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Brandi's Girls

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Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/7/15

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Brandi’s Girls

Girlsway/Girlfriends Films

Genre: Lesbian, Fauxcest, Web-to-DVD, Vignette

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Director: Stills By Alan

Cast: Brandi Love, Halle Von, Dillion Harper, Ariella Ferrera, Carter Cruise, Tanya Tate, Marina Angel, Tara Morgan

Length: 146:41 minutes

Date of Production: 8/30/2014 to 12/13/2014

Extras: There were slideshows to each scene and two trailers (including Carter’s Anal College), that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Brandi’s Girls was a series of vignettes taken from the company website that were shot in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Stills By Alan for Girlsway. The editing was handled by Michael Hues and Jeff Allan, the credits listing every camera operator the company has probably employed for years including Alan, Matt Holder, Moxxx, Shallow Hal, Jeff Allan, Craven Moorehead, and Red Dyver, story elements attributed to Lucy J., and many of the listed camera operators were also producers or otherwise involved with the making of ther scenes. The flesh tones were accurate, the lighting good, and the editing smooth in most cases, the focus a little heavy at times on close up shots but otherwise, there was little to complain about other than the light company watermark observed on the lower left corner of the screen. The aural components were offered in 2.0 stereo and blended in some light music with vocals and ambient noises to flesh out the sonic experience, some vocals occasionally hollow but generally well done.

Body of Review: Stills By Alan is a director for Girlsway, the company now distributing collections of their web scenes on DVD by Girlfriends Films. Their latest to come in for review is called Brandi’s Girls, each scene detailing a step mother with step daughter theme, lovely babe Brandi Love dominating the production with three scenes from last year. If you like the older woman with younger gal dynamic, I had to admit that seeing cuties like New Starlet of the Year Carter Cruise, delightful Dillion Harper, and cute newcomer Tara Morgan go at it with Brandi, Tanya Tate or Ariella Ferrera helped make the scenes work for me, the sexual encounters stimulating to say the least. The back cover stated it like this: “Brandi is a bored housewife with nothing but time on her hands and a vibrator in her pussy to keep her company. That is, until one day when step-daughter Halle skips school and accidentally walks in on her new mommy mid-orgasm. Rather than tell her father, Brandi seduces the teen into their first lesbian experience. And, you know what they say, once a lesbian always a lesbian. Mommysgirl.com is proud to present Brandi's Girls & Other Stories, starring Brandi Love, Halle Von, Carter Cruise, and Tara Morgan. Witness Brandi's sexual escapades, from corrupting both of her husband's daughters to starting over with a new family, only to find herself drawing towards another vulnerable step-daughter. This action packed film also features Ariella Ferrera, Tanya Tate, Dillion Harper and Marina Angel. Sit back and enjoy the ride with some of the naughtiest moms in the world!” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Caught Skipping: Brandi Love, the busty blonde bombshell featured on the left side of the front cover, was up first as a step mother whose hooky playing step daughter, Halle Von (the cute gal sitting down on the right side of the front cover) peeped on as the older woman masturbated. Halle started to rub one out too and when Brandi caught her thanks to a cell phone ringing, the two had a lengthy chat on bed that led to some licking and fingering by both as Brandi taught Halle a few tricks. There was gash gobbling and tribbing, Halle’s bald beaver adoring Brandi’s touch but both of them appeared to get off and showed some degree of energy and passion. The company website described the scene like this: “Today was Halle Von's lucky day! Not every day do we get to see a young lady become a beautiful, confident woman! Halle is a type of wild child, who has an excuse for everything, right down to the tattoo she stupidly got while skipping school, yet another familial offence, on top of a long list. At least that's what her step-mother Brandi Love thinks! Brandi has got chops when it comes to nurturing manipulation, but in the end, Brandi teaches Halle what she needs to become the confident woman she will need to be to pull off a tattoo like that! On top of all the offences cute teen Halle has racked up, Brandi was in the middle of an incredible masturbation session with a dido deep inside her wet pussy when Halle walked in on her! In order to keep Brandi's tongue tied, Halle is going to have to help her finish. Halle has never had sex with a girl, let alone a woman, and as Brandi uses her power to submit the girl to an incredible first lesbian orgasm, we see Halle gradually find herself amongst the Teen rubble they leave behind. Brandi can tell Halle is nervous at first, but after Brandi sets the record straight as far as pleasing any sexual partner, Halle shows off her new tricks. Halle's pussy licking, and fingering helps Brandi finish with a thigh clenching orgasm that sure makes this Mommy's Girl into a confident woman with a few brand new tricks to try out on her friends.” 9/27/2014

Scene Two: The Break Up: Dillion Harper, a sexy brunette with a body built for speed over comfort was up next as she dealt with her cheating husband with some advice from step mother Ariella Ferrera, the whole cheating spouse angle covered fairly well here. Ariella comforted her with a snack and as Dillion opened up about having some thoughts about a female friend, the older woman helped educate her on what other women like to experience in terms of physical sensations on the bed. Like the other scenes, there was no rush to sex and even if a few comments were a bit awkward, the bulk of the verbal exchange setting up the story for their sexual tryst. Dillion made the first move by leaning in for the opening kiss, Ariella showing her how to make a love connection via light touches and kisses before exploring her entire body in a seductive manner. They ate each other out with Ariella devouring Dillion first, the younger gal’s pronounced tan line looking especially nice but both ladies having their own appeal, the eye contact and personal chemistry between them really hot. The company website described the scene like this: “It's rough for Dillion to be home right now. Her first year at college has brought a lot of changes for her. She knew her husband was the man she'd marry, but Ariella Ferrera, her step-mom warned her that they were too young. Turns out he's been cheating on Dillion and in her own way, she's found someone new to share the whole thing with! Dillion is confused, and luckily thought of just the right person to turn to for help, her step-mom. When Dillion admits she wants to go further with a close friend at college, Ariella explains that she was a lot like Dillion in her college days, so she is pleased as peach punch to show Dillion the ropes when it comes to lesbian sex. They start off with a bit of soft caressing, and soon move to making out. Dillion is ready for anything that Ariella is about to show her. Touching is lesson one, but that gradually and sensually builds to each of the beautiful women eating out the other. Ariella shows her nurturing skills and Dillion responds, wanting to learn in full excitement and curiosity. Once Dillion is out of her clothes Ariella shows her how slow to go. Dillion is wet from the beginning, and as both find their way closer to their orgasms their moaning and writhing prove that their rhythm is so important! First, Ariella shows Dillion how to eat pussy, and then tells her to test out her moves on her. Both have the amazing orgasms like they can only have with another woman!” 10/25/2014

Scene Three: Past Your Curfew: Carter Cruise, the beautiful blond Starlet of the Year, was up next in an animal print dress as she snuck into the house like she was a ninja, step mother Brandi Love making a smile as she heard the youth slip in. The story elements suggested Carter was coming in “in the middle of the night” though it was a bright sunny day so unless they were in Alaska, that goof was a bit weird, the rest of the exchange as Brandi used her standard authority figure speech all too familiar to some of us. They ended up having a discussion on the black leather couch where Carter’s sexy dress and heels came into play, Brandi’s delicious boobs hanging out of her open blouse as the older woman suggested the hotty start having lesbian sex. Okay, that was weird and Carter’s facial expressions showed it too, the discussion leading into a training session where they kissed and caressed, Carter’s pierced nipples also invoking a reaction. Carter sported a neatly trimmed pubic patch and they began with a lesson on masturbating, Brandi ditching her attire slowly after Carter was fully naked. The already hot encounter stepped up as Brandi showed Carter how lubrication can enhance the feeling, the mutual solo session leading to some great oral by both of them, fingering, and then a strap on dildo with Carter looking like she nutted a couple of times. The company website described the scene like this: “Today, Carter Cruise is learning a lesson, and maybe it's not the one she was expecting today, but it's going to happen nonetheless. Brandi Love, her stepmom, just caught her sneaking in after a vaguely suspicious night out, apparently with a boy she saw for a date. Brandi has always tried to look out for her poor step daughter, but when shit hits the fan, she knows it's time to reel carter in. Carter's excuses aren't very good, and Brandi has a pretty serious issue with Carter bringing her party ass home pregnant! In order to wipe the slate clean and get Carter to rely on her more (as she should) Brandi is going to give Carter a couple pointers. Ones that will ensure she doesn't get pregnant, but still letting her experience the best out of her meek teen life! First Lesson: Orgasm. Brandi helps Carter out of her leopard dress, and into her birthday suit. Brandi's not long after! Carter's tension is about to fly out of the window, when expert stepmom Brandi gets to the party. She starts by showing Carter that dry fingers just plain hurt, and that taking her time will pay off! Brandi shows Carter how to finger herself. But when Carter explains she doesn't realize the point of doing this with friends, Brandi shows her what having sex with another girl will get her. Brandi uses her expert tongue to tease and suck at Carter's beautiful teen pussy. Carter goes down on Brandi, giving her a glimpse of the elusive orgasm. Brandi's not done with playing teacher, and pulls out a strap on to show Carter what it's going to be like when her boyfriend finally whips it out. Carter's begging for more at this point, and it sure doesn't take long before Brandi makes Carter cum with her pink toy deep inside Carter's virgin pussy, showing her what it's like to be a woman!” 11/1/2014

Scene Four: My Daughter’s Friend: Tanya Tate, a very popular British blond bombshell, was up next in a slight variation on the theme, portraying the mother of a daughter’s friend played by perky Marina Angel. Marina drove her sporty ride to deliver newspapers, hand delivering Tanya’s paper to see her daughter. The daughter was shopping at the mall and the sun high in the air so it must have been an after noon edition, Tanya inviting the sexy brunette into the house for some lemonade and a break. Tanya was dressed in a tight black skirt and exceedingly loose pink top and half bra, Marina in a green tank top and tight black booty shorts, the discussion about studying leading to dating. Their exchange led to sex talk and hinted at lesbian play, both of them soon stripping to show very skimpy panties and tan lines, the ladies all over each other in heated fashion as kisses led to touching which led to great gash gobbling where Tanya liked the gal so much that she licked her fingers clean once the cutie left. The company website described the scene like this: “Marina's been out delivering the papers all morning, and it's just such a hot day! Her parents don't have A/C. Marina is such a nice young lady that she saved the last paper for Tanya Tate, her best friend's mom. When she delivers the paper of Tanya's door, she greets the petite teen with enthusiasm. Tanya has A/C, lemonade, Marina's best friend for a step-daughter, and a tasty step-mom pussy that really needs a good licking. Tanya welcomes her daughter's friend into her lovely home to help her cool down. But what Tanya does next would shock most of the girls in Marina's class. Tanya habitually starts by asking how things are going in the lives of her daughter's friends. Soon she has their lacy panties off, and their nubile little pussies all wet and ready to savor. Marina is nervous so they compare each other's pussies first, getting more and more comfortable with one another. But it doesn't take long before Marina's curiosity outweighs her nerves, and she's between Tanya's legs licking her experienced tutor like she could eat pussy for days. Tanya has many intense orgasms from Marina's wet tongue, and then gives Marina a taste of her own medicine. No teen has learned so much at once!” 8/30/2014

Scene Five: A Show of Faith: Brandi Love, up last playing a step mother of three years, was dressed in a conservative white dress as she checked up on sickly step daughter Tara Morgan who was resting in bed. Tara’s thong was nestled delightfully well up her ass crack, Brandi fixing some food for her which led to the youth showing her religious faith though it seemed a point of contention that Tara wanted to talk about. Tara broached the subject of her attraction to other women, one in particular who turned out to be Brandi. Brandi’s supportive comments before knowing it was her led Tara to kiss her, the interconnection to the previous scenes humorous as Tara used the trysts with Halle and Carter against her to pressure her for sex. After the requisite hesitation, Brandi was soon sucking face with beautiful Tara and the youth was fully doing it too, the clothing coming off and more oral leading to face sitting and some genuine heat, this scene as smoking hot as the previous four as they came to grips with their darker sides, a lot of tongue used in the ending kisses as they made their sexuality their little secret.The company website described the scene like this: “Brandi Love is a loving nurturing stepmom. Sometimes things happen in her life that make her change it up a bit. She married the local pastor and got a new stepdaughter out of the deal. Tara Morgan is a model of a perfect stepdaughter with down home religious values and an A type personality that makes her industrious and productive. But today Tara is home sick. Sometimes in a young girl's life she needs a role model, one that will help her stand up to the bumps in her path, and Brandi is so invested in their relationship that she doesn't hesitate to be the gentle mother she signed on to be. Tara has a problem, one she's afraid to talk about with anyone else. She's interested in girls. She has dreams about other girls. Brandi reacts to her news with loving open arms, and helps Tara feel that her new journey is going to be a natural sequence of changes that help Tara become the young woman she is meant to be. Tara reveals that she has never tried anything with a girl, and Brandi shows that she's got the lesson plan all ready by helping Tara discover her sexuality and teaching her how to make the best of her new outlook.” 12/13/2014

Summary: Brandi’s Girls by director Stills By Alan for Girlsway was surprisingly strong in terms of providing lesbian cougar on kitten step relation scenes, the technical aspects helping enhance the chemistry to make this one earn a rating of Highly Recommended for genre fans. I admit that Brandi Love and Tanya Tate are favorites of mine and adorable younger ladies such as Carter Cruise, Marina Angel, and Dillion Harper (to name a few) added some replay value for me but I hope to see more from the company like Brandi’s Girls or even check out the company website as the scenes are shot because a lot of attention was put into the details, if only the extras could get a bit more attention to make their discs stand out a bit more so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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