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Anal Avenue Sluts

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/26/15

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Anal Avenue Sluts

Evil Angel/Perv City

Genre: Gonzo, Anal, Web-to-DVD

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Directors: Claudio Maestro and Mike Adriano

Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Juelz Ventura, Mike Adriano, Cameron Canada, Jessica Ryan, Casey Calvert, Kimber Day, Madelyn Monroe, Gabriella Paltrova

Length: 198:09 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Extras: The only extras were the cast list, the filmographies, photogalleries, and website links, a very bare package overall.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Avenue Sluts was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to directors Claudio Maestro and Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. Using Claudio Maestro as his co-directing cameraman, Mike got to participate in every scene, the clarity of the picture tied in large part to the abundance of lighting and steady camera work, the flesh tones accurate and framing of the action well done. The scenes were shot for the Perv City website exclusively, now released by Evil Angel to capitalize on the directors golden days (before they split up not long ago), many more excellent scenes in the pipeline from what I can tell. There was some minor aliasing and I noticed a moderate number of compression artifacts when playing this on a large screen television, but as a whole it conveyed the heat of the action quite well, the company watermark on the lower right corner present as always. The stereo audio was presented in AC3, the codec using a sampling rate of 48 kHz and a bitrate of 192 Kbps. The vocals, especially by Mike, were very clear and there were few ambient noises, the amount of separation or dynamic range minimal but not a vital component of a gonzo fuck flick to most people.

Body of Review: Claudio Maestro and Mike Adriano are directors well liked by the majority of the vulkanio.ru reviewing team, their titles for Evil Angel always in great demand. Their next title coming out is the upcoming Anal Avenue Sluts, the movie differentiating itself by using high end hotties doing anal rather than Mike’s usual love of newcomers or those new to anal. The four scenes all came from the Perv City website the directors worked together on for a long time, my understanding being that none of these scenes have been previously released on DVD for those that care. With babes like Casey Calvert, Bonnie Rotten, Madelyn Monroe, and Cameron Canada to name a few, I felt there was a lot of potential for kinky anal fun, a lot of oral included according to the press release. The one major caveat this time was that each scene had one gal to do the anal and the other was there only for oral support, often the better of the two left on the sidelines as it were.

The company website described the movie like this: “Perv City’s “Anal Avenue Sluts” are wayward, hard-core chicks that pair up to take on nasty Mike Adriano, the dirtiest ass freak in town. In each scene, a slut gets porked up the ass and her girlfriend provides sloppy oral service as graphic, rude photography captures the mayhem. Strikingly tattooed superstar Bonnie Rotten and dirty blonde Juelz Ventura give Mike a slobbery blow job, collecting rivers of viscous spit in a martini glass. With a syringe, Bonnie injects the goop up Juelz’ butthole, which drools it back into the glass! Mike sodomizes Juelz to a frothy, slobbery mess, and Bonnie squirts like a hydrant, flooding Juelz and the camera lens. Hot blonde Cameron Canada and fleshy redhead Jessica Ryan make eye contact with the camera as they rim each other. Enjoying doggie-style buggery, Cameron’s round cheeks fill the screen. Dark-haired princess Casey Calvert and 20-year-old cutie Kimber Day flavor a lollipop in Casey’s butthole and suck the sticky sweetness. Kimber eats the banana Casey’s rectum expels! Ms. Day lewdly tongues man-ass and the ladies swap spermy spit. Dirty blonde beauty Madelyn Monroe and slope-nosed slut Gabriella Paltrova mouth kiss before Mike drives his dork straight up Gaby’s pliable bubble butt.”

The company press release then described the show like this: “In the bad old days, pizza guys and pool boys ruled Porn Valley, and sex prospectors staking claim to anything wild risked public humiliation or worse. So Perv City was established at the edge of the Porn Frontier as an untamed haven where wayward adventurers could come together for online debauchery. Now the production company is bringing its web-exclusive filth to DVD and VOD fans — Evil Angel will release Perv City’s “Anal Avenue Sluts” October 28. More of Perv City’s sensational smut will show up on DVD and VOD each month. “The Perv City mayor and the whole population are very excited to see the release of the first Perv City DVD and are committed to deliver the best and nastiest sex scenes in order to give the buyer something special to look forward to in every release,” says Maestro Claudio, Perv City’s principal pornographer. “Perv City’s website has performed really well because fans love uncompromising, graphic content with lots of anal flavor,” notes Evil Angel Domestic Sales Manager Justin Rich. “That’s just the kind of stuff our customers demand. Sure enough, the first DVD — ‘Anal Avenue Sluts’ — has Evil Angel favorites like Bonnie Rotten, Gabriella Paltrova and Juelz Ventura. These new Perv City titles offer the stars and action our fans want in scenes they haven’t seen.” The girls of “Anal Avenue Sluts” are wayward, hard-core chicks that pair up to take on notorious ass freak Mike Adriano, another Evil Angel filmmaker. In each scene, Adriano sodomizes a fearless beauty as her girlfriend provides sloppy oral service, with Maestro Claudio’s vividly rude photography capturing the messy mayhem... Strikingly tattooed superstar Rotten and dirty blonde Ventura give Adriano slobbery head, collecting rivers of viscous spit in a martini glass. With a syringe, Rotten injects the slop up Ventura’s butthole, which drools it back into the glass! Adriano drills Ventura’s rectum to a frothy, slobbery mess, and Rotten squirts like a hydrant, flooding Ventura and the camera lens. More “Anal Avenue Sluts” perversion: Dark-haired princess Casey Calvert and 20-year-old cutie Kimber Day flavor a lollipop in Calvert’s butthole and suck the sticky sweetness. Day eats the banana Calvert’s rectum expels and lewdly licks Adriano’s asshole; the ladies swap spermy spit. Beautiful Madelyn Monroe and slope-nosed slut Paltrova mouth-kiss before Adriano drives his dork straight up Paltrova’s pliable bubble butt, making her anus gape so widely, the petite Monroe could almost crawl in. Hot blonde Cameron Canada and fleshy redhead Jessica Ryan make eye contact with the camera as they trade bunghole tonguing. Enjoying doggie-style buggery, Canada’s round cheeks fill the screen and her rosebud gets repeatedly smashed, with Ryan savoring ass-to-mouth flavor. Porn travelers checking out Perv City will see breathtaking views of mountainous, dramatically cleaved beauty, where speculum spelunking reveals deep, dark anal caves. Rivers of spit run like rapids among squirting fountains of female ejaculation, and foodstuffs sprout from sphincters flavored for the rim job gourmand. All of that can be found in the “Anal Avenue Sluts” DVD, which runs well over three hours.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bonnie Rotten, the heavily tattooed hotty featured on the lower middle of the front cover, was up first providing nasty oral support for perennial cutie Juelz Ventura to do anal with Mike Adriano, both gals showing off in their skimpy cover outfits before slobbing the knob of Mike and gathering their saliva. There was some nut nuzzling and hand to gland friction, with the camera lens getting some of the resulting fluids, a syringe used to deliver a lot of lube to Juelz’ pucker to ready her for Mike’s turgid member. Bonnie rimmed the gal and applied a pocket rocket wand to the gal’s delicious cookie as Mike tore into her ass, the largely passive riding eventually draining his dragon of sperm in an anal creampie, Bonnie gushing all over the place though her squirting routine was not central to the overall action. The company website described the scene like this: “Superstar Bonnie Rotten and dirty blonde Juelz Ventura are playful, busty, strikingly tattooed buddies in their first scene together, an anal threesome with pervert Mike Adriano. Juelz winks her gorgeous bunghole for Bonnie and Mike to tongue. The girls give a slobbery blow job, with rivers of viscous spit soaking tits and collecting in a martini glass. Bonnie's syringe injects the goop up Juelz' butthole, which drools it back into the glass! As Juelz vibes her clit, Mike sodomizes her to a frothy, slobbery mess, and Bonnie sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Juelz gets her pussy porked, and Bonnie spits into Juelz' gigantically gaping asshole. Bonnie squirts like a hydrant, flooding Juelz and the camera lens, before licking Juelz' butt clean.” and “First, Bonnie Rotten and Juelz Ventura get down on their knees and perform a super sloppy blowjob on that Perv City cock, all the while collecting their dripping spit in a martini glass. When that's done, they take a medical syringe, suck it up, then Bonnie squirts it all inside Juelz's eager asshole. If that's not messy enough for you, then Juelz gets fucked in her ass, causing all that dirty spit to squirt out of her butt. This has got to be one of the most filthy Up Her Asshole experiences we've ever filmed and we absolutely love it!”

Scene Two: Cameron Canada, the attractive bond bombshell featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, was then set to do anal tricks with redheaded Jessica Ryan (standing next to her on the cover) providing oral support, Mike Adriano enjoying their respective skill sets allowed to be shown this time. They were also showcased in the popular courtyard by the pool, the ladies exploring each other a little though Jessica helped focus most of the attention on her blond buddy. Cameron’s tiny black thong was nestled deeply inside her glorious ass and Jessica helped peel them out, kissing the fleshy rump in stimulating manner. I liked that Cameron gave Jessica some oral loving but the full service oral was largely devoted to Mike here, the gals tearing up as they pushed their limits to suck increasing amounts of his manhood and surrounding area, the man delving into ass and pussy alike, either from the tap or from the tongue of Jessica, before he started hammering away mercilessly on Cameron’s ass, Jessica earning extra points for how dutifully she gave both of her partners more head between positions and along the way. In the end, Cameron’s fairly passive anal riding milked Mike’s balls dry of semen though, Jessica offering her mouth as his delivery point for some cum swapping with Cameron that they largely swallowed. The company website described the scene like this: “Cameron Canada is a hot blonde in fishnets and heels; Jessica Ryan is a fleshy, lush-lipped redhead in lacy lingerie. Cameron says her big ass swallows whatever goes near it, and she proves it. Each babe makes blue-eyed contact with the camera as she rims the other, and the girls French as anal pervert Mike Adriano licks girl ass. The ladies trade off sucking cock and balls, spit strands bubbling. Jessica fingers Cameron's pussy as the blonde gets butt-fucked to gaping; Mike and Jessica tongue Cameron's open bunghole. The sluts suck cock ass-to-mouth. Cameron sits on Mike's face as Jessica blows him. Mike creams Jessica's tongue, and the ladies drool cum mouth-to-mouth.” and “Jessica Ryan is not only totally stoked to be at the Perv City house today, she's grateful to finally get a piece of Cameron Canada's ass! Cameron shows off how she can make her butt hole wink after Jessica gives her a quick and dirty rim job. The Anal Overdose fun starts after a sloppy blow job, with Cameron on her back showing off her tempting gape. As Jessica rubs her clit, Cameron quivers through multiple orgasms, all while getting her rosebud asshole smashed over and over again. While she's having a break, Jessica sucks down some ass to mouth cock before Cameron takes round two.”

Scene Three: Casey Calvert, an anal princess as seen featured on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next as the anal focal point of a scene with super adorable Kimber Day, the gal across from her on the cover with brilliant eyes, gave oral support while they worked with Mike Adriano. They began the scene in the usual courtyard but were far more fully dressed than the others, the tease including them caressing each other as the clothing was ditched which certainly made me long to see Kimber in a more active role (her perfect pucker as appetizing as any others in the movie if not more so). For her part, Casey’s perky, heart shaped ass was very anally receptive though, Kimber fingering it and tasting the digit as Mike inquired of her with a kiss. The scruffy co-director then sampled both of them orally as they bent over for him, Kimber’s superior eye contact making her more than just another oralist who enjoyed licking and sucking her two new friends. There was more obvious salad tossing here than in any other scene of the movie too, the double teaming oral showing Kimber really into devouring Mike’s ass and taint in a strangely stimulating manner. That led to Kimber sucking on a lollipop used as a dildo in Casey’s ass, Mike plowing the brunette hotty once it was fully prepared with some food fetish antics including a banana in the backside (that sounds like a hit song), the fucking allowing a short break to show Kimber using a wand vibrator to get off with before resuming slobbing the raging boner presented her, both ladies provided a share of his manly fluids as he nutted in their mouths for a lengthy kiss between the gals. The company website described the scene like this: “Dark-haired princess Casey Calvert wears a tiara bejeweled with little, multi-colored penises for her threesome with 20-year-old cutie Kimber Day and anal pervert Mike Adriano. The girls display/play with their anuses and taste each other as Mike tongues bungholes. Mike face-fucks them to a slobbery mess, and rude spit play drenches their natural bodies. Kimber rims Casey before lewdly tonguing man-ass! They flavor a pink lollipop in Casey's butthole and suck the sticky sweetness. Kimber eats the banana Casey's rectum expels! Mike bends back Casey's legs for deep sodomy, with Kimber licking dick ass-to-mouth, eating wet pussy and buzzing on a big vibe. A speculum opens Casey. The ladies swap spermy spit.” and “We could seriously watch two girls make out all day - especially when we're tongues-deep in one of their butt holes! Casey Calvert and Kimber Day are a pair of kinky girls who love to play with their assholes. After warming up with some cock sucking, it's time to break out the candy as Casey takes a lollipop Up Her Asshole. When Mike Adriano steps in to get the assfucking started, Kimber helps out by adding gobs of her own saliva as lube. The ladies share the jizz that gets dropped into Casey's mouth in celebration of a job well done.”

Scene Four: Madelyn Monroe, the adorable blond highlighted hotty on the lower right corner of the front cover, then helped finish up the movie by providing oral assistance to anal enthusiast Gabriella Paltrova, the brunette bombshell booty babe standing beside her. This time, the ladies were in the house, Madelyn wearing slutty street clothing while Gabi was in her classic pink and black lingerie, her familiar ass always welcome in any porn I check out (especially as sh fleshes out as here). Mike Adriano was lucky here too given the appeal of the ladies, Madelyn’s amazing eyes always a treat to behold and sultry Gabi a proven fuck bunny known for her sexual stamina and skills, the ladies playing together briefly before they gave him full service oral, his ass licked a bit too before Gabi started impaling herself anally on his cock. Madelyn licked both of her partners and sucked Mike off as needed with some regularity here, Gabi showing an anal gape hang time impressive compared to her peers as well. In the end, there was a fair amount of energy and enthusiasm on display her, Mike launching his seed all over their faces when he couldn’t hold out any more. The company website described the scene like this: “Dirty blonde beauty Madelyn Monroe assists slope-nosed slut Gabriella Paltrova's anal debauchery with perverted director Mike Adriano. The girls make out, mouth kiss and play with natural tits as Mike tongues bungholes. They share a blow job, Madelyn's blue eyes bugging as she sucks, and they get filthy with sloppy spit play. Dirty Gaby deeply rims Mike's man-ass before he drives his dork straight up her fleshy bubble butt. Her thick cheeks envelop his rod, and Madelyn spits into and Gabriella's gaping sphincter. Ms. Paltrova masturbates as she's sodomized, and both ladies suck Mike ass-to-mouth. He spunks their open mouths, and the girls share a messy cum kiss.” and “Gabriella Paltrova and Madelyn Monroe have brought their thick asses to the Perv City house for what we can only describe as an experience we'll be replaying for years. After these ladies show off their big fat butts they team up for a double blowjob warm up. Once that cock is nice and sloppy, the ass fucking fun begins. Gabriella gets on her back and gets fucked rough and raw. Her huge asshole gapes so much that Madelyn could easily get a fist in there! Madelyn sucks down that cock before getting it back in Gabby's gaping asshole for another round of Anal Overdose.”

Summary: Anal Avenue Sluts by directors Claudio Maestro and Mike Adriano for Evil Angel from their website “Perv City” out of the Anal Overdose and Up Her Asshole sections. The quality of ladies such as Bonnie Rotten, Casey Calvert, Cameron Canada and others helped make this worthy enough to merit a rating of Recommended or better, the best Adriano flicks always the ones where Claudio was in charge of the technical aspects. Had each of the ladies done anal instead of only one per scene, I would have boosted the rating a notch, too many missed opportunities weakening it for me. In short, Anal Avenue Sluts looks like a great addition to the movies Claudio and Mike release on their own these days so check it out when it comes out later this month and let me know what you think.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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