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Booty Lust 2

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Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/28/17

vulkanio.ru's Advice:

Kendra Lust, Society 15, Archangel & most importantly, Lust Army Procuctions. They have become synonymous with raunchy sex, kinky vibes and films that get down to the nitty gritty of XXX film without a lot of fluff but a lot of stuff when it comes to giving her fans what they want and in the form they demand it to be served. Kendra steps behind the camera in this adult film, showing us exactly where her dirty mind likes to go in the realm of boy/girl. This line-up is a who’s who of young talent ready to take the industry by storm. Candice Dare is a performer who will catch your eye from the first hip shake left to right when she is teasing the camera in the opening credits. The poster of Maddy O'Reilly is truly something glorious. It is a very cool, nostalgic touch to add a poster for the fans to be able to hang in the their mancave or queens layer. The marketing is masterful and very intriguing. When you add in Kendra and her Society 15 super star's in the making, you have a true campaign that looks like it will deliver in the best ways for porn fans. The real question is, will Kendra change things up, add a little different view to this next outing as director. There is only one way to find out, so time to press play. I have a feeling; the rewind button is going to be used in abundance watching this one!

Booty Lust 2 Cover

Film Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Director: Kendra Lust

Cameras: Alex Ladd

Don Juan's Phyla: Boy/Girl, No Condoms, Gonzo, Big Booty, Aggressive Sex.

Date of Production: 4/21/2017

Scene 1: Kendra Lust & Axel Aces

Scene Features: Heavy Kissing, Alluring Dirty Talk, Light Toy Action, Anal Play and Action, Cream pie, Orgasmic Oral, MILF

The Set-Up:

Kendra Lust

The credits send the viewers mind and thoughts in the the sub stratosphere instantly. The gal who showed the most allure and intrigue is Candice Dare. It looks as if each scene will open with a sexy strip tease filled with multiple angles and amazing moves. Miss Lust, she is the first to step up to the plate and Kendra's strip tease is seductive. The way she puts her finger in her mouth, the booty shaking is just allure at it's best. The almost hip-hop style score that goes with the strip tease is very cool. The smile Kendra Lust puts on her co-star’s face as she sits down for a hell of a ride, is sexy & as real as it gets. The vibe of a fan fucking a porn star is what came to my mind in a heartbeat with how well Kendra entrances the camera. Kendra’s one of a kind body is on full display. Yes, Kendra's modeling poses are things many fans have seen before but I will be damned if Kendra does not make each time seem like the first. As she reaches for her toes, arches her back, every moment gets us closer to the action and the dance will simply do more than whet your appetite. Kendra's every movement of the removal of her attire is hypnotic. She shows why she is one of, if not the top sex performer in the industry with how she brings the audience to their knees. Axel is truly a new breed of male performer. He does things in such a grand, non-robotic way, it will simply make you a fan of his work instantly. I found it kinky as fuck, that he asks multiple times to lick Kendra's asshole as he fucks her from behind. That true to life nastiness is the heart and soul, cock and balls, pussy and cum of the scene no matter how you spell it. Back and forth the sex flows like a white wine, with parts getting you so punch drunk from their delivery, like Axel fingering Kendra's pussy and asshole at the exact same time and watching the low-level angle of Kendra getting railed as she spreads her pussy as she comes. That will get anyone hot under the collar, even if they have already taken a dip in the pool to cool down. This scene is raunchy, sexy, nasty, provocative in every way that Kendra Lust has been known for. Watching her suck Axel's massive manhood after she gets pushed to orgasm through anal play is one hell of a touch to this opening scene. The sound effects are epic and the camera angles capture it all. The end cream pie is gorgeously shot and filmed. This is exactly how you open up a Kendra Lust film, with guns blazing and pulling out every anal stop of the road to pure fantasy!

Kendra Lust and Axel Aces

The Sex:

As she heads indoors she is greeted by the studly Axel Aces. Axel, he goes outside the box in this delicious scene. From the get-go, you see sparks fly between the two. They have a chemistry that clicks. I know that us critics say that a lot porn fans but the truth is, that is what makes a scene, especially in boy/girl. The first touch Axel gives is his hand right down her bikini bottoms. It is temperature rising from the first glimpse. This scene features things you just do not see on film, ever in the adult world. Kendra warms up Axel, then gets him as hard as a rock while squeezing his shaft tight and deep throating his entire dick.

Kendra Lust and Axel Aces

Seeing Kendra bring Axel to full attention is sexy and beyond arousing. The kissing is another part of the scheme you never see in gonzo. By just the first five minutes of this film, you know that you have something different and spectacular. The fuse gets lit on this fireworks display, as Kendra takes her shoes off and Mr. Aces glides his tongue from her amazing tits, to her gorgeous pussy. When Kendra whispers, "it is about to get nasty." you better buckle fucking up, because that is the grand master of the Indy 500 telling you, "gentleman & ladies, start your fucking engines!" The sex stays steamy and in almost one take, or so the masterful editing would make you think. Kendra and Axel's spell makes every desire come true on stage together. Axel is at full attention as he puts Kendra in doggie after making her gasp for air while eating her pussy. The addition of a pink butt plug to get Kendra warmed up is spectacular. The sex goes smoothly to anal and Kendra simply becomes putty in Axel's hands. The lighting, is great, the camera angles brought to the viewer showcase just how much Kendra truly loves sex. One of the small tid bits that will get any man or woman off in a millisecond, is how Kendra stares back at Axel as he destroys her gorgeous pussy and ass. The whispers of sweet nothings is vintage Kendra Lust. I think the thing that makes Kendra so magical as a performer is that her tempo never gets slow. When most performers are done and dozed off, Kendra is increasing the speed and nastiness always. I will not give away the rest but what I will say is that Kendra has not lost a step. The way she opens things up with grandeur is something few directors can do within their first five films.

Kendra Lust and Axel Aces

Scene 2: Candice Dare and Bill Bailey

Scene Features: Great pussy licking, ass licking, squirting, unique positions

The Set-Up:

Candice Dare

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Candice Dare and her curvaceous body. First things first. For new viewers new to Candice's work, this woman has one of the most gorgeous sets of nipples in the adult world. Her boobs are a true wonder of the porn industry. Her curvaceous body has the look of a real womans. What that translates to the hungry masses, is a body that creates a thought of that real woman you work with, who is your next-door neighbor or that sweet approachable bartender at the corner pub that you just can;t stop thinking about once you lay eyes upon her. Candice has it all. Her strip tease is something that has some great twerking and the camera crew really takes us on a tour of that beautiful bubble butt in the most sensational way possible. The "reveal" is sultry. It has something mind blowing just within a panty drop. The music keeps things upbeat and moving, so when you see that ass twerking perfectly in sync, your imagination races.

The Sex:

Once again, Kendra brings in the grandiose camera angles. Shot number one is Candice with her legs spread having her kitty licked with fast strokes as she hovers over Bill's face. It is so titillating to watch miss Dare spread her ass cheeks wide so Mr. Bailey can tongue that pussy right and the camera catches every second of the beautiful smut produced. The audio from the get-go had a lot of acoustic loudness. It is nothing that takes away from the sex but the pitch can get to you here and there if you watch your porn the way it is meant to, at a decent volume to have those little whisperings that are an essential piece of any fantasy and boy, does Candice Dare purr like a kitten. The pussy licking and shots of Candice's amazing derriere are so stunning and sultry. The sex moves quickly to Bill putting her on all fours and watching his amazing man-hood pleasure her to this perfect symphony of his balls smacking her clit as he fucks her from behind. It is one hell of a site that will get the job done for any boy/girl or gonzo fan. Candice twists her back to look Mr. Bailey in the eyes as he hammers her from behind. Added in with her screams, it makes for something delicious to whet your appetite.

Candice Dare and

The action of this scene never lets up and you see another good chemistry mixture by all the small things, like Candice putting her fingers in Bill's mouth as he has her leg in his hand, fucking her doggie style as the camera zooms in tight to put you in the middle of the action. Candice is a dirty talker extraordinaire. It is kinky and lustful as she moves to every position with ease. I really like where Kendra's eye took this scene to.

Candice Dare and Bill Bailey

The passion that is bottled up within Candice Dare is phenomenal, especially how Bill stops every position change to lick Candice’s asshole! It is beyond orgasmic! Candice Dare, she is a natural in this business, showing a very strong drive that will get any fans motor running in this scene. As the scene winds down, we see there this hunger for sex that brings out a remarkable beauty within her. As she sets to ride Billy into the sunset the action gets fast and hard driven. It's steamy to watch Candice bounce with enthusiasm is reverse cow-girl. Her body just looks wonderful at that particular angle. Kendra defies the norm again by placing the blow job right in the third quarter of the scene. It truly makes for a wonderful sight as you get to see Candice lick her juices off Billy's glistening manhood. Kendra, my goodness, that takes the level of kink and nastiness into a level that only true artists see, to make the audience drool with consistency. The camera moves all over as she sucks Billy's lightning rod and when you see her bodacious booty moved onto center stage as she licks and sucks, the sweat will be pouring from your brow in terms of pure heat in the room in generates. When you see Candice squirt and I mean really squirt, your heartbeat will reach critical levels, that is how steamy this action. Kendra lets the performers grab the reigns and Billy man handles and holds her in his arms upright as he keeps going at a freakish, passionate speed. Truly a scene with everything. As all remarkable things must truly come to an end, you get this feeling that you don't want things to stop. After you see beads of pussy juice roll down Candice's asshole and then see Billy slurp it up like the delicious, pink cocktail it is, you will simply be in a world few adult films and performers send you to. This was almost the hottest scene in the film and there is no doubt, Candice Dare is a super star to be in this business. Billy shows such unbridled enthusiasm, it completes the scene by how much he shows he is enjoying the ride. The end climax is ultra-sexy, I will not spoil that for you but this is truly a scene to rant and rave about for it will put this scene in regular rotation in yur mix of favorite fantasies come to life, I guarantee you that.

Scene 3: Maddy O'Reilly and Jay Savage:

Scene Features: Natural Make-Up, Amazing Dirty Talk, Aggressive Sex, Spit-Heavy Head & Gagging, Chemistry

The Set-Up:

Maddy O'Reilly and Jay Savage

Maddy is the perfect casting spot for the scene that takes you into the stretch run of the film. The tub setting always has me flinch when a director uses it due to how quickly the reveal happens. This is Kendra Lust mind you.

She ensures that the camera picks up Maddy's towel drop to the floor with a dose of both seduction and jaw dropping surprise. Her booty is simply top three in the business and this lovely, freckled beauty shows why she is a twerk queen as the camera pans left to right of her superb back side.

The lighting is spot on and the way Maddy plays peek-a-boo with the camera is nothing short of porn superstar brilliance, that only the best babes in the business can bring to the table without a hard cock or dripping wet tongue in their pinkest of pinks.

Maddy really seduces the audience. You will be mesmerized as she dips and hides her body in the soapy water just long enough to get your juices flowing, then pow! That epic ass is full circle in your face. The piano score is wonderful and adds some extra to an already flawless intro.

The way that Kendra put her in a more natural look also grabs the viewers imagination and being. Maddy knows what to do and how to do it! The mixture of her one of kind ass, her erect nipples and seductive gaze to the camera, is the greatest baited hook ever presented, because fans will be flapping around like a fish out of water after sampling a nibble of the bait and thinking about what is coming next with Maddy.

The Sex:

Maddy O'Reilly and Jay Savage Maddy, she truly does all the trivial things that take a scene go from three stars to five. Her nails are beautiful, matching her skin tone and color of the room. Now this may be coincidence but once you see her start whispering dirty limericks to Jay Savage the pandemonium begins to set in with every viewer, especially when she whips out his cock with aggression and great drive! This is some of the most amazing oral you will see captured on film. The chemistry, the want, desire and passion these two share with each other is simply a big piece of creating a very nasty and kinky scene. My goodness, Maddy sucking Savage's pulsating cock is sloppy, sexy and delicious. Maddy O'Rilley, she is such a specimen of supreme sexuality and lust, she is always a guarantee to make your fantasy go into a realm that is pure bliss. When you see the lust take over and you hear her tell Jay she wants him "to destroy her pussy" that will send shivers down the arms and spine of any porn fan no matter their taste in sex. Jay's pussy licking skills, I have ever seen with male talent in adult cinema. His tongue moves quick like a human vibrator. It is scorching hot.

Maddy O'Reilly and Jay Savage

This scene creation is one of the most unique. Jay and Maddy, they share something that comes out on film as some more realistic than 90% of the porn that is on the market. Hearing miss O'Rilley beg for Jay's long, smooth sword, it is as delicious to mind as the sex is. This is aggressive sex done to perfection. Add in, this is what booty movie must have, twerking on the male talent's face and tongue and also on their manhood. Maddy, she puts the gorgeous derriere right where the fan wants it, that is for damn sure! This scene includes the little tid-bits that true porn fans will find appealing. As Maddy rides hard, with each motion back and forth on Jay's cock, you see Maddy's glistening cum drip down all over his wonder regions. All with Maddy purring with pleasure and leading him on with how much she loves the ride. That is true porn ladies and gentlemen. Then you get to watch Maddy simply succumb to the pleasure as she stops, sits on Jay's stiff piece of manhood and orgasms in the hottest fucking way I have seen on film in a long, long time. As the scene winds down, you see the two performers gel to take the camera on a two-take ride that has them taking the scene where they want. The performers do not stumble, they let their chemistry take their sex to a heavenly place through devilish means. The rough sex is kinky and pleasurable and will even be so to fans who may not love watching aggressive sex. I can only say thank you to Kendra for letting these two-take scenes go to amazing heights, because the winner, when it is all said and done is you, the viewer. Once again, this scene features a climax I will not spoil and you have to see to believe. Maddy O'Rilley, she is like a hypnotic drug, that no matter if it is the first experience for you as a fan, or you have followed her for years, she is something you will be hooked on, simply wanting to come back to repeatedly.

Scene 3: Adriana Maya and Mr. Pete

Scene Features: Heavenly Head, Sensational Purring and Moaning, Male Dominance and Direction, Chemistry

The Set-Up:

Adriana Maya

Adriana walks into your living room with authority. Her sassiness and sexual confidence coming alive with each step. If you listen to this film the way it was intended to be heard. You get some kicking bass, pounding your ear giving you an ear-gazim as Adriana takes care of the other "gazim" as you watch her go topless in a flash. Her smile has this innocent yet dangerous look within it. Not in a bad way, oh no, we are talking a danger like jumping out of an airplane to sky dive. It is something you just know takes balls to even approach but once you do, you know it is going to be the rush of a lifetime. It is such a wonderful creation with the backdrop of the beautiful shoot location. As she creeps long the glass windows into your fantasy of what is coming next, her booty is something that fits this film like a glove. She is a gorgeous woman, with a youthful look and hips that will blow your hair back as if you trully were sky diving. This adrenaline rush in high heels, she is an up and comer people have been raving about. When you see Mr. Pete come into focus, your juices are primed and charged for a fantasy to become reality. This once again keeps the flow moving gracefully and I am quickly discovering that Kendra Lust has become a master of not only casting but the reveal to the sexual encounter. Not an easy thing for a veteran director to do, let alone one who has less than twenty films behind the lens under her belt. Adriana's strip tease is just the perfect intro to an already great film that you wish could go forever, because she has a walk you could watch for days. He licks her hips, her asshole than runs his tongue all over her beautiful twerking butt. It's sensual, sexy and gonzo at its best.

The Sex:

Adriana Maya and Mr. Pete

As she leans over Mr. Pete she discovers he is a man of action. He right away begins to pleasure her, licking her nipples and then letting her know what he wants. He takes charge, not in a harsh manor, no, more of a sexy leading of this gorgeous filly to fulfill his every desire to ravage her body. He has her sit on his face and when you hear him say, "send me home smelling like your pussy" you know you are going to need a cold shower just as you watch him eat her pussy, as she twerks on his face. Adriana Maya gives some of the most delicious head you will ever see performed on film. It is nasty, sloppy and beyond heavenly. Mr. Pete he has a fire within him and Miss Maya is the kindling to keep that fire scorching hot. While she is bouncing up and down, her squeaks, squills and whimpers are so sexy coming from a woman with such a sexy voice. The kissing is passionate and when the camera team moves from a shot of Adriana riding hard in cowgirl, arching her back and grabbing the stems of her heels to a deep lean in and passionate kiss, you will melt into a puddle of goo. The reverse cow-girl is even better, as you see Adriana has the perfect body for the position. The actions slows down a bit in this part of the scene and the motions are a little over the top but it is still a feast for the eyes. Mr. Pete gets things rolling hard again, as he puts her leaning on her right hip as he ravages her gorgeous kitty with long slow thrusts. He gorgeous skin is just the center piece of this angle and scene. Her silent whimpers, mixed with her delicious body remind me so much of porn legend Inari Vachs. The way that she gets so deep into her performances and lets that indescribable feeling take control of her when she cums. It is the stuff of sexual lore. That encounter with a woman, where she just blew your mind by her sexual energy alone. Mr. Pete even states what a pleaser she is as he takes her from one angle to the next. When she calls him "daddy" that just sends this film from one stratosphere to the next. It completes this film in the best of ways. The way this scene goes from romantic to aggressive is attribute to two great performers who match each other’s intensity in so many levels. This scene has something that is just a delicious last bite to one tasty three coarse meal that is simply sex done the way it truly should be shot.

Adriana Maya and Mr. Pete

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

The Lust Army has been in full combat XXX assault mode since day one. With every film that comes out Kendra is making each fantasy more unique, sexy and nasty as can be. This film goes places that are never mapped out as good as these are. This film features performers doing the kinkiest things. Maddy and Kendra steal the show with their delicious passion for all things nasty and dirty. I absolutely loved the addition of such great new starlets as Candice and Adriana. The booties are bouncing in this film and the unsung heroes are the male talent that show such exuberance and charisma. Mr. Pete, Bill and Axel take the ladies on a joy ride that delivers. They serve each girl’s need and they give the fans a hell of a show in the process. I am not a huge fan of aggressive sex but as I have stated before, a good film that is put together with thought, no matter the genre can make you become a fan of it, if it has that certain something and Kendra has created to make something grand. Alex Ladd. The man knows how to become a one man wrecking crew when it comes to getting the shot in all scenarios. The camera movement keeps you in the action and there are no lighting problems or shaky moves from one angle to the next, even with shots on the move. This combination of film was so close to being an vulkanio.ru pick. Some minor sound flaws are all that kept it from being perfect, which is what it takes to earn that coveted vulkanio.ru pick status. This is no reason to not buy this film. This film will reward your curiosity into the realm of the Lust Army. The ladies that star in this film have a look that is delicious beyond belief. The nastiness that makes up this film is worth its weight in gold. I think this is one of the top Lust Army and Archangel films to date. With that being said, I saw things in Kendra and crew that are so new to her portfolio. She keeps things fresh. Her style is something that is evolving for her fans. One thing you will see, this is not just your ordinary Kendra Lust film, do not think that for one second. This film showcases Kendra growing her brand and showcasing women who have every bit as much passion for this business as she does and it shows on screen here. I will honestly say, as a critic, this film has me truly on a high that has me anticipating the next Lust Army release with something beyond excitement.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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