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Pornochic 27: Superstars (Marc Dorcel)

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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/23/16

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Genres: All Sex, Foreign, European, Orgy, Threesomes, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

Directors: Herve Bodilis, Liselle Bailey, Franck Vicomte


Cast: Apolonia, Samantha Bentley, Mia Malkova, Nikita Bellucci, Ariel Rebel, Lucia Love, Pascal White, Billy King, Juan Lucho, Luke Hardy, Alberto Blanco, Jakub Forman (Credited as Kristof Cale )

Length: 2 hours 4 minutes

Date of Release: October 18, 2016

Extras: 45 minute "Making Of" which shows off way more BTS stuff than your run-of-the-mill BTS which is totally worth watching, Trailers for other Marc Dorcel films

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Artfully, and expertly, lit and shot. Presented in anamorphic widescreen with a beautiful accompanying soundtrack by Marc Dorcel. As usual for this studio, this is edited together as a continuous film, so there is no direct access to the start of each scene. The soundtrack is beautiful, and fitting. There is no dialog to speak of so you can mute it if you wish.

Overview: A beautifully shot title from Marc Dorcel studios, shot by three different directors. It is listed as 6 scenes, but is really 5 with Ariel and Samantha's scene separated into two chapters, with a related story separating the chapters. Liselle Bailey takes on directing duties for the opening and closing scenes, and that is fitting as the first scene opens in morning light and the film closes out in a dark nightclub. Herve Bodilis takes on chapters 2-4 as they are all related, and Franck Comte offers up what I thought was an incredibly photographed scene between two people making passionate love. This is an artsy and intimate kind of flick, to be enjoyed with a loved one over a glass of wine while warming by a fire. IF you read the genres above and are expecting a wild jam session during the gangbang, I don't want you to get your hopes up, but Nikita is excellent in that scene.

Scene 1. Lucia Love, Billy King, Luke Hardy

Lucia Love

The voluptuous Lucia showers each morning, kisses her husband on his way to work, and then drops her towel to dress, in front of her bedroom window, for a couple of mornings as the neighbors watch excitedly. One morning, she appears at the window, wrapped in her towel, but it stays on. That's because her husband is running a minute or two late and is still pulling on his socks. The guys across the way are dejected and give up on "the show" as she turns away from the window. As they mope around their flat, their door bell rings; standing in the doorway is the impeccably made up Lucia. She's wrapped in a trenchcoat, which she she almost immediately unwraps to show off her buxom body sporting hot black lingerie.

Lucia Love

Without a word spoken, she's topless and running her pierced tongue on Billy's dick while Luke rubs her crotch. She flips around so they can each experience her luscious red lips wrapped around their cocks. She's a cougar on the prowl and enjoys some cocking from behind, her eyes bright and her lips curling up. After some more double dick licking, she gets spit roasted in missionary. She flips the other way, and Luke slides into her back door. She's attentive at all times, moaning softly and kissing someone within reach of her lips. Billy sees she's okay with the rear-ending so that's how he bangs her once she's climbed onto his buddy's cock in cowgirl. The deep red of her lips has worn off by the time she getting double-doored, the scene perfectly lit, but Billy's head often out of frame in the mid-shot. He corrects for that by gripping her and pulling himself down into her. The trio flip into a reverse cowgirl DP and moves on quickly to a two-handed cock jerk all over her big tits, which are NOT "B" cups as the IAFD might have you believe. The camera shows her boobs in closeup as their spunk loads drip down them slowly as the scene fades.

Scene 2. Ariel Rebel, Samantha Bentley

Ariel and her man, Juan, enter a nightclub where people are pawing at girls wearing little black dresses. Samantha is amusing herself rubbing on a brass pole. Ariel and Samantha share a moment at the pole and head off down a hallway where they make out in a sexy fashion, their lingerie perfectly lit in the dimness. Juan peeks on, biting his lip as the two head off to a net-shrouded bed where they continue their make out session. The scene is lit very sexily, and shot through and between flaps of the sheer fabric on the bed frame. Add in the fact that Juan stands bedside, observing, and the whole thing has a very voyeuristic feel to it.

Ariel & Samantha

Ariel & Samantha

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The IAFD has Ariel listed as being 31, but she looks a decade younger than that as Samantha licks her love hole and slides a pink dildo into it. Ariel glances at Juan now and again, smiling and continuing to smile as Nikita comes in and rubs his crotch while she watches. That seems to get Ariel hot and she starts helping Samantha ram the rubber rod in and out of her hole. Samantha takes the hint and lets her continue that solo and grabs a matching wand vibe to rub on Ariel's clit, causing her to squeal. Samantha seems very pleased with herself as she continues to vibe her gal pal while Juan gets led off by Nikita.

Scene 3. Nikita Bellucci, Alberto Blanco, Juan Lucho, Jakub Forman, Pascal White

Nikita Bellucci

Nikita has led Juan into a candlelit room occupied by three other men and she's pretty quick to strip off her little black dress, standing in her see-through lingerie as they paw her and then she drops while unzipping one guy's pants. The other men take the hint and all unzip, their staffs erect for her to swap between as she eyes the fourth man with a twinkle in her eye. Her pretty face moves from pecker to pecker, and sac to sac as the soft lighting shows off her tattoos. She makes good eye contact as she bobs between them, Pascal being the first to grab her pussy and slosh his digits around in her hole, the camera shooting that action in closeup, her sexy panties well displayed.

Nikita Bellucci

Juan is the first to "glove up" and she rides him in reverse, the others stripping off her bra to display her pretty titties. At some point in her ride she slips Juan from her front hole to her rear as she blows a second guy and then rolls onto pascal in cowgirl to blow another guy. Her hot, round ass bounces on his boner as she vacuums her lips down to the other dudes balls and another cock slides in for the DP action. She's breathing hard, writhing, and gasping for air as she gets plugged airtight. Her mouth swaps between two cocks as the other two plug away deep into her. Her butt banger is the first to blow, and he unloads all over her garter belt while she jerks another into a volcanic explosion all over his crotch and the other two finish themselves off on different parts of her ass.

This is a very cordial and sensually filmed gangbang. It's not four guys just randomly filling holes. I believe I've said something similar on a different title from this studio. This is one of the reasons I like French porn. It takes an intense sexual scene and turns it into a whole different experience for the viewer. Nikita looks fabulous as she rotates through the crowd, taking each in turn; which explains her award nominations over the last few years.

Scene 4. Ariel Rebel, Samantha Bentley

Ariel & Samantha

We are back into the lesbian action between Ariel and Samantha, where Samantha has finally gotten Ariel's panties off and is going to town on the little brunette's hole with the pink dildo. The two swap roles and kiss each other while Ariel rubs a chrome want vibrator on Samantha's clit, who is holding her panties off to the side. She then pulls them down her legs, using them to hold her ankles behind her head so she can grab the wand while Ariel slides the pink dildo in and out of her. The panty tie move is very effective and innovative, I must admit. Her face is scrunched and she's squealing as the pair work her into an eye-glazing orgasm. There must be a battery dying, but Samantha is prepared and instantly swaps out the wand for another to finish herself off as the two kiss, smile at each other and cuddle as the scene fades.

Ariel & Samantha

Scene 5. Apolonia Lapiedra, Jakub Forman

The scene opens to the sexy Spaniard, Apolonia, putting on her makeup in the bathroom and then walking nude down a beautiful staircase, heels in hand. She places the heels on the floor in framing done so well that I'd bet the photographer high-fived someone. There's a set of lingerie laid out on the dining table, and she wriggles her tight little body into it as multiple cameras catch the action from different angles. Meanwhile, upstairs, Jakub is pouring some "bubbly" and she heads back up. The customized chopper at the bottom of the stairs, which we only got a hint of from the first angle, is a very cool photographic touch. They clink glasses in the hallway, perfectly backlit as they kiss sensually in closeup. The white room behind them sets their black-clad bodies off exquisitely, the vertical lines on either side of them framing and enhancing the standing action perfectly.

Apolonia Lapiedra

Luckily, our two performers here seem really into each other and their chemistry is good, so their actions work well. I say that because obviously, the DP and camera crew here are seriously intent on framing these shots perfectly. So much so, that I forgot I was watching porn and was busy admiring the photography. Apolonia looks amazing as she squats in the hallway to make love to his manhood with her mouth. She may be new to the industry, but she's sexy as hell and has a future as bright as her eyes. Her olive-skinned body is lithe and contrasts well with her surroundings as she lies back on a white bed; having tossed her bra playfully at her man who takes the opportunity to enjoy her juices. She rubs her clit as he makes love to her in spoon.

Apolonia Lapiedra

He makes love to her slowly and deliberately; Apolonia making sure to stay positioned perfectly so her long, stockinged legs are shown off as well as her flowing raven locks. She lies passively as he takes her the first few positions, and then bounces rhythmically on him in reverse. Her ass look superb as it is captured in cowgirl, her tiny tits pert, and nipples erect, as she arches her back to switch into a 69. That's how she finishes him off, by jerking him into her open throat and letting it slide back down her tongue and his shaft while she licks his tip.

Very erotic scene. Fantastic camera work, excellent performer chemistry.

Scene 6. Lucia Love, Mia Malkova, Juan Lucho

Our two vixens are at a bar, flirting with Juan from across the room and then move in to seduce him. The barmaid likes this and pours herself a drink to sit back and watch the action unfold. Many of the shots are from behind the bartender's POV, and lens flares are used very artistically as the focus goes from foreground to the action in the back. Mia's the first to drop her dress, her blonde locks contrasting with her black lingerie, as she puts her mouth on Juan's cock. Lucia joins her for some lollipop licks as the bartender ogles. Mia smiles brightly as her girlfriend undresses.

Mia & Lucia

The two ladies kiss passionately as Juan "gloves up" so the blonde can bounce on his boner. Mia has a ton of credits to her name, and some awards to go along with them. There's a reason for that. The girl can work her body on a cock expertly. She's not a "bogart", and Lucia takes some twat time on his rod as Mia rubs her clit and licks her nipples in assistance. Juan bangs Lucia from behind while Mia gets her box licked and then moves to lick Lucia's front hole once Juan moves into the rear. Lucia swaps between her two partners; kissing them frequently as Juan fucks her ass. Juan switches girls, drilling into Mia's pussy as she stares up at him intently. The bartender is really into this now, licking her lips as Juan finishes off on Mia's torso and Lucia licks him clean.

Mia & Lucia

Cover vs Content: No, this is not a Mia Malkova-centerd title. It's a foreign flick with Mia in the ending scene to cap things off. Lucia holds the most screen time here, which is why I listed her as the star; however - take note that Apolonia may be the go-to girl if you are looking for replay value.

Final Thoughts: If this is your first foray into French porn, welcome to a new world. This studio in particular has a way of taking the most outrageous sex acts you've seen in American porn and making them seem like a normal, yet very sensual, part of the European lifestyle. Having never been to Europe, I don't know if this is how it really goes down on that side of the pond, but it's an excellently portrayed fantasy for sure. If you are familiar with Marc Dorcel's productions - then you already know what to expect. This is artsy, superbly-polished stuff. From the moment everyone arrives on set until the last drop drips, attention to detail is of utmost importance. If you watch the 45 minute BTS on this disc, you'll see what I mean. This isn't "light it and shoot it as fast as possible" porn. This is art in motion. What is portrayed in these scenes took days to setup and film, in multiple cities, using talent from all over the world. Three directors have a vision here, and that vision plays out superbly in stories that aren't related at all.

Liselle Bailey directs the opening and closing scenes, and she seems to be a very hands-on kind of director, and gets exactly what she asks for from her performers. Herve Bodilis deftly weaves two tales together over two scenes split into three, which keeps the lesbian toy action from getting repetitive in a short amount of time. Frank Comte comes at his scene featuring Apolonia with a team of cameramen that are a fine-tuned machine. Many professional photographers would sell their souls to get one still frame of this woman as well-framed and exposed as this crew manages to get over an entire video sequence covering multiple rooms and lighting conditions.

The performances? Umm...yeah - top notch. If you watch mainly American stuff, then Mia will be the only person you know by name, but you should learn these others if you plan on watching more high-end Euro-porn. Some are new, some are vets, but they are all seriously great professionals. I didn't really appreciate the film as I watched it in high-speed for the purpose of screengrabs; once I watched it in realtime - it really is fantastic. There's really no B-grade talent or technicians anywhere near this production, I'm sure of that. It's top shelf stuff; meeting, maybe even exceeding the expectations I had of it going in. For that reason I have to give it a Highly Recommended. It's not a quick find-yer-fix-and-finish-yourself kind of disc, as I mentioned before. If you're looking for hard and fast gonzo threesomes and gangbangs, you'll want to skip this altogether. It's artsy, it is extravagant, and it is fantastic if you are looking for something romantic to relax with at the end of the day. If you like to watch sexy people make love; the women wearing high-end lingerie, make sure to step into this world and expand your horizons.

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