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Three's Cumpany

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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/17/15

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Three’s Cumpany

Digital Playground

Genre: Threesomes, Compilation

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Director: Robby D.

Cast: Jada Stevens, Alexis Monroe, Erik Everhard, Jynx Maze, Selena Rose, Marco Rivera, Monique Alexander, Tori Black, Manuel Ferrara, Janie Summers, Lexi Belle, Mick Blue, Jesse Jane, Jayden Jaymes, Scott Nails, Katsuni, Tanya James, Charles Dera, Raven Alexis, Sasha Heart, Riley Steele, Jennifer White, Jessie Andrews, Breanne Benson, Alanah Rae, Kayla Paige

Length: 170:02 minutes

Date of Production: 9/12/2014

Extras: There were some trailers to newer releases, some spam, and a short photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Three’s Cumpany was presented in the same anamorphic widescreen the scenes were originally shot by Robby D. for Digital Playground. Unlike some compilations on the market, this one cut right to the sex so each scene was edited to a degree, nothing crucial for the majority of rain coaters and no company watermark onscreen at all times but parts of the buildup missing. Each scene looked fairly similar with decent lighting, solid camera work, and respectable flesh tones but the scenes were shot quickly so your mileage may vary. The video bit rate varied considerably but the scenes looked much like I remember the originals otherwise if that helps your decision. The aural components were presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround but there was no headspace, special effects, or anything else that made me think the sound was rendered in anything except for monaural or basic stereo and then had a surround track encoded in post production. Regardless, I could hear most of the cast just fine, including those behind the camera when I paid attention, that always part of the fun of the series.

Body of Review: Robby D. has long been one of the most creative and talented directors in all of porn, his work for Vivid and Digital Playground often way ahead of the pack of peers that would emulate just about anything he did. I have not heard from him in quite some time but wherever he ended up, his latest release from DP is a compilation of his older works called Three’s Cumpany. The single disc release included almost three hours of material, much of it strokable with a great cast in the ten scenes, the emphasis advertised as focusing on threesome scenes, typically two females with a guy. There were a lot of high end hotties this time, see below for the specific lineups. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: A Ride Home: Jada Stevens, Alexis Monroe, Erik Everhard: The scene was set in a living room where Erik Everhard starts off by peeling down the pink panties of Jada Stevens to reveal her superior ass, blond Alexis Monroe assisting in gobbling gash as Erik rimmed the hotty. The ladies then double teamed Erik orally as they slobbed his knob aggressively, the ladies bending over by the stair railing for him to pound their precious pussies quite well. The bald beaver banging was enthusiastic and energetic but the camera was zoomed in too close most of the time, the ladies not assisting each other consistently as Erik tapped away on them. It was a fairly short scene where Jada managed to milk his nuts dry in doggy by actively pushing back to meet his thrusts, Alexis savoring the manly fluids off her friend’s ass and giving Erik some post coital head before the women kissed in a sexy manner.

Scene Two: Escort: Jynx Maze, Selena Rose, Marco Rivera: Jynx Maze, a sensual piece of ass on a world class ass scale, was up next with cute Selena Rose as the ladies made out with Marco Rivera at a bar. The ladies tore off his shirt to reveal a muscular body but moved to each other quickly, Jynx dropping her panties so her partners could taste her slice of heaven as they had her boobs as she knelt on the bar for greater access. The rest of the clothing worn by the trio fell off soon enough, the oral exploits followed by several penetrative positions, some active riding included though not consistently so; the editing a bit choppy at times and the ladies overacting quite a bit considering his modest member porking their pussies. Selena took the facial and shared the sperm with Jynx, some of it seemingly swallowed but the scene not bad overall.

Scene Three: Girl Next Door: Monique Alexander, Tori Black, Manuel Ferrara: While standing next to a bar in a nicely-appointed, chic, and very modern living room, hot and sexy blond Monique Alexander "makes" love to a banana by sucking it as if it were a cock. Soon, 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Tori Black, dressed in a shorter-than-short black dress that barely covers her pussy, struts into the room and asks, "So, do I look hot...or what?" Monique says not a word and, instead, continues to blow the lucky banana while eyeing studly French tutor, Manuel Ferrara, who is reading while seated at a table across the room. Tori finally gets Monique's attention when she tells her: "Knock it off or you're gonna creep him out!' The girls get into a little verbal cat fight..."bitch"..."cum dumpster"..."fuck slut." They soon manage to agree, however, that Manuel is really hot. Yet, they'd prefer that they didn't have to take French lessons from him. Instead, Monique wishes: "I wish he'd just come over here and fuck-start my head!" Eventually, the girls hatch a plan and decide to attack him together. After the girls sit at the table with Manuel, he tells them that they're going to work on pronunciation today. He even lets them choose the words. They choose "penis." That's all it takes! In a flash, Manuel's seated on a white leather couch and enjoying the ministrations of both girls as they straddle, kiss, caress, and undress him. He, of course, takes full advantage of the situation by groping the girls' superb bodies. He takes even more advantage by positioning Monique on her back atop the couch with her legs spread wide and then moving Tori into doggie so that he can eat her pussy and rim her asshole while she, in turn, eats Monique's vagina. After spending some time munching on Tori's pussy, Manuel takes the opportunity to gorge himself on Monique's girl juice, too. Meanwhile, the girls kiss and make out. In fact, Tori even sits on Monique's face to fuck it while Manuel eats Monique. In due course, some of the girls' attention turns to Manuel's cock as they take turns sucking and stroking it. Even better, they share his rod with both of their ravenous mouths and with their talented hands! Once both girls are sure that Manuel's dick is ready for even more pleasure, Monique lies on her side and takes Manuel's rapidly thrusting cock balls-deep into her beautiful pubic-hair-crowned vagina. Meanwhile, Manuel strokes her clit with his fingers. Tori keeps herself busy during this segment by stroking and sucking Monique's sensitive clit, squeezing her beautiful tits (Monique's nipples are incredible--they're SO perky and erect!), and kissing her mouth. Tori also takes several opportunities to perform pussy-to-mouth on Manuel's dick and makes time to masturbate, too. As the scene continues, Monique sucks her juices off of Manuel's cock and then helps Tori mount and fuck Manuel in cowgirl (Tori's high-energy moves defy explanation!). Meanwhile, Monique keeps herself busy by masturbating and by spanking, kissing, and licking Tori's lust-filled flesh. Later, the trio forms a "love train" in which Manuel pounds Tori's pussy (and spanks her ass cheeks) in doggie while Tori, in turn, licks Monique's pussy. Interestingly, Manuel leans way down and helps Tori eat Monique's pussy...two tongues on one cunt! Then, Monique mounts and rides Manuel in cowgirl...her moves are awesome and so are Manuel's when he pistons in-and-out of her at redline speed. During this high-energy segment, Tori masturbates herself to orgasm. To bring the scene to an end, Manuel reams Monique in missionary (he also worships her feet with his mouth) until he's ready to spew. Then, with no time to spare, he pulls out and shoots his substantial load all over Monique's gorgeous belly as both girls watch and giggle delightfully. Tori then bends down, sucks Manuel's cock dry, slurps up semen from Monique's abdomen, and then cumswaps with Monique. Unfortunately, Monique drops the ball, so to speak, and spits the semen onto her beautiful tits. Delighted with their group tutorial, Tori exclaims, "Best French lesson I ever had." Indeed. (review by Doctor Jay)

Scene Four: Private Lessons: Janie Summers, Lexi Belle, Mick Blue: Lexi Belle and Janie Summers, a couple of blonds most men wouldn't mind training, were up next on the gym mat with Mick Blue, the gals wearing exercise outfits that gave just enough glimpses of their respective assets to keep me interested. The gals were originally paired off together and their squirming was okay but tame, elevating slightly when the manly man switched placed with them. Lexi was the sexual aggressor this time, unveiling his pecker to suck while Janie slowly sat on his face, the gals sharing his cock and each other before they took turns riding his cock vaginally. The editing was particularly weak here and showed cut body parts unencumbered by their respective genitalia, the fun factor higher than the last scene though Janie clearly no match for Lexi's allure and skills. The filters used looked better in the high definition version by far but still provided a dreamy look I as a man don't generally care for, the ladies then ending it by jerking him off to unleash his population pudding for sharing.

Scene Five: Jesse Jane Playful: Jesse Jane, Jayden Jaymes, Scott Nails: Our final scene in the flick starts with Jesse, Jayden, and Scott hanging out on the couch taking pictures of each other with their nifty camera-phones. Jayden is the stacked brunette wearing a sexy black dress showing a lot of cleavage, Jesse; our Barbie doll blonde, is wearing a simple blue top and white short-shorts (Like on the cover). At first they are taking simple and innocent pictures, but the pictures gradually get sexier until Jesse and Jayden are taking pictures of each other giving Scott a BJ. Pretty quickly they ditch the phones and just start sucking him off. Jayden gets the dicking first in doggie while she eats Jesse out. Then Jesse takes a turn in Reverse cowgirl. Jayden trades with her for some standard cowgirl, and switches to reverse after a BJ break. From this point forward, Scott alternates between the two ladies in the spoon, and after a little while they end the scene with a 2 girl facial, which Scott takes a picture of. We see the cum-faced gals on the phones display as the flick fades to it's end credits. Another nicely paced scene, One of the best looking scenes in the movie. Pretty cute build up with the cell-phone photo shoot angle. Jayden (Who I must admit I am not really a fan of) looks especially good in the scene. The Performers gave pretty solid performances, and overall it's a pretty solid scene to end a pretty solid movie. (review by Steve Ward)

Scene Six: Opened Up: Katsuni, Tanya James, Charles Dera: For the fifth scene in Opened Up we receive yet another threesome, but this one features Katsuni along with Tanya taking on a guy. It's a welcome change in the dynamic of this film and for their part the girls are really into each other. They take turns on the cock and pay it some service that would make any guy watching this jealous. Katsuni in particular steals the show in this scene, but Tanya does a good job keeping up with her pace and sexiness. The scene ends with the girls receiving a mouthful and the plot receiving a conclusion, as weak as it is. (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Seven: Kissing Cousins: Raven Alexis, Sasha Heart, Manuel Ferrara: Sasha is getting dressed, with the door open, and Raven tells her that she needs to go out and run a few errands. She warns her about the neighbor girl, and we find out that Raven was apparently a lot like Sasha, and she doesn’t want Manuel to know. Alexia shows up and is there to check her Myspace profile, but she seems to be getting a little turned on by what she sees. Sasha spies on her and sees what she is doing and looks on with delight. She walks in and takes a look at what she was looking at. Sasha tells her how to delete her history so no one can see where you were looking on the internet. She comments on her nice tits, and Alexia says she will do anything to make sure she doesn’t tell anyone. She tells her she needs to do whatever Scott says. So she goes outside and grabs him and brings him into the house. Scott plays dumb and tells her to stand up and take off her clothes. He can’t believe she is a virgin. He tells her to stand in the corner and he seems to like what he sees. He walks over and plays with her boobs. He licks them, then slides his hand to her pussy and rubs it and then lets her lick it. He heads south and begins to lick her pussy. He stands up and they kiss a bit, then she ends up on her knees, and pulls out his cock as she starts to suck on it. She really seems to play the virgin card pretty well, as she seems hesitant and shy as they continue. She stands up and leans over and Scott starts to fuck her from behind. And we see that Sasha seems to be very turned on and is playing with herself as she watches them. Some brief oral action and she ends up on the table for some missionary as Sasha leans in and plays with her boobs. She ends up on top of Scott for some reverse cowgirl action, as her big boobs bounce up and down. The scene ends as Scott leaves his money shot all over her tits, and Sasha rubs the cum into her skin. (review by Sean DPS)

Scene Eight: Like Sister, Like Slut: Riley Steele, Jennifer White, Scott Nails: Giddy school girls make their way to Riley’s room and after showing off her new bra and panties, they have a little girl talk and then Riley grabs her new toy and shows it off to Jennifer. She let’s Jennifer begin to play with it and then Riley begins to tease her pussy with it. I’m guessing from the looks of the toy, this is from the Pirates series, talk about product placement. The girls continue with some hot and heavy kissing, as Jennifer teases Riley with the toy for a bit. But that wears out the girls as they end up taking a nap, until Riley is woken up by Scott. He climbs in through the window and then they head into the bedroom, where Jennifer is still fast asleep, but is woken up by Scott and Riley. She tries to hide the fact that she is awake, but can’t help getting a little turned on from the action going on. As Riley is enjoying Scott in her pussy, she grabs the toy and gives it to Jennifer for a bit. They focus their attention on Jennifer as Scott dives into her pussy, while Riley shoves the toy down her throat. Scott starts off with some doggy with Riley and then quickly has Jennifer working over his cock, gagging and spitting on it. The girls do some nice double teaming of his cock, before Jennifer takes a seat on his cock for some cowgirl action, while Riley uses the toy on herself and then it seems like on Scott too? Anyways, Riley finally gets her turn as she climbs on for some cowgirl action, while Jennifer has control of the toy. I would think I should be going crazy right now, with these two girls in the same scene, but for some reason I am not. It’s not terrible, but just not up to par as what I was expecting, maybe. They continue to share his cock, as they both get some reverse cowgirl action, and someone needs to turn off the toy, as the camera let’s us know it is still going. They jerk him off until he cums on Riley’s face, and then after licking it all up, she shares with Jennifer. (review by Sean DPS)

Scene Nine: Love & Marriage: Jessie Andrews, Breanne Benson, Scott Nails: In the next scene of Love & Marriage, Scott introduces a new employee, Jessie Andrews, to his receptionist and mentions that the two should get better acquainted. In the next moment he brings the two girls into his office and looks on as they get to know each other in a more intimate kind of way. Lots of kissing, licking, and petting comes next and eventually Scott gets involved in the threesome. The scene had plenty going for it, but it didn't have the spark that was featured in the previous two pieces of action. The girls are great looking and Scott goes through the motions, but there's no "pop" (well, you know what kind of pop I mean). (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Ten: The Masseuse: Alanah Rae, Kayla Paige, Scott Nails: Alanah Rae and Kayla Paige, both attractive blondes with smoking hot bodies, were up last as they laid naked on massage tables as lucky bastard Scott Nails found his assignment to massage them was going to be twice as much fun as he had anticipated. He quickly assured them that he was up to the task and stripped down to his bight undies, squirting oil on them both as he moved back and forth pleasuring them with his hands and such. He even rubbed his naked ass on them but was soon taking turns munching on them as they purred and moaned, the ladies enjoying it every bit as much as he did. He started drilling them with his turgid erection before they eventually gave him some head, his pecker back to poking them one after the other but the ladies not given much opportunity to eat each other, some oral fun draining his dragon at the end as one nuzzled his nuts and the other sucked the seed right out of him. It was Alanah’s titty fuck that pushed him right to the edge though Kayla jumped his bone one last happy ending time, her wisp of pubic hair looking interesting as Alanah masturbated on the table beside them until her turn drew seed, the ladies jerking him off all over themselves.

Summary: Three’s Cumpany by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a dedicated compilation of scenes focusing on attractive women in ménage a trios scenes, the editing down to the basics meriting a very solid Rent It rating, my belief that unaltered scenes work best in their original context. In short, Three’s Cumpany was advertised as having a plethora of babes boning two ladies to a guy, a concept a man like me thinks makes a great deal of sense.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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