they can be. Prince fits himself comfortably into Kate while she's bent over, and she is at the mercy of deep penetration even as things switch up so she can lie comfortably on her back. Kate throws her legs to the sky and has her clit pummeled by Prince's deep-thrusts. He asserts himself as the man slayer of this scene until Rico quits his ongoing oral streak and decides to emulate Prince's penetrating tactics, going in for anal right away. Kate fiercely rubs her clitoris while she licks Prince's balls, involved in unbelievable sexual ecstasy that has her taken in a flurry of moans.

She eventually moves to her knees to fellate Rico's ballsack before having her tongue-piercing bathed with a hot load, coming moments after Prince finishes inside her with an equally warm creampie. Kate proves to be an internal-orgasm-favoring trooper, in love with the idea of being naughty while simultaneously keeping a nice aura that never eludes her in another scorching scene. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 5: Kate England, Shane Diesel, Rico Strong, Jax Slayher, Jon Jon, Ricky Jordan, and two unnamed male performers

Kate England is the only female employee at a local bar, let alone the only white girl. Her and several other workers are gathered at the bar when head bartender Shane Diesel reveals that a complain form has been filed by a customer claiming that Kate spilled his party's drinks all over him. Shane and company get Kate to prove her service by "serving" all of them the right way, and it's at this moment that Jax Slayher and Ricky Jordan drop their drawers and get Kate down on her knees.

The guys hold back little, sucking and slapping her titties as they form a train, with Kate finding herself with two cocks in hand at all times, surrounded by men eager to be pleased. The guys cackle and laud her for her commitment to employment, as she desperately needs this shop. She grants every guy with a slippery, spit-drenched blowjob. Spit clears her mouth when she asks, "Am I supposed to be?" in response to some men asking if she is on the pill.

After rimming Shane, she continues to hone her deepthroat skills at least until the abundance of attention has her getting a bit more frisky. She becomes more open to the idea of flaunting her ass and sexual skills before the men, fluttering her eyes when one guys moves to penetrate her from behind. Shane controls the action by directing his workers and kissing her while Ricky and Rico are among the first to penetrate the lovely Kate.

When Shane finishes in her twat, he urges Kate get on her back on the bar stools, to which Ricky and Jon follow-up by promptly penetrating her. Ricky hugs her leg as the fucking intensifies and more men opt for choking and kissing the overworked but entranced bar-hop. A highlight moments comes when one of the guys slips inside her ass, riding her with great force until she moves to her knees.

Shane has a different idea for how the inevitable finish will go; he brings out several shot-glasses on a tray, with Kate tasked to hold the tray as each guy cums in the shot-glasses for her to swallow. The guy shoot their loads into each shot glass over the course of ten minutes and Kate downs them like an experienced pro. Ricky delivers the biggest shot of them all, with the load falling out of Kate's mouth in a large gob. Another shoots a load that rolls off her tongue into the glass, still giving her the privilege of drinking it - the very definition of sloppy seconds. Few women would commit to a scene so crass and ridiculous but Kate England shows she's not a common soul, owning her role and asserting herself as a performer of rarely matched convictions. 4/5 stars.

Scene 6: "Zebra Girls" (2016): Kate England and Lisa Tiffian

Kate England stops by her friend Lisa Tiffian's house and both bear amazing physical traits an observant viewer will notice from the start. Kate's curves barely hidden by jean-shorts and a loose-fitting blouse are barely contained as is Lisa's bubble-butt in worn, bleached denim. Amidst small-talk, Kate whips out a ginormous black dildo and rams it down Lisa's throat, accusing her of sleeping with her black boyfriend, effectively changing course on what was looking to be a genial talk between friends.

Lisa fesses up after enough choking and spitting. "Get your own black cock," bitch," Kate tells her as she forces Lisa on her knees to be dominated as punishment. Kate is in rare form here. Usually one to be dominated or at least one-upped in scenes, she calls the shots here, unafraid of any consequences and visibly proud to be subjecting her friend to the sweetest, most sexual revenge possible.

Kate demands to be seen as she pulls down her jean-shorts and having Lisa worship her ass. "Smell that pretty asshole," she tells her. "That's where my boyfriend's cock is supposed to go." She then throws Lisa over the couch to spank before digging in her bag to find a large black strap-on. She has Lisa lube it up first so it's ready for her to initiate penetration from behind. In efforts to widen Lisa's butthole, Kate uses her fingers and excess spit in order to do the trick, finally causing her to sequel when the toy finds its way inside her orifice - a great camera shot that captures the sex from underneath Kate and Lisa's crotch adds to the kink of the scene.

Our woman of the hour soon prompts foot worship and whips out another flexible black dildo for the two to share vaginally. Lisa is on cleanup duty all over Kate's taint and butt, but that doesn't last long, as Kate puts the same dildo in her ass for Lisa to fellate as it penetrates her. Things conclude by Kate taking it out of her butt for her friend to savor her "ass-juice," so she claims.

A strong conclusion comes with Kate repeatedly demanding a sincere apology from Lisa along with a statement that she'll never fuck her man again. I would've never expected Kate to harbor such aggression during any scene, yet here we are, and Kate proves herself to be quite an engaging force that can arouse even as she's making you a bit fearful of her demanding self. This is my introduction to Dogfart's ongoing "Zebra Girls" series, and being that, as previously stated, I'm not the biggest fan of lesbian porn, this knockout punch of a scene has me admittedly intrigued and impressed. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

The Dark Side of Kate England includes every scene Kate England has ever done for the self-proclaimed "king of interracial entertainment" and that alone says something. Nowhere on this disc, or in Kate's catalog, will you find scenes belonging to the "Interracial Pickups" series nor simple one-on-one ventures for "Blacks on Blondes." Kate only wants hardcore sex, and if it doesn't involve multiple penises, creampie finishes, or some fort of non-fetishistic dominance, she wants no part of it.

Chanel Preston's respective "Dark Side" showcase ran a little long and was burdened by a few scenes of lesser importance, despite being an all-around solid compilation. Kate England's is leaner, but that's because she has taken liberty and control of her filmography in making every scene count. Not a scene on this disc is a sleeper and the alluring blonde bombshell proves that even if she is not in your regular porn rotation, she's not a woman you'll soon forget.

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