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All Access: Jasmine Jae

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Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/24/16

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Feature Running Time: 2 hours 21 minutes

Date of Production: 2016

Genre: All Sex; Anal; DP

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD. Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Derek Dozer

Cast: Jasmine Jae, Adriana Chechik Xander Corvus, Moe Johnson, Markus Dupree, Rico Strong, Ryan Ryder

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Behind the Scenes over 10 minutes of behind the scene footage of Jasmine after her DP scene and other sex scenes in the flick; Selfie Videos with over 34 minutes of footage of Jasmine in various places from porn sets to boats to her vacation in Dubai; Trailers for All Access Abella Danger and Pure 6


All Access Jasmine Jae is one hot flick. Jasmine is a fiery siren who you can’t keep your eyes off of and she is a pleasure to watch in her all access flick for Airerose Entertainment. We experience Jasmine over 4 scenes that represent various fantasies of hers. Jasmine goes all the way to please her fans and she leaves no holes unfilled in this flick. Her first scene is the first time she has DP on film. Before the scene starts, she talks about being so excited about getting fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. Her cock contributors are Xander Corvus and Ryan Ryder. After blowing the guys, lubing their cocks up, she takes both dicks beginning with a long running, hard pounding cowgirl that annihilates both her holes. This is the hottest scene of the flick, especially the climax that has her taking a creampie in her pussy and one in her ass hole followed by Xander’s second cum load deposited in her mouth. Her second scene is her fantasy to be dominated and fucked by a strange man who breaks into her house. Markus fulfills her fantasy, fucking her ass hole and popping in her mouth. The third scene is the 2nd hottest scene of the flick with an incredible girl/girl anal with the lovely Adriana Chechik. Adriana stuffs everything up Jasmine’s ass hole from strawberries and whipped cream to butt plugs and dildos. The hottest part of the scene is when Adriana squirts directly down Jasmine’s throat. In the last scene, Adriana gets the big black cock she has been fantasizing about times 2. She fucks Rico Strong and Moe Johnson DP style, climaxing with a double pop shot to the throat. I highly recommend All Access Jasmine Jae. Not only is Jasmine an incredible and insatiable sex pot, she has filled this movie up with lots of extras including behind the scenes footage, selfie videos of herself on vacation, pics and trailers. You will be happy Jasmine gave her fans all access in this sizzling flick.

Scene 1: Jasmine Jae, Xander Corvus and Ryan Ryder

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When the first scene opens, Jasmine Jae introduces herself, reminding us that she’s been in the adult industry for years and this is all access. She talks about wanting to do a DP for the first time on screen. She says as soon as she started doing anal, she got asked to do DP. Now she has finally done it. She joins Ryan Ryder on the couch and asks him why he asked her to get dressed up. He asks her if she remembered the time when they got drunk and were talking about expanding their sexual horizons. She remembers the conversation. He tells her they talked about Jasmine taking 2 dicks in a DP. He says that he has arranged the whole thing. He has a porn star coming over in a few minutes so she can experience this. Jasmine is nervous. She is worried that both cocks won’t fit inside her. Just then, the doorbell rings and it’s Xander Corvus. Jasmine and Ryan let him and walk him over to the couch. She admits that she is nervous about the whole thing. She tells Xander she just found out about this 5 minutes ago. She builds up the courage and tells Xander that she wants to do a DP and that’s why he’s here. She says they should just have fun and that’s when she gets on her knees and starts rubbing the guys’ cocks in their pants. She unzips Xander’s pants first and is amazed by the size of his cock. She enjoys sucking his cock and stripping down her lingerie. She jerks and sucks Ryan’s poker next and shows her multitasking prowess, jerking and sucking both cocks at once. She drops to her knees and the guys stand sandwiching her with hard cock. Jasmine is a looker with big boobs and is a turn to watch as she deep throats one dick after the other, showing the guys how far she can put their dicks down her throat. Then she focuses her mouth on their balls, shoving Xander’s balls all the way in her mouth, choking on them. Jasmine is so excited by the cocks in her hands, she can’t decide which one she wants in which hole first. She is making a sloppy mess of herself, dribbling all over their dicks. Her pussy is already wet and when she sits on Xander’s dick in cowgirl position, she creams all over it.

After a few strokes of Xander’s meat in her pussy, Ryan splits her ass hole with his cock and Jasmine is finally having her DP on film. She screams out how good it feels to have both cocks inside her. The guys fuck her hard and deep, drilling her pussy and ass hole at the same time. She orders them to fuck her. The guys switch positions and now Jasmine is sitting on Ryan’s cock cowgirl style and taking Xander’s pole up her ass. The penetration is so deep, it makes her ass hole gape. She moans in ecstasy as her holes get the DP stuffing she has been fantasizing about. This scene is a hot one to watch. Jasmine is already a gorgeous sex pot and watching her take 2 cocks cowgirl style is a turn on to watch. She loves the way the cocks make her feel. The DP turns to double vag that has Jasmine screaming even louder than before as the guys stretch and use her pussy. She turns her DP around to reverse cowgirl, hosting both dicks. Then she gets into a steam spoon DP with Ryan spooning and fucking her ass hole and Xander squatting over her and ramming her pussy. After an incredible hard round of DP fucking in her pussy and ass hole, Jasmine takes a set of creampies. Xander fucks her cowgirl style and blows his load deep inside her pussy then watches her squeeze his cum out. Jasmine then gets on all fours and tells Ryan to fill her ass hole with cum. He doggy fucks her shit hole then stuffs it with spunk. She puts her fingers in her ass then licks them clean. Xander isn’t done with her yet. He gives her more cum, jacking off in her mouth, giving her cum in every hole. This scene is the hottest one in the flick.

Scene 2: Jasmine Jae and Markus Dupree

At the beginning of the next scene, Jasmine talks about liking dominant guys. She loves to submit to a guy. She imagines putting together a scene where she is at home but something just isn’t right. She hears noises and is wondering what is going on. She soon realizes that there is a man lurking outside who breaks into her house. She talks about wanting this scene to be like a scene from a horror movie. That’s when the scene starts. Jasmine is at home having a lazy day, making a cup of coffee in her lingerie. She doesn’t realize that there is a burglar outside on her roof who breaks into her home through a hallway window. She sits on the couch enjoying her coffee while the guy is upstairs rummaging through her stuff. She calls her husband and says she keeps hearing noises around the house and it’s weird. She walks into the kitchen but doesn’t see Markus standing in the hallway in a mask and dressed in black. She starts talking dirty to her husband on the phone, telling him that as soon as he gets home, she wants it. She pulls her panties off and pushes a dildo in her pussy, making it wet. She puts the phone next to her cunt so her husband can hear just how wet it is. She tells him she wants to stay home all day and fuck him. By now she has the dildo in her pussy and a finger in her ass hole and is still talking to her husband. She tells him to get back to work and she’ll finish herself off.

Markus walks into the living room behind her and takes out his cock and starts jerking off, watching her masturbate. He walks up behind her and puts his hand over her mouth, scaring the wits out of her. He motions for her to be quiet. He takes the dildo out of her hand and fingers her pussy hard and fast, stuffing it with 2 fingers. He spreads her legs open wide, fingering her again until she squirts all over his fingers. He stuffs his wet fingers into her mouth then takes out his cock and stuffs it in her mouth. She is on her knees sucking his dick. Markus takes control and starts fucking her mouth with his cock, making her gag. He titty fucks her and eats her pussy and ass then keeps her in missionary position and jams her ass hole with his dick. Jasmine gets a hard flogging up the ass hole. He slaps her face while he fucks her, dominating her just like she fantasized. The anal stretching continues and it has Jasmine yelling fuck yeah! She does ass to mouth cock sucking then gets her ass hole fucked in reverse cowgirl. The fucking is followed by more ATM then more anal romance on the edge of the armrest. He makes her squirt again after a hard round of fingering her pussy and she is completely submissive now. Jasmine is like a squirting geyser now once he fingers her hole again. She rides him cowgirl style, taking him up her ass then finishes with anal doggy. Markus pulls out and cums in her gaping, greedy mouth. She looks up at him and says that was a great role play. He tells her she is the best fucking wife ever.

Scene 3: Jasmine Jae and Adriana Chechik

Jasmine talks about her scene with Adriana. She says Adriana is the only girl she wanted to fuck. She thinks Adriana is incredible. Jasmine talks about how incredible the scene was and that this scene is the first real girl girl anal she has done. They used but plugs, whip cream, strawberries, marshmallows, dildos, you name it. These 2 have tons of anal fun. When the scene opens, Jasmine is being a big tease. She is dressed in incredibly sexy black lingerie and she walks into the living, teasing us with her body. Adriana is watching her from across the room. Jasmine already has a butt plug up her ass. She lies on the white leather couch and starts playing with herself. Adriana joins the fun, kissing her and sucking her tits. Jasmine is soon submitting to Adriana’s big dildo antics when Adriana stuffs Jasmine’s throat with a huge double headed dildo. After Adriana gags Jasmine, she stuffs the other end of the dildo in her own mouth and the 2 girls are gagging and spitting up at the same time on the dildo. They lick and swallow each other’s spit then Adriana proceeds to eating Jasmine’s pussy and ass hole. Jasmine tells her she can stick anything she wants in her ass hole tonight.

Adriana gets in doggy position on the couch and Adriana buries her tongue deep in Adriana’s ass then she fingers it. This is anal play at its best as these 2 girls explore the other’s ass hole. Adriana works on Jasmine’s ass hole next, stuffing it with another butt plug, then she stuffs it with her 3 fingers and licks Jasmine’s ass juices off her fingers. The hottest part of this scene is when Adriana squats over Jasmine’s wide open mouth and squirts down her throat. Adriana puts whipped cream and strawberries up Jasmine’s ass hole next and the girls eat the strawberries right out of Jasmine’s ass. They do the same with Adriana’s ass hole. Jasmine swallows more of Adriana’s squirt when she lies back in a squat thruster position with Adriana standing over her and squirting in her mouth. The girls fuck each other’s ass holes with the double headed dildo then gag on the dildo and exchange spit at the end of the scene.

Scene 4: Jasmine Jae, Rico Strong and Moe Johnson

In the final scene of Jasmine’s all access, she fucks to big black cocks. She tells a story of how her husband likes to watch her get fucked. Tonight is very special for her because she is getting not 1 but 2 big black cocks and she has never been in this situation before. She is already getting wet as she gets dressed in her red lingerie. She has always fantasized with her husband about having 2 cocks inside her and today is the day that she is going to try it. The guys are waiting for her on the couch and she walks up and drops her robe, revealing her sexy body. She bends over doggystyle on the couch and Rico and Moe admire her body, spanking her ass cheeks and rubbing her pussy. She tells them they have been handpicked and she is very excited about tonight. She starts sucking Rico’s cock first and works her mouth all the way down his shaft. She turns to Moe’s monster meat and starts sucking it then goes back and forth between both cocks. Rico tells her to spit on his dick because he likes his cock wet. She spits and gags on both dicks. She jerks them and then bends over in standing doggy position and Rico fucks her from behind. He pulls out and tells her to taste her pussy. She greedily licks up her pussy juices then tells Moe to fuck her. She straddles him cowgirl style and sits on his prick, bouncing up and down on it while she sucks Rico’s meat.

Rico stretches her ass hole first, fucking it doggystyle while she chokes on Moe’s cock down her throat. He beats her tongue with his cock then puts it in her ass hole doggystyle. She tastes her ass juices off his cock too while Rico stuffs her from behind. After spoon fucking Moe and taking his cock up her ass, she is ready for her BBC DP. She sits on Rico’s cock cowgirl style and rides him. Moe stuffs her ass hole all the way with his long dong, making Jasmine scream out. Her holes are getting pounded and she wants the guys to fuck her even harder. The cowgirl DP is hot to watch and Jasmine is beside herself. She drops to her knees between both guys and begs for their cum. Moe is the first to pop, dropping his load in her mouth followed by Rico who pops on her tongue.

Final Thoughts:

Jasmine Jae is incredible, insatiable and unstoppable in All Access Jasmine Jae for Airerose Entertainment. This is one hot flick and Jasmine is at the center of it. This movie takes fans through 4 scenes that are all Jasmine’s fantasies and each scene is a hardcore treat. Jasmine does a set up and introduction to each scene that makes watching each one even more of a turn on. The first scene is Jasmine’s first time doing DP on film and she has Xander Corvus and Ryan Ryder to thank for stuffing her holes. It’s hot to watch Jasmine take cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. The big finish happens when she takes a creampie in her pussy and one in her ass and then takes another pop shot in her mouth, Xander’s second pop of the scene. The next hottest scene is her girl/girl anal with the one and only Adriana Chechik. Jasmine tells her she can stuff anything up her ass and that’s what Adriana does. She fills her ass hole with dildos, butt plugs, strawberries, whipped cream and more delights. Adriana squirts down Jasmine’s throat and she loves it. These 2 have incredible chemistry and enjoy themselves in this wet and slippery girl/girl fantasy. Markus Dupree dominates her in the mysterious man fantasy and she takes another hard pounding DP from cock providers Rico Strong and Moe Johnson. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. Fans will be happy Jasmine gives them all access in this hot flick.

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