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Fuck Me Silly

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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/22/16

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Feature Running Time: 3 hours

Date of Production: June 8, 2016

Genre: All sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD. Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Eva Lovia and Peta Jensen with Nicole Aniston, Kendra Lust, Jaclyn Taylor, Danny Mountain, Keiran Lee, Chad White, Ryan Driller,

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Photo Gallery; Web Access


Fuck Me Silly is a collection of 5 hardcore scenes by Digital Playground that run over 3 hours. This DVD stars Eva Lovia and Peta Jensen and they are joined by Nicole Aniston, Kendra Lust and Jaclyn Taylor. The set up for these 5 scenes are all very different and interesting to watch and they lead to a hot boy girl between our starlets and their cockstars Danny Mountain, Keiran Lee, Chad White and Ryan Driller. The scenes are broken down into mini storylines beginning with About the Lace, starring Nicole and include Step by Step with Kendra Lust, Sorority Recruitment with Eva Lovia, Sex Therapist’s Office with Jacklyn Taylor and Delivery Mix Up with Peta Jensen. The production on these scenes is great, they are shot well and the girls are enjoying themselves on camera, especially Peta Jensen in her closing scene with Danny Mountain. I recommend this movie. There aren’t any extras to speak of but the 5 scenes are hot on their own.

Scene 1: Nicole Aniston and Danny Mountain in All About the Lace

Nicole runs a women’s clothing store and she is anxious to close shop for the day. Just as she begins shutting things down, Danny comes into the store in a panic. It’s his wife’s birthday and he needs to get her a gift. Nicole apologizes that they’re closing and tells him to come back in the morning. Danny tells her he can’t wait until morning. Nicole doesn’t normally do this but she agrees to help him out. She asks him what he’s looking for and what size his wife is. He doesn’t know for realizes that his wife is about the same size as Nicole. She decides she will try on a few lingerie pieces and model them for Danny so he can decide what he likes. She changes in the dressing room but Danny can see her through the curtain as she strips naked and puts on the pieces. He is turned on by all of this as she changes outfits and bends over in his face, asking him how the piece looks. After the 3rd outfit, the sparks fly between these 2 and Nicole starts kissing him on his neck. Danny can’t say no to her advances, especially after she rubs her big tits all over his cock.

She gets on her knees and starts sucking his hard dick and rubbing his balls. She grips his meat and works it in and out of her mouth. Danny is soon fucking her throat, giving her the cock she desires. She takes her big tits and squeeze them around his cock, letting him titty fuck her. From there, she gets her throat fucked again as Danny thrusts his meat down her throat. He bends her over doggystyle and devours her pussy, smacking and licking it all over. He works his tongue in her hole, making her bite her lips. We get a close up look at Nicole’s pink pussy taking a tongue lashing from Danny and it’s hot to watch.

After sucking him again, she bends over the chair doggystyle, holds her ass cheeks open and takes Danny’s cock in her pussy from behind. He fucks her hard and she tells him to keep doing it just like that. She loves it. Nicole fingers her clit while his cock spreads her snatch. Danny tongues her pussy again then helps her on top of his cock in cowgirl position. She sits on his dick and rides it, grinding in circles on top of his meat. They take the cowgirl action to the floor and turn things around into reverse cowgirl which is Nicole’s favorite position. She screams out as he works his cock deeper into her pussy. They spoon fuck on the showroom floor with Nicole holding he leg high up in the air while Danny splits her cunt. He spanks her pussy with his dick then sticks it back inside her, slamming and stretching her pussy with each stroke. Nicole’s eyes rolls back into her head while she gets fucked. Nicole greedily takes her pop shot, ending up up with cum dripping from her lips and chin. She smiles and starts sucking his dick and rubbing it all around her mouth. She tells him she’s so glad she stayed open late. He decides to buy the lingerie set Nicole was wearing.

Scene 2: Kendra Lust and Keiran Lee in Step by Step

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Keiran will be meeting his new step mom tonight. His dad will be bringing her over tonight around dinner time. He can’t wait to meet her, especially after his dad hints that she has big breasts. Keiran has a thing for MILFs and meets them online. He chats with one MILF online who agrees to meet him at his house in an hour. Keiran is excited and soon meets Kendra Lust. She is a MILF bombshell and Keiran knows he’s struck gold. She tells him he’s not the first guy she has met on the website but he is definitely the cutest. Keiran tells him he has always wanted to be with an older woman. Kendra tells him she is old enough to know that she wants to get pounded. She brags his cock and leads him to the bedroom where they start making out. Kendra has her way with him, stripping him down and sucking his cock. She gets on her knees to swallow his meat and lick his balls. She keeps her pretty eyes fixed on him while she works his cock further and further down her throat. She gets into a nasty throat fucking spot with Keiran as he stuffs her mouth with his dick, making her gag.

Keiran returns the oral favor, licking her toes and then licking her pussy while she lies on her back on the bed. Kendra rubs and licks her tits while he smacks on her pussy. He tongues her ass hole too then spreads her pussy with his dick. She tells him to fuck her like the little slut she is. This gets him going and pumping her harder, deeper and faster. Kendra takes all of his meat while he holds her legs up over his shoulders. She is so flexible, she opens her legs wide and spreads her pussy for him, then she gets into POV position to suck his cock and lick his balls. She beats her face with his dick and keeps sucking it. They spoon fuck next and go back into a deep drill missionary role. After riding him cowgirl style, she licks her pussy juices off of his meat then gets fucked reverse cowgirl style. Kendra is licking her fingers as she gets spoon fucked. The hottest part of the scene is when she gets fucked doggystyle over the edge of the bed with her big round ass hanging over the edge while his cock pounds her pussy. She drops to the floor, opens her mouth and takes his big load down her throat. He can’t believe how good it felt fucking her. Kendra tells him she has to leave for dinner but she soon realizes the address for dinner is the same as Keiran’s home address. He realizes that he has just fucked his new step mom.

Scene 3: Eva Lovia and Chad White in Sorority Recruitment

The girls’ sorority is ready to accept new recruits and they are excited to meet a few new betas. Eva tells the girls that the sorority has gotten a bad rap for being all about partying. These girls have decided they have got to change that image and recruit some of the best girls. They put out the food and the photos and polish everything in sight. Eva goes to her bedroom to change clothes to welcome her new recruits when she looks out the window and sees Chad hanging around outside her window. She opens the door and lets him in and asks him what he’s doing here. He loves seeing her tits again and Eva reminds him that the last time they were together she really loved seeing his big dick. He squeezes her tits and starts kissing he, turning her on. He fingers her pussy over the bathroom sink while she unzips his pants and starts jerking his cock off. She pins him back against the wall and starts sucking his hard cock. Eva is one horny sorority sister and she loves to suck cock. It shows all over her face as she jerks his meat in and out of her mouth. We get a POV perspective of Eva hot mouth covering Chad’s dick.

He fucks her tits while she squeezes them together then she sits back on the bathroom countertop and spreads her legs wide as Chad walks up and penetrates her pussy. She holds her panties off to the side while his dick works its way deeper and deeper in her hole. This is a hot bathroom fuck scene that has Eva getting secretly fucked in the bathroom of her sorority house while the girls get ready for the new recruits. Chad starts pounding her pussy, pinning her up against the wall. She turns around and gets in standing doggy position with one knee up on the dresser. Chad fucks her pussy from behind while she holds her ass cheek open. The fuck standing doggystyle up against a glass wall with Eva’s tits bouncing back and forth while Chad slams her pussy. The sorority sisters can see her through the glass wall and cheer her on as she fucks Chad. She decides to take him to her bed where they can finish fucking each other. He spoon fucks her, making her bite her lips and moan, his cock driving balls deep in her snatch. She rides him cowgirl style where the balls deep fucking continues. He spanks her ass cheeks while she bounces her pussy up and down on his cock. She sucks his dick then sits on it reverse cowgirl style for more pussy stretched. They turn up the heat with Eva lying on her side and Chad splitting her pussy open with his cock, making her yell that you fuck me so good. They move into oral play in 69 position then back to standing doggy over the edge of the bed where Chad fucks her in overtime. He pulls out and pops in her wide open mouth. She tells him she got what she needed so he needs to take off now.

Scene 4: Jaclyn Taylor and Ryan Driller in Sex Therapist’s Office

Ryan’s wife brings Ryan to a sex therapist to help with his sex addition. Jaclyn, the receptionist, tells them that the doctor will be right with them and they should have a seat. Ryan can’t help but notice how sexy Jaclyn is with her big tits and long legs. She sees him watching her. The doctor calls the couple in and they go through the session. Ryan’s wife tells the doctor that she wants him to fix her husband. Ryan is bored with their sex life and he wants more and more. He wants to fuck his wife every day and she can’t handle it. Jaclyn listens in to the whole thing from outside the door and she masturbates when she hears what’s going on. She sits in her chair, rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits when she hears how much Ryan wants to fuck. The doctor wants to give him medication that will lower his libido. Ryan is not going to stand for this and his wife gets pissed at him. She leaves in a hurry. Jaclyn offers to give Ryan a ride home and the 2 get to talking about what happened in the therapist’s office. They connect and soon Jaclyn opens her legs and rubs her pussy for him, telling him to prove how much of a sex addict he really is. He fingers her pussy and unbuttons her blouse to play with her tits. She unzips his pants and starts sucking his cock. These 2 are sex addicts as they go at each other. She sucks and spits all over his dick, telling him it’s so good. She licks his balls then bends over doggystyle over the desk where Ryan continues to finger her cunt, stuffing more and more fingers in then tonguing it.

They fuck standing doggystyle over the desk and she tells him his cock feels so good in her pussy. Jaclyn takes her work at the sex therapist’s office seriously and she’s enjoying getting pounding from behind. She lies on her back on the desk, spreads her legs and watches Ryan’s cock spread and stretch her pussy open. She moans oh yes as he uses his stick to stuff her hole. These 2 are working up a sweat on the desk, enjoying each other in a hot round of sex. Jaclyn tells him they should go back into the therapist’s office and show him what sex education and fucking really looks like. They sit in front of him on the couch and Jaclyn rides Ryan’s dick in reverse cowgirl position, telling the doctor this is what his clients should be doing. The doc can’t take it and he leaves. Jaclyn’s pussy is wet and she’s about to cum as Ryan fucks her pussy and fingers her clit. Jaclyn is so happy Ryan came into the office today. She climbs off and sucks his dick then rides him cowgirl style, making Ryan pop. He blows his wad in her mouth and on her face. He tells her she is a better doctor than the therapist. Jaclyn says she’s opening her own practice next week.

Scene 5: Peta Jensen and Danny Mountain in Delivery Mix Up

Peta wonders if her husband is going to be coming home late tonight. He tells her it will be the usual. After he leaves, she changes into something more comfortable and gets a few things done around the house. She watches TV and is bored so she does a few stretches on the floor. That’s when there’s a knock at the door and it’s Danny with a package for her. She tells him she bets he has a package for her. She grabs hold of his cock. Danny doesn’t know what’s going on and tells her he thinks there’s been a mix up. She changes into sexy lingerie, straddles him and tells him she has a package for him too. She grabs his cock and starts sucking it. Danny decides to go with the flow and starts playing with her pussy. Peta focuses on his cock, attempting to deep throat it. She makes a wet, sloppy mess all over his dick, spitting up and gagging while he fucks he throat. Danny focuses on her pussy now, eating it doggystyle and fingering her, driving her crazy. Peta goes back for more cock, getting her throat and titties fucked.

They fuck cowgirl style with Peta enjoying her fast ride on top of his cock. Danny drives her crazy when she sits on his face and eat spanks her pussy with his tongue. She rides him in reverse cowgirl position then gets spoon fucked, screaming out for him to fuck her pussy. Peta is cumming from all the pussy pounding and she’s glad she accepted this delivery. After getting fucked doggystyle, she lies over the arm rest and gets fucked some more with her legs up in the air. Danny pulls out and cums all over her stomach and tits. He tries to explain to her that he really does have a package that he needs her to sign for but she thinks it’s all part of a sex game.

Final Thoughts:

Fuck Me Silly is a 3 hour flick from Digital Playground and I recommend it. This DVD is a collection of 5 hot scenes from the Digital Playground playlist and they each bring their own heat. Eva Lovia and Peta Jensen star in this presentation and there’s a storyline for each scene which leads to hot-to-watch fucking. Peta’s closing scene with Danny is sizzling when a case of the mistaken package leads to a hot sex game between the two of them. Peta fucks him silly but doesn’t realize that he really is trying to deliver a package that he needs her to sign for. Jaclyn’s romp with Ryan Driller is hot to watch as these two sex addicts pound each other in a therapist’s office and Eva’s sorority session with Chad is another sizzler as these 2 fuck in the bathroom then finish up with a messy pop shot in the bedroom. There aren’t any extras to speak of on this flick but the 5 scenes and 3 hours of hot footage are worth watching. The production quality is great and the girls all enjoy themselves on film.

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