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Limber Girls

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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 2/7/15

vulkanio.ru's Advice:

As if you couldn't tell from the title, the theme of this compilation is "unique sexual positions." Some of these positions are unique, and some I've seen a few times before (and I don't watch as much porn as most folks around these parts). I figured that I would like this title because I find most porn to be boring since it's the same old thing that's been done countless times before. Kiss, blowjob, eat pussy, missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, maybe anal, cumshot... wash, rinse, repeat. I've just described 85% of the sex scenes ever filmed. So to have a movie which is about positions that are out of the ordinary is a welcome change of pace.

It's a little disappointing that this compilation is filled with nothing but boy/girl scenes. There are lots of great positions that can be done with two people, but there are even more when you throw an extra person or two into the mix. Surely there must be some boy/girl/girl or boy/boy/girl scenes in the Adam & Eve library that contain some wild positions. They could have been added in place of a few of the duller scenes to give some more variety to the proceedings.

Image Image

Scene: 1
Stars: Chloe & John Decker
Movie: (1998)
Length: 14:40 (0:35-15:15)
Chapters: 1 (end) - 5
Condoms: No
Noted "Limber" Position:

This scene actually starts underneath the title screen at the end of chapter 1. They're in a tattoo parlor, she gives him a BJ for a minute, some rough titty biting and sucking, then they maneuverer into a standing 69 briefly. It's at this point that I noticed the large gauze/bandage on Chloe's left shoulder/back. Obviously she got a tattoo there earlier in the movie, but it's rather unappealing and she have been covered for the sex scene. Some more BJ, then mish on the edge of the tattoo chair. I love Chloe in a scene because she clearly lets you know that she's enjoying it and cumming, which is a lot more than I can say for some of the women in porn. There's some cowgirl action, followed up by anal mish, until he cums on her stomach. Beside Chloe's bandage, my other main grievance with this scene is the music. It's too darned loud. I couldn't make out a word either of the two stars were saying.

Image Image

Scene: 2
Stars: Keri Windsor & Mr. Marcus
Movie: (2002)
Length: 8:46 (15:16-24:02)
Chapters: 6-9
Condoms: No
Noted "Limber" Position: Pile Driver

Mr. Marcus is a black cop seducing blonde Keri in a locker room. The sex starts with a BJ and mouth fucking, followed by mish on the locker room bench. The bench gets used a lot as we get to see a piledriver on the edge of it, continuing with some doggy style action on top of it, and the scene concludes with him cumming on her back. Not a very long scene. In fact, it's the second shortest on the disc.

Image Image

Scene: 3
Stars: Rayveness & Colt Steele
Movie: (1998)
Length: 17:36 (24:04-41:40)
Chapters: 10-15
Condoms: Yes

Rayveness and Colt make out in a generic looking living room set. The IAFD says this scene is from a 1998 movie. From the looks of the scene, I would have guessed 1993. Anyway, after they undress and get comfortable, he sucks on her tits, and she reciprocates by teasing his cock in a very nice manner before taking his pants off. She goes down on him, but unfortunately we can't see anything but her eyes due to the camera being positioned behind his shoulder. Why we're forced to see "cable" footage in a hardcore film is beyond me. After a minute the camera man finally wakes up and moves closer to the action. We get to see a little bit of the BJ, and even a tiny bit of ball sucking, before the movie cuts to a shot from behind her. Again, why in the hell are we seeing "cable" footage?!? She finally gets done with the hidden BJ and moves into cowgirl position. Thankfully this we can see. Six and a half minutes into the scene, as she's riding Colt's cock, the scene gets freaky. Colt changes into another man, and she looks down at him frightened (and rightfully so). After a few seconds he turns back into Colt. Now I'm sure that this little bit had some significance in the original movie, but it has absolutely none in this compilation. It should have been edited out (which wouldn't have been hard to do). It's quite the buzz killer, if you know what I mean. After she's done riding him like a horse, he carries her over to another couch. She positions herself on her back over the back of the couch. This would be this scenes "Limber" moment. While in this position he eats her pussy. We get to see the action up close in a few shots, and let me tell you, she's has one of the cutest pink pussies I've ever seen (though the red shave blots on sides of it aren't very appealing). She also has cute pink nipples. After a little while she moves to a different position for some doggy on the couch. There's a little bit of titty fucking afterwards, then he cums in between and on her tits.


Image Image

Scene: 4
Stars: Jessica Drake & Brick Majors
Movie: (2000)
Length: 8:07 (41:42-49:49)
Chapters: 16-18
Condoms: Yes
Noted "Limber" Position: Standing Missionary

Let me start off by saying that I don't like Brick Majors. Seeing his face is a major turn-off for me. Thankfully his face isn't shown much, and it's counteracted by something I like very much: water and wet girls. However, this scene is almost ruined by the fact that almost the entire thing is shown in slow motion. I hate video effects in sex scenes, period! None more so than slow motion. I could never understand the appeal of slow motion to a porn director (and I don't care how artsy it might be). Before I go off on a whole rant here, let me get back to the scene. Jessica and Brick are fucking in a cove under a small waterfall. They do a little kissing before she gives him a BJ. They're basked in a blue light and the water glistens and shines, which actually looks really nice, but I wish the scene wouldn't cut around so much. Just as I'm enjoying seeing her sucking on his cock, it cuts to another angle after a mere few seconds, then cuts again to another angle, his face, her back, something else... with each shot lasting under five seconds each. After the BJ, they move into doggy, then standing mish, followed by standing cowgirl, and finally he cums in her mouth. It's a bit hard to see the cum due to the shiny water, but it still looks nice. This scene was hot in spite of Brick, but the slow motion over the entire scene (almost) and the extreme shortness (it's the shortest scene on this disc - even shorter than the bonus scene), left this scene from being as hot for me as it should have been.

Image Image

Scene: 5
Stars: Sara Jay & Jack Lawrence
Movie: (2004)
Length: 18:01 (49:50-67:51)
Chapters: 19-24
Condoms: No
Noted "Limber" Position: Pile Driver

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We're treated to our second cop scene of the evening as Officer Lawrence decides to search Ms. Jay's body for contraband (and I really wish I were making that up) in her living room. He starts by sucking on her big fake tits. He finds silicone hidden there, but as that is not an illegal substance, he decides to check south of the border by eating her pussy. All clear, it seems. She gives him a BJ. There's a tongue piercing in her mouth, and her lower front right teeth look nasty (which isn't very appealing - couldn't she have gotten them fixed?), but I saw no contraband in there. He decides to probe her pussy again, this time with his cock in the doggy position. It was at this point that I noticed that she has five small tattoos running down the middle of her back and a yin-yang tattoo on her left ankle. So if she is hiding something, there's some distinguishing characteristics to jot down. He couldn't find anything hidden in her pussy, and I think he's getting frustrated by now. She decides to console him by sucking on his cock some more and even titty fucking him a little bit. He decides to give her pussy another looksee, this time in reverse cowgirl followed by mish. First she holds one leg up high, then she hold both legs back - I guess so he can get the best look possible inside her pussy. They switch to cowgirl for a little bit, then she gets up and lays some pillows on the floor so that he can pile drive her. Hey, if he finds nothing in her pussy after that, then I think it's safe to say that she really isn't hiding anything in there. He drills her for a little while, then they go back to mish with the legs held back again. He concludes his search by cumming in her mouth, though the first shot flies over her shoulder and hits the couch. So his 18-minute search was all for nothing. He didn't find a damn thing, not even a diaphragm. Of course, he never did anal with her, which means that she's hiding that contraband up her ass.

Image Image

Scene: 6
Stars: Alexis Fire & Kyle Stone
Movie: (2003)
Length: 11:24 (67:53-79:17)
Chapters: 25-28
Condoms: No
Noted "Limber" Position: Contortionist

They're in a bed in what appears to be a hotel room (it's actually a very cheap set). She's wearing a black leather outfit. There's some kissing, titty sucking, and toe sucking. He's sucking on her toes while fingering her pussy. For all those folks into toe sucking, you might also be interested to know that she has a ring on the toe next to the big one. She also has a pierced pussy, which you get a good look at when he's doing some hard finger fucking to her. The dialogue gets low for a bit at this point. She gives him a BJ, and he's talking forcefully to her while she's doing it. She jams some black garment that was dangling from his cock into her pussy. She gets the entire thing in there. Then she contorts her body a bit while still giving him head, so that her body is sidewards with her leg being held by him (it's hard to explain). He then pulls the black G-string(?) out of her pussy and puts it in his mouth. They fuck in doggy position for a little bit. Now here's where the scene really gets interesting. She literally bends herself in half and he fucks her in that position. Now that's something I've never seen before in porn! Unfortunately she doesn't stay in that position for very long before laying down on the bed and folding herself in half again, so that her legs are completely behind her head. She asks him to fuck her in that position, and he happily obliges (who wouldn't?). Again, the fun doesn't last too long, and he cums on her face as she rolls her eyes back into her head. Without a doubt this was the best "Limber" scene on the DVD. Too bad the fun stuff doesn't last very long.

Image Image

Scene: 7
Stars: Aria & Lee Stone
Movie: (2002)
Length: 13:16 (79:19-92:35)
Chapters: 29-32
Condoms: No
Noted "Limber" Position: High Wall Cunnilingus

The scene starts off very artsy and erotic as Aria puts ON a cop uniform (third cop on the DVD, for those keeping score) while a police siren occassionally wails within the music (it actually sounds very nice). This is the first sex scene I've even seen that starts with clothes getting put on. Aria has beautiful green eyes. She starts making out with the guy who's been watching her getting dressed. It's at this point that the music switches from melodramatic to porno and the cop clothes quickly come off. We're now three to four minutes into the scene and the sex is finally starting (though for once, I enjoyed the tease). The action starts off fast and rough as he licks her tits and rips off her panties. He hoists her high against the wall as he eats her pussy. Eventually she gets lowered down and drops to her knees to give him a BJ. A rather intensive doggy follows, which lasts for the rest of the scene. He cums on her tongue, though the camera is zoomed too far out to see most of it.

Image Image

Scene: 8
Stars: Silvia Saint & Mark Davis
Movie: (2000)
Length: 12:38 (92:37-105:15)
Chapters: 33-37
Condoms: Yes
Noted "Limber" Position: & (aka Stand and Carry)

Before I get to the action, let me just state that this scene is filmed almost entirely in slow motion. As I stated with scene #4, I hate video effects in sex scenes, especially slow motion. So this scene already isn't getting high marks with me, but read on to find out if it redeems itself. Silvia and Mark are dressed very elegantly in front of a really nice house (or is it a mansion?). They start off with some kissing and fondling, before her clothes come off entirely. His pants come off (he leaves the shirt on, though unbuttoned), and she gives him a BJ. He hoists and swings her into a standing 69 position. There is some repeat footage during the BJ and 69, which scores low marks with me. I swear that the composer incorporated the sound of a phone ringing into the music. It's rather distracting. They then switch to doggy, which surprisingly is almost entirely NOT in slow motion (though there is some slow mo in there). There's more repeat footage in here as well. They switch to a standing reverse cowgirl, before he finally cums on her tits. Well, the slow motion started the scene off bad, but the constant use of repeat footage just sunk it down entirely. This may have been the worst scene on the disc.

Image Image

Image Image

Scene: 9
Stars: Nikita Denise & Randy Spears
Movie: (2003)
Length: 17:52 (105:18-123:10)
Chapters: 38-43
Condoms: No
Noted "Limber" Position: Harness

I checked a review of Extreme Behavior 2 and this scene is apparently titled "Body and Gears" in it. It takes place in some sort of factory and Nikita arrives on a conveyor belt. I'm guess that Randy is a scientist or mad doctor who created the girl. He examines her, kisses her, feels her pussy and tits, and sucks on her nipples for a little bit. He pulls out his cock and strokes it while she's laying there motionless. He puts her hand on it and motions her hand in a stroking motion. This apparently awakens her as she's starts to stroke it on her own power. Without a position transition (or even a video dissolve), the scene cuts to her now sucking the cock and playing with herself - in slow motion! What did I say twice previously about slow motion?!? We're still in slow motion as he fingers her, but thankfully the slow motion stops thereafter and doesn't return again. Unfortunately, I still have the annoying music to listen to. There's a squeaky wheel noise in the music which gets annoying real fast (and sadly, doesn't go away). Getting back to the action, he licks and "jerks off" the heel of the boot as if it were a cock. Geez, Randy, if you want to do gay porn so much, go right ahead, just don't show it to me. Now here's where the scene gets good. We cut to Randy lying on a table with Nikita on a harness high above him. He pulls on a rope to lower her down onto his waiting cock. They fuck for a while with her in this contraption before it cuts to her sucking his cock. She deep throats him a couple of times. He returns the favor by eating her pussy and licking her ass. After some teasing, he slides his cock into her pussy. The flickering and refracting light in the scene is annoying, and could cause seizures in some people (though it was just making me nauseous). She sucks on his cock some more before he cums on her face. The camera is a little too far away to see the cumshot very well.


Image Image

Scene: 10
Stars: Alexandra Silk & Steve Holmes
Movie: (2003)
Length: 16:27 (123:12-139:39)
Chapters: 44-48
Condoms: Yes
Noted "Limber" Position: Standing Reverse Cowgirl

Alexandra is a stripper (or "dirty dancer" judging from the original movie's title) and Steve plays Bob the strip club owner (you'll hear "Bob" often as she loves to call him by his name). She enters his office and sits down in front of him. She's talking to him about something (who really cares, right?), and he's immediately fascinated by her feet. He takes off her shoes and starts smelling and licking her feet. Soon the scene instantly cuts to him rubbing his cock between her feet. I hate it when a scene just cuts to something else. If a director or editor is not going to show the movement between positions, the least they could do is a dissolve effect (the only video effect I like in sex scenes) which would signify that time has passed. Soon it goes from rubbing to foot fucking. Then he eats her pierced pussy and licks her ass. She gives him a BJ while he plays with her pussy. It then cuts from his cock in her hand to in her mouth (again, what did I say about these type of "jump cuts"?). She sucks his cock while he licks her feet. He puts a condom on, though we just see him take it out (it magically gets on his cock), so he can pussy fuck her in mish position. As she does a fair amount of talking throughout the scene, I should take a second to state that I think Alexandra Silk has a very cute voice, which is one of the reasons why I like her. Anyway, after the mish is done, she turns over and he licks her ass, then does it doggy style. He pulls out, puts two fingers in her ass for a few seconds, then resumes doggy. He lifts her up for what could best be described as standing reverse cowgirl. This lasts very briefly before he lubes up her ass and slides his cock inside it for some anal action. He barely gets the condom off in time for the cumshot on her ass. This is barely a "limber" scene as the standing reverse cowgirl didn't last for very long.

Image Image

Scene: 11
Stars: Chloe & Lexington Steele
Movie: (2000)
Length: 12:43 (139:41-152:24)
Chapters: 49-52
Condoms: Yes

Chloe started off the movie and she's back to finish it off. This time she's taking on Lexington Steele, a bald black man with a very large cock. They're in a living room kissing for a little bit, but it's not long before she's going down on the aforementioned huge cock of his. She keeps trying to deep throat him, but she can't as his cock is just too damn massive. He puts a condom on (and this time we actually get to see it go on) and enters her pussy. She enjoys having his entire large cock inside her (gotta love her dirty talk here). She cums pretty quickly and it's very interesting to watch. Apparently as she cums her pussy "clamps down" on his cock, which she explains apologetically to him. (I though that only happened with dogs.) After a short while she has a massive orgasm which even causes Lex to yell out, FUCK!" as he's inside her when this happens (apparently he can feel the orgasm all too well on his cock). The shot goes into slow motion for a few seconds, which coupled with the music at that particular time, really makes this a dramatic moment. It almost made me feel her orgasm. Now we cut to her riding his cock in reverse cowgirl. To finish off the scene she sits on top of him and he shoots his load on her chest. The footage repeats for a second from another angle as she says "pussy lips" and "jack you off like that" twice. I complained that the last scene barely had a "limber" position, but this one had none. The closest we came to one was when he was fucking her on the couch, but her body was contorted due to orgasm, not position. It's really sad that the movie finishes off with a scene that doesn't really fit in with the theme of the compilation. At least Chloe made it a scene worth watching.

## Bonus Features ##

The Scene Selection menu is very poorly done. The scenes are arranged in columns from top to bottom, then left to right - as opposed to rows from left to right, then top to bottom as almost every other DVD in existance does! On top of that, the scene numbers are extreme hard to see as they are very tiny and in black text, which in some spots is on a black background. They're easier to see on a high-definition screen (such as a computer monitor), but on a standard definition television screen they're nearly impossible to see. Some of the numbers are below the images and some are above, so there isn't even any consistency there. Take a look for yourself in this regular screen shot, then check out this modified screen shot in which I have everything highlighted, as that makes it easier to see the numbers. Now try to imagine looking at them on a regular television set.

The background image (for the Main and Scenes menus), is you can't identify it, is Times Square in New York City. That's the old WWF New York/WWE The World (currently Hard Rock Cafe) in the lower right corner. Look closely and you'll see that they whited out the SmackDown logo and ad text on the marquee. The Bonus Scene menu uses a different Times Square background image.

Gallery (4:05)
There are 49 still photos with music, with each photo getting its own chapter. There are no photos from Scenes 3, 4. and 5. Most of the photos are on screen for three seconds each (though some don't even stay on for a second), then there's a blurry falling dissolve transition to the next photo. I hate that transition between photos. It's a waste of time (it lasts about one to two seconds), and it's not the best effect to look at. I would have preferred if they would have just cut from one photo to the next. I am glad that they put a chapter mark for each photo as it makes it easy to quickly get to a specific photo (assuming you know what chapter number it is). Since you can't rewind or fast forward, you need the chapters to navigate the gallery (assuming you don't or can't let it play by itself). The image quality looks good on a standard television, but on a high-definition screen (such as a computer monitor), some of the images look like crap. Although the photos are grouped together by scene, they are not in scene order as per the movie. They aren't even in order per each scene, as in one instance where the cumshot is the first photo for that scene group. Photo Notes: Photo #15 is sidewards. Photo #33 that position was never done in scene #6. Photo #39 there was no cock sucking in that position in scene #6.

Web Info (0:40)
Carmen Luvana talking to the camera telling you to check out Adam & Eve's website. Even in such a short clip I can not help but note that she can't act. It's a good website, though. The audio is a bit low in this clip.

Trailers (14:12)
Shown back-to-back: (2005), (2004), (2004), (2005), (2005), and (2004).

Bonus Scene
Stars: Tawny Roberts & Ricky
Movie: (2001)
Length: 11:19
Chapters: 1-15 (of 15)
Condoms: No

This scene is in letterbox (as opposed to the full screen movie), and surprisingly they included chapters in it. However, this scene is unpleasant to watch because it has a yellowish tint which makes it hard on the eyes. Add to this the fact that both performers are white (which is a skin tone close to yellow) and have blonde hair, and there's nothing to even contrast with the yellow tint. Anyway, as for the content of the scene, it starts off with a minute of dialogue that should have been cut out since the scene is being shown out of context from the original movie. They kiss in the pool, then she apparently floats on the water as he eats her pussy, while still in the middle of the pool. She gives him a BJ at poolside, which eventually leads to a reverse cowgirl. Doggy in between the pool and the jacuzzi area (on the stone partition). He cums on her ass, which she rubs all over it.

The main movie runs 2 hrs 33 min 48 sec (153:48) over 53 chapters (the last chapter is the end credits). The layer change is at 86:21 - DURING SCENE 7! They could have easily put the change in between scenes, not during one. The "date of production" is 8-26-2005 in the movie, and 1-7-2006 on the case art (your guess is as good as mine as to which is correct). The cover says "So what's your angle?" but there are no multiple angles, not that I was expecting any. I just thought I'd clear that up.

The end credits lists the actors for each scene and the movie from which each scene came from - all in order of appearance! (The beginning credits are not in order of appearance.) Hell, they even gave the actor and movie information for the bonus scene as well. I wish all studios would do their compilations like this. The only other studio who did this was Vivid, though they put the actor and movie information before each scene (at least they did on some old compilations I watched from about 10 years ago). So Adam & Eve gets a MAJOR A+ from me for doing the identifications. The only thing I had to look up was the release years for the movies (which I got from the IAFD, hence the links I gave to them).

Anyway, the video and audio quality is pretty good. There's some artifacting that appears when there's a lot of movement on the screen. It's hard to notice it unless you pause the video and step through the frames. On a standard definition television set, you shouldn't see anything bad.

In conclusion, I thought that this was a good DVD. Not great, not poor, just good. There were some nice positions in the scenes, but most of them were only done for a minute. The rest of the scenes were the same old thing. I do applaud Adam & Eve for giving forth a good effort and hope that they expand on this theme with a wider variety of scenes for Limber Girls 2.

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