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Rocco's Psycho Teens 11

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/25/17

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Feature Running Time: 2 hours 51 minutes

Date of Production: 2017

Genre: All Sex; European; Anal; Group Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD. Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Agness Miller, Axe, Candee Licious, Cassie Fire, Melanie R, Lovenia Lux, Charlotte Sartre, Rebecca Volpetti, Eva X, Liz Heaven, Fabrizio Thor, Choky Ice Thor, Juan Lucho, Vinny Star, Chad Rockwell, Pet Parker, Rocco Siffredi, Kai Taylor, Nasty Alex, Nasty Sim

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery


Rocco’s Psycho Teens 11 is the latest in the series of Euro-teen banging from Rocco Siffredi and it’s a flick I recommend. This close to three-hour flick is chock full of rough sex, anal annihilation, group sex, gangbanging and more. There are five scenes in this flick, each presenting a variation on teen pussy banging. The opening scene is a big group sex session with Cassie Fire and Charlotte Sartre fucking five hard cocks. These girls get their ass holes stretched and they’re fucked air tight, taking a triple dose of dick all at once. Rocco fucks three starlets in the second scene and the next two scenes feature a boy-girl and a boy-girl-girl. The closing scene is a four-on-one gangbang in Italian teen Rebecca Volpetti's pussy and ass. There is enough action to please a variety of tastes in this flick from anal to ass to mouth to double vag to double penetration to blowbangs and cum swapping. These teens aren’t just psycho, they’re hopelessly and savagely horny for cock and no hole is out of bounds for these Euro sluts.

Scene 1: Charlotte Sartre, Cassie Fire, Choky Ice, Chad Rockwell, Juan Lucho, Pet Parker, Vinny Star

This opening scene may just be the hottest one of the flick. Charlotte and Cassie are DP banged by five guys and in the end, a blowbang leads to rapid fire popshots that cover each starlet in cum. When the scene opens, we watch two of the guys do their dirt bike stunts, jumping high into the air and doing loops around the track. The sound of the dirt bikes is so loud it’s waking Charlotte and Cassie up. They step out onto their balcony and ask the guys what the fuck is going on. It’s too loud. They get into a shouting match with the guys but Vinny decides to be a peacemaker. He walks up to the balcony to talk the girls into calming down. He melts their anger and when Cassie finds out he’s from Brazil, she gets horny. She has always wanted to fuck a Brazilian guy. She kisses him and so does Charlotte. They go inside, drop to their knees and take out his cock. Charlotte and Cassie are great at sharing his dick, admiring, tasting and sucking it. Vinny grips both their heads and presses them into his cock, feeding their faces with his dick and balls. He fucks their throats and makes Charlotte gag just as the other guys walk up and see the action through the window. Vinny and the girls invite them all in to be part of the fun. Juan and Chad strip Charlotte naked and lie her on her back. Chad fingers her pussy and Juan fucks her face. Cassie sucks Choky’s cock and soon Vinny joins in, giving Cassie a two-man blow bang. Charlotte gets in doggy position and is now sucking two cocks at the same time while Chad eats her pussy. Charlotte and Cassie are getting more than they bargained for when they started their shouting match with the guys. Cassie is on her way to cumming as Vinny finger fucks her and Choky fucks her face. Charlotte is getting fucked doggy style and Juan is banging her throat. Choky and Vinny take turns fucking Cassie’s cunt missionary style then the guys start exchanging places, with Choky now fucking Charlotte’s ass doggy style and Pet and Chad fucking her throat. Cassie begs for more as she cums in ecstasy from Vinny’s dick stretching her pussy. He pulls out and chokes her with his cock while Juan penetrates her wet hole.

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The anal banging continues deep in Charlotte’s ass and the guys continue to play musical chairs but use the girls’ pussies as their target instead. Vinny slams Charlotte’s ass hole and she can’t get enough of it, telling him, “put your fucking cock in my ass; I want it!” Cassie is busy being manhandled by Chad and Juan as they doggy fuck her and bang her throat. Charlotte takes her ecstasy to new heights with the start of her DP. She does double vag first in cowgirl position, sitting on Vinny’s dick while Choky fucks her from behind. She yells, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” as both cocks fill her. Charlotte goes off her rocker when a third cock is added, stuffing her mouth. She is airtight now with a cock in her pussy, a cock in her ass and one fucking her throat. Cassie loves her doggy fuck and continues to get banged from behind, this time by Pet, but soon she’s on her back getting fucked up her ass and down her throat. Charlotte eats Chad’s ass hole when he sits on her face and Juan fills her ass hole spoon style. After Cassie eats Vinny’s ass hole, she does a cowgirl DP as well, riding Vinny’s cock and hosting Choky in her ass hole. Cassie rides Vinny cowgirl style up the ass then she’s put in a standing cowgirl anal fuck that has her screaming at the top of her lungs. Charlotte is busy cumming from her reverse cowgirl DP and Cassie’s ass hole is being plunged by Vinny. A blowbang follows with the guys lying side by side, next to each other. Charlotte and Cassie start at each end of the line, sucking and jerking every cock until they get on their knees, back to back, open their mouths and face hot showers of cum from each cock. These cum-hungry, greedy Euro sluts kiss and swap cum between each popshot.

Scene 2: Candee Licious, Liz Heaven, Eva X, Rocco Siffredi

Scene two is a three-on-one bang with Candee, Liz, and Eva fucking each other and Rocco. Candee is out to show Rocco how far she can go and she plans to teach Liz and Eva exactly what it takes to be a no-limit Euro slut. When the scene opens, Candee has something she needs to tell Rocco. She explains that there’s something inside her that she has been keeping hidden. She says sex is not just about fucking. It’s all about her fantasies, but there’s so much more bottled up in her head that she wants to get out on film. Rocco has the perfect plan. There are two Russian girls, Liz and Eva, who he says don’t speak much English but they would be perfect for Candee and her hypersexual fantasies. Candee can’t wait. Liz and Eva get to know each other in the living room, massaging each other’s bodies and then picking up two dildos just as Candee and Rocco walk in. He introduces the girls to Candee and strips her out of her clothes, telling her the scene is hers and she should do what she wants. Candee shows the girls how to suck cock, using a big purple dildo. The girls don’t understand much English but when Candee shows them, they catch on fast. She takes the double headed dildo and has the girls fuck their mouths, sticking each end of the dildo down their throats. She bites Liz’s panties off her body and eats her pussy from behind while Eva makes out with Rocco. Candee tongues Eva’s pussy next as Rocco eats Liz’s ass hole.

The girls all turn their sights on Rocco and soon strip him out of his clothes, suck his nipples, kiss his stomach and make their way down to his cock. Candee eats his ass hole while Eva and Liz suck his cock then all three girls suck his cock and lick his balls. Rocco loves getting his ass hole eaten and has Candee do it again while he eats Liz’s pussy and Eva sucks his cock. Candee leads the way in fucking Rocco’s hard cock. She rides it in reverse cowgirl position while Liz sits her pussy on Rocco’s tongue and Eva fingers her clit. Liz is up next getting fucked reverse cowgirl and sideways cowgirl as Rocco gorges himself eating the other girls’ pussies. He sits on Eva’s face, getting his ass hole tongued again then he orders Candee and Liz to take care of each other while he eats Eva’s pussy and ass. Candee smacks on Liz’s ass from behind doggy style then Eva hosts Rocco’s cock up her ass missionary style with Liz standing by for ass to mouth cock sucking. She swallows his dick right out of Eva’s ass. Rocco finishes Eva off doggy style up her ass and stretches Liz’s rectum with his cock in doggy position. He pulls out and cums in Candee’s mouth. She spits it all down Eva’s throat then the three girls swap Rocco’s cum from mouth to mouth.

Scene 3: Lovenia Lux, Kai Taylor

Russian-born Lovenia pays the price for not learning the lines and words Kai assigned her. After a hard anal lesson capped off by a cum blast in her mouth, Lovenia gets a better understanding of her homework. When the scene opens, Lovenia shows up for her tutoring lesson and when Kai asks her if she did her homework, she signals that she hadn’t. Kai reminds her that her father has paid him a lot of money for the private tutoring and if he knew she isn’t doing her part, he would punish her. Lovenia knows she would get punished and she is sorry for not being diligent in her assignments. She drops to her knees in front of his cock to apologize. Kai sits her on his lap and the two kiss and make out until Lovenia kneels in front of him again and puts his hard, long cock in her mouth. She sucks his prick, making up for not doing her homework. She sucks him so well, Kai tells her that her daddy would be so proud of her right now. She looks up at him then tries deep throating his prick. He gives her an A+ for her oral skills then he stands up and fucks her face, telling her to take his cock all the way to the back of his throat. Lovenia does her best to swallow his meat whole, but she makes it about halfway down his shaft, drooling all over herself. She squeezes his balls and tries to deep throat him again but ends up coughing and choking.

Kai helps her up onto a chair where she kneels doggy style, putting her ass in his face. He licks her crack, spanks her ass cheeks then starts tonguing her tight ass hole. Lovenia holds on to the back of the chair as Kai punishes her with his tongue, telling her she has been such a bad girl. Before long, he stands up and penetrates her pussy from behind, slamming it and drilling his cock deep inside her. She moans in pleasure and bounces her ass back onto his cock. The doggy style fucking quickly turns into anal doggy, making Lovenia moan even louder. Kai fills her ass hole up with his cock and we get a great close-up view of her hole being stretched to accommodate his dick. She does ass to mouth cock sucking and is on her hands and knees again for an even deeper anal pounding. The camera gets a close up from behind and zooms in tight on Lovenia’s ass hole. She greedily does more ass to mouth then sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position up her ass. She turns to cowgirl and rides his pole some more before kneeling on the floor for a final round of anal doggy. She closes her eyes in ecstasy as he drills her gaping ass. Kai pulls out and jerks off in Lovenia’s mouth, leaving a puddle of spunk on her tongue. Kai tells her class is dismissed.

Scene 4: Agness Miller, Melanie R, Choky Ice

Agness and Melanie are shooting a round of pool but they start using the pool stick as a long dildo. Rocco watches them in amazement, especially Agness who puts the pool stick between her legs and moves it back and forth. She pulls Melanie’s bra down, revealing her tits and she squeezes them together. When Agness takes her bra off, the girls put their tits on top of teach other's. Agness says she loves girls. Agness’ pussy is already wet and she pulls her panties off and starts fingering her cunt. Melanie follows suit, dropping her panties as well. Instead of playing pool, Agness gets on top of the pool table and kneels in doggy position while Melanie finger fucks her pussy. Agness takes her own two fingers and fucks her ass hole just as Choky walks in. He sits down and watches the girls please themselves until Agness invites him over to join them. Rocco tells Agness to make him taste your ass. Choky doesn’t hesitate to lick her ass hole and he invites Melanie to lick Agness’ pussy at the same time. Choky gets both girls to kneel on the pool table in doggy position and he fingers their pussies then leads them over to the couch where they start working on his cock.

Agness and Melanie share in sucking Choky’s cock and balls, licking his meat all over. Choky moves his cock from one mouth to the next, making them kiss his dick. He stretches Agness’ ass hole first, fucking it in missionary position then feeding his cock to Melanie’s mouth. She sucks him off in ass-to-mouth fashion, swallowing Agness’ ass juices. Melanie rides him reverse cowgirl style while Agness licks her clit then Agness takes an anal pounding in reverse cowgirl position and then doggy style. Choky pulls out of her ass and stuffs his cock right into Melanie’s mouth, fucking it. He pulls out and drills deep in Agness’ ass again then gives Melanie more cock right out of Agness’ ass hole. Melanie does doggy up the ass then a short round of anal spoon fucking before both girls drop to the floor to catch Choky’s shooting cum. He pops in Agness’ wide open mouth and she shares his load with Melanie as they tongue each other and suck Choky’s dick.

Scene 5: Rebecca Volpetti, Fabrizio Thor, Nasty Alex, Axe, Nasty Sim

The 18-year-old Italian starlet Rebecca Volpetti closes the flick with a four-man anal slam that she is proud of. In the beginning of the scene, Rocco interviews her, asking her about her sex life. She started having sex at 15-years-old. The camera pans to the four guys watching her from the sidelines. She talks about loving to be submissive during sex, but she can be dominant sometimes too. She loves it when people watch her have sex. Rocco has her stand up and show off her teen pussy and ass. The four guys join her on the couch and work her from every angle. One eats her pussy, two suck both her tits and the fourth puts his dick in her mouth. She turns to suck another cock while she gets her pussy fingered. They surround her in a blow bang, beating her face with their hard dicks. They force her head back and forth, making her eat one of the guys’ cocks until she chokes. They sit down on the couch side by side, jerking their cocks. Rebecca looks down the line of four hard dicks and she starts on one end, sucking the first one then sucks herself all the way down the line. She licks their ass holes too.

After sucking her way down the dick line, she turns around and starts in the other direction, but this time she bends over doggy style to suck one of the guys' pricks. The other guys jerk off, spank her ass cheeks and finger her pussy. After getting her face fucked, she lies on her back on the floor and the guys use their feet all over her, toe fucking her pussy, tits, and stomach, sending chills up and down her body. She sucks the guys' toes as well in a greedy oral feast. Once back on her hands and knees, she enjoys a hard pussy slam from behind doggy style while sucking more cock. She goes from cowgirl, to spoon to doggy again, all the while sucking cock and eating the guys’ ass holes. One by one, the guys start cumming, popping in her mouth. The first guy shoots a big sticky load in her mouth and watches the cum drain down her tongue and throat. She screams out as the next guy fucks her in a standing cowgirl. The second load blasts her in her open mouth and the third guy feeds her cum after fucking her missionary style. One load is left to go and she gets it after a round of pussy banging. She swallows and lies on the couch, wiping the cum out of her eyes. She tells Rocco the whole experience was wonderful.

Final Thoughts:

Russian, Italian and other horny Euro babes headline Rocco’s Psycho Teens 11 and it’s a flick I recommend. This movie has something for everybody including rounds of deep penetrating anal, ass to mouth cock sucking, double vag drilling, double penetration in the starlets' pussies and asses, crowded blowbangs and greedy cum swapping and swallowing. The movie runs close to three hours over five scenes that bring a variety of steamy Euro sex to the screen. There’s boy-girl, boy-girl-girl, a four-man gangbang and a group sex scene with five guys on two horny girls who can only cum if the sex is hard, rough and if a cock is in their ass. Rocco bangs three teens, making his rounds deep inside each girls’ ass and pussy. He even enjoys getting his ass hole tongue fucked by Candee. Rocco’s Euro slut teens prove once again that they’re not only psycho, they’re insatiable for cock and love swallowing cum.

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