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Evil Angels: Sasha Grey

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/24/16

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Evil Angels: Sasha Grey

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Evil Angel

Genre: Compilation, Sasha Grey, Evil Angel scenes

Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Sasha Grey, Johnny Thrust, Mark Wood, Rico Strong, Brian Pumper, Holly Wellin, Belladonna, Liv Wylder, Justin Long, Jon Jon, Lia Barn, Adrianna Nicole, Gianna, Jewell Marceau, Belladonna, Jenna Haze, Marie Luv, Flower Tucci, Caroline Pierce, Melissa Lauren, Nicole Sheridan, Sandra Romain, Mr. Pete, Mark Davis, Jean Val Jean, Christian, Rocco Siffredi, Chris Charming, Voodoo, Erik Everhard, John Stagliano; (bonus scene participants included Lexi Love, Rocker, Donny Long, Mark Furious, Steve James, Barry Scott, Michael Android, Tellie, Trent Soluri, Jenner, Joe Rock, Alan Stafford)

Length: 360:28 minutes (205:05 minutes & 155:23 minutes)

Date of Production: 2016 (compilation itself, not the scenes)

Extras: There was a cast list and company website trailer on the first disc. The second disc repeated the cast list and added some trailers, photogalleries, a cumshot recap, and websites but it also included a 28:13 minute long bonus scene from Wet Food as described below, and offered a lucid little interview in Behind the Scenes format lasting 11:50 minutes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Angels: Sasha Grey was presented in the same aspect ratios the scenes were originally shot by the directors at Evil Angel, the compilation picking some of Sasha Grey’s best scenes out of the many she has done for them. The overall visual elements varied with each of the eight scenes (nine scenes if you include the bonus scene), the varied directors all shooting for something suiting their own tastes. That said, the general lighting, editing, and color tones were about the same as the last volume in this new compilation series, albeit not by a wide berth, so fans that missed some or all of the original movies these scenes came from will appreciate them all the more. The aural elements were also on the basic side, the vocals easily heard in most cases and the diversity of experiences not harming the compilation as a whole.

Body of Review: Evil Angel has long been one of the premiere gonzo production houses in the porn industry for fans wanting the very best in raw energy, chemistry, and excellent casting so it makes sense that when they decided to try a new form of compilation, applying scenes from as many of their directors as possible to provide a better, in-depth look at a particular lady in showcase form. The latest such release is the upcoming Evil Angels: Sasha Grey, the former industry ice queen getting her own showcase from some of the wealth of scenes she did for company directors before retiring a few years ago. Sasha Grey was one of the wave of self described “intellectual” ladies coming into porn years ago, fans adoring her combination of physical beauty and willingness to perform in extreme sex acts before she appeared to have a mental breakdown when mainstream didn’t embrace her outside of hooker roles.

The company website described the double disc compilation like this: “With nasty mind, evil smile and gorgeous ass, Sasha Grey shocked the porn world… before crossing over to mainstream film acting. Hollywood forbids the graphic filth that made her famous, but fans can get a fix in “Evil Angels: Sasha Grey.” Featuring nine diverse, hard-core scenes from six depraved Evil Angel filmmakers, this marathon collection does a dirty legend justice. Master pornographer John Stagliano captured Sasha in an epic, award-winning orgy; she and stars including Belladonna and Jenna Haze sport cutting-edge fetish fashion in the breathtaking group debauch that put Sasha on the XXX map. John also stretches Sasha with wicked toys in a private kink session. Quirky director Joey Silvera puts Sasha in an aggressive face-fuck threesome that (almost) wipes the slobber- and semen-soaked smirk from her face. Sasha dominates blonde Liv Wylder in a rude, interracial foursome with heavily hung Justin Long and Jon Jon. For directors Belladonna and Aiden Riley, street whore Sasha takes a big black cock double penetration from Rico Strong and Brian Pumper. Our heroine returns to Bella for some very real lesbian fun. Butt freak Jay Sin exposes Sasha, blonde Holly Wellin and Rico in acrobatic sodomy exercises with ass-to-mouth flavor. Late director John Leslie’s stylish shooting caught Sasha’s deep-throat prowess and the way her butt pumps as she fucks. In a bonus blow bang from Jonni Darkko, Sasha and Lexi Love inhale 11 surging pricks!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Face Fucking Inc.: Sasha Grey, Johnny Thrust, Mark Wood: Sasha Grey, the very young and cute brunette seen on the lower middle of the left hand side of the cover, has been taking the porn world by storm of late for her nasty antics so it came as no surprise that she took on Mark Wood and Johnny Thrust orally in a doctor/patient scenario. Her skimpy outfit enhanced her looks a lot but it was her oral antics that drove the scene over the edge in terms of passionate energy. They certainly did face fuck her and she seemed on top of her game while serving as their object of lust, I just wished they had made it a complete scene given the heat arising from the messy action. They blew their loads on her face to finish up and the scene was decent all around.

Scene Two: Fuck Sasha Grey: Sasha Grey, Rico Strong, Brian Pumper: Sasha's all dolled up in a black cocktail dress and looking great when this third scene starts. Brian and Ricco come into the room and they all flirt with one another a bit. The guys take her clothes down and start to fondle her. She gives them each head and then they take turns boning her from behind while the other gets more head. They go back and forth like this for a while, first vaginally and then anally, and then there's some ass to mouth as she blows them each again until the finish up and hand her a wad of bills. (review by the Mooninite)

Scene Three: Anal Acrobats 3: Sasha Grey, Holly Wellin, Rico Strong: In one of the brightest lit scenes of the bunch, Sasha Grey and super slutty Holly Wellin were paired up with grumpy Rico Strong, the full frame endeavor starting with Sasha in frilly pink bikini undies and leggings showing off her perfect pucker. She wore some costume “ears” as well, the solo tease showing her shit out a black golf balls, Holly stepping in wearing a blue plaid milk maid outfit as she licked Sasha’s ass and the two performed anal tricks. The analingus and use of toys on their asses led to Rico bringing his turgid black pecker into play for them to orally double team, the playful oral antics by the ladies leading him to hammer away at their asses, both ladies getting fucked hard as the other gal would shake their ass, lick the penetrated pucker clean, or otherwise add some flavor to the mix before they milked his balls dry of semen for them to swallow and cumswap.

Scene Four: Fetish Fanatic 4: Sasha Grey, Belladonna: This scene starts with Belladonna in bed and Sasha looking at her. They talk while Belladonna works a butt plug up her ass. They both look very nice as they get things started, and soon Belladonna climbs on top of Sasha and they start kissing. They rub up against each other and Bella crams her fingers into her mouth, then Sasha thrusts her ass up in the air and Bella eats it like a starving dog. Bella gets a butt plug up her ass again and then Sasha rubs her pussy against her leg and crotch and slaps her in the face. Sasha moves her pussy up to Bella's face and sits on it, and then they move to the Jacuzzi. They both get in and start kissing then Belladonna puts a purple dildo into Sasha's mouth and down her throat. Sasha spreads her legs and Bella fucks her pussy with the big purple dildo, and then they switch spots so that Sasha can fuck Belladonna's pussy. Sasha deep throats a black dildo, and then they suck each other's tongues and spit into one another's mouths. Sasha bends over and spreads her legs so that Bella can fuck her in the ass with the dildo but it can only go in so far so instead she eats her asshole, going back and forth with her tongue and the toy. The dildo then goes into Sasha's mouth then Belladonna gives her a water injection that she makes her hold in her snatch as long as she can. She squirts it out, Belladonna slaps her tits, and then she gives her a milk enema, which shoots out her asshole. Sasha squirts it out then they kiss and end another really hot scene. Holy crap is Sasha ever hot. We need to see more of her now. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Five: Black Power 3: Sasha Grey, Liv Wylder, Justin Long, Jon Jon: Coming in close on Sasha, she wastes no time in grappling Liv's hair and smacking her little white ass as the fellas undress on the other side of the room. Taking their game to the floor, the girls, set in fishnets and tiny skirts, paw at each other, with Sasha taking the clear dominating lead: "you ready for some black dick?", she practically yells at Liv. She tries unsuccessfully to rip apart Liv's top, straddling her while a free hand plays with her pinky baldness between them both. Now naked, the fellas drift their pricks into the frame, Liv following Sasha's orders and blowing whichever dick happens to fly her way, soon taking on both at once. Sasha seems to be playing up for the camera, constantly glancing toward us as Liv does most of what she's ordered, hampered by only the choking and the spit she produces in the interim. Sasha takes her turns at the ebony reeds, hunkering her ass above Liv's face, forcing her to eat it, or else be smothered. As the fingers fly, the group takes to the couch, the girls facing each other as the boys spoon in from behind. The dirty talk takes it toll on Justin, who pops early and off-camera while being Sasha's canary (floating on-screen titles keep us informed, thankfully: "One Man Standing"). The focus is now on Liv & Jon, who switch to cowgirl as Sasha keeps egging them on from the sidelines. Rising from the ashes, Justin jerks off a dressing's dose onto Sasha's chin, the majority of which Liv pushes around with her tongue and intakes a few drops. She sets herself back into spoon position with Jon, getting choked by Sasha in between shouts, self-rubbings, and assorted other taunts grazed her way. Sasha does a cowgirl round with Jon, commanding Liv to masturbate during her plugging, moving onto Liv's own anal-bound cowgirl session. Through the slow grooves, Sasha peeks in for an ass to mouth taste, raising her rump on the floor for her own butt banging (Liv, likewise, tastes her, post-ass). A bit more cowgirl atop the couch leads Jon to stroke away by his lonesome, standing above Sasha's doubled-over, gleaming asshole, with Liv licking away. His seed shot hits the spread of Sasha's precious holes in a rich coat, leaving Liv to lick away, taking in a few small tastes. Phew! All involved are quite heady in their collective goodness (even Justin, who exhausts early, at least comes back for a pop), though Sasha's playful domineering seems more camera focused, even as Liv fulfills her every command. It all goes by too quickly, leaving us pining for more. What remains, however, is potent stuff indeed, even if Sasha tends to be a bit flashy at times. (review by The Wind Tunnel) (Note: The cast list left off Jon Jon for some reason)

Scene Six: Fashionistas Safado: Sasha Grey, Lia Barn, Adrianna Nicole, Gianna, Jewell Marceau, Belladonna, Jenna Haze, Marie Luv, Flower Tucci, Caroline Pierce, Melissa Lauren, Nicole Sheridan, Sandra Romain, Mr. Pete, Mark Davis, Jean Val Jean, Christian, Rocco Siffredi, Chris Charming, Voodoo, Erik Everhard: The Orgy: Adrianna Nicole, Nicole Sheridan, Sandra Romain, Flower Tucci, Marie Luv, Jewell Marceau, Caroline Pierce, Lia Baren, Sasha Grey, Mr. Pete, Erik Everhard, Christian, Jean Val Jean, Chris Charming, Mark Davis, Belladonna, Voodoo, Melissa Lauren, Rocco Siffredi, Jenna Haze, and Gianna, were up in the house after a successful show and the resulting media frenzy. While there were some very limited teases and passing nods to sexual conduct, this was the closest thing to being the first actual hardcore scene of the movie, beginning at about 30 minutes into the movie. The people paired up into small groups with a lot of spanking, cock sucking, slapping, and tributes to the voyeurism in all of us as some simply watched. The men wore generic clothing while most of the ladies wore shiny plastic (PVC, latex, leather, whatever) outfits as they sat on faces, ground their hips into them (and women), and other sexually explicit acts. Melissa and Bella did nothing here, nor did Manuel, at least until pairing off into separate rooms or waiting for other parts of the movie. The Orgy Pt. 2: Adrianna Nicole, Nicole Sheridan, Sandra Romain, Flower Tucci, Marie Luv, Jewell Marceau, Caroline Pierce, Lia Baren, Sasha Grey, Mr. Pete, Erik Everhard, Christian, Jean Val Jean, Chris Charming, Mark Davis, Belladonna, Voodoo, Melissa Lauren: The movie then reverted back to the orgy with the players actually screwing one another. Sandra was on fire as always thanks in large part to Erik, Flower seemed ready to rumble, Nicole and Voodoo shared some quality time, and Melissa finally joined in to have some fun as Pete went all out on her in his best impersonation of Erik to date. I was thankful that Nicole took on Bella as Marie sucked off both Chris and Voodoo but there were so many pairings that keeping track of it all would drive a completist nuts so the emphasis on oral and anal this time (lightening up on the fetish aspects of the scene ever so slightly as if to foreshadow something about to take place). The scene ended in a bunch of sloppy facials for those keeping track but it was a decidedly mixed orgy (orgies are tough to handle right and even talented directors like John Stagliano are subject to the dynamics of trying to edit in all the best material without losing track of the big picture. Had there been multiple angles allowing for several static cameras to catch all the fun, this scene might have worked far better than it did.

Scene Seven: Don’t Make Me Beg: Sasha Grey, Mr. Pete: Sasha Grey, the lean brunette ice queen that garnered a great deal of fame in the industry for her portrayal of a high priced escort in a small, indie film, was up next with the intent of draining the dragon of sperm of Mr. Pete, the skinny gal crawling with her sweet ass in the air down a dark hallway to greet him in a large living room. She nuzzled his nuts and slobbed his knob like a trained professional, her eye contact solid as she inhaled his modest member. There was some face fucking as well as hand to gland friction, Sasha nearly pushing him over the edge to spew all over her though he thankfully held out, only her black stripper shoes and black and yellow leggings worn as she spread her ass for Pete to devour as he rimmed her and gobbled her gash. This led to him choking her and power pounding her pussy so hard her ass shook rapidly, the gal surprisingly not letting him tap her ass given her history though she was an active rider and easily throated him a number of times between positions. In the end, she jerked him off all over her face, apparently swallowing some of his manly fluids while mugging for the camera, the post coital head cleaning him off before the picture faded out, the rest of Pete’s liquid lunch allowed to ooze down her minimal chest.

Scene Eight: Buttman’s Stretch Class 2: Sasha Grey, John Stagliano: Okay, this time, the ladies were shown in progression, the chapters of the movie providing each of them some quality camera time one after another. Kristina was up first, followed by Sasha and then Velicity, the gals getting what amounted to two acts apiece. As with Buttman's Stretch Class 1, the idea here was not to provide lengthy bouts of boning by the gals with generic mopes pounding them until the genetic juice flowed all over their faces but merely a chance to show each of them as John wanted, using the concept of "elegance through simplicity" instead of circus act pairings the viewer would forget about a week later. John showed yet again that he had "the eye" for quality footage too, savoring the moment as he so lovingly proved how much he adored women in general, getting into these three in particular. In that sense, John was an important part of the scenes with them too, serving as the viewer's representative when it came to feeling them up, directing what he wanted them to do, and even getting to sniff them up close and personal. Rather than go through a laundry list of sex acts for specific durations, he allowed their personalities to take them where both parties wanted to go, reminding me that he was the first to shoot Sasha Grey several years back, providing a look at Kristina that few have been able to capture quite as effectively, and delightfully showing off Velicity's outgoing nature better than any full scene could possibly do. The ladies loved the attention and even Sasha seemed to show some emotion behind that cold façade of hers, humanizing them but never to the point where they were not all highly strokable too. Ultimately, that was the goal of the movie too; showing some of the hottest footage of the gals ever provided and in a manner that will last well beyond a rental or too. I apologize for the brevity of the "review" portion of this one but with my cock in my hand the entire time, typing up a detailed review with one hand is a bit tough, my appreciation for what John has again accomplished helping to remind me that tease is the missing ingredient in far too many gonzo titles these days, the better directors willing and able to provide it in great quantities.

Bonus Scene: Wet Food: Sasha Grey, Lexi Love, Rocker, Donny Long, Mark Furious, Steve James, Barry Scott, Michael Android, Tellie, Trent Soluri, Jenner, Joe Rock, Alan Stafford: Lexi Love opens the door despite having cum all over face! She's greeted by her caring friend Sasha Grey who brought along more guys to satisfy her Lexi's cravings! Sasha and Lexi go to work on the guys using their ultra sloppy blowjob technique! At one point, Lexi is able to put the tips of three penises in her wide mouth! While the two ladies are in the supine position, they gets royally throatfucked, which results in saliva dripping form their faces! At last, the two gals take their jizz bombs in the mouth and swap the freshly made ball snot with each other until they spit it into the dog tray. Now, the tray is filled with a combination of saliva and cum! Something rather interesting happens when they apply the saliva/cum on their hair as it were shampoo or a protein conditioner! (review by Kobiata K.) 28:13 minutes

Summary: Evil Angels: Sasha Grey by the directors of Evil Angel had no new material to speak of and Sasha Grey was not brought in to provide any scene introductions or new bonus material but for those who find her as sexually charged as some of my peers, this double disc set will be worth a rating of Recommended or better if you do not already have the scenes in your collection. The extras were on the light side but the technical values were generally very well done, the devotion to keep the material as good looking as it was originally certainly appreciated. In short, Evil Angels: Sasha Grey was the continuation of the popular star based compilation showcase series, offering a multitude of perspectives in a manner I hope the company will revisit more often and with hotties that might not be quite as well known so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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