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True History of Strap Attack 2, The

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/5/15

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The True History Of Strap Attack 2

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Genre: Female Domination, Pegging

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Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: London Keyes, Slut Bottom Chris, Kristina Rose, Patrick J. Knight, Tasha Reign, Kurt Lockwood, Dillion Harper, Chanel Preston, Rocco Reed, Remy LaCroix, Tanya Tate, Cassandra Nix, Gabriel D'Alessandro, Maddy O’Reilly

Length: 197:21 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Extras: There was a scrolling cast list, some websites, trailers, and filmographies.

Condoms: Some (on toys only)

Audio/Video Quality: The True History Of Strap Attack 2 was presented as a disc offering with all scenespresented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. The quick take on the scenes was that they appeared to be unedited from their original source material and generally looked good, the colors, fleshtones, and editing helping to make them stand out from the crowd compared to the (mostly) low budget competition you will find on the market. The audio was offered up in a basic Dolby Digital stereo with easily heard vocals and minimal music or background ambient noises, the majority of attention going to the visual elements of the scenes.

Body of Review: Joey Silvera is a porn legend on both sides of the camera, his works often credited with mainstreaming a number of relatively marginal genres at Evil Angel. One example of this is his dedication to transsexual flicks, another to “pegging” or females fucking guys in the ass with strap on dildos, the man releasing a compilation of scenes a few years back in Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack and then a followup with The True History of Strap Attack 1. Joey now moves further with an all new compilation called The True History Of Strap Attack 2, the single disc title picking up where the others left off. While I have not reviewed every volume in the series, I have a good working knowledge of the titles in question, some of the best babes in the industry sticking it to some of the most marginal mopes Joey could convince to join them, this always being a sticking point (no pun intended) holding down the ratings at times. While I was disappointed the title was only a single disc with half the material, it did include ladies such as Remy LaCroix, Chanel Preston, Tanya Tate, and Maddy O’Reilly so it seemed as though the director was shooting for a “quality over quantity” approach to a degree, just remembering that his previous compilations were also quality affairs.

The company website described the double disc compilation like this: “Crazy director Joey Silvera creates some of porn’s best pegging action, and the scenes collected in “The True History Of Strap Attack #2” show the nasty glory of hot chicks impaling male wimps upon menacing strap-on dongs. Busty Asian London Keyes dominates her slave, spitting in his mouth and jamming his face in her big ass cheeks. She leaves red paddle welts alongside his gaping backdoor. Latina minx Kristina Rose plants her buttocks over her boy-toy’s face as he struggles to breathe. She sodomizes him and jerks him off twice. In a scout uniform, Dillion Harper is prepared to fuck her teacher up the ass! Gorgeous Chanel Preston, as a cold-hearted psychiatrist, prescribes humiliating rectal ravishment for her muscular patient. A submissive pervert worships adorable, young Remy LaCroix and takes a relentless ass reaming; she milks his sperm into his mouth. Buxom Tanya Tate and 19-year-old Cassandra Nix take turns face-fucking a slave and ramming his rear; striving to be crowned Miss Teen Strap America, Cassandra drools his cum into his mouth! Curvaceous Tasha Reign issues a brutal pegging. Maddy O’Reilly corn-holes a bitch-boy’s ass, coats her fake dick in his sperm and makes him suck it clean.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Strap Attack 15: London Keyes, Slut Bottom Chris: London Keyes, the curvy babe headlining the entire show, was up next as seen featured on the right side of the front cover. Her tease session was short but covered all her wonderful bases, “Slut Bottom” Chris crawling over to her with her flogger in his mouth before he ate her ass at length. London rimmed him and stretched his ass with fingers briefly, soon paddling and flogging his ass red before using a plastic hand to really open him up. That caused him to pop early, his modest seed not enough for her so she began drilling him even harder with her strap on dildo and fingers (as well as other toys while she rubbed one out using a wand on herself). This led to a second small load of spunk that he was forced to lick up, London showing the director how much she enjoyed herself at the end.

Scene Two: Strap Attack 16: Kristina Rose, Patrick J. Knight: Kristina Rose, the biggest “name” performer of the movie for the last several years, was up first brandishing a riding crop as she took charge of meager Patrick J. Knight in the living room. Her slutty attire did not weaken the fact that she was in charge, using Patrick as her pony to ride on his neck. She had him jerk off a little but his unimpressive performance led her to using him as human toilet paper, shoving his face between her thick ass cheeks to focus on rimming her. The face sitting followed and she jerked him off, slobbing his knob just enough to own him and rubbing her hairy snatch against his pecker to make him her devoted slave. She choked him and donned a chocolate dildo to throat him with, his practiced ease of sword swallowing making it clear that he was quite an expert at doing so. This led to her fingering his ass while continuing the dirty talk, a glass bead toy and flesh colored dildo next aggressively inserted up his ass as he beat his meat. She fed him some ass coated cock from there (ATM) and used a wand vibrator on her pussy while he gobbled her gash, leading to him unleashing his wad of splooge all over her hand but it was not the strongest opening scene in the series.

Scene Three: Strap For Teacher 2: Tasha Reign, Kurt Lockwood: Tasha Reign, the curvy blond bombshell featured on the front cover, was up next as she bent over the desk of coach Kurt Lockwood, her wonderful ass in full view as she tried to engage him sexually. She came back in a slinky black dress, the guy looking the part of a harried coach not getting any sleep, and disclosed his fantasy to get fucked in the ass so she was all over him as she made it clear she was going to take care of business. They pawed each other and kissed, Tasha’s sweet ass in plain view much of the time as she added some details and sucked his pecker. A quick edit had them in bed where she was suited up with a strap on dildo, Kurt showing his prowess with giving head as she diddled herself, Tasha providing a stream of dirty talk to enhance the moment. They rolled over into a 69 but she stopped shy of tossing his salad, putting on some gloves to finger his ass which led to some extremely minimal ass licking on her part (like it was toxic waste). She then went right to tapping his ass as he jerked off, Kurt exploding all over his hand and Tasha moving to taste his population pudding but not swallowing most of it. In her favor, she looked good (especially her ass) and kept good eye contact.

Scene Four: Strap For Teacher 3: Dillion Harper, Kurt Lockwood: Dillion Harper, the lean brunette cutie featured on the front cover, was up first dressed in a scout uniform and colorful panties as she posed outside while waiting to give it to Kurt Lockwood in the ass. She had heard how much he liked taking it in the ass and wanted to give him plenty to enjoy as she rubbed herself for the camera. The brief tease led to Dillion ending up in his living room where she showed off her body even more, the gal slobbing his knob and playing the rusty trombone before using multiple fingers on his ass. He asked her for more to stretch him out and she complied with his stated wishes, giving him plenty more full service oral to appreciate before she actively rode his cock in her bald beaver. She continued going down on his and applying some hand to gland friction before he gobbled her gash and ass, the gal vaginally riding his pecker in a few positions until it was his turn to be a receiver. She put on the strap on dildo and Kurt practically drooled to get it inside his ass, the guy sucking her feet before showing his extensive skills on blowing the fake cock. From there, Dillion rode his cock a few more times before reciprocating on his ass, the gal jerking him off as she tapped his wide open ass with a condom clad plastic pecker. By the time he unleashed his modest load of genetic juice all over himself, she was spent too, the gal licking up the baby batter before Kurt announced he was giving everyone an A.

Scene Five: Strap For Teacher 1: Chanel Preston, Rocco Reed: Chanel Preston, the high end hotty featured on the left side of the front cover, was then up as the psychiatrist of Rocco Reed, the man trying to cope with his newfound love of cock. Chanel was the biggest “name” of the cast and much hotter than shown on the front cover, her observations as to Rocco’s issues amusing on a couple of levels. She showed off a lot of cleavage and was soon naked but for a thong and some stockings, her mouth wrapping around his pecker to go all out blowing him aggressively. The hand assisted hummer was most strokable, Chanel providing full service oral when she rimmed his ass as well. She then sat on his face to allow him to reciprocate, fingering his ass before allowing him some premium pussy to fuck. She then put on the strap on dildo to have him blow her and take it up the ass, Chanel’s dirty talk making it all worthwhile. This continued until she jerked him off with an oiled up glove, his puddle of population pudding licked up and deposited into his own ass.

Scene Six: Strap Some Boyz 1: Remy LaCroix, Deviant Kade: Remy LaCroix, the sexy booty babe featured on the right half of the front cover, was up next as she joyfully worked over moper Deviant Kade. The 24 year old hotty teased the camera and exchanged some verbal banter with the director, her all natural curves as appreciated as her pretty eyes and rounded rump. He came into the picture eating her ass when her gray shorts were pulled down, her purple thong lost deep inside her ass crack for him to work out with his tongue. She straddled his face and gave him a modest blowjob, the gal making him savor her sweaty feet just as aggressively as she rubbed one out. As he went down on her, she strangled him with her leg lock, feeding him a strap on dildo to warm him up before she let him fuck her shaven snatch briefly. Remy then tossed his salad and fingered his pucker, shoving more fingers inside of him before using her strap on dildo to go balls deep. Remy went slowly at first but went ever deeper as he beat off in doggy, the gal speeding up and allowing him to stroke himself while his balls were separated by a studded device. She then used the dildo on him by hand as she jerked him off in pile driver, his own load of population pudding directed where he said he wanted it (in his open mouth) for swallowing.

Scene Seven: Miss Teen Strap America 2: Tanya Tate, Cassandra Nix, Gabriel D'Alessandro: Tanya Tate, the busty blond British bombshell spotted on the center of the front cover overlooking smaller brunette Cassandra Nix, was up first with the youthful cutie to teach her the best way to dominate Gabriel D’Alessandro. Tanya portrayed a beauty pageant coordinator and Cassandra her charge, the usual factors like makeup and hair only a starting point for the kinky duo. They spent some time getting acquainted orally, Tanya fingering Cassandra in a chair before Gabriel was brought in to use as a test subject. The ladies tossed his salad and kissed again, spanking him and fingering the mope before them blowing him led to him blowing them. He alternated between the dildos sported by the ladies and Tanya took him first, Cassandra spreading her ass for him to eat while Tanya continued her anal assault on his backdoor. There was a lot of verbal degradation on the guy and the ladies switched roles to allow Cassandra a chance to pork him too, some taste testing leading to him getting to penetrate them making it worthwhile for him to appreciate. There was some breath play for the squeamish, Tanya jerking his genetic juice out of his cock while she fucked his ass one last time (and fed him some of his juices until Cassandra cumswapped a lot more with him).

Scene Eight: Strap Attack 17: Maddy O’Reilly, Deviant Kade: Maddy O’Reilly, a lean and sexy newcomer, was up next as she sunbathed by the pool on a sunny day. She wore a skimpy pink bikini and some text set the stage as to her competing with Deviant Kade in a pole dancing context after she just started getting interesting by the pool (removing her top). Kade complained about her modest dance skills and they made a bet, flexible Maddy earning the right to bone the moper in the ass with a strap on dildo when he lost. He rimmed her and she fed him her shoe heel, the guy jerking off as she provided some aurally inspirational material in the form of dirty talk. She then jerked him off as she fed him her toy, his ability to suck a fake cock showing his was no stranger to giving a phallus head. She took further control of him from there, teasing him with foot fetish oral and then rimming before planting a vibrator in his ass while occasionally sucking the tip of his cock. While the vibrator was pretty good sized, it slid into him without any effort, the gal jerking him off as she did so until it was time to bang him like she was inspired. Maddy’s ass looked fantastic as she pounded him, her snatch appearing to juice up as a covering of sweat graced her body. The scene then ended abruptly when she jerked him off to completion, his small load of population pudding landing on her hand and his abdomen, Maddy scooping it up on her toy to feed him some.

Summary: The True History Of Strap Attack 2 by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel was lengthy for a single disc, had some great scenes from the vaults, and while I would have swapped out some of the scenes for others from the related titles they came from, I cannot deny that genre fans should find this one to be worthy of being at least Recommended if they do not already own the associated fuck flicks. I almost always advocate checking out the original releases over compilations but getting to see performers such as London Keyes, Remy LaCroix, Cassandra Nix, and others having such a good time wielding their newfound sword is always a treat so enjoy it. In short then, The True History Of Strap Attack 2 (AKA: “Pegged 3”) might have offered no new extras or unreleased footage and/or scenes from the past but it did give a strong selection of scenes that might interest folks wanting to experiment with something well off the beaten track, the ladies among the best you will find in the genre.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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