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Seduced By Mommy 14

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Studio: Filly Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/7/17

vulkanio.ru's Advice:

I like what Filly Films is doing, I really do. I have been following their work for a very long time and one thing I must say, they adapt with the best of them. As of late, Filly Films is turning their films into something a bit longer in length to compete for the fans attention, which I really like. They are giving fans who purchase their films an extra few scenes that are their cream of the crop. For the past few months, fans have received a juicy little bonus when they purchase one of their productions on disk or online. Filly Films has also been venturing into the realm of giving new performers a chance to really shine and make a name for themselves, which has been hit or miss but it always is in this business. This chapter has the feel of something grand. The actors in this film are all top-notch women of fantasy. Gals who simply know how to tickle your erogenous zone, amongst other things. I wanted to see how these gals would mesh together on camera. There are a lot of veteran performers in this film and some talent who have the makings of something grand with time. So, let us find out of the action matches the box cover glamour in Seduced by Mommy 14

Film Duration: 2 Hours 42 Minutes

Date Released: March 27th, 2017

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Older/Younger, All-In-The-Family, No Toys, MILF, Teen

Tanya Tate and Lilly Ford

Scene 1: Emma Hix and Mirabella Amore

The Set-Up:

Emma Hix and Mirabella Amore

The disclaimer to the scene does not prepare you one bit for what you are in store for. Well, perhaps a bit. Emma Hix and her luscious mom have been arrested for protesting in the streets and giving the cops what for. Emma is worried that she may face some unrelenting lesbian sex in prison and she wants to be prepared for such obstacles since she has never been with a woman before. Mirabella is the sexy MILF seductress who is going to show her daughter the ropes in the most luscious way possible. Emma, she has a very outgoing, bubbly persona to her character. She gives the daughter role a hell of a vibe with how much she seems into the sex, set-up and aggressiveness. Mirabella has some moments that come off a bit slow to the camera. Her acting skills are not as sharp as Emma’s when it comes to set-up. The women’s lines are short and sweet and I have never seen a Filly Film open with the fast pace that this one does. The gals have attire on that is to die for and the setting inside the cell gives an old-school porn vibe that just cannot be duplicated. The sex begins almost instantaneously which will be something right up the ally of the gonzo fans who hate dialogue of any kind.

The Sex:

These gals have two incredible bodies. Emma has this look as if Taryn Manning stole it from her after watching one of her scenes. Emma looks the part of the young blond who just has the nastiness and kink inside of her and you just know it can come out with the right push of a button. Mirabella as well features some of the most gorgeous breasts on a MILF performer in the business. The sex between the two has its moments of flair and allure. One of the most stunning shots is watching Emma eat Mirabella’s pussy in this amazing over the shoulder POV shot. The dirty talk feels a bit set-up which does take away from the scene. There are a few moments where you feel the tone of Mirabella kind of flatten out and stay in the same zone for a few seconds. It just gives the feel that it is work instead of fantasy. Emma does an excellent job having the camera be her slave not vice versa. Watching her lovely tattoos be panned around for all the world to see by the camera is simply amazing. The camera crew gives great justice and picks up the slack to make something great out of this first scene. The director also keeps focus on what works and what does not. The ladies have a few instances where they get back to some spread-eagle pussy eating and it helps the scene to soar. There is a moment where the director puts the action back on Emma as Mirabella goes in for another taste of her “sweet pussy.” This scene shows just how important production is in the process of making an adult film. Emma Hix is an up and comer who has the look and vibe to really make a move in the business. She absolutely steals the show in this scene. Her acting and her sex appeal are simply a spoon of luscious cream for the pallet. This was my first time seeing Mirabella and she does enough to sell the fantasy. She was the perfect look for the “Mommy” roll in this film and I think over time, she has the capability to really bring out something spectacular within herself. A few moments she seems to not have the camera presence to keep your attention in the fantasy and others but she simply melts the room with some steamy pussy licking. All in all, it is a scene that will not lose your attention as we move to the cover girls section of the film and that is what a true “porno” does, it softens you up for main event and these gals do enough combined to wet your apatite.

Emma Hix and Mirabella Amore

Scene Two: Tanya Tate and Lilly Ford

The Set-Up:

Tanya Tate and Lilly Ford

From the beginning, you see two women who simply want a piece of each other. You can tell in the opening disclaimer that Lilly can act and that she is not only a Tanya Tate fan, she is a woman who just wants a piece of her in the worst way possible. The heat is prevalent from that opening second where Lilly is smiling in Tanya’s arms. Tanya Tate shines no matter what, she is a veteran performer that understands how to bring her passion to many styles and many different acting methods with her co-stars no matter how good they are, or good they are not. This scene, you just feel from first take, that it is going to be exactly what the doctor ordered in the lust department. The story goes Lilly has just celebrated her 21st birthday and she has been partying the night away. Tanya is her the mom who gets the 4AM phone call saying her daughter has passed out at the club and is in dire need of getting home. Tanya approaches a passed-out Lilly and is greeted with a soft kiss. Lilly, having mistaken her mom for her lover of the night begins something wonderful within Tanya’s character. These two women can act their fucking ass off and as you watch this set-up go from beginning to end, the arousal factor and the story that keeps things going is just seductive as can be. Lilly and Tanya play this yummy game of seduction where one tells the other of what their girl/girl fantasy is and what they like having done to each other. Tanya really sells the “mother daughter” aspect for all your perverts who enjoy that out there in porn land like I do. 😊 Lilly is just wonderful. I have not seen Tanya paired with a gal this well in almost a year. This intro is by far on of the most amazing pieces of cinema and when things begin to get in the mood for a sexual frolic, you will find out that you may be ready to explode like a firework on the fourth of July before the ladies are even naked.

Tanya Tate and Lilly Ford

The Sex:

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Tanya Tate and Lilly FordLet me just say this dear reader, this scene has something that few can produce in this industry. There is a genuine want to be in each other’s arms and indulge in what the other has to offer. I have seen many Tanya Tate scenes and this one has some of the steamiest action I have ever watched. There is a moment where Tanya gets Lilly’s long, luscious pussy lips and sucks on them in this delicious POV angle that simply cannot be topped. I am getting ahead of myself though but this is the type of reaction this scene sparks. The passion, the lust, the nastiness, it is all there for the viewer’s pleasure. The kissing begins things off very seductive and slow for the audience. You see each woman strip the other down and it is followed with this devilishly passionate kissing from start to finish. As Lilly leads Tanya to receive a lap dance you see that these woman’s bodies are in tip top form. Tanya hails as having one of the hardest bodies of all the “MILF” performers in the business and Lilly sports this tiny frame with the most delicious derriere and one of the best-looking kitties in all the adult world. One look will have you head over heels as a viewer. Lilly’s moans of passion, her facial expressions, her dirty talk, they are just something that will leave the viewer speechless with drool dripping down theor chin. She has the firm grasp of what we want to hear in a lesbian fantasy and keeps the story going with little wonderful tid bits of dialogue, like, “oh mommy, I’m sorry for swearing but fuck my pussy.” It is just a day dream come to life. The director puts these two hotties exactly where you want to see them. One of the best action shots is seeing Lilly get her turn in the action and move over Tanya’s pussy and laps and strokes her box hard and firm. As Tanya’s leg trembles, we see her get up aggressively to begin the hottest scissor action and if you look close as Lilly straddles Tanya’s thigh, she leaves this yummy cum stain on Tanya’s leg. This scene is the stuff of legends people. It is what every human being who has blood rushing through their veins dreams about at night. Now, we cannot cut out Tanya. She gives us the reason why she was chosen 2016’s XRCO girl/girl performer of the year. I cannot express this enough, when you see Tanya call up Lilly to sit on her face, when you see her start the action off with these long hard tongue strokes on Lilly’s pussy as she orgasms left and right, there is simply very few performers who can match or top that in the land of fantasy. I want so badly to spoil this climax but when you see her pull Lilly’s long pussy lips apart and thrust her tongue deep into her wet, pink hole, you may just be send into orbit with the thoughts that dance in your head as if it were Christmas in May. This is the hottest girl/girl scene I have seen so far in 2017 and this damn well takes the prize for hottest scene in the film. This scene alone is worth you buying the fucking DVD, downloading the content or heading over to Adult DVD Empire and streaming, because this is a scene that makes a peformer jump out big time in the early stages of her career and also defines one when it comes to super stars like Tanya Tate.

Tanya Tate and Lilly Ford

Scene 3: Mia Vallis and Maya Devine

The Set-Up:

Mia Vallis and Maya Devine

For those of you looking to find the diamond in rough in the porn world, look no further than in east Florida. There hails a statuesque blond who stands six feet tall, yes, I did say six. Her name is misses Mia Vallis and since she has come upon the adult scene, she has literally opened eyes with not only her beautiful frame, amazing booty and charming good looks, no, she also opened critics and fans eyes alike with how well she turns every day scenarios into living fantasies of pleasure with her camera presence and mic skills. Her acting in this scene is something right out of your neighborhood, literally. This scene has a set-up that all of us have indulged in. Mia is the lazy daughter tagging along with her mom Maya as she cons her into doing some cleaning in their storage area. An amazing use of the Filly Films sets and behind the scenes glimpse of where all the great porn memorabilia goes after a shoot. There is a prop wheel from an amazing film that is left for all to see and one of the coolest things is how the director mixed that in. It gives the fans looks they have not seen of the business and any true porn fan will appreciate that. As far as the story goes, the legendary pussy muncher herself Maya Devine steps back into the spotlight to do what she does best. Her dialogue is perfect, her acting is just the tops and when you see Mia go blow for blow with her and line for line, you simply see something delectable on the horizon when it comes to both the scene and Mia’s career in this amazing business. Mia begins to let her chores slip when her boyfriend texts her and wants to get a little frisky over her cell phone. Mia does a wonderful job selling the fans on the fact she is doing something naughty as her mom vacuums away in the next room. Mia begins to masturbate as she talks dirty to her boyfriend and it is as real as it gets when you see her begin to purr with pleasure as she rubs her pussy faster and faster. It is sexting done by a porn star, plain and simple. You may want to head over to these ladies DreamLover accounts after you see this set-up unfold. The intro is fantastic and never have I seen a masturbation set-up be this candid and provocative outside of a solo scene. As things get hotter and hotter you see the camera give you these amazing far away shots of Mia pleasuring herself and Maya going in to investigate. This set-up is just awesome and as Maya moves in to see what the lull in the cleaning is, you see all the things that make this business so great.

Mia Vallis and Maya Devine

The Sex:

Mia Vallis and Maya Devine

Mia starts off by getting the viewers mind all in a frizzle by just strip teasing the camera. A nipple here, a nipple there. Then when she takes her shorts off to play with her kitty and give her boyfriend a show, you see one of the best asses in the industry. I really liked how the director kept the girls in their “work” clothes for the scene. The women fucking with their sneakers on is a perfect touch to this chapter of the film. When Maya Devine sneaks up on Mia, you see the camera follow her every movement. You see her move in very sneaky and very cautious but with this glint in her eye that she wants nothing more than to stick her tongue down Mia’s pink pleasure spot. These two girls have fireworks going from the start and as Maya starts to suck Mia’s pussy, the action just keeps getting better and better. This scene has something that is so different from the other two. It gives a great variance that I think porn fans absolutely love and keeps their interest in the film until it peaks. Mia Vallis is sensational in showing how much fun she is having. Her facial expressions and movements as she is getting pleasured will send you into orbit. I applaud the director of this scene so much. The up-close shots are gorgeous. They show the girls really getting down and I have to honestly say, I have not seen an adult film that featured the up-close fingering shot in a long, long time. It is beautiful to watch, especially when Mia starts flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue as she fucks Maya. There is such a thing as a buildup of suspense in porn. It is something unspoken but always is the key to a successful production that makes the scene what it is without the fans even knowing it. We are watching Mia start the scene show casing her stunning back side and as the passion gets more intense and the clothes fly off, you are sitting on pins and needles as you wait to see her get her asshole licked and see her ass high the air in a delicious camera angle. The director captures that perfect with the performers and the payoff is heaven sent. Watching Mia get her asshole tongued is nothing short of delicious. The girls end things with some of the most tantalizing 69 action there is and when the women finally wear each other out, they are still in character and the audience is treated to a slow camera pan watching Mia on the couch as she is spent after such a deep sexual encounter. It is just simply how you should end a film

Mia Vallis and Maya Devine

Bonus Scenes:

Bella Rose and Shyla Jennings

Emma Hix

XRCO’s Top choice for Girl/Girl performer of the year is brought out in a nice piece of porn nostalgia in this one. Shyla Jennings and Bella Rose had such a great flight of success with this scene and this film. This 2011 gem of scene features some great camera work and even more amazing sex. This time period was some of Shyla’s best work, where I think she was discovering something grand within this business. It is also very cool to see how that little hottie never seems to age and she looks just as good now as she did then. To get back to the review, this scene has some wonderful change of pace to compliment the main film itself. This chapter of the movie has side by side masturbation, delicious face sitting and a true heated love affair between two starlets in front of the camera. These two light up the screen and they are so hungry for each other’s flesh. I like the setting as well. Filly has not used a set like this in the last few films I have reviewed. It gives a very nice feel to the action and acting. If that was not enough, seeing Bella Rose again and her beyond perfect nipples will give her fans a little taste of her days in the business and give new fans a chance to see a very gifted performer who truly was a sexual dynamo in this industry. This scene is one of the best shot in 2011 and the film was an award worthy piece of cinema in itself, so this is a nice bonus for fans.

Alyssa Branch and Zoey Halloway

Mia Vallis

Now dear porn connoisseurs, this scene is exactly what you envision and encounter with a porn star to be. This scene is one of my favorite girl/girl scenes of all time. It has amazing set-up, it has gorgeous actors, Zoey being one of the hottest MILFS that has ever walked in a pair of stilettos. Zoey had something that only a select few ever had. Vanessa Del Rio comes to mind, Nina Hartley. It was this lust that was unbridled. She was a pussy licker that was almost unmatched in her time in the business. Alyssa Branch, she was cast in one of the most spot on pieces of casting I have ever seen. She is feisty in all the right ways and Zoey seduces her with a fury that helped turn this series into the gem in the industry that it is. Zoey licking Alyssa’s pussy is heaven sent cinema, then, when Zoey gets her turn, the camera just takes you to a place you will not want to come back from. This scene has pussy slurping at its finest and once again, the set is immaculate as the other “character” that turns the scene into something marvelous. Zoey features some of the most provocative lingerie and Alyssa is looking finger licking good in her sexy leggings. This is older younger cinema as it was meant to be shot. With amazing positions, sexy women who feed off the others horny manor and display. This scene is worth having in your collection as a standalone and seeing as this is a bonus scene, you simply cannot do wrong.

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film has the goods people. No, I would not say this is the absolute best chapter of this fabulous series but it is nowhere even close to being the worst. This chapter has new actors, fresh faces and veterans alike. Tanya Tate and Maya Devine in the same DVD, I never thought I would see the day. I am glad the Filly Films crew gave them both there just due and showcased the things that made them great. Maya, she is porn royalty in this critic’s eyes and she shows that she has not lost a step when it comes to acting and creating an entertaining scenario with how well she can act. Tanya, as always is the perfect “mum” with the way she seduces the young talent and makes a slow scene seem so hot and sweaty. The big stand outs to me where the younger gals in each role. Lilly Ford, my goodness, she could be the next big thing. She makes every second of sex seem like she is going to explode with passion. It is hot, it is believable and it has something that not just anyone can do in a performance, keep you entertained long after you have managed to get your heart rate back down after a coronary. The tri-fecta that is Tanya, Lilly and the camera crew is just porn at its best. The image of Tanya licking Lily’s pussy and stretching her long pussy lips out with her tongue, biting every so often while she rubs Lilly’s clit with her thumb is still as vivid in my memory as if I had just watched that scene. It is porn that will stick with you, brand itself into your memory bank by how well things are done. Lilly has the potential to be the next big thing if she keeps producing roles like this and driving the fans wild. Mia Vallis. I thought when I pressed play on this DVD that there was no way Mia could hang with Maya. I thought that miss Devine was a performer far too talented and seasoned to enable Mia to keep up with her. Boy, was I wrong. The third scene is rich in method acting, which means in porn that you see these women carry their characters all the way through sex and beyond it. It is hot as hell to watch Mia telling her mommy to “lick her pussy” and “don’t stop” because she is going to cum. Mia Vallis has presence, she creates a true to life fantasy that stays in reality, in the best of ways. This was a film that was cast beautifully. The girls showcase something different. Lilly is the sweet petite sex pot, Mia is the statuesque horny athletic blond you see walking down the street. Tanya is the sexy older woman that you see in the grocery store and you just know there is kink in her being by the color of her dress. This film creates that illusion perfectly. It truly makes things good after a slow start to the film. When you add in the two amazing scenes from a few years back you get a recipe for something that can be stomached and does not have any bad after taste once digested. That is what a standard porn flick should be. No regret after purchase and I think the good far outweighs the bad in this latest chapter of Mommies seducing their daughters brought to you the way only Filly Films can.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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