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Raven Alexis Collection

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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/31/15

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Raven Alexis Collection

Digital Playground

Genre: Raven Alexis, Compilation

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Director: Robby D.

Cast: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue, Faye Reagan, Manuel Ferrara, Bridgette B., Breanne Benson, Scott Nails, Erik Everhard, Marcus London

Length: 223:53 minutes

Date of Production: 9/3/2015

Extras: There was a short photogallery and web access but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Raven Alexis Collection was presented in the same aspect ratio the scenes were originally shot by Robby D. and other directors for Digital Playground. Unlike some compilations on the market, this one cut right to the sex so each scene was edited to a degree, nothing crucial for the majority of rain coaters and no company watermark onscreen at all times but parts of the buildup missing. Each scene looked fairly similar with decent lighting, solid camera work, and respectable flesh tones but the scenes were shot quickly so your mileage may vary. The video bit rate varied considerably but the scenes looked much like I remember the originals otherwise if that helps your decision. The aural components were presented in Dolby Digital but there was no headspace, special effects, or anything else that made me think the sound was rendered in anything except for monaural or basic stereo and then had a surround track encoded in post production. Regardless, I could hear most of the cast just fine, including those behind the camera when I paid attention.

Body of Review: Robby D. was long the coolest director at Digital Playground, the range of his projects as wide as any in the industry. His latest release from DP is another compilation of his older works called the Raven Alexis Collection, a variety of scenes starring Raven Alexis through her years as a contract performer for the company. The single disc release included eleven scenes, much of it reasonably strokable with a good cast in the scenes, the emphasis advertised as focusing solely on Raven Alexis. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: No Lost Love: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue: Raven Alexis, the cute brunette featured on the front cover, was up next with Mick Blue, the couple kissing as if to eat each other's faces off. Given the way both of them handled dialog earlier in the movie, I figured they would be better when keeping it quiet, Mick taking charge by going down on her until she tried giving him a blowjob. The hummer was weak and showed the need for a lot more experience, the clumsy sort of way she attacked his meat such that it at least helped sell the "I'm new to cock" approach taken by her marketing gurus. In any case, the camera work here was less explicit for the penetration and as active as she sometimes became, I was left with a feeling that something went wrong on the set. Mick did his usual capable job and provided a modicum of intensity but I was looking for more of a connection between them to make it work. Mick even tried to get her to up her game by going down on her a second time, working to assist her oral aptitude. They screwed vaginally some more and he launched his load of population pudding into her mouth as a closing point (though he ate her out one last time for good measure).

Scene Two: Desires: Raven Alexis, Faye Reagan, Manuel Ferrara: The scene begins with Raven explaining that both she and her husband are really attracted to younger girls around the age of 19. So today she has a surprise for him, and who doesn't love surprises, especially when that surprise is Faye. Faye tells Manuel to fuck her (I think I may need a cold shower from just hearing that line), and like any normal man would say, he is going to fuck her and Raven both. The ladies jump right into it, by pleasing each other in the 69 position before Manuel pulls out his dick and let's Faye have at it. But then to play fair, both girls then take turns on his dick. Manuel gets first dibs on Faye as he fucks her in the spoon position. The penetration seems to be obstructed at the beginning by her knee, but from the noises she makes, you can tell she is enjoying it. But Raven wants her turn with him, so she gets on top of him and goes for a ride. They switch into spoon, so that way Raven, getting fucked by Manuel, can eat out Faye. But soon enough, it's now Faye's turn to take a ride on Manuel. They both take turns getting fucked doggy style and the scene ends with a money shot in both of the ladies mouths. (review by Shawn DPS)

Scene Three: Jack’s POV 16: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue: Raven Alexis, the very cute babe featured on the front cover, was up next as a wayward youth in detention because she was just too darned supportive of the football team, Mick Blue stuck in there due to fighting. Brah Bones played the teacher in a cameo role well enough, leaving them alone in a most implausible move since the pizza deliveryman started taking sexual favors to pay the bill. Regardless, she got frisky and started drawing graphic pictures on the board, Mick worrying about Brah's return until she put on a sexual tease show for his benefit, sitting in a chair before him to take off her black top and stretch pants (revealing her sweet little camel toe). Raven has struck me as a sexual being from reading her blog at vulkanio.ru but her performances have never been captured as well as I think she deserves (sorry to the slavering fanboys out there but praising the company's weaker efforts gives them no reason to work on their game and improve). Anyway, she played the seductress very well, her shaven pussy inviting to the viewer as much as Mick. He soon rubbed her a little too, the gal tasting her already wet pubes before dropping down to her knees to suck him off in POV fashion, the gal concentrating her efforts on his head and balls rather than go very deep on the shaft. The look in her eyes also helped provide some extra replay value and I strongly suggest she be used in any sitcum parody involving the need for a Jennifer Garner lookalike. While not the most active vaginal rider of cock in the movie (Yay Chayse!), she did some fine taste testing and it was certainly one of her best performances of late, the classroom tryst getting better as it continued (she became more active for starters). It ended when he busted a nut of splooge into her mouth, the look in her eyes a classic!

Scene Four: The Substitute: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue: Raven Alexis, the attractive brunette featured on the front cover, was up first as she gave Mick Blue some counseling after class. He was embarrassed to share his secret, Raven turned on by the thought that he was a virgin. She encouraged him to show her his cock, asking him to be his first as she knelt before him to slob his knob. The light music in the background was not exactly fitting for the degree of energy she put into the blowjob, the silence even more out of place at that. She focused almost all of her efforts on the head while her hand stroked him, some ball play leading to Mick reciprocating on her pussy (where she over acted at how good it felt). Mick took over during the penetrative sex, stuffing her pussy in a few positions until she finally became active during the cowgirl variations. Raven did some taste testing and there was a few edits that felt slightly "off" but it was an okay scene that ended with her receiving his wad of genetic juice to her mouth.

Scene Five: Delphi: Raven Alexis, Bridgette B., Breanne Benson, Manuel Ferrara: Raven Alexis, Brigette B., and Breanne Benson were up next enjoying a lesbian tryst that was already underway, Breanne fingering Raven’s juicy slit as Bridgette caressed and licked her own tits on a black chair across from them. Bridgette donned a strap on dildo to start planking Breanne after licking her ass, the vaginal penetration causing her to moan loudly as she continued to gobble the gash of Raven in front of her. This continued until Manuel Ferrara joined them, Bridgette next fucking Raven’s mouth as the gal and Breanne double teamed the fake pecker before Manuel joined in sexually. He dove in to give some oral to the ladies and they slobbed his knob, the turgid boner savored by all three ladies as they applied some hand to gland friction and nuzzled his nuts, Raven and Bridgette staying on the couch to play as Breanne and Manuel had some active vaginal positions, the other ladies soon availing themselves of his raging erection though there was way too much close up footage included. In the end, it was Bridgette that drained his dragon dry of sperm, Manuel unleashing his seed all over her back for the others to lick off their curvy friend.

Scene Six: Nymphomaniac: Raven Alexis, Scott Nails: Raven Alexis, in a black leotard and skirt blue jean skirt, next jumped onto the lap of Scott Nails to kiss briefly as his roaming hands lifted the skirt and pawed her. Raven’s thong was nestled deep inside her perky ass crack and she dropped down to blow Scott, the choppy editing showing the scruffy lad licking her shaven snatch as she made highly exaggerated facial expressions and moans, very little vaginal sex included before she milked his balls dry of semen when he nutted all over her face, the extreme close up manner of the camera angle weakening the short scene far too much for my tastes.

Scene Seven: Kissing Cousins: Raven Alexis, Manuel Ferrara: It’s early morning and Raven is making breakfast for Manuel and she brings it into the bedroom for him. We find out that they are happily married, and he wants a little morning action, but she is hesitant due to the visitor that is about to show up. She buckles and ends up on her back as he takes off her robe and after a little play with her boobs, heads south and works over her pussy. After a few laughs of delight, they start off with some missionary on the bed. The one down side to Blu-ray quality video, you really see all the red marks from where he touches or grabs her. He continues to work her pussy over with his cock, as she rubs her pussy. But she wants a taste of his cock, as she begins to suck and spit on it. He reaches to her pussy and gives it a little attention as she continues to work on his cock. They move around a little on the bed, and she continues to work over his cock, while gazing at him with those lovely eyes. After a long oral session, she turns around and presents her ass to him for some doggy style action, as she rests her head on the pillows. We quickly cut to some cowgirl action as he reaches around and giver her ass a little finger action while he fucks her. They keep cutting back and forth to action from different sides. The scene ends as she is on her knees and gets most of his money shot in her mouth. (review by Shawn DPS)

Scene Eight: Getting In: Raven Alexis, Erik Everhard: Raven Alexis, wearing a bath robe as Erik Everhard humorously used a plunger to get her toilet flowing, next fucked as a way of her paying him for services rendered as silly music (circa old fashioned silent movies where the piano played) softly played in the background. An abrupt edit then showed him deep in her bald beaver eating her out as she pornishly cried out, her hand reaching to jerk him off when he stood up. They kissed and caressed each other from there, Raven going down on his to aggressively suck the head of his cock as she looked up at him with longing eyes. They then vaginally fucked in a couple of positions before he plastered her mouth with his goo, the scene immediately cutting out before showing if she swallowed.

Scene Nine: Nude Content: Raven Alexis, Marcus London: The final scene features Raven delivering her content to her webmaster, Marcus London. Marcus notices that she’s one scene short, but is willing to help. After placing the camcorder on a tripod, Marcus and Raven get on with their scene. Marcus takes his time in pleasuring Raven with plenty of sucking and fingering. Raven doesn’t forget to return the favor, and gives a good licking before climbing on top of Marcus. The action remains consistent throughout missionary and doggystyle, with Marcus and Raven delivering a worthwhile and entertaining performance. The scene wraps up with Marcus giving Raven a facial. (Review by Alexander Espinoza)

Scene Ten: 2 Of A Kind: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue: Mick Blue plays his charming side and brings Raven some hot tea and attempts to strike up a conversation. The two discuss a romantic novel which serves as Mick’s entry point to Raven. The two go back and forth with a bit of foreplay, with Raven treating Mick to a bit of oral love. Mick briefly eats out Raven before going into a hard pounding. Even with Raven on top, Mick continues to do all the work and continues to drill Raven and make her squirm and scream. The action is high-octane and continues as Mick pounds away in missionary position. The action remains consistent and finishes with a facial. (Review by Alexander Espinoza)

Scene Eleven: Bad Girls 8: Raven Alexis, Erik Everhard: Gorgeous brunette Raven Alexis is having breakfast when a shirtless Erik Everhard walks into the room. She empties her milk carton into her cereal while coincidentally her own milky white jugs peek out the top of her shirt. Erik wants to punish Alexis for using all the milk and who could blame him. He pulls those tits out for a squeeze and yanks down her shorts to spank her chubby white ass. He sits her on the table and decides to substitute her pussy for his usual Froot Loops. (review by Jack Sesh)

Summary: Raven Alexis Collection by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a dedicated compilation of scenes focusing on attractive Raven Alexis regardless of what sex acts she partook in, the mileage varying considerably as to how good some scenes were. I rated the compilation from the company archives as a very solid Rent It, my belief that unaltered scenes work best in their original context, enough of these ladies showing how much they enjoyed gobbling gash that you’d think the company might have listed the scenes on the cover. In short, Raven Alexis Collection was advertised as having a plethora of Raven Alexis scenes, for those that might have missed out as they were released so give it a look if this appeals to you, a modest amount of her body of work performed under contract at Digital Playground.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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