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Hardcore Superstars

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Studio: Woodrocket » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/16/14

vulkanio.ru's Advice:

GENRE: Straight, Hardcore, Interracial

DIRECTOR: Uncredited


MSRP: $21.99

LENGTH: 2 hrs 8 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: Like a proper porn production WoodRocket goes all out with the overall quality. The scenes which are shown in widescreen are displayed in full HD. Every bodily detail of the performers can be seen in true clarity as a result. Imperfections, and gorgeous female features can be viewed in all their true-to-life glory. If you are concerned about the sound fret not as the anxious, and ecstatic cries of the girls being fucked can be heared as if you were in the room with them. On top of that a certain scene within the film contains a solo masturbation intro which has an accompanying modern tune, and an upbeat tempo. If you like modern-day sex in a quality format then this dvd is definitely something that's worth your time.

CAST: Bobbi Star, Misty Stone, Madison Ivy, Lexi Belle



There's no doubt that WoodRocket is a rising name in American porn. With each release we get a hint of the expert directing, and editing that is put into each of their porn productions. They only deal with the most well known performers, and only show off the best in sex scenes. In this latest four scene collection we find some mature, and not-so-mature leading ladies who give it there all, and then some. When it comes to the sex contained within the presentation the title, "Hardcore Superstars" definitely reflects the content that is being shared. There's plenty in the way of hardcore penetrations, and there's plenty in the way of deep knob slobbing. If you like your sex up close, and personal this dvd has that in store for you as well. As far as the female performers who are included goes you'll find a pleasant mixture diverse in both race, and hair color. For all those interracial porn lovers out there the lovely 'Misty Stone' is included for your viewing pleasure. For all those into the feisty teenage sluts 'Lexi Belle' will give you a show you won't soon forget. All of the girls in this dvd are beyond sexy, and definitely go all out to impress.



Madison Ivy

Starting the show off on an impressive note we find the buxom, and fully nude 'Madison Ivy' bathing herself in an open stand-in shower. As water trickles down her every curve she masturbates, and finger bangs herself for the audience at home. To give everyone the proper vantage points she switches positions to allow for full frontal viewing as well as a from behind perspective. The blonde haired MILF's body is the epitome of perfection. Her augmented breasts are tightly curvacious, and add to the curvature of her hips as well as her well-rounded ass. Her pussy which is almost an "innie" also adds to Madison's overall bodily perfection.

After some quality time in the shower she is joined by a nude gentleman (Anthony Rosano) with a very large cock. He stands in front of the now kneeling Madison outright expecting a BJ. As one would likely assume that's exactly what he recieves. Madison does good to go deep on the massive cock, and even adds her own brand of sloppiness with applied spit, and slobber. She makes sure to keep the massive man meat before her lubed for future penetrations.

When the penetrations begin the two lovers take full advantage of a nearby bench prop to apply various position changes. If memory serves me well the couple enjoys some hard pounding doggie to begin with, and slowly, but surely moves into the two cowgirl positions. While the doggie pounding didn't give much in the way of a proper view the follow-up cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl gave us viewers a good viewpoint of Madison's front, and back sides. Aside from the doggie, and cowgirl switch ups Madison, and her male partner did opt to go into some missionary as well. It is in the missionary position that Madison truly lets her enjoyment be shown. As the male performer forcefully thrusts his cock in, and out of her in that position she jerks, and twitches in ecstacy. At times her eyes even roll back as she vocally expresses herself.

The sex as a whole is definitely exciting to watch, and offers the proper amount of fapping material for the lonely at home viewer. Madison does a geniunely bang up job, and gives a good show for the first scene of the dvd. The added fact that Madison got on her knees at the end of the scene to take a cumshot to the face, mouth, and chest definitely made my day. I loved how she continued to suck on the massive throbbing cock even after the cumshot had been spent. Her sexy smile, and glance towards the camera at the end sealed the deal quite nicely.


Lexi Belle

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Lexi Belle is such a cock tease. In her new Woodrocket dvd scene she chooses to entice the viewer, and her waiting male partner with some sultry sweet talk. Often times referring to her offscreen partner as a pervert, and licking her fingers as she does so this teen-like redhead gives us a proper showing of her naughty side. After about five good minutes of verbal teasing Lexi strips herself of her teenage attire, and awaits for her male partner to join in. Slowly the man of the scene arises from an offscreen chair, and undoes his pants revealing one of the most massive, and crooked cocks I've ever seen in this biz. I did not see how Lexi was going to go deep at all. In fact I was right on the money with that assumption. To begin with she only sucked the tip, and licked the shaft to satisfy her partner since that was all she could really do. It wasn't until later on during intermittent blowjobs that she even attempted to go halfway down on the enormous man rod.

When the two were finishied with their initial oral antics Lexi lay upon her back on the made up bed to recieve some missionary fucking. Even though it was just the beginning of the scene Lexi showed expressions of pure enjoyment. She was truly drunk on love. The missionary beginning like the rest of the position changes lasted for quite a while due to Lexi's intent suggestions about not stopping. I have never seen a female performer so into fucking as Lexi was, and it was definitely a treat to watch. After some quality time with missionary the couple moves on to cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl with cocksucking thrown in inbetween for good measure. With each position change Lexi continued to show facial expressions relating to her overall enjoyment of the sex session. Even in the spooning/missionary penetration Lexi continued expressing herself through both vocal, and facial expressions.

In the end Lexi got down on her knees in front of the man before her to take a shot to the face like a true porn star. Some of the splooge landed around her lips, in her mouth, and even on her small curvy chest. Like the femlae performer before her Lexi chose to clean the cock of cum one last time before giving a final nod to the at home audience. In it's entirety Lexi, and her partner's performance was a hell of a show. It was exciting from start to finish, because of Lexi's genuine love of the fuck. I've never in my life seen a female performer so into the sex as she was.


Missy Stone

In my time as a porn journalist I've honestly not seen that many hot, and hardcore ebony girls. Misty Stone most certainly falls into that category though. This curly haired ebony girl gives one hell of a show through everything that she does. Whether it's the sloppier than sloppy deepthroating at the actual beginning of the scene, or the hardcore fucking she endures afterwards Misty gives it her all to impress the audience at home. For those of you who enjoy seeing face fucking, and gagging you'll be glad to know that Misty starts the sex off on a proper note by letting her white male roomate have at her throat. Like a hardcore superstar Missy gobbles the goob like a pro, and spits all over it for proper lubrication. Of course gagging, slurping, and throat noises are all a part of her oral act.

When the tables are turned on Misty after her own oral contribution some oral stimulation is applied to her pussy via her male partner as she continues on with her loud mouth trash talk. She literally drops the F-Bomb every other word. The more I watch the scene unfold in all of it's "adult glory" the more I realize that both Misty, and her male partner are the perfect match. They look, and perform exceptionally well together. Both of them spend some decent time with foreplay before getting into the sex at hand, and even invest some quality time fucking in various positions on the small sofa that they were sitting on during the intro skit. The skit of which I speak involved a missed night on the town with lady friends, and ended up with Missy, and her male roomate fucking the night away.

Sex, for the most part was pulse pounding, and included some hardcore close-ups in a POV (Point of View) perspective for added effect. If you dare to watch this scene as I did you'll find out that a lot of the penetration time was spent with Misty being submissively fucked in variations of missionary on the arm of the sofa. At one point during the hardcore fuck she was even allowed to ride in both cowgirl positions. She also took it doggie style as well. In the end, after what seemed like a marathon fuck the man of the scene pulled out of Misty as she continued to prop herself up on her hands, and knees in the doggie position only to shoot his wad on her ass cheek. It was not the ending I'd hoped for at all. The dude had wasted a load that would have made for a perfect facial, or oral cumshot, but he chose to do otherwise. While that was a huge downside to me Misty still looked amazing, and the couple's fuck was equally as impressive. I can't complain too much after realizing that.


Bobbi Star

Out of all the porn stars I've ever seen 'Bobbi Star' definitely falls into the category of a "Hardcore Superstar". Whether it's her oral sex, or her outright fucking Bobbi has always went above, and beyond the means of a traditional performances. Most of the time this unshaven raven haired beauty will get paired with some truly mean SOB's who are intent on fucking the fuck out of her. In this latest Woodrocket scene the case is no different. After playing out the role of an overly eager job hunter at an office complex Bobbi gets down on her knees to deliver one of her most impressive deepthroats yet. Not only does she swallow the guy's massive cock whole, but at one point she also stuffs the man's balls in her mouth as well. During her oral performance Bobbi never really gags, or chokes. She simply gasps for a small breath. It's truly amazing to see her do what she does best.

If the news of this amazing oral sex session wasn't enough to get you excitied about the scene then rest assured the sex itself will. Being limited to fucking on top of the office desk Bobbi, and her newly found boss still find a way to fuck in a variety of different positions. While missionary is a main attraction, and is visited often during the scene the two oddly paired lovers also choose to bang away in the doggie, and cowgirl positions. With each position change comes intermittent deepthroat blowjobs, and hardcore tomfoolery in the form of salad tossing, and even butthole fingering. For added effect the man of the scene even applies some choking by firmly gripping Bobbi's neck with his monstrous hand as he pounds away at her pussy. Bobbi's continuous cries, moans, and groans only add to the climactic fuck that's being shown.

Between the sucking, swallowing, and fucking this scene ended up being the longest of the four scenes, and rightfully so. As I said earlier Bobbi is the epitome of hardcore, and can outperform many "so called" hardcore porn stars. Her performance here, which ended with the best cumshot finish of all (a complete oral cumshot with followed up swallow) was the perfect way to end an amazing scene collection. I think Woodrocket made an excellent choice by making Bobbi Star their show stopper!



Usually I'm not that excited about listening to a porn star banter on about their feats of sexual prowess, or the fake story of how it is that they became a porn star. I don't even like hearing their fake reasons, or motivations behind doing what it is that they do. In regards to Woodrocket's own brand of performer interviews I actually found myself sitting, and listening to the entire video though. Both 'Lexi Belle', and 'Bobbi Star' gave interviews that made them even more attractive to me, in a relatable way. I loved Lexi's playful, and naughty side. Hearing her speaking in that tiny girlish voice of her's was a real turn on. She seemed like a legit person who genuinely enjoyed fucking. While the questions asked of her were given in a haphazard manner the interview was still informative in a fun loving manner. The same goes for the 'Bobbi Star' interview. Bobbi's playful attitude emerged, and her love for her profession shined through. I think Woddrocket knew that Lexi, and Bobbi were their true stars, and that's why they limited the interviews to only them. I'm not gonna complain at all. In fact I'm gonna applaude Woodrocket for two interviews well done!


This animated gallery of porn stills is what one would expect from most porn studios in regards to extras. It includes several different sized photo of performers before, during, and after their sexual encounters. The photos fade out one by one making way for the next photo in the lineup. It's a slightly animated feature in that respect, but nothing overly impressive. All four female performers featured in this dvd are included in the galleries. It's an alright extra for those interested in certain performers.


The trailers are another generic "Extras" feature that is a must for product promotion. Woodrocket includes trailers on some of their latest, and upcoming dvd releases. It's an excellent way to see what the studio has in store for their faithful customers. I think there's even a mention of the official Woodrocket porn site in there too.


Woodrocket had me impressed from the beginning to the end with this one. Each scene brought with it a new representation of a hardcore superstar. In the opening scene for example the blend of solo material, and hardcore sex went a long way. Regardless of my lack of interest in augmented breasts Madison Ivy's intro scene was amazing. She looked hotter than hell taking the shower, and was super sexy getting fucked in it. The follow-up female performers who were shown afterwards were impressive to me as well in that they each were "hardcore" in some respect. While not all of them were equally as "hardcore" each girl gave one heck of a show that did not disappoint. Lexi Belle, and Bobbi Star were definitely my favorites this time around though because of their personalities, and applied sex skills. I will even admit that Misty Stone did good in impressing me with her amazing deepthroating. In the end I think Woodrocket recognized Lexi's, and Bobbi's talents just as I did, because they were the only two girls of the dvd to be given interviews in the bonus section. No matter if there were favorites I think all of the girls did a bang up job that any like-minded porn enthusiast will enjoy. If you are a like-minded porn enthusiast who enjoys the rough stuff, and don't mind sloppy BJs, butthole play, and penetration close-ups then this dvd is definitely worth adding to your porn collection. Even with it being limited to only four scenes you'll find that the girls who were picked, and shown more than make up for the lack of additional scenes. As the title suggests all of the female performers included are "Hardcore Superstars". Do not miss out! I don't care if you rent it, or buy it. Either way it's worth it if you are a hardcore porn enthusiast!

VERDICT: vulkanio.ru Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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