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Ripe 2

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Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/25/16

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Feature Running Time: 2 hours 4 minutes

Date of Production: 2016

Genre: Big Boobs; All Sex; Big Cock; 18+Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD. Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Manuel Ferrera

Cast: Nina North, Tiffany Watson, Sydney Cole, Gina Valentina, Manuel Ferrera

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for DP Masters 4, Mandingo Massacre 9, The Mandingo Challenge, Manuel Creampies Their Asses 4, Rack Focus; Cumshot Recap; Websites julesjordan.com, julesjordanvidoe.com, spermswallowers.com, assfixation.com, cumintheface.com


You can always expect young, hot girls, hard rough sex and lots of on-camera chemistry in a Manuel Ferrera flick and that’s what he gives us in his Ripe 2 movie. There’s a reason this AVN Hall of Famer and multi-year Male Performer of the Year has won so many accolades. Ripe 2 is fast-paced, introducing us to 4 young starlets whose tits are ripe and ready for Manuel to pluck. So are their pussies and he plucks them too in this 2 hour and 4 minute flick of unhinged banging. Nina North, Tiffany Watson, Sydney Cole and Gina Valentina are the featured starlets. Each girl has a unique solo tease session at the top of her scene that’s a turn on to watch, especially the lovely Sydney Cole who dips herself into a bubble bath and gets covered in a shower of bubbles that stick to her round, wet ass. Each girl is introduced to Manuel’s hard cock and what ensues is 30-40 minutes of power fucking that sends these girls into an orgasmic tailspin, cumming again and again. Overall, I highly recommend this flick. The girls are sexy, the scenes are intense and shot well and the chemistry is hot to watch as the insatiable Manuel joins forces with these big cock craving starlets.

Scene 1: Tiffany Watson and Manuel Ferrera

First up in Ripe 2 is 21-year-old Tiffany Mason. Tiffany has been in the porn biz for a year. This Boise, Idaho native brings her ripe melons to Manuel’s house for inspection. What happens next is crazy, hard pounding sex that has her cumming. The day begins in a pretty boring way for Tiffany. She writes in her diary all the things she did that day. She had fun on the swing, fed her horse some carrots and she played video games on the couch. She’s wearing a really short skirt that lifts up above her ass cheeks while she is playing video games so we get a nice view of her round rump. She has on see through panties and as she gets more excited during the video game, we get lots of closeups of her pussy. Manuel calls looking for Tiffany’s dad, but he isn’t there. She invites him to come over and wait for her dad to get home. Tiffany writes in her diary that she really just wanted Manuel to come over and play with her. Manuel spends some time there and he finally asks her when her dad is coming home. She admits that he’s not coming home. He’s gone all week. Manuel can’t believe this. Tiffany tells him that she wants to have fun with him. He says this has to be the last time and she has to be sure her dad won’t find out. He lifts up Tiffany’s shirts and sucks her tits like he’s breastfeeding on them. He squeezes them together, rubbing his face and tongue back and forth on them while he lifts up her skirt and takes off her panties. With her lying back on the couch, Manuel tongues her wet pussy, making her body shake. She lies back in ecstasy as Manuel devours her snatch.

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She is as flexible as an acrobat and has both legs all the way back behind her shoulders, positioning her pussy in Manuel’s face. He finger fucks it then leads her to the edge of the couch for face fucking. She bends over doggystyle and starts sucking his cock. Manuel grips her by the hair and fucks her throat, making her gag all over the arm rest. She chokes on his dick and he keeps thrusting it down her throat. Her mouth is gushing with drool as his dick moves in. Tiffany is insatiable with Manuel’s cock in her mouth. After stretching her throat, Manuel turns to stretching her pussy in spoon position. His cock is deep inside her, he’s fingering her clit and shoves his tongue down her throat, making her a tight box of pleasure. She eats his ass and swallows his balls before sitting on his hard pole, riding it cowgirl style. He spanks her ass cheeks, making them ride while she bounces up and down on his dick. Her pussy is assaulted from behind, getting pumped doggystyle on the couch then she takes a face beating from his dick before riding it reverse cowgirl style. She has a big smile on her face and tells him that his cock feels so good as it drills in and out of her hole. He finger fucks her mouth and keeps fucking her pussy until she cums again. More doggy fucking leads to the cum blast Tiffany wants. He pulls out and splatters her face and tongue with cum. Tiffany swallows with a smile just as her dad walks in the door.

Scene 2: Nina North and Manuel Ferrera

Nina’s pretty boobs are on display in an outdoor tease. She is dressed in all gold lingerie and is hot to watch as she dances and grinds her body around and around for the camera. She is a 34D and 21-years-old from Florida. She strips out of her bra and squeezes her boobs together for the camera, making them jump and jiggle. She pulls down her panties, revealing her pink pussy just as she lowers herself into the hot tub. She is bent over doggystyle, bobbing her ass up and down in the water showing off her pussy. After a hot solo tease outside, she walks inside to find Manuel lying on the couch with his cock hard and waiting for her. She bends over doggystyle and starts sucking it right away, telling him that it’s so big. He instructs her in stroking and jerking his meat while she works it in and out of her mouth. They kiss passionately and he spanks her ass cheeks before lying her on her back and tongue lashing her pussy, squeezing her gripping her tits at the same time. Nina is like a mass of clay, pinned near the edge of the couch, shaking in ecstasy.

After a hard finger fucking session, she starts cumming already and Manuel slurps her juices all up. With her pussy wet, he spoon fucks her and Nina can’t believe how big his cock feels inside her. He thrusts in and out of her pussy hard making her tells him how much she loves his cock. She tells him to fuck her. Nina sits on his dick reverse cowgirl style and her pussy is the target of nonstop cock pumping. She loves it when he fingers her clit and slaps her tits while she rides him. Nina shows everybody what a whore she is as she gets fucked in standing doggy position over a bar stool. It’s just the way she likes it with Manuel manhandling her pussy with his cock. He turns her over onto her back on the bar stool with her legs up in the air and he stands there and plows through her pussy even more, squeezing her tits. After pussy to mouth, Nina gets her tits fucked then she sucks him off and lands in a balls deep doggy session on the couch. She goes for a long ride next, fist in cowgirl then reverse cowgirl then cowgirl again, screaming and cumming on top of his cock. The missionary fucking gets nasty as Manuel opens up to show her pussy getting stuffed. She tells him she loves watching his cock go in and out of her wet hole. He pulls out and cums in her mouth after she begs for his load. She tops it all off by sucking his cock and swallowing his spunk then blowing kissing to the camera.

Scene 3: Sydney Cole and Manuel Ferrera

21-year-old Sydney Cole is sporting 32B cups and she shows them off in the opening tease of her scene. She is dressed in tight short pink pants with a white G-string underneath. She slowly pulls her pink shorts down revealing her round ass cheeks that she makes jiggle for the camera. The tease continues with Sydney stripping out of her bra top, giving us a clear view of her ripe jugs. She’s naked now, standing up and fingering her pussy, getting herself all turned on. She takes the show to the bathtub where tons of bubbles rain down on her beautiful ass cheeks as she bobs up and down in the water. This is a hot bubble bath that will have you doing a double take. She walks into the bedroom where Manuel is waiting for her on the bed with his hard cock. Sydney attacks his cock with her mouth, hugging his meat with her lips and working her way down his shaft. When Manuel lies back, she tongues his ass hole then sucks on his balls until he flips her over onto her back and eats her pussy. Before she knows it, Manuel is fucking her hard missionary style and telling her how much he loves pussy. She smiles and tells him he’s so fucking good. Manuel pumps her deep and whispers dirty words to her while he chokes her around the neck. All this keeps her in ecstasy and keeps her pussy wet as his cock glides in and out of it.

She mumbles that this pussy belongs to you as he slaps her face and fucks her harder and harder. She turns around to suck her pussy juice off his cock then she bends over doggystyle for the hardest pussy pumping of her scene. Manuel slams her whole, making her yell out that she fucking loves the way he pounds her pussy. He drills it balls deep, then pulls out and licks it all over, sucking her wet pussy. The doggy pounding continues with intensity then the couple spoon fuck, facing each other. Sydney is cumming as Manuel’s cock shows her pussy no mercy in a borage of deep drilling. She gets on top and rides his pole cowgirl style, making it disappear deep in her pussy. After sucking him off, she gets on all fours again for doggy slamming then drops to her knees and waits for his cum. Manuel shoots off in her mouth and she happily swallows then sucks his cock again. Manuel has left her with a cum mustache that she wipes off and swallows.

Scene 4: Gina Valentina and Manuel Ferrera

Gina is so studious. She is studying for her French test but she is panicking about it. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do. She gets back to studying from the book but it’s getting harder and harder to understand. She can’t get through the homework and decides to call Manuel for help. He knows French and she can use his support. He agrees to come over and she is so excited. He’s going to save the day and she can’t wait. A few minutes later, Manuel joins her in bed and starts kissing her neck. Gina stops him and tells him she has a big test tomorrow and she needs his help. She invited him over for help with her homework, not with sex. Manuel backs off but tells her he can help her if she shows him various part of her body and he will tell her how to say it in French. She smiles and says OK. The first thing she shows him are her tits. He tells her how to say them in French. She gets it right. Manuel then teaches her how to say I am a slut in French. He tells her that would really help if she went to France. Next up is how to say panties in French. Gina loves this game name and after she says it in French, she pulls down her shorts, revealing her lovely G-string for him. She is stripping naked in the bed for him and he tells her he’s going to teach her more. Next he teaches her how to say take off your panties. She does it with a smile, showing him her pussy and ass hole while she lies on her back. She licks her fingers then fingers her pussy for him, giggling as she shows him her pretty, pink snatch.

Gina is getting better in French and is passing her French lesson with flying colors. Now, she’s ready for action and Manuel joins her in bed and teaches her how to say big cock in French. She starts licking his balls then sucking his cock and tells him in French that he has a really big cock. We get a POV perspective on Gina’s cock sucking and ball and ass licking as she gets greedy with his cock. She lies on top of him in 69 position, continuing to jerk and suck his cock and balls while Manuel whips up her pussy with his tongue. She climbs off and lies on her side where her pussy gets drilled in spoon position while he chokes her around the neck, asking her if this is what she wants. The spoon fucking turns into a fast and wild reverse cowgirl fuck then another round of 69 that keeps Gina moaning. He spanks her ass cheeks hard while he eats her pussy then helps her back on top of his cock cowgirl style. Manuel demolishes her hole, drilling it with his cock and stuffing 2 fingers in her ass hole at the same time. She is almost air tight. Pussy to mouth cock sucking turns to reverse cowgirl then doggystyle fucking that makes her cum. He pulls out and she lies on her back, fingering her pussy until she cums. Manuel plunges his cock back inside her wet pussy, fucking her missionary style, promising her that he’s going to cum all over her. He orders her to get down on the floor while he jerks off, shooting his load in her mouth and on her face. She blows bubbles with his cum then swallows it. He teaches her more French words and tells her good luck on her test tomorrow.

Final Thoughts:

You don’t win AVN Male Performer of the Year multiple times or become a Hall of Famer for nothing. Manuel Ferrera knows how to put great sex on film with sexy, young, horny starlets who want nothing more than to cum on camera. All those pieces come together in Ferrera’s Ripe 2 flick where he divides and conquers 4 starlets with ripe tits and pussies ready for the plucking. Nina North, Tiffany Watson, Sydney Cole and Gina Valentina are the featured ripe rewards in this 2 hour all sex flick. The scenes are shot well and these girls pussies are target one for Manuel’s cock. The girls all have fun in their scenes, starting with their sizzling solo tease all the way through to the heated orgasms they have as their pussies succumb to Manuel’s power pumping. Gina Valentina has a big French test tomorrow and she’s afraid she’s not going to pass. She calls on Manuel for help but soon finds herself learning French words like tits, ass and big cock from him. He soon has her screaming I am a slut in French as he drills her tight, wet pussy. Sydney Cole has one of the hottest teases of the flick when she steps into a bubble bath and has a shower of bubbles raining down on her and sticking to her round, wet ass before Manuel demolishes her snatch in a big cock showdown with her pussy. Overall, I highly recommend this flick for that hot and heavy sex, the beautiful girls and the great chemistry and fun on film these girls all have.

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