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Dani Daniels: Dare

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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/1/12

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Dani Daniels: Dare
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Running Time: 3:08: 04
Date of Production: 8/27/12


Dani Daniels
Sinn Sage
Karlie Montana
James Dean
Manuel Ferrera
Mick Blue
Erik Everhard

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 6:29 post squirting interview and plenty of post sex interviews with Dani
Cumshot Recap: 6:51 montage of money shots
Web Info
Scene Selection

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Box Quote:

“Dani Daniels is one of the most beautiful and sensual stars ever! Now, for the very first time, watch her perform in stunning Boy/Girl scenes in full perversion, passion, and intense hardcore action. An iconic beauty, an unrivaled passion.

Overall Thoughts:

If you had told me, that by the end of the year that would see Dani in a B/G scene, I would have said you were crazy. Well if the year has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible. We landed a rover on Mars, and we also saw a guy free fall from 24 miles up. And when Elegant Angel announced the Superstar September titles this year, we all got a few jaw dropping surprises, but we are going to focus on this one. She always hinted it would happen, when she wanted it to happen, well that time is now. Should we expect to see the same intensity and sexuality we have seen in her numerous G/G scenes? Well I would say that all signs point to yes, cause Elegant Angel and Mason, know how to showcase someone. They already won me over with her first movie, Dani, which got our highest rating, and I expect nothing but the best from this one. This one is going to turn heads and going to be talked about, as I am sure there are going to be those who are happy, and those not so much. But the question is where will you fall in that argument after watching this movie. But let’s sit back and enjoy the ride, and then we can make a decision. Either way you can’t deny the fact that she puts her heart and soul into every scene, and she’s pretty nice on the eyes too.

We get plenty of insight during the interviews throughout the movie, in between the scenes.

There are people out there would not put her in the list as a contender for Performer of the Year, even though she doesn’t like that name, because she only did G/G scenes. First of all, I don’t agree with that statement, judge on the quality of work. But we finally get her in some B/G scenes, and even though it is late in the year, I would say that after watching this movie, I hope this is enough to shut up the haters, cause it’s time to embrace Dani and all that she brings to her movies. If she does get nominated this year, she can thank both this movie and her previous one, Dani, as front runners for why she got nominated. This along with Dani, would make a nice double feature, if you can last that long. I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, and I would say that if they add some more extra on the Bluray release, that would easily get our highest rating.


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We get some BTS on the way to her first B/G scene, more stories that lead us up to this point. And after the story, we lead into the great tease footage, one of the reasons I love Elegant Angel so much, the incredible tease footage. I wonder if she caused any accidents on the road below, I just picture drivers, going, “hey is that a naked lady on top of that building”, crashing into cars or poles. Well I guess we can add this to one more reason why we are all jealous of Manuel. Lucky bastard. This should be magical. He lays her down on the bed and fingers her pussy, while she kisses his neck. It seems she is already pretty wet and we are only a few minutes into the scene. He dives in and gives her pussy a nice lick fest as she begs for him not to stop. Already short of breath, he gives her a second to catch her breath, as he takes off her heels and licks her feet. He rolls her over and is face deep in her ass, licking it, which is a way to get her going, even more. She ends up on top of him, and you can just feel the heat between these two as they lock their eyes, and he whispers sweet nothings to her. And at the 15:00 mark of this movie, ladies and gentleman. Dani has a penis in her hand, and is about to show off her oral skills, let’s see that magic tongue work. Lots of slow licking and teasing, as she swallows him, with plenty of eye contact. He pulls off the reversal and slides beside her and is right into some spoon action, with the usual finger play added in. She begs and pleads for him to make her cum, as he turns up the pace. He stops for a second, but she says more, as he grabs onto her neck and continues to work over her pussy. She ends up on top and bounces and grinds her hips on his cock, she even knows what he likes too. She slides off as it seems she has reached climax, and then he pulls her forward, so she can sit on his face, and she works that booty for the camera, as Mason is right there to make sure we see it. As she is bent over up against the headboard, he slides back inside her pussy for some doggy, as he arches her body, showing off her curves. He slows down again, but she just begs for more. He slaps her ass, and she screams harder. He pulls out and lays down as she is back to bobbing on his cock, and then they pleasure each other, and he works his magic and gets her to squirt. After some embracing, she is back on top, and riding him, as he slides a few fingers in her ass and she lets him know he’s doing a great job. Some very intense cowgirl and then back to some spoon action. He pulls out and gets her to squirt some more, and then slides back into her wet pussy. He pulls out as if anymore is going to cause him to cum, so he dives into her pussy. They continue with some missionary and then he needs to take a break as he tries to keep her away, but she begs and pleads and ends up with a money shot on her face. It feels weird to say that. But we are not done yet, as he is back to finger banging her pussy once more, as the juices begin to fly once again.


After a pretty hot story, it is time to get back to the magic. Dani’s got her heels on, walking around showing off her curves, then slides on a rather elegant, yet sexy, dress. Seems like she’s ready to go out and turn a few heads at some big party. She gets into the car, and we see that she is starting to get a little sassy with herself. Ends up in warehouse, where two masked figures, and a couch are waiting for her. They approach her and waste no time, getting all handsy and touchy feely with her. Plenty of kisses, before they literally rip that dress off of her. James sizes up her ass and dives in, while Mick and Dani get their kisses on. Mick heads to her boobs and neck. They set her on the couch, as James rubs her pussy, are we going to see more squirting from her again. She begs for him to make her cum, but to keep her quiet, along comes Mick and his penis, as she gets face fucked, and then finger banged until her pussy gets nice and wet, once again. She flips over with her ass out, as James dives in and out of her pussy, before a constant thrusting begins. She continues to service Mick and his cock, as she begs and pleads for James to keep up the pace. They get a little rough with some hair pulling and choking. She pulls away from James and within seconds is on top of Mick’s cock, for some very nice cowgirl, with plenty of booty bouncing for us to enjoy. She ends up on her back and she begs and pleads for it harder, and after some energetic missionary, he needs a moment to catch his breath, before he is back to fucking her. Some more choking from Mick, and then James comes in and wants some more time with her pussy. She looks at him with those eyes and begs for him to make her cum again. It’s Mick’s turn, as she bends over again, and after some face full of her ass, he slides back in, while she continues to suck and jerk James’s cock. She sits back on James and then Mick wants to play too, so she leans over and gets face fucked. And we have reached that magical moment, where everyone has started to get a nice glisten from the sweat that is starting to pour from their bodies. They continue to fight over Dani, taking advantage of every inch of that couch. And no matter what they do, they can’t seem to slow her down, as she continues to beg for more, she wants to be their dirty little slut. She reaches that magical moment a few times as they continue to work her over. She ends up on her knees and does her best to keep both guys satisfied, but James wants more of her pussy. And then she yells at him to shove his finger in her ass, and then all three get some finger in her ass time. I can just see the internet starting to give her crap for not doing a DP, but if she decides to do it, it won’t be until she is ready. But she is soon ready for some cum, as she gets a few drops from Mick and then waits, as James sprays inside her mouth. She lays on the couch, and then Mick finger bangs her pussy, while James chokes her and it seems that we get no squirting, but she is very wet.


Oh yeah, this should be a great scene. Sinn always brings some intensity, along with her big booty, to her scenes. And she’s not shy about showing it off on camera. Sinn sits on her lap and lets her lick her tits, while she opens her shirts and gets a hand handful of Dani’s boobs before heading to her pussy. Some more foreplay and then it’s off to the bedroom and Sinn is on top grinding and kissing Dani. She bends Dani over and mounts her as she rubs their pussies together, while offering some love to her feet. She turns her on her side and tells her to shake her ass, and Dani in no way is lacking in that area either. She flips her over and twists and squeezes her nipples, and then is face first in her ass, giving her pussy and ass a nice finger and tongue combo. She climbs on top and grinds their hips together, then spreads her legs wide, as she is back to her pussy and ass. Dani is definitely being dominated in this scene. Sinn finger bangs her pussy, as you can hear it getting nice and wet. But it’s time to turn the tables a bit, as Dani is face deep into Sinn’s ass giving her pussy a nice oral workout with her tongue, while offering a few slaps to her ass. She begs and pleads for her not to stop, as it seems she has hit the magic spot. She slides her fingers in and bangs her pussy, while showcasing and admiring her ass even more. See even Dani can be a little rough too, as she chokes her a bit, while fingering her pussy. She gets Sinn on her back and continues to finger her pussy, hitting the magical spot a few times. Sinn pulls her closer to kiss, and then Dani mounts her and grinds their pussies together, while also giving her feet some love too. Sinn takes control, as she lays on top of Dani and they grind their hips together, with some nice hair pulling thrown in. Dani spreads her legs once again, as Sinn dives her tongue in her pussy and ass, leaving Dani both speechless and breathless. She begs and pleads for Sinn to fuck her like she does, as she sits on her pussy and grinds her hips on her pussy. After some intense kissing, Dani takes control and slams their pussies together, and then dives in with her tongue as they both try to catch their breath. Dani likes it when there is a nice booty on her face, so you know she is going to enjoy Sinn’s ass, smothering her face, and she really doesn’t want to leave there no matter how much she moves around. After some finger banging, they are back to some heavy kissing, before one last grind session.


It seems that Dani has the power to open doors without using her hands, now that’s sexy on a whole new level. Well we also have another lady who was strictly a G/G performer, but took the leap to B/G this year. Perhaps not as published or covered like Dani, but still a huge leap for both girls. They kiss and tease each other, then we get some glimpse of their bush for the camera, then flip around for some booty dancing. These girls are getting dirty, so they head to the shower, as the continue to kiss and grab all over each other. But we have one more member in this party, as Manuel comes in and kisses Karlie’s neck while Dani kisses and licks all over her body. He starts rubbing her pussy, as she reaches for his crotch. They double team her pussy, then Manuel dives into Dani’s ass, while she continues to eat out Karlie. The girls do a great job of sharing his cock, licking and sucking making sure every inch is being pleased. Manuel slides underneath Karlie, and after Dani gets his cock nice and wet, he slides into her pussy. As Karlie takes a seat on his face, it’s Dani’s turn as she climbs on his cock, for some very energetic cowgirl, with plenty of booty action for the camera. Karlie ends up back on his cock, as Dani bends over for Manuel so he can get lost in her ass once again. Some very hot oral action as the girls double team his cock, with their tongue work. He bends the girls up against the railing, as he takes turn with each for some doggy action. The girls have some one on one time, as he watches, then slides behind Dani for some doggy action. She gets a little rough with Dani, slapping her face, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. Karlie bends over as Manuel slides back inside her, while Dani licks her ass. Pretty much the same intensity as the first scene of this movie, with the added bonus of Karlie in the mix. And we even get more squirting from Dani, as he once again works his magic fingers. We get some very nice shots of their asses, as they sit on his cock and let the booty bounce for the camera. They both get blasted by his money shot and then lick the cum off each others face, see they are all about sharing, that’s nice. But before we end, she climbs on Karlie and grabs her leg for a grind session, and then a few kisses as she tries to catch her breath.


Wearing a sexy black swimsuit and some blue heels, Dani lays out to catch some sun by the pool. Well no need to worry about tan lines, as the swimsuit comes off. But she’s also a little naughty as she rubs and plays with herself. She spends some time in the pool, showcasing her body for the camera, anyone else getting a sexy mermaid vibe here. And it wouldn’t be an Elegant Angel movie without some oil streaming down a girl’s body. She rubs and plays with herself, as her body glistens in the sun. But enough tease, we find her and Erik in the bedroom already started with some heavy foreplay. He pins her down as he continues to lick all over her body, spending some time on her boobs, before heading to her ass and pussy, just teasing her along the way. But as he starts his oral workout on her pussy, he is leaving her breathless and he hasn’t come up for air in a long time. He adds in some finger action and she is clinging to the bed as he continues. He finally comes up for air and she hops on him and attacks him, and then cut to Dani on the bed, and she begs for him to be inside her, for some amazing flat doggy action. He adds in some finger in the ass, while he continues to mount her pussy, as Dani has pretty much started to slide off the bed. He brings her back and they continue with some missionary, as she begs for him not to stop. She ends up on top for some cowgirl action, as the camera moves in to showcase the booty action, and then pans around to show the intensity and heat between these two. He pulls off the reversal and gets her on her back and just continues to hit all the right spots. I wonder if this is the scene she talked about in the interview section, where her emotions began to take over, cause this really seems to be a great example of two people sharing a moment. And perhaps that is why they are a couple now. They continue with some booty clapping doggy, as she continues to beg and plead for more. She tries to hold it in, but he keeps telling her to just let it out, and that is where the emotional look begins to appear. The hot sex continues, but there is even more intense kissing and staring into each others eyes to add even more chemistry. For those that need this info, they continue with some spoon and reverse cowgirl action, but in reality you should be so caught up in this scene, their position is not all that important. End up back in missionary as she begs for him to cum inside her and you can add that into another surprise for this movie. But they are not done just yet, as he slides back in and gets her to cum one last time, as the emotions take over.

Some outtakes and bloopers during the end credits

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