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Teen Manipulations

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Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/8/14

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GENRE: Legal Teen, Older Men, Straight Sex


STUDIO/PRODUCER: Forbidden Fruits Films

MSRP: $21.99 ()

LENGTH: 1 hrs 37 mins + Bonus footage = 2+ hrs


AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio, and video quality that I witnessed in this dvd more than likely does not reflect the actual product that you will be buying. I say this for two reasons. The first reason being the dvds I got for review were labeled as "screeners". Usually in the journalism biz that means the dvds were made before the final editing was applied. The second reason I think that the in-store dvd will be different, perhaps even better is that this screener was crudely edited in an obvious fashion. With that being said the scenes still reflect what will be shown in the final product, so I will be able to deliver a scene-by-scene breakdown for review purposes.You'll find scenes displayed in a widescreen fashion as well as audio fit for a dvd porn production.

CAST: Daisy Summers, Dakota Skye, Stacey Foxxx, Stella May, Levi Cash, Tony D. & Tony Desergio



Forbidden Fruits Films takes some rather touchy sexual subjects, and sends them over the edge in this faux taboo presentation. In each scene you'll find young teenage girls (by "teenage" I mean legal, and anywhere from 18-20+) being manipulated by older men into doing the dirty deed. Some of the scenarios have the girls fucking strangers for cash purposes, and others will have the girls fucking just to get out of a bad situation. The sex definitely starts off with a taboo nature in each scene, but as the sex unfolds each girl involved displays some skills that reflect a prior knowledge of sexual engagements. There's plenty of pussy pounding, and cocksucking for all you anxious perverts out there. The fact that it's semi-taboo only makes it that much more sexy.


SCENE 1 (Stacey Foxxx):

Stacey Foxxx Underwear

When the film begins, assuming you chose the "Play Movie" option at the main menu you'll be ushered through some pre-movie credits that are complimented by a sexy shower scene, and some partial nudity of some undisclosed female performer. After the short lived credits roll you'll find the camera focused on a young looking girl who is listening intently to an ongoing conversation outside her parent's bedroom. It seems Stacey Foxxx's parents are unable to pay the bills, and are bickering amongst themselves over the matter. This of course depresses the young lady listening in. As the scene fades out, and fades back in we find Stacy home alone, and wearing only underwear as she lays on the living room sofa watching the boobtube (aka, Television). As she's relaxing a stranger comes knocking on the glass patio door which is adjacent from her. After being acknowledged the mystery man asks Stacey about her parent's whereabouts. Like a dumb teen Stacey says the parents aren't home right now. The guy leaves a verbal message with Stacy for her parents to call him, and then seemingly walks away. Stacey closes the glass door, and goes to her parent's upstairs bedroom while on the phone with her father to hunt for something he asked her to find.

Unknowingly to this half-dressed young lady the creeper she had met up with earlier had let himself inside the house via the unlocked patio door, and made his way up to where she lay. Stacey screams in fright once she notices the man, but eases up once he sits down beside her on the bed, and explains that he can help with the family's finances. This "help" of course entails a sexual favor from Stacey. As naive as Stacey is she takes the hint, and gets it on with the stranger she just met for the sake of helping her parents out.

The sex that follows begins with a quick undressing, and a deep cocksucking compliments of Stacey Foxxx. Unlike her appearance this shy teen is anything but shy. She goes at it like a porn pro swallowing the guy's massive cock whole, repetitively. She even rides in the cowgirl position like she's done it before, and also allows the man to adjust her for better penetrations like a proper porn star would. While the positions were switched up frequently the main position changes that were visited included both doggie, and missionary. Stacy kept things in sync with the theme of the film at all times by applying the occasional pouting/worried facial expression. By the end of the sexual encounter, when the cumshot had been sprayed across Stacey's belly the worried girl who had given her body for peace of mind lay still with a concerned expression as the mystery man who banged her left the house.

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SCENE 2 (Stella May):

Stella May & Principal

Seeing as the first scene was pretty darn good in regards to it's faux taboo theme I was not expecting the next scene to top it, but that's exactly what it did. In scene two The girl of interest, which happens to be the lovely "Stella May" is home alone chatting away on the cellphone, and talking trash about other hoes in her school. As she is doing so she notices her principal's van pull up. This worries the poor girl, because she's been doing some naughty things to keep her parents from knowing about her at school behavior. These "naughty things" include the forging of several letters sent to warn her parents of her bad behavior. Stella tries her best to act like she's not home, but having been out on the balcony in plain sight, she knows the principal more than likely noticed her.

Upon letting the head of the school in she is quizzed about her parents whereabouts, her past behavior, and why it is she decided to forge her parent's signatures. Stella being the awkwardly shy teenager that she is gets worried about the principal's suggestions to tell her parents what's going on. As with any porno though the well dressed gentleman offers up an alternative to the punishment she would have endured otherwise. This alternative, as you may have guessed is a full-on fuck session. Like the girl before her Stella opts to use sex as a way out. She leads the older man into her bedroom, and ultimately gives into his wanton desires. The principal tries to impress his young lady friend with whispered words of seduction, and even tends to her sexual needs before his own. He eases her worries by sucking her pussy, and her small breasts. When the time for penetration comes he asks if she's ready, and slowly inserts his large banana shaped cock inside her after she gives him the go ahead.

The first go to position between the unusually paired couple is the more intimate spooning position. The man of the scene pulls out on occasion in this position in order to not overwhelm the youthful girl. Despite her being coaxed into sex Stella seems to enjoy the fucking, and shows her pleasure through her many jerky reactions. As they switch between spooning, missionary, and doggystyle Stella slowly, but surely becomes the naughty girl she was aiming to be. When the pussy pounding, and cock pleasuring finally met it's peak later on the principal pulls out just in time to allow Stella to get on her knees before him, and take a cumshot to the face. Stella savors the cumshot, and embraces the principal on last time as they sit upon her bed.

SCENE 3 (Dakota Skye):

Dakota Skye

The ignorant teenage shenanigans continue yet again as a desperate girl seeks a way out of a desperate situation. In this particular scene Dakota Skye plays the role of the teenage girl who finds herself in need of a stranger's assistance due to her mismanagement of funds. After spending all of her college tuition that her parents gifted her on a lengthy party with friends the slender built Dakota goes to a male friend's house for possible help. Upon arrival she finds that her friend, and only way out of the mess isn't there though. In his place sits one of his other male friends who, surprisingly chooses to hear Dakota's plea for help. Like every other pervert in the film so far this musclebound man has an easy way out in mind for the petite damsel in distress. As you can probably guess this way out involves a good old fashioned fucking. Dakota reluctantly agrees to have sex in exchange for some cash, and the two get it on right there upon the living room sofa.

The seemingly inexperienced young lady tries her best to give the man before her a fuck worth paying up for. Being the pussy man that he is the man of the scene has Dakota sit on his face for some easy pussy access to begin with. He eats her out for a short while before switching into the "69" position. In the '69' position the two awkward lovers suck, and lick at each others genitals in a mutually beneficial manner. After they get through with the foreplay it's onto some actual fucking. The man of the scene lays across the couch upon his back, and allows Dakota to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position for a short while. From that position change they switch to some doggystyle, and finally to some missionary. After pulling out of Dakota in the missionary position for the final time the man of the scene stands up, and readies himself for when Dakota gets on her knees before him. Most of the massive cumshot that follows misses Dakota's face. The man before her does land a little bit on her chin though. As a cumshot enthusiast I was definitely glad to see another facial finish.

SCENE 4 (Daisy Summers):

Daisy Summers

Out of all the scenes shown this one is by far the second best, in my opinion. The leading lady, which happens to be the lovely brunette 'Daisy Summers' finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Upon waking up in a hotel room that her, and her friends had rented she finds the place torn asunder, and in disrepair. The furniture is turned upside-down, and the place is totally trashed. Upon one of the turned over sofas Daisy finds a note from a friend saying "Thanks for your parent's credit". This of course sends Daisy into a panic. She frantically tries phoning each of her friends to find out what the hell is going on. During her desperate, and unanswered calls the hotel owner happens by to witness the utter destruction of his extravagant hotel room. He has a little heart to heart talk with Daisy, and says that he will have to charge her parents credit if she doesn't fuck him. Not wanting her parents to find out about her little party with friends she reluctantly gives into the man's offer, and leads him to a bedroom for the dirty deed.

As Daisy is unclothed by the muscular gentleman she shows hints of concern, and worry through various facial expressions. When the man begins tending to her sexual needs first she eases up her tension though, and gives into the sex. Pussy pleasuring is the first thing to take place, and is soon followed up with some cocksucking as well as some mutual masturbation. After the man has had his fill of pussy, and is satisfied with the cocksucking he goes for the deep penetrations with his massive cock. At first he eases Daisy in with some intimate spooning, and slowly, but surely works his way up to the more hardcore position changes. When the spooning has had it's course the man of the scene lays upon his back to allow the Daisy to ride in the reverse cowgirl position. This is followed by some hard pounding doggie, and some missionary later on. The final cumshot happens shortly after the man of the scene pulls out of Daisy as she lay spread eagle in the missionary position. The cum, which is quickly sprayed lands across Daisy's belly. Left with the aftermath of the fuck, and her friend's desertion lies half naked on the bed reflecting on what it is she has done.


Bonus Scene 1 & 2 (Sins of Our Fathers):

Included on this dvd are two films from a previous "Forbidden Fruits Films" feature titled, "Sins of Our Fathers". Both scenes are full length with beginning credits, dvd references, and full-on sex. In the first scene you'll find an interesting Step Mother, and Step Son scenario that suggests a taboo nature. The Step Mother who is trying to do the right thing is ultimately seduced by her horny Step Son, and gives into the taboo fuck starting with a deep blowjob. The second bonus scene pits a sexually promiscuous Step Daughter with a somewhat shy acting Step Father. The Step Father had hired her for some work at her business firm, but after a talk about the young lady's inappropriate attire ensues the two end up banging away right there in the office space. Both scenes push the taboo boundaries without ever really engaging, or going over them. In a sense the scenes are merely suggestive of a taboo theme.

Behind the Scenes:

This "Behind the Scenes" feature is exactly as the title suggests. You'll find a longer than usual look at the goings on of the film making process involved in "Teen Manipulations". The director, and the cast all get their shining moments, as the seemingly taboo roles they took on are explained as being just that. The director shares his vision, and approach for going into each scene, and even allows the camera crew to show off their parts in the film making process. This is is definitely a worthy extra in that it gives the viewer insight on what 'Forbidden Fruits Films' is trying to achieve with their own brand of porn.

Screen Grabs:

This is an odd extra to judge in that I'm not sure if it's a screener exclusive, or if it's something that will be included on the final product. The "Screen Grabs" is in essence what usual "Photo Galleries" would be. It contains various sized photo images of action ripped directly from the scenes contained within the dvd. These photo stills fade in, and out making way for the next photo in the line-up. It's an alright extra, but is not really necessary as the scene themselves will give the viewer more viewing pleasure than a mere still photograph.


It is hard to judge a dvd that is obviously an unedited screener. It does not reflect the audio quality, or the visual quality of the final product. If I were to base my judgment on the scenes, and available content though I think director Levi Cash did a hell of a job in providing spicy sexual content. The slightly taboo themes, and actual sex really made things more exciting than they would have been otherwise. One has to keep in mind though that these types of scenes are meant solely for entertainment pleasure, and are not meant to be explored in one's actual life. If you can keep that mature mindset about you when watching this film then it's definitely worth a viewing. I for one really enjoyed watching all of the female performers do their thing as they added in some superb Hollywood-like acting. A couple of the scenes including the one with 'Stella May', and 'Daisy Summers' really stood out to me as being the best. Both girls played their roles impressively, and provided one hell of a sex scene. Dakota Skye on the other hand just wasn't the best actress for the role though. She looked thin as a rail, and in a sad sort of way made me actually feel sorry for her even though her scenario was faked. I cannot stand seeing a skinny, or pitiful looking girl getting fucked, I just can't.

Other than those things the lack of a 'Scene Selection" menu, and the fact that I was given a screener instead of the actual final product bothered me a bit. I like to be able to relay to my readers details on audio, and visual quality that relates to a finished product. Looking past all that though I'm going to "assume" that the final product is fully edited, and contains all the necessary menu options for the viewer. If that is the case The dvd is most definitely worth a buy, and in my personal opinion "Highly Recommended!!!" for any true porn enthusiast!

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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