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Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story, The

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Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/11/15

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The Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story

Girlfriends Films/Girlsway

Genre: Feature, Lesbian

Directors: Stills By Alan & Bree Mills

Cast: Adriana Chechik, Mercedes Carrera, Dana Vespoli, Jelena Jensen, Carter Cruise, Tara Morgan, Anikka Albrite

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Non-sex roles: Bree Mills, Sara Luvv, Lola Foxx, Maggie Renault

Length: 261:02 minutes (173:17 minutes & 87:45 minutes)

Date of Production: 2015

Extras: All of the extras were included on the second disc, starting with by Matt where the cast and directors were shown at work and in interviews (the directors again stating how this was their very best movie as they do every time), slideshows, and three trailers. The BTS interviews were by AJ Bucks and the clips were edited by “Kinky Link”.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to directors Stills By Alan & Bree Mills for Girlfriends Films. The cameras were operated by Alan, Alex Ladd, and Craven Moorehead, the scenes edited by Michael Hues and John Doe, and various others pitched in to help as needed. The editing was smoother than “Business of Women” and there was a fair amount of establishing shots, the first episode looking much more involved than the rest too. The flesh tones looked accurate and more care was given to the framing, the visuals of the sex scenes looking very well done here compared to the previous feature, There was a company water mark on screen all the time and a number of establishing shots were included to further the story elements. The aural 2.0 stereo aspects (in 224 Kbps at 48 kHz) were similarly handled with care, the vocals easily heard, the musical score enhancing the production, and the textures to the sounds standing in stark contrast to Alan’s usual body of vignette work, much like has been done with the visual aspects.

Body of Review: Stills By Alan and Bree Mills are known for their lesbian erotica scenes, both contributing to features of late for distribution by Girlfriends Films. The name of their latest movie is The Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story, a lesbian feature with a darker subject matter than their last outing that I enjoyed, the title using talented ladies such as Carter Cruise, Anikka Albrite, Dana Vespoli, Tara Morgan, Mercedes Carrera, and Jelena Jensen with Bree as the writer. There was a lot of heavier themes here but mainly one of family identity and transformation, you can read into that a whole lot but I don’t want to spoil it for you here. The story itself is closer to a plot to turn the world into a bunch of lesbian loving zombies, ala Walking Dead, but it was funny at times too. The back cover described the movie like this: “From Directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, the team behind Girlsway's The Business Of Women, comes a deliciously evil fantasy about the days leading up to the lesbian apocalypse. Challenging social stigmas, drawing inspiration from film classics, and featuring an award-winning cast, The Turning is a lesbian horror story filled with powerful performances and some of the most intense girl-on-girl sex ever filmed. Halle White (Adriana Chechik) has never fit in, especially not with her religious foster family. After being pressured to organize a bachelorette for her ungrateful foster sister (Anikka Albrite), she is pushed to the edge of an emotional breakdown and turns to an unusual support counselor (Mercedes Carrera) for guidance. What happens next will take Halle on a journey of transformation that will ultimately bring her the one thing she has always desired: a family that truly loves and accepts her. Also starring Jelena Jensen, Carter Cruise, Tera Morgan, and Dana Vespoli, The Turning is a completely new experience in lesbian adult filmmaking and a must-have for any Girlswayfan.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested by there are numerous company written spoilers so proceed with caution:


Scene One: Adriana Chechik, a beautiful extreme queen hotty with pretty eyes and a body built for speed, was up first as the sad adopted daughter of a wealthy family finding solace in the new age mumbo jumbo of curvy brunette bombshell Mercedes Carrera, the older woman built for comfort over speed. As part of the program, Adriana stripped to lay down on the plush couch, Mercedes soothing the gal with her voice and light touches. Mercedes dropped her top to reveal her ample boobs before easing over to suck Adriana’s all natural nipple, both of them naked in no time before Mercedes started diddling Adriana’s bushy snatch to excite her, giving the gal head and rubbing her more before Adriana reciprocated, although more briefly. They kissed, showed some chemistry, and cuddled together on the couch before the lesbian tryst ended, no toys or boys to sully the action. The company website described the scene like this: “Girlsway's Highly Anticipated Feature Series, The Turning, begins with this mysterious first chapter: Something is not quite right in Los Angeles today. The morning began calmly enough, with traffic jams, angry drivers, and a local DJ serving up the news and weather to keep them distracted. After a flash bulletin hits the airwaves warning women of a strange new virus, it isn't long before all hell breaks loose. But what has caused this mysterious outbreak? Rewind the clock back 48 hours to a beautiful upscale neighborhood. Everything seems right in the outside world but for Halle (Adriana Chechik), a college aged foster kid who recently moved in with a new family, the world is in a much darker place. Despite the fact that her new foster mom Mrs. Smith (Dana Vespoli) has enrolled her in college and treats her like a daughter, she still doesn't truly fit in. That's because her new 'sister' Sara (Anikka Albrite) despises her, ostracizing the poor girl and making her feel like a total misfit. To Sara, Halle is nothing but street trash, the black sheep, and a nuisance who doesn't deserve her good Christian family's attention. But Mrs. Smith is a kind soul and wants nothing more than her blended family to get along. So she corners Sara into agreeing to allow Halle to plan her upcoming bachelorette party, a move that leaves Sara furious and hell bent on revenge. When she knows Halle will be in the other room, she loudly bitches on the phone to her friend Blaire about how horrible her sister is and how much she has ruined her wedding. Hearing this final rejection, Halle breaks down and runs to her room to end it all. In the midst of a panic attack, Halle remembers a distress hotline she had once written down. Calling for help, she is greeted by a kind, older hippie woman named Freedom (Mercedes Carrera) who invites her to come to her apartment and talk things out in person. Once there, the hippie is very nurturing and comforting to Halle, helping her gain enough confidence to share her true feelings and insecurities. To help her relax, Freedom offers Halle a cup of restorative blooming tea that allows her mind to open up and and enjoy the healing power of tantra through a cleansing chakra stone ritual. Freedom uses her powerful chakra stones to bloom Halle's inner lotus and feel the energy flowing and spinning through her body. In careful and meditative moves, Freedom starts at the top and works her way down through Halle's energy centers eventually bringing her chakra stones to her root chakra, located on the base of Halle's spine and into her wet pussy. As the energy continues to flow and bloom within Halle, Freedom stimulates her root chakra with the passion of vigorous pussy licking and fingering until Halle's healing ritual is complete, and Halle cums for the first time, her tight, sopping wet pussy throbbing from the contracting energy deep within her blooming chakra centers. What follows is an intense girl-on-girl lovemaking session that harkens the female spirit with each lick, suck, and pussy rub. In the end, Halle is changed forever. But how changed, you ask? It is difficult to say ... as something unusual lingers in the air after she wakes up and rushes home to present her family with a new-age idea for the bachelorette weekend, one inspired by her new friend Freedom.”

Scene Two: Adriana Chechik, in the throes of being infected by the events of the previous scene, was up next with step mother Dana Vespoli, Dana easily the best actress of the entire cast. She played the straightest gal of the bunch who was resting in bed when Adriana attacked her, the younger gal feeding her some of her pussy juices as the main way to infect another. This led to the gal going down on Dana, the couple kissing and their erect nipples looking rock hard as they tore their clothing off to savor each other’s hairy slits. There was fingering and more gash gobbling, some ass licking and face sitting, even some foot play before they tribbed together in a sweat mix, another heated scene building up the feature elements nicely. The company website described the scene like this: “The next day, after not hearing from her foster daughter in almost 24 hours, a nervous Mrs. Smith decides to call her Pastor for advice. Perhaps her idea of arranging Halle to plan Sara's bachelorette was too rash, too forced, and has caused the fragile college girl to become distant. Mrs. Smith explains the situation to the Reverend and he re-affirms her need to stay strong in her convictions. After all, family harmony is the most important thing in life next to faith. While her step-mother is on the phone, Sara tries to pass the time and calm her anger by flipping through wedding magazines. After mom hangs up and joins her, the blended family continue to squabble over the upcoming bachelorette when, suddenly, Halle arrives home. There is something unusually happy about her, as she excitedly hands over a brochure for a new-age wellness retreat that her new friend Freedom has helped her book for the weekend. Sara takes one look at the brochure and throws a fit, lashing out in Halle's face and accusing her of sabotaging her wedding. Channeling all of the confidence she learned the previous night, Halle fights back for the first time in life and the two foster sisters go at it, with Mrs. Smith struggling to separate them. Then, out of nowhere, something begins to happen to Halle ... a strange dizziness and thirst that begins to consume her thoughts. Seeing her foster daughter's sudden illness causes Mrs. Smith to put her foot down. She follows her church's advice, sticks to her convictions, and threatens to cancel the whole wedding unless Sara falls in line. Pushed into a corner, Sara has no choice but to agree as Mrs. Smith helps Halle off to get some rest. After gulping down glasses of water and stripping off her clothes to get some air, Halle crawls sheepishly into bed as her concerned foster mother checks her symptoms and says a prayer to help her feel better. Leaning in to kiss her, Mrs. Smith reminds Halle that she is loved just like a real daughter. Feeling a sense of belonging for the first time in her life, Halle drifts off to sleep to calm the fog in her mind. But the fog does not lift. In fact, the images in Halle's mind begin to flash faster and faster, taking an unexpectedly naughty twist as the day turns into night and the thirst inside of her grows more carnal. Her fragile young mind and tight, supple body are worked into a frenzy that literally snap her out of bed and sends her on a quest for the one thing that can quench her lips. All of her lips. Sliding out of the room, she stumbles from room to room until she finds the ultimate source of sweet nector: her sleeping foster mother! Watch one of the most intense lesbian sex scenes ever filmed in the history of Girlsway, as Halle and her foster mother, Mrs. Smith, go head to head in an ultimate sloppy wet battle for pussy juices.”

Scene Three: Adriana Chechik, next up naked on the examination table, had curvy Jelena Jensen sitting on her face to help quench her thirst, the gal finding out she had been “turned” into a lesbian. As Jelena’s glorious ass sat down on her face, she licked and sucked her fleshy playmate before the gal built for comfort over speed reciprocated, tonguing Adriana and sucking her labia until she squirted. The rest of the scene was similar in that the ladies ate rug and ass, fingered, and gave over the top reactions to the action, Bree given a goofy role as an “Igor” type assistant to the doctor. The company website described the scene like this: “After waking up in a daze, Halle stumbles to the bathroom to get herself together. She is haunted by the images from her dream, a nightmare so shocking she can barely believe she had it. Who in their right mind would fantasize about their foster mother that way? Her mind keeps racing, as the migraine and thirst within her become worse and worse. Meanwhile, an impatient Sara puts on her bride-to-be outfit and waits at the bottom of the stairs. Being forced by her step-mother to call her two besties, Cassie and Blaire, and have them all go to Halle's retreat getaway, has left her in a foul mood. Sara can hardly believe it when Halle creeps down the stairs, chugging water and looking like a deranged rock star. If it wasn't embarrassing enough to have to go to this hippie retreat, she has to parade around her disgusting looking 'sister' too. After a hateful exchange, the two girls leave to pick up the friends and head off to Dr. Elixor's Wellness Retreat. After travelling well outside the city, the car pulls into a long driveway that leads up to a rustic looking estate. Like a dilapidated castle, the retreat looms on the property ... as if casting an evil eye to anyone who approaches. Sara and her two friends, Cassie and Blaire, step out of the car to look around. Sara and Blaire are repulsed, while Cassie is more concerned about Halle's wellbeing. Curled up in the backseat and surrounded by empty bottles, it's as if Halle has entered a different universe. She can barely focus enough to get out and join them. A kind heart, Cassie reaches in and helps the poor foster girl to her feet and the unlikely group approach the front door. They are shocked when the door swings open and a masked orderly greets them without saying a word. They step inside the mysterious mansion and the orderly, whose surgical mask barely covers her black eye, remains silent but plays a video message from the retreat's owner, Dr. Hellisbeth Elixor. In a loud and confident voice, the beautiful Doctor lays down the law and explains exactly how the weekend will be. She instructs the orderly to separate the women, starting with Cassie and Blaire, and offers a special program for Sara, the bride-to-be. When only Halle is left, twisting and turning in her haze, the orderly whips out a soaked pair of panties and uses them to reprimand her. All it takes is one whiff and Halle passes out from the sweet smell of pussy juice. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself on an exam table, with the Doctor and Orderly eagerly eying her. They walk through her symptoms and are amazed at her progression. After all, she is the first successful patient zero. But, patient zero of what, Halle begs ... is she being punished for her night with Freedom or for challenging her foster family? Is she sick? The Doctor laughs and, looking her straight in the eye, tells her that isn't being punished at all; she has simply been turned. What follows is an intense doctor-patient lesbian sex session where Dr. Elixor, her large bouncing breasts and juicy pussy exposed, helps to train and quench the insatiable thirst of a freshly turned Halle. After she has finished drinking every possible amount of cum from the good Doctor, she becomes so excited that her own fluids rush out of her in a squirting frenzy. This wet mess is exactly the sample the Doctor was hoping for, especially if she is going to turn the others!”

Scene Four: Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise, and Tara Morgan were up next in a bedroom that was made into a “yoga chamber”. The scene began with Carter and Tara doing yoga in their skin tight outfits, some of the positions hilarious when combined with Carter’s reactions to them. Adriana fed them the tainted beverage and soon enough all three were guzzling it down, the threesome showing the impact as they were all over one another kissing and pawing pussy, licking ass and snatch in copious amounts with Tara’s bald beaver getting a great deal of love as did the other two though there was less overt squirting (most of it at the end), the ladies rubbing snatch more in this fairly short tryst. The company website described the scene like this: “Meanwhile, on the other side of the retreat, Cassie and Blaire have been mysteriously locked inside Dr. Elixir's yoga chamber ... for hours. Unsure of what to do and anxiously awaiting news about Sara, the two girls try and complete some of the complicated poses they've been ordered to do. What they don't realize is that their stretching is only a means of preparation for the lesbian transformation that awaits them. When the Doctor's Orderly returns with Halle, completely transformed from sickly emo girl into a radiant goddess, they can't help but be stunned. Cassie rushes to Halle's side to compliment her, but Blaire remains bitchy and skeptical. The Orderly offers Blaire and Cassie their first taste of Dr. Elixir's blooming tea, a special patented infusion designed to awaken their female spirit. Blaire isn't sure, but Cassie drinks hers down in one gulp, overwhelmed by the flavor. She pushes Blaire to taste the spirit herself and, despite her initial hesitation, Blaire soon can't get enough. Eyeing them intently, the Orderly leaves with the empty glasses and Halle takes a spot in the corner to watch the girls pose. Soon after, Cassie begins to feel strange. She is convinced she's possessed when she starts seeing lesbian sex flashing before her eyes, draining her mouth of every last bit of moisture as she licks her lips in lust. Halle beckons her over, and overcome with a lesbian thirst so powerful, Cassie can't fight back the urges and the two turned women begin to spit swap. Blaire spots this and is completely disgusted by her friend's behavior. What is she doing 'dyking it out' with that loser Halle! Running to the door to escape whatever is possessing them, she soon starts having the same flashes of lesbian sex in her mind. As Halle and Cassie persist, Blaire becomes weaker and weaker until their lesbian hunger pulls her completely into a state of sapphic bliss. Halle peels off her tight yoga pants and Cassie drinks the juice directly from Blaire's salivating mouth. In complete control of her new lesbian pets, Halle peels off Cassie's tight pants while she laps the sweat from Blaire's dripping breasts. What follows is one of the most intense threesomes ever filmed by Girlsway, where Blaire and Cassie become predatory animals in their thirst for Halle's potent pussy juice. In the end, Halle emerges as a true leader, a goddess owning the powerful sapphic energy that courses through her superhuman pussy, taking her new proteges on a wild, wet ride ... just as the good Doctor had instructed.”

Scene Five: Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise, Jelena Jensen, and Tara Morgan, were then up in a lesbian encounter where the doctor tested the other three of their newfound abhorrence to men, the younger ladies kneeling on the floor before ending up on the brown leather couch. Jelena opened her lab coat to let the ladies feast on her neatly trimmed cookie, some hand to gland diddling and kissing included as they got each other off. They ate ass and fingered, some goo gushing included and most of the action showing one lady focused on at a time though Jelena kept off to appreciate their antics more than the rest. The company website described the scene like this: “Busy putting the finishing touches on her tea packaging, Dr. Elixir looks up from her computer just as her Orderly ushers Halle, Cassie, and Blaire into the room. Eying their glistening, sticky bodies and wide-eyed wonder, the Doctor smiles. It appears her pet Halle has done her job, just as she was trained. She orders the Orderly out of the room so she can privately test the results of her most recent experiments. She begins by showing the new lesbians a men's magazine and, as anticipated, they react in horror and disgust at the mere sight of a man. Triumphantly, Dr. Elixir checks off her pad and runs another, more crucial test. Pulling a soaking wet pair of panties out of her lab coat, she teases the girls until their mouths are drooling and they have pussy juice running down their legs. The second she drops the panties to the ground, the three lusty lezzies dive on the floor, crawling and fighting to snatch and suck on the sweet soaked cotton. Blaire, the most aggressive of the trio, manages to rip the undies away from Halle and Cassie and devour it all for herself. Hungrily, the girls look back to the good Doctor for nourishment and beg for a drink. With her experiments a complete success, the Doctor can now rejoice in her victory ... and feed her hungry pets at the same time! She towers over them and lets her lab coat drop to her feet, exposing her luscious breasts and perfect pussy. The girls swarm around her snatch and beginning sucking and licking. What follows is a wet and wild foursome featuring the Doctor and her pets exchanging fluids from every possible orifice. Not only training the girls, Dr. Elixir also joins in and makes sure she benefits from the potency of her newly turned lesbians. When the girls can't possible suck and lick any more, the Doctor orders them to freshen up so they can have the one snack they have been requesting since they were first turned: the sweet, innocent girl-girl virgin pussy of their best friend and bride-to-be, Sara! As the Orderly leads Cassie and Blaire off to prepare for their dinner, the Doctor turns back to her protege and, kissing Halle proudly on the forehead, reveals an extra special mission that she has planned for her.”

Scene Six: Adriana Chechik, Anikka Albrite, and Dana Vespoli were up last as Anikka’s escape from the retreat proved shortlived. She was in her wedding dress when Adriana and Dana sat beside her until they pulled her out of the outfit to kiss and go down on her, more face sitting included with the oral and fingering here on the living room couch. The exaggerated reactions by the ladies were as amusing as they were in the previous scenes, I only wished that Anikka had been in more of the action prior to this point. Adriana was a focal point though, her flexibility tested as she was made to gush with her legs way over her head held by Dana as Anikka fingered her, the feeding of juices continuing until some clips and a commercial populated the ending portion and credits to reinforce the humor horror dynamic more openly. The company website described the scene like this: “Girlway's Feature series, The Turning, concludes with this epic finale! Make sure to watch all the way to the end credits because you never know what surprises we may have in store for you: Sara is locked inside her bridal meditation room, and, as the hours pass, her mind becomes more and more claustrophobic. Dr. Elixir has instructed to keep her locked up so she can 'relax' but we all know that what they have planned for her at the retreat is something entirely new and exciting. Sara wants to leave so she checks every possible exit, frustrated by the feeling of being cooped up in the suite, and no way to get hold of anyone who can help. Halle will not get away with this! Deciding not to let the situation get the best of her, Sara decides that trying on her wedding dress will remind her of the real reason she's here. As she places piece by piece of her gown on her perfect body, we get the sense she's not the only one around. Blaire and Cassie show up, from out of nowhere, outside her doors with their turnings in full effect. They find their way into the room. Sara tries to have them help her, but they have other plans. Cassie kneels between Sara's legs, hungry for her sweet smelling pussy. Sara senses immediately that things are different and struggles to escape out of the room, locking her tainted best friends in behind her. Sara flees as fast as she can, still clad in her wedding gown, in a mad dash for her mother's arms. Meanwhile, back at home, Mrs. Smith waits for her on the couch, the evidence of her turning strewn all around her. After confessing what happened at the retreat, Sara discovers her father lying motionless on the kitchen floor. When she pushes her step-mother to explain, Mrs. Smith tells her that he just didn't taste right, and soon Halle enters in all her radiant beauty and enlists her new family to hep her complete her mission: to turn Sara. Halle reaches down into her goddess panties and wields a few fingers full of her gooey pussy juice, feeding them to Sara. As Halle's turning is super potent, Sara feels the lesbian effect almost immediately. Halle and Mrs. Smith help the bride out of her gown. Sara begins to heave and lust for step mommy and foster sister's wet hungry mouths on her, and as they shower Sara in their saliva. The wet bride soon becomes a lesbian goddess herself, turned from straight bitchy bride to lesbian seductress. Dr. Elixir's plan is complete, and the Lesbian Apocalypse is finally ready to begin!”

Summary: The Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story by directors Stills By Alan & Bree Mills for Girlfriends Films was one part Stepford Wives, two parts Walking Dead, and half a shake of mad scientist conquering the world cheese for some unintentional humor-spiced-horror flick. It was not overtly very funny often but it was not a straightforward horror flick as presented either, my suggested rating of Recommended for those that appreciate hotties going at it in lesbian trysts really dependent upon how much you care for lesbian action. As this was also a spotlight sshowcase movie for Adriana Chechik, any of her fans should consider this a “must have” movie too. I’m glad they did not make the movie a true horror flick, a lot of little clues like Dana’s “born again Christian” character or some of the reactions to the situations by the cast keeping it from getting too heavy (Jelena’s name, the ending commercial, etc.), and squirting enthusiasts will certainly get an extra kick out of The Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story, check it out if you like gash gobbling action as you won’t be disappointed.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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