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Double D-Tention

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Studio: Brazzers » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/5/16

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Feature Running Time: 3 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production: August 25, 2016

Genre: All Sex; Big Boobs

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD. Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Peta Jensen with Ava Addams, Ashley Sinclair, Anissa Kate, Bibi Noel, Sensual Jane, Corinna Blake, Johnny Sins, Danny D, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: with Corinna Blake and Van Wylde in Teaching with her Titties

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers, for Doctor’s Pusscriptions 2, Turbo Sluts 2, Asspirations 3, Hardcore Heaven 3; Cumshot Recap; Web Access bigtitsatschool.com, Brazzers.com


Brazzers studio has compiled 5 of their classroom based scenes focused on big boobed babes who fuck their teachers, classmates and career counselors in Double D-Tention. Our starlets aren’t called double-d for nothing as their giant gazongas bounce and jiggle while they enjoy a desktop fucking. Double-D diva Peta Jensen stars in this 3 hour and 50 minute flick and is joined by big tit starlets Sensual Jane, Ava Addams, Bibi Noel, Anissa Kate and Ashley Sinclair. Corinna Blake is featured in a bonus sex scene. There are 5 hot scenes of big boob bliss beginning with French starlet Anissa Kate and Bibi Noel sharing Jessy Jones’ hard cock after a French class meltdown. Big tit teacher Ava Addams is floored by Van Wylde’s suggestive book report. She dismisses the class then fucks him on her desk to find out if everything he said in his report is true. DVD cover girl Peta Jensen is causing trouble on campus and when administrator Mick Blue calls the main office, she offers to be punished for her bad classroom antics. Danny D is following and watching big tit teacher Sensual Jane, making a documentary out of the elusive big boobed babe. He watches her masturbate in class then offers his cock to help please her desires. Ashley closes out the flick in a meeting with her career counselor Johnny Sins. When it becomes clear that the only job she is prepared for is a job in porn, Johnny tells her he has to test her skills, fucking her in his office and cumming in her mouth. She passes with flying colors. Double D-Tention is a great flick with 5 hot scenes and lots of footage, almost 4 hours of it. Even so, I recommend you watch this one on demand. There are lots of hot spots throughout and major boobage big enough to turn anyone on.

Scene 1: Anissa Kate, Bibi Noel and Jessy Jones

This opening three-way scene is a tale of 2 classmates, Bibi and Jessy, fucking each other behind their French teacher’s, Anissa, back and when the teacher finds out, Anissa punishes Bibi with a dildo and fucks Jessy. When the scene opens, Anissa is teaching French class to Bibi Noel and Jessy Jones but Jessy and Bibi are totally bored. He begs Anissa if they can go home now. She makes him ask his question in French then responds in French saying they wouldn’t be here in the first place if he wasn’t canoodling in class. Anissa writes their lesson on the chalkboard and Bibi and Jessy decide to be bad students, passing notes to each other. In the first note, Bibi tells Jessy to throw an eraser at the teacher’s ass. He does and Anissa never determines who did it. Then Jessy passes a note telling Bibi to show him her tits. She unbuttons her shirt, revealing her big boobs, teasing Jessy. Bibi passes a note telling Jessy to show her his cock. When he takes it out of his pants, she jerks it off under his desk and out of site of Anissa who is still at the chalkboard. When Anissa leaves the classroom for more chalk, Bibi and Jessy pick up where they left off, fondling each other and kissing. She shows him her big boobs again and he kisses them then pulls off her panties, sits her on a desk and starts eating her pink pussy, licking it back and forth and making her squeal. He starts fucking her on the desk, opening her legs wide and stretching her pussy. These 2 better make it quick before teacher Anissa comes back.

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Just as teacher Anissa walks in, Jessy pulls out and cums all over Bibi’s thighs. Anissa leads Bibi to the chalkboard so you want to be a whore, huh. Anissa makes Bibi write I am a where on the chalkboard over and over in French, then she pulls a dildo out of her desk and tells her to sit on it. While Bibi bobs up and down on the dildo, Anissa makes her way over to Jessy who is waiting with a hard cock. She drops to her knees and sucks his dick then squeezes it between her breasts, titty fucking his prick. Bibi watches from across the room then says fuck you to both of them. Anissa sits on her teacher’s desk and opens her legs wide for a tongue lashing on her pussy. She moans and mumbles in French as Jessy makes her wet. Anissa beckons for Bibi to join them and she guides Bibi’s mouth toward Jessy’s dick and watches her suck him off again. Teacher and student share Jessy’s cock and their double d’s jiggle back and forth while they eat his meat. Jessy fucks Bibi again but this time he stretches her ass hole open, drilling her tight hole on Anissa’s desk. The anal romance continues with Anissa taking cock up her ass doggystyle. Anissa eats Bibi’s pussy while her ass hole gets plugged with Jessy’s stick. Bibi rides his meat in reverse cowgirl position and Anissa follows suit, riding him cowgirl style. He lies both girls side and side by side and fucks their ass holes one after the other. Anissa gets nasty and enjoys an ass to mouth out of Bibi’s ass then gets fucked again. After stretching both girls’ ass holes, Jessy pulls out and cums in their mouths. He asks Anissa if detention is over now. She makes him ask in French then she answers, yes.

Scene 2: Ava Addams and Van Wylde

Van explains to his classmate that some guy is going to kick his ass. That guy didn’t like the way Van was talking to his girlfriend. The bully promises to kick Van’s ass at 3 o’clock today. Van’s friend tells him the best way out of the situation is to get put in detention after school and that way, the bully won’t be able to come after him. When it’s time for Van to give his book report, he intentionally flubs it, saying inappropriate things and insulting his teacher, Ava Addams. He puffs on a cigarette and talks about a cunt and a boner, drops his cigarette butt in Ava’s coffee and starts kissing her. She immediately dismisses class, except for Van. When all the students leave, he apologizes and tells her he was just trying to get into detention but Ava doesn’t care. She pulls him close and starts kissing him, telling him that he gave a very interesting presentation that she wasn’t expecting. She pulls off her blouse, revealing her humungous boobs. Van squeezes them together and starts kissing and licking her nipples. His big boobed teacher leads him over to the desk, sits him down and tells him to show her his prick. She gladly accepts it in her mouth and starts sucking her student off, jerking his cock and hugging it with her lips, telling him how big and fat his cock is. He fucks her mouth and beats her tongue with his cock then she sucks his balls then squeezes his dicks between her big tits.

When Ava sits on the desk, Van tongues her pussy, licking it all over and sending thrills through her body. She wants more of his tongue, enjoying the way it feels on her snatch. She opens her legs wide and sits over the edge of the desk and hosts his cock deep in her pussy. She fingers her clit while he slams her hole, telling he she’s cumming all over his dick. They spoon fuck on the desk and that keeps Ava in ecstasy. She sucks him off then rides him in reverse cowgirl position, screaming oh fuck as he pumps her pussy from underneath and her huge knockers bounce around. After sucking him off some more, she gets into a standing doggy fuck then drops to her knees and opens her mouth for his pop shot. He shoots his load all over her face and asks her how’s that for a book report. She smiles and tells him he passed.

Scene 3: Peta Jensen and Mick Blue

It’s Peta Jensen’s photo day at college and the photographer comments on how big her gazongas are. She takes beautiful pictures. The photographer has to go to the administration office and he leaves Peta and her friend in the room. They promise not to touch any of his stuff while he’s gone, but as soon as he leaves, Peta’s friend photographs her claiming her allegiance to the big tit sorority on campus. She pulls down her pants and top and takes out her giant tits, squeezing them for the camera. Mick is walking the halls and when he walks by the classroom, he sees Peta bouncing her tits up and down. He barges in and asks what is going on. The girls are in big trouble. Mick places a call to the administration office and while he is on hold, Peta walks up and tells him that the only person who should be punished is her. She tells him that her friend had nothing to do with this. Once her friend leaves, Mick explains to Peta that he is going to give her a proper photo shoot. After getting her to loosen up in the photos, he tells her to stand up and he starts kissing her big boobs and fingering her pussy, promising to teach her a lesson for her bad behavior. He bends her over the desk in standing doggy position and spanks her ass cheeks then he buries his face between them, tonguing her pussy. She turns around and lies on the desk, spreading her legs wide as Mick licks and fingers her pussy. He stands up and she drops to her knees for a face fucking followed by titty fucking that turns her on.

Peta takes her punishment now, bending over in standing doggy position over the desk and getting pounded from behind by Mick’s dick. He drills her hard, fast and deep, making her eyes roll back into her head. He takes her over to the chalkboard and makes her write lines while he fucks her. She tries to write that she’s a dirt slut but she can barely finish as Mick sends her into ecstasy. She sucks him off then rides his cock cowgirl style followed by a balls deep reverse cowgirl ride on Mick’s prick. She sits on the edge of the desk with one leg over Mick’s shoulder and he pumps her pussy until he pulls out and pops on her face and in her mouth. She sucks his cock again, swallowing his cum. Mick tells her to keep everything confidential but Peta shows him that she has been recording the whole thing on her phone and tells him that she may need a favor some day.

Scene 4: Sensual Jane and Danny D

Danny D is in search of the sexy schoolteacher. It’s a scene from a wildlife special as Danny hides in bushes and crawls under desks talking about the traits of a sexy teacher. He has his eyes set on Sensual Jane, peeping into her classroom and watching her finger her pussy. He says the only way to understand the sexy teacher is to get into her classroom. He joins the class and causes trouble for the other students, getting them spanked by the sexy Sensual. Her big boobs are the attraction and Danny rubs up against them when he walks by. One of the students needs extra help after school and once Sensual helps her, she helps herself to masturbation, fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits. Danny hides behind a plant in the class, watching all the action, slowly making his way closer and closer to the sexy teacher. He finally steps out from behind the plant and reaches out for her tits. Sensual responds positively and in no time she is sucking his big dick. He squeezes her boobs while she licks his cock.

Danny licks her pussy next and positions her on the desk for a missionary style drilling with one of her legs over his shoulder. Sensual is getting the sensation she has been craving as Danny pulls his dick in and out of her tight, wet pussy. She screams louder and louder as he drills her hole, especially when they fuck in standing doggy position. It gets her going. She finally takes her big boobs and squeezes his cock in between them, titty fucking her. Danny pulls away and spoon fucks her on the desk, beating her wet pussy with his cock. She climbs on his dick in reverse cowgirl position and goes for a ride, bouncing up and down on his cock, enveloping it with her creamy pussy. Sensual goes from missionary to standing doggy to missionary on the desk again and looks at him intensely as he fucks her harder and harder and pulls out and shoots his jizz all over her gazongas. After fucking her, Danny ends his wildlife adventure, explaining that after a full on flogging like that, the teacher goes back to resting.

Scene 5: Ashley Sinclair and Johnny Sins

Ashley hasn’t given much thought to what she wants to do after graduation. Her advisor Johnny is there to help her figure out what she wants to do when she graduates. Johnny asks her what she likes to do. They can figure out what career is best for her based on what she likes. Ashley tells him that she loves shopping. She always has to have the latest shoes and handbags and gadgets. Johnny moves on to ask about the tomfoolery that she has been accused of. She says she doesn’t think she has fucked a guy named Tom. Johnny realizes that this meeting is going to be harder than he thought. Every question he asks her goes in the wrong direction. She just doesn’t get it. After running into a dead end with every question, he talks to his boss about the whole thing. His boss tells him the best career opportunity for her is with a porn company called Brazzers. He tells Johnny to take her through the ropes of a porn career. Johnny hands Ashley a packet of materials and tells her he has found the perfect career for her. She is excited about this new opportunity. He tells her that he has to mentor her in this new career. She looks at him and says, so you mean we have to fuck right. With that, she crawls across the desk, unzips his pants and starts sucking his cock, telling him how much she loves it. Johnny enjoys the cock sucking and tells her that she is perfect for this career. She looks up at him and smiles, then deep throats his cock.

He helps her down, telling her that Brazzers really likes tits. He takes her boobs out and kisses them all over, stripping her out of her clothes and telling her she has the perfect boobs. He returns the oral favor and licks her pussy as she lies across his dick yelling, oh fuck yeah! He wags his tongue back and forth across her clit, turning Ashley into a ball of ecstasy. After sucking him off more and getting her face fucked, Johnny fucks her big boobs, eats her pussy some more and fucks her standing doggy style over the desk. She loves his cock, especially as he drills her pussy from behind, slamming her hole and stretching it open. Ashley rides his cock reverse cowgirl style, telling him how much she loves his cock. They get into a hot squat thruster fuck over a small chair with Ashley screaming how much she loves his fucking dick. He bangs her hole even more on top of the desk again then eats her creamy pussy. He drills her some more on top of the desk then blows his load all over her tits and in her mouth. Ashley opens wide to swallow his spunk then sucks all the cum out of his dick. She asks him if she has what it takes. He tells her she will be the perfect Brazzers girl.

Final Thoughts:

Double D-Tention is close to 4 hours of major boobage that will turn anyone on. Brazzers studio presents the flick starring Peta Jensen and her co-stars Sensual Jane, Ava Addams, Bibi Noel, Anissa Kate and Ashley Sinclair. Corinna Blake joins the line up in a bonus scene. There are giant gazongas everywhere in this flick and these girls are a giant sexual appetite to match. There’s lots of hot classroom desktop sex and titty fucking in every scene. Even so, I recommend you watch this one on demand. You’ll still enjoy the sexual heat and the beautiful boobs on these babes. Brazzers does a good job with production on each scene and the chemistry between these fuck mates is hot to watch.

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