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Sloppy Head 3

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/13/12

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Category: Blowjob/Gonzo


Cast: Amber Rayne/Adrianna Nicole/Tanner Mayes/Vicki Chase/Chastity Lynn/Nika Noire/Asa Akira/Jennifer White/Ashli Orion/Jessica Bangkok/Arcadia/Tyung Lee/Jonni Darkko/Winston Burbank/Prince Yahsua

Release Date: 12/21/2010

Runtime: 279 Mins

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: Trailers/Web

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Scene 1:

Amber Rayne/Prince Yahsua/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/FaceFucking/Heavy Deepthroating/Gagging/Ball Licking

*Facial #1 (Medium Volume) *Facial #2 (Massive Volume)

The first scene in the third installment of 'Sloppy Head' begins with gorgeous Amber Rayne explaining to us the coming events. After about 3 minutes of dirty talk Prince Yahshua's cock enters the screens view. Amber immediately takes him balls deep and takes the scene from 1 to 1000 in mere seconds. The drool is flowing like a river and we're not even 10 minutes into the scene yet. Amber is fascinating here, her energy is fucking incredible. Lots of facefucking, cock choking, and self induced hand gagging fill this scene, and the amount of awesomeness that I'm seeing here is somewhat hard to explain, but amazing nonetheless. In the beginning moments Amber is on all fours on a glass table as the dick drool drips onto the table while the camera gets a nice view from underneath it. Later, the scene continues on very strong and Amber is a filthy spit and slop covered mess. She energetically yells, "Am I a disgusting little fucking whore?" and I'm in awe. She continues on spitting into the camera lens at times as she stares into it. When the scene nears its end Amber's eye makeup is literally covering most of her face as she emphatically continues force-feeding herself Prince's meat sword. Prince later drops a decent sized load over top of Amber's face as she laps up all the excess jizz and dirty talks the camera in the following moments. The camera then cuts to Amber again on her knees but this time with a different cock in front of her. She again begins sucking and throating the cock as we view now in a pov style format. The deepthroating and sloppiness never waiver here as Amber continuously shares in more dirty talk with the home viewers. The scene closes out huge with a monster cumshot that blasts Amber's face as she receives it like the champion that she is. She then spits some of the excess onto the glass table in front of her before licking it all back up and swallowing. Wow. This scene was fantastic. Amber will keep your attention, and not only will you watch this entire scene in full, but you will not want it to end. Trust me on this one. This ranks up there as one of the best and most energetic bj scenes I've ever had the opportunity of reviewing, well done on all facets.

Scene 2:

Adrianna Nicole/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Ball Licking/Tit Fucking/Facial (High Volume)

Next up is one of my all time absolute favorites, Adrianna Nicole. Adrianna looks stunning here. We start out with some tease as she lays on a bed and plays with herself a bit before a cock is presented to her, and without any small talk she goes in for the kill. The bj begins nicely as Adrianna draws up some nice spit streams in the opening moments before moving straight to the deepthroating as her makeup is already streaming down her face. The scene continues on with the camera placed below the action while Adrianna drools and drips while giving some longing looks into the lens after each deepthroat. Her teasing ways and attentiveness to the camera are making this scene even better than it already is as we move forward. Adrianna continues on wonderfully, and as her face gets more and more disheveled, her expressions and overall presence become that much greater. The scene ends with Adrianna receiving a nice load of cum over her face as she drools it back out over her body while staring into the camera. Great scene. Adrianna's sexual hunger is what makes every scene of hers so wonderful to watch, this one is no exception.

Scene 3:

Tanner Mayes/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Light FaceFucking/Ball Licking/Heavy Deepthroating

*Facial #1 (Massive Volume) *Facial #2 (Massive Volume)

The third scene begins with hottie Tanner Mayes lying on a bed in glamorous attire asking herself how many cocks she'll get to taste today. She talks to the camera a bit about her favorite parts of giving a blowjob before she teases us, and the bj starts soon after. Tanner slowly massages the cock with her tongue before going in for the full-on blowie. This blowjob starts a little more sensual than the previous scenes as Tanner sucks and kisses the tip slowly. We start out in a pov format and Tanner is looking beautiful here as she continues on slowly and teasingly. Some light facefucking then begins as it seems that Winston is having a rough time containing himself. Tanner gives a couple of gags as she attempts to take him deeper into her throat but has a tough time doing so. The scene moves forward relatively slowly with some sporadic moments of harder action, but nothing like the previous scenes thus far. Tanner's sensuality in this scene is exquisite, and she actually does take Winston pretty deep before he ends up releasing his fluids. Next, the camera cuts to Winston standing over her and releasing a massive jizzload over Tanner's forehead and hair that then drips down over her face. The scene continues when Tanner is presented with another cock in the coming moments. She sucks, strokes, and gives some very strong deepthroats this time before her efforts are again rewarded with yet another monstrous cumload over her smiling face. I liked this scene alot, it differed from the previous scenes in that it was a little less "hardcore" for lack of a better word, but in no way did that make it a worse scene. It also wasn't quite as messy as the previous scenes, but Tanner did end up getting a fair amount of dick spit on her face by the end of it, and the two giant cumshots didn't hurt.

Scene 4:

Vicki Chase/Jonnie Darkko/Winston Burbank

Tease/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Ball Licking/FaceFucking
*Facial #1 (Massive Volume) *Facial #2 (Massive Volume)

The next scene features the beautiful Vicki Chase as she teases us a bit and shares in some dirty talk with us. Before too long the bj begins and Vicki is working like the true professional that she is while staring into the camera. Vicki is simply beautiful in these early moments as she teases with her eyes and takes Winston deep into her throat. The scene marches on and things get a little sloppier in the coming moments as Vicki continues to give some magnificent deepthroats. After a couple minutes Vicki waits on her knees to receive another streaming jizzload that covers a span from her chin to her forehead. Winston spoonfeeds her some of it as she swallows it up, before moving on to her next cock. Vicki continues on strong when she gets her next cock and I'm loving her attitude throughout all of this. After a monster deepthroat she looks into the camera and says, "I'm a cocksucking champion baby." WOW. I love it. During one of the later deepthroats Vicki chokes out a massive amount of fluid from her mouth, I initially thought it was the cumshot, but the scene continued on so maybe just some cock regergitation? One may never know. Anyways, the scene forges on and heightens even more as there is some really hard facefucking in the next segment. Vicki is a sloppy mess here and if you're into the sloppy blowjob/facefucking thing I'm guessing this may be your favorite part of this film. Holy fuck. This scene just gets better and better and Vicki is absolutely incredible throughout every fucking moment of it. Her face is already a spit and jizz riddled mess and Jonni adds insult to injury when he paints an enormous cumshot over top of Vicki's beautiful cumcatcher. Excellent. This scene was fucking awesome. Vicki's energy was top notch. Best scene yet.

Scene 5:

Chastity Lynn/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Ball Licking/Heavy Deepthroating/Rimming/Female Masturbation
*Facial #1 (High Volume) *Facial #2 (Massive Volume)

The next scene opens up as we see the utterly gorgeous Chastity Lynne teasing and flirting with the camera. She strips down shortly after the intro and kneels down to begin the blowjob. We begin in a pov format and Chastity lies still as Winston slowly feeds her his meat whistle. Lots of dirty talk again in this scene and things start getting sloppy when Chastity pulls the cock from her mouth to begin jacking it while the spit dribbles out of her mouth. Her looks and attitude are wonderful here as she continues to tease the cock throughout these early moments. As the deepthroating becomes more plentiful Chastity starts creating some nice spit trails and even blows some cum bubbles in the process as we hear Winston moaning for dear life to hold back his load. There are a couple of awesome moments when Winston has to pull away from her and Chastity gives some evil grins into the camera, it's quite epic. Winston then releases a nice streamer over Chastity's face as she giggles and smiles into the camera. The screen then cuts and Chastity is onto her next task at hand which is Jonni himself. Here the action starts out hard, and Chastity chokes and mashes the cock as deep into her throat as physically possible. Her makeup is now streaming down her face as her eyes water from her massive deepthroats. The scene marches on strong and Chastity never waivers in her deepthroating efforts. I really can't take my eyes off of her here, this girl is mesmerizing. After much more greatness we see Chastity again sucking in a pov view before Jonni releases a magnamorous jizzload over her already slop filled face. Another great bj scene here. I absolutely loved Chastity, as always.


Insert Disc 2

Insert Disc 2


Scene 6:

Nika Noire/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroat/Tit Fucking/Facial (High Volume)

The first scene on the second disc begins with a trash talking, titty playing tease session provided to us by the glamorously beautiful Nika Noire. This is the best tease sesh yet, and Nika is looking absolutely perfect as it moves forward. Once her cock steps into the picture she immediately goes deep down on the shaft, giving some great deepthroats here early on. The camera switches in and out of pov but Nika's interaction with the camera is great through all of it, and the dirty talk never stops. Nika is an absolute porn goddess with monster tits, great lips, and a serious hunger for good sex, this scene, along with many of her others is proof of that. As the scene moves forward things gradually get a little sloppier with Nika loudly throating Jonni and spitting the pre-cum onto her tits while doing so. Jonni then busts yet another huge cumshot over Nika's face before she then plays with it for awhile, spitting much of it over her breasts while giving some final dirty talk to the home viewers. Great scene. Again. Nika is stunning.

Scene 7:

Asa Akira/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

*Facial #1 (High Volume) *Facial #2 (Medium Volume)

Next up is Asa Akira, who is gazing out at the LA skyline in the scenes introduction. She's dressed beautifully as she talks about calling over some cocks for her to suck on. Hmmm, sounds like a plan! The bj starts in pretty soon after this little intro and Asa is sensually sucking and throating as we view in a pov format. Asa is simply incredible here as she gives some fantastic deepthroats and begins getting fairly sloppy with Winston's pork sword here. Next is the first facial, where Asa receives a nice sized cumload and teases and taunts the camera with her flawless body in the following moments. Without any cutting, the scene then continues on with Jonni stepping in as Asa's next victim. When she begins blowing Jonni things get much sloppier and there is also some fairly hard facefucking that follows. In the end, Asa jerks and strokes Jonni to completion as he lays down in front of her while the cum squirts up into her mouth. Another great scene in this film. I'm starting to sound redundant.

Scene 8:

Jennifer White/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Deepthroating/Ball Licking/Cum-in-Mouth (Medium Volume)

Just when I thought this movie had already given me all the great things that I could have possibly imagined, Jennifer White steps into the picture. Jennifer teases for a short time before being presented with her cock and immediately gets on all fours to begin her feast. Jennifer assumes the position with one leg up as she spits and throats Jonni's beefstick accordingly. The sloppy factor has yet to really pick up as we move on but Jennifer is definitely working her way up to the good stuff from the looks of it. The scene unfortunately comes to an abrupt end with an in-mouth cumshot before Jennifer then spits most of it back out and the screen fades to black. I wasn't completely unhappy with this scene, because after all, it was Jennifer White, but I will say that it never reached the height that I would have really liked it to. It only lasted for a short time, but I can't say it was bad, it just wasn't as good as the previous scenes in the film.

Scene 9:

Ashli Orion/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Cum-In-Mouth/Cumplay

In the 9th scene we see the camera pan upward to Ashli Orion. The first words out of her mouth are, "Hello all you perverts at home." Ashli, you had me at hello. She continues in some serious dirty talk that has me panting like a helpless dog early on. The blowjob then follows in a pov viewing as Ashli keeps the dirty talk going strong. In between every suck Ashli takes the cock out of her mouth and gives some huge spits as she strokes it and talks to us, it's all quite wonderful. Lots of spit flying through the early moments of this scene as Ashli is quickly becoming a beautiful mess. Ashli's actions and behaviors in this scene are honestly as good as anyone's in the film, and her ability to interact with the viewer is definitely the best yet. As the scene continues Ashli quickly gets extra messy, spitting and drooling all over her see through fishnet outfit. Every moment in this scene is awesome, and when Ashli starts collecting her spit in a bowl and pouring it into her mouth I'm getting the feeling that this might be among the best scenes in this film, if not the best. The scene comes to a close with an in-mouth cumshot that Ashli holds in her mouth and drools into her spit bowl before drinking it all up. I loved it. Ashli was incredible here. This scene was again fantastically done.

Scene 10:

Jessica Bangkok/Arcadia/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Tease/SpitPlay/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Ball Licking
*Facial #1 (High Volume) *Facial #2 (Massive Volume)

The next scene starts as we see Jessica Bangkok and Arcadia sharing some super sloppy spit kisses with each other. The girls continue this for a bit before they're presented with a cock. Jessica is the first to get things going here as she sucks Winston while Arcadia licks his balls. The scene progresses very well as Jessica is the main instigator of the sloppiness, and she is doing a fantastic job as Arcadia follows her lead. It's not a completely sloppy bj, but Jessica's intensity turns this simple blowjob scene into an overall outstanding scene. Winston then busts out a nice sized cumload over Arcadia's face and the girls swap sperm back and forth countless times before Jessica finally swallows the load. The camera then cuts and the girls are now giving Jonni a bj as they take brief interludes to share in some more sloppy spit kisses. The scene moves forward fantastically and Jessica's outspoken dirty talk is simply and unequivocally wonderful. There is a ton of spitplay throughout the later moments in the scene and Jessica's fantastic breasts are definitely not neglected here either. The scene comes to an end when Jonni shoots a monster cumshot into Jessica's waiting mouth before the girls again swap the cum back and forth and Jessica ends up swallowing it all up. Fucking. Great. Scene. Jessica is awesome, seriously one of the most underrated pornstars out there.

Scene 11:

Tyung Lee/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Ball Licking/*Facial #1 (High Volume) *Facial #2 (Low Volume)

The next scene begins abruptly with Tyung Lee sucking off Mr Darkko as we view in a pov style format. I've never seen Tyung Lee before and her placement in the last scene of this film is a bit offsetting in comparison to the rest of the huge stars that are in this film, but I digress. Tyung is a bit of a bbw girl and the sloppiness gets pretty nice in the early goings. This scene only lasts a couple minutes and ends with Jonni blowing a huge load on her face and tits. Then, only mere seconds afterwards he blows another one! Sheesh. I'm starting to think that Jonni Darkko is super human. Anyways, good scene. Fucking fantastic movie.


Where do I begin? I mean honestly, this movie was fucking incredible. How else could I have written almost 3,000 words in a review of a blowjob movie without even realizing it? The energy in nearly every scene in this film was fucking awesome, and the mixture of sensual blowjobs and all out facefucking frenzies is a fantastic contrast throughout the different scenes. Vicki's scene was absolutely fantastic, and Amber's scene was amazing, and Ashli's as well...I could go on forever, but I'll simply tell you this: If you like watching pretty girls get messy with big dicks, and then get blasted with huge cumshots, then you should buy this movie. This is NOT your typical blowjob movie, not in the least bit. If you're a Darkko fan, or a blowjob fan, or a fan of sloppy and energetic facefucking, then you NEED to buy this movie.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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