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Voracious: The First Season

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/15/12

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Voracious: The First Season

Evil Angel

Genre: Feature, Web-To-DVD, Horror

Director: John Stagliano

Cast: Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis, Manuel Ferrara, Zorah White, Steve Holmes, Bibi Noel, Lea Lexis, Omar Galanti, Sandra Romain, David Perry, Ian Scott, Ivana Sugar, Rocco Siffredi, Alice Romain
Non-sex roles: Tricia Devereaux, Mistress Schmidt, Kris Hoolywood

Length: 382:47 minutes (202:20 minutes & 180:27 minutes)

Date of Production: 2012

Extras: This being a four disc set, it seems natural to provide a decent overview of the extras in this separate section. First off, the entire book-shaped DVD case was surrounded by a protective O-ring sleeve. Mine was signed by the director (and someday I hope to get Brooklyn Lee to sign it as well) but it should be noted that there are different versions of this cover. Every one of them looks cool but search them out if you favor a specific version. The case itself unfolded into four separate sections with a still shot from the movie behind the three DVD discs, the fourth section holding the booklet and score disc. The booklet was multicolor and provided pictures from the movie, director John Stagliano adding in some episode specific notes as well as a description of the plotted elements and a cast list. Next was a CD score by Doug Mariah on a separate disc, each of the sixteen tracks providing ambience and mood to the production, working well as standalone pieces. It was presented in 2.0 LPCM with a 1411 Kbps bitrate, the ensuing quality such that it sounded mainstream (not relying on stock music); the disc a full fledged CD instead of the burnt disc cheaper companies provide in the extremely rare cases they include such a disc as an extra.

The Third DVD was devoted to some fine extras too. While both of the movie discs provided some minimal extras, they were largely reserved for the generic extras such as the company web trailer on the first disc and the cast list and website list on the second. The third disc had the expected filmographies, 11 photogalleries, websites, and 6 trailers. It also had six separate commentaries lasting 93:13 minutes, John Stagliano giving viewers a glimpse into his origins as a stripper, where the idea for the movie came from, lots of details regarding decisions made for the movie, and the cast all providing some details too. There were then two sections of extra sex as the scenes were being shot, something you would usually call “deleted footage” or something similar, with John commenting in the background to the performers. The first section lasted 40:47 minutes and the second lasted 12:28 minutes; some of the footage looking clearer than the movie material as the special effects were not yet added in. The sum total of the extras were that they were plentiful, focused on the production itself, and exceeded expectations in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Voracious: The First Season was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel. Unlike other porn features, this utilized lighting in a very different fashion, allowing the shadows, camera angles, and lack of lighting to propel the darker themes and moods of the sexual trysts. Warehouse lighting (my preferred lighting for gonzo titles) is very easy by comparison, the allowance of grain and other aspects of minimal light generally working quite well here to enhance the themes of the production. Whether the case or not, the editing gave the impression that there were times when multiple cameras were deployed to capture all the sex, enough establishing shots and fill in work provided to keep the story elements moving even when the performers were not boning like crazy. Having watched the production once straight through and then sections used for screen captures and writing this review, the layers of visual (and aural) elements have only been scratched by me at this writing, the details popping out the closer I look. The audio was in stereo but it combined the vocals, the original score by Doug Mariah, and the ambient noises in a very polished manner. This helped contribute to the visual elements in a way that few features do these days, the separate CD included as an extra allowing you to listen for yourselves as to how the much care and effort were put into it. As always, when John Stagliano decides to fulfill a fantasy of his regarding making a big budget production, he goes all out and the technical aspects showed this gritty, horrific drama in such a way that few will doubt how award worthy it is this season (the movie giving a lot more depth and breadth than any of the other current contenders).

Body of Review: John Stagliano is best known as the gonzo director that practically reinvented the genre decades ago. I still find much to appreciate in his older works as well as his “Stretch Class” series for Evil Angel but in terms of pure stature, it is difficult to contain oneself when the master director decides to pull out all stops and make a big budget extravaganza feature. His notable work of late in that regard is called Voracious: The First Season, the production originally airing on the company website one “episode” at a time each month. If you’ve been living under a rock, the story is about a vampire (Brooklyn Lee as Amira) who finds herself questioning whether the sheer physical pleasures of her supernatural status outweigh all that she had lost as a result, Manuel Ferrara portraying a man smitten by her charms looking for her all over the world. With promiscuous priests (Steve Holmes), master vampires enforcing long standing rules (Omar Galanti and Rocco Siffredi), and a whole host of anal loving sluts like Sandra Romain, Lea Lexis, Ivana Sugar, Alice Romain, and Zorah White doing everything and anything needed to get their partners off, this was one major piece of heated sexuality.

Cameo by Tricia Devereaux

The company website described the movie like this: “"Under the Victory Column in Berlin, barely hidden from view, a priest offers guidance to a tormented vampire. Manuel arrives in search of Amira, his true love salvation, only to find that perversion and priesthood go hand in hand. Amira's "doubts" about being a vampire are brought to the attention of Vlad, who has just returned from killing a rogue vampire. Our confused Amira knows one thing with the force of all her ex-humanity: She will not give up. Unfortunately, anything that threatens the survival of the vampire clan will be eliminated by Vlad in the most gruesome way." The text above, which describes Episode 6 of the long-awaited feature-series "Voracious," is but a hint of what awaits fans of both Gothic porn and the fetish-laden, sexually intense visions that could only spring from the mind of John Stagliano ... and in this case, his muses: "This movie came together when I got Brooklyn Lee and Lea Lexis to co-write the scenes with me," says writer/director Stagliano. "The Vampire lore makes for good erotica. I wanted to do another feature film like 'Fashionistas.'" AVN's Best New Starlet, Brooklyn Lee, whose fang-baring, alabaster-white face graces the DVD cover, stars opposite Manuel Ferrara, himself a multiple-year AVN Male Performer of the Year. Lea Lexis, Steve Holmes and Rocco Siffredi astound in supporting roles with actor-director Omar Galanti in an inspired bit of casting as the lustful vampire Dracu. "Voracious" arrives on DVD as a collector's edition four-disc set comprised of the movie, clocking in at over six hours on two discs; extensive behind-the-scenes and bonus content on a third disc; and a music soundtrack CD as the fourth disc. The high-end serial movie consists of all 10 individual episodes, billed as the entire First Season. "Voracious" will include a variety of promotional assets to supplement the four different promotional posters that were recently sent to retailers and distributors around the world. Clients will have a choice of three different O-card outer sleeves.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Learn To Control Yourself: Brooklyn Lee, the curvy Starlet of the Year featured on the front cover, was up first in a seductive tryst with blond bombshell Lea Lexis and ever amazing Manuel Ferrara. I refuse to ruin the story elements but she was showing him the home and he naturally found her attractive, her supernatural abilities furthering this desire just enough to reel him in. Lea was dressed in a revealing purple jumpsuit, a skintight one at that, Brooklyn also impressive in a similar outfit with some fetish accessories. Manuel stuffed his face between her ass cheeks and Lea used her physical prowess to flip him onto the floor, her face sitting adventure with him turning Brooklyn on to the point where she slobbed his knob aggressively even as he gobbled Lea’s gash. Brooklyn throated him and applied some hand to gland friction, the sloppy hummer a major visual treat, both ladies treated to his turgid pecker pounding both pussy and ass (emphasis on the ass though). The ladies intermittently participated with each other rathe than watch as Manuel took them on one at a time, Brooklyn and Manuel showing the most chemistry this time though all three of them provided a spectacular tryst as the opener. The plentiful oral continued right along with the penetrative positions, Brooklyn tossing his salad as Lea blew him one more time, his genetic juice flying all over by Brooklyn’s hand as the ladies shared their liquid lunch (and nearly, Manuel himself as the main course).

Scene Two: Now You Are A Blood Slave (pt 1): Zorah White, a curvy blond hooker, was up next in a very brief blowjob only scene with priest Steve Holmes, the man saving her from being next on the menu only to require her services. While I do not think it qualifies as a listable scene personally, I’m sticking with the IAFD conventions for this review, her knob slobbing using some hand to gland friction to drain his balls of population pudding as his seed hit her face. This only delayed the inevitable but it was a nice showing of the dynamic between the priest and the undead, Sandra Romain taking over to throat him as Zorah watched from underneath.

Scene Three: Now You Are A Blood Slave (pt 2): Bibi Noel, another perky blond, and Lea Lexis, were up next in a warehouse lair as Omar Galanti asserted dominance. Bibi had on some bright blue stretch pants that emphasized her fleshy ass, Omar stuffing his face between her cheeks as Lea spread them apart for greater access. He munched her and Lea kissed him, their devotion to oral including some foot fetish action and face sitting. Fans of shrimping will appreciate how Lea serviced Bibi’s toes too, both gals double teaming Omar’s throbbing cock as he stood over them. There were some special effects throughout the scene, from Omar’s speedy running to his climbing the wall to some motion displacement, the strength of the action as much in how their savored the hardcore antics as the depth of depravity put on display (such as Lea tossing Omar’s salad). The emphasis on anal was again in high gear too, from rimming to fingering to actively riding his pecker in ass by both of them. With great eye contact and more fetish work using feet and ass, Omar’s big rod tore into the ladies at every turn, the ladies milking his nuts dry of spunk to share in decadent fashion.

Scene Four: Fuckin’ White American Trash: Brooklyn Lee, next up in skintight black leather garb, walked into a dungeon where curvy Sandra Romain was hanging around (insider joke, watch the movie), the sexual nature of the place crystal clear with every step she took. David Perry and Ian Scott where the major drivers of this one in terms of plowing her three holes, Sandra giving as well as she got at every turn. The use of clamps and BDSM gear was a major part of the scene, some lesbian action showing Sandra as a longstanding member of the vampire clan reminding me of just how strong a performer she was before she “retired” back to her home country. Sandra wielded her authority over the relative newcomer with impunity, the mouth clamps spread wide so the men could throat Brooklyn, the sexual demon in her able to handle anything the others could come up with. The messy head and hammering away at Brooklyn’s pussy and ass was smoking hot, Sandra sitting on her face just the icing on the cake. There was an appearance of a rivalry dynamic going on here too, not just as foreshadowed by the title of the episode (which gave it away) but the utter contempt the trio of old worlders had for Brooklyn. She provided just as hardcore a set of acts as Sandra did though, no small feat considered the aforementioned extreme queen has long been a favorite, but the sheer energy and enthusiasm made this one stand out even among the other scenes in this wild ride of a feature. An anal plug stretched Brooklyn’s perfect pucker enough to ease her entry point the anal leading to DP, their splooge glazing Brooklyn as Sandra held her firm, the blowjobs continuing after both sets of balls were drained.

Scene Five: You Can Never Leave The Clan: Ivana Sugar, Zorah White, Rocco Siffredi, and Omar Galanti, were up next as the ladies, decked out in hooker attire on a darkened street, offered their services for “400” to a passerby. This was too expensive but a better opportunity came along right afterward, the guys entrancing the ladies though still giving the ultimate choice to them. Rocco pawed some shapely ass while Omar watched, kissing his own charge on the pier though the ladies were interchangeably used by both men in the public, though deserted, location. The ladies actively rode cock orally and anally, whatever vaginal penetration positions displayed lost in the shuffle as there was little let up once they began. Ivana loved playing with cock and she rode so well in each of her three holes that her experience showed by comparison yet Zorah was no slouch either, taking a somewhat slower approach but seemingly savoring it more. I did not detect the same kind f competitive streak in this scene as the last, both gals wanting the same thing and assisting each other in getting it by pleasuring the men as thoroughly as possible. Omar lost his wad of splooge first, the ladies taking the facial and cumswapping it, Rocco bringing the women indoors to go just a bit longer for his remaining ball batter to satisfy their oral needs.

Scene Six: I Want To See The Sun: Brooklyn Lee, hanging upside down from some metal poles while wearing only a large collar and stripper shoes, was up next as the first scene on the second disc with Rocco Siffredi. Omar woke her from her slumber and caressed her a bit, Rocco sensing that there was still some humanity left in her so he set out to test her. This involved a series of fetish clips (similar to clothespins) for use on her lips, tits, labia, and anywhere else to serve as gauges of her pain threshold. Rocco then stuffed his pecker down her throat as the clips sounding her mouth caused her some pain, the resulting hummer as sloppy as any I have seen of late (and I’ve seen some mighty sloppy hummers). With saliva coating Brooklyn’s face thoroughly, she pressed forward, impressing Rocco that she was worthy of the gift bestowed upon her, some choking punctuating the blowjob though she took care of his semen; the look on her face priceless as it ran down her jaw.

Scene Seven: You Are Not A Man Of God: Brooklyn Lee, walking in a famous public area in Berlin, was up next in another far too brief public blowjob with recipient Steve Holmes. She sought a cure for her condition, Steve testing her will as he forced her to her knees to give some anonymity as she throated him. She begged him for his help and he treated her like a piece of meat, the man making it clear that her compliance was paramount to getting any assistance. She threw herself into the action and was soon tossing his salad, the look of disgust upon her face when her lover discovered her, making it clear that she wanted to do it for him; Steve soon glazing her face with semen as “a good start” to her redemption.

Scene Eight: You’re Gonna Bring Another Whore Into This Clan? (pt 1): Ivana Sugar, Lea Lexis, and Sandra Romain, were up next in a club setting where black light and fluorescent paint gave the scene a decidedly ethereal look. The lipstick glowed brightly as the pants, the ladies sucking ass and pussy as they pawed each other in a dreamlike state of mind. They fingered one another and gobbled gash, rimming and letting makeup smear while toys were jammed inside of holes only partially ready to receive them. The gals pushed each other’s limits a lot here, Sandra being the prime mover and shaker of the trio from what I could tell, their animalistic antics sparing no effort to continue pleasuring each other even when Sandra teased them from behind a glass wall. The trio got upset with Omar when he brought in Alice, their scene closing out as his began anew.

Scene Nine: You’re Gonna Bring Another Whore Into This Clan? (pt 2): Alice Romain, sister to well known extreme queen Sandra, was up next in the club-like orgy room with Omar Galanti. The black lighting and neon photoreactive paints glowed as the slow motion antics continued with these new partners. He treated her roughly and smacked her around a bit, Alice spreading her legs so he could taste her. She moaned loudly a lot and they painted each other in a weird scene that looked like something retro in terms of the bitrate, a strangely erotic visual appeal kicking in more when the amount of paint was more plentiful. Omar looked especially ghoulish here, the entire production giving him just enough of the look to make it seem more authentic, but he really looked devilish this time, the early emphasis on oral and vaginal sex leading to more anal once he warmed her up with his tongue and fingers. She jerked him off while tossing his salad, Omar fucking her with his foot before she licked him clean and moved back to vaginal on his pecker, the intermittent oral by the gal showing a lot of skill. Omar ended the tryst by depositing his spew into her mouth and swapping it with her, much of it running down her chin though she continued to polish his knob with practiced ease.

Scene Ten: It’s A Dangerous Game: Lea Lexis, still upset over the recent changes in her vampire clan, was up next as she made a deal with priest Steve Holmes in his office. She wore the orange bustier that showed off her ample boobs, her black booty shorts still barely covering her greatest asset. He was willing even without her pushing his will a little bit extra, the arrangement sealed the deal with a squeal as she sat on his face following the kiss and rimming. It was simply an offer he could not refuse, her wonderful ass smothering him delightfully well, lifting up from time to time but Steve enjoying this a lot more than the limited blowjobs he had received to this point in the lengthy movie/series. She ground her ass cheeks into his tongue, Steve shoving it deep inside of her perfect pucker once her shorts were flung to the floor, her messy hummer and titty fuck followed by some very active vaginal riding on her part. He gave her more head and she enjoyed it, the anal penetration at least as active at swallowing his dick whole while he went balls deep inside of her. This dynamic continued until she beat his meat by hand, his splooge flying all over the place as she sought to capture some of it in her mouth.

Scene Eleven: Who Is This Guy?: Sandra Romain, Ivana Sugar, and Manuel Ferrara, up next as a mind altered Manuel is seduced by the dark power the ladies have to offer. The scene was initially offered up in an almost reality television style night vision camera, the extremely grainy nature of the tryst serving to artistically showcase how he is falling into a life that will leave him soulless and a slave forever. The trio makes out and they inhale his cock orally, taking turns and double teaming him before he takes some time to tap their assets. The camera thankfully went back to a more standardized manner of telling the story, ditching the effects in favor of some major hardcore fucking showing a lot of chemistry and enthusiasm. The energy levels here were surprisingly strong too, the ladies as into Manuel as he was into them; Brooklyn seen watching helplessly from the far side of the room while waiting for an opening to intervene from. Sandra was the dynamo of this scene overall even if Ivana was every bit as passionate as I have seen from her in the past. Sandra sucked Manuel off as though possessed, her plan looking as though it would come off without a hitch. From there, the ladies sucked him off, beat his meat, orally serviced him in a variety of ways, and jumped his cock like they were possessed to get as much of him inside them as possible. Ivana lit up when Manuel’s cock boned her snatch and Sandra tossed salad like a professional, her own vaginal riding as driven as I remember seeing before she left the domestic industry. Her ass shook like crazy, this being among the most strokable footage of the movie with the most replay value, the anal as powerful as ever with all sorts of taste testing. Ivana did the honors of sucking the semen out of his cock, Sandra getting sloppy seconds before Brooklyn appeared to give a special nod to the enveloping situation.

Scene Twelve: Es Ist Vollbracht!: Brooklyn Lee, all dressed up in a ritual outfit and headdress, was up last with Manuel Ferrara as they sought to remove her curse. The helpers caressed her and spread Brooklyn’s ass wide open, a gape forming even before anything was stuffed inside of her. A toy was used to facilitate the insertion of her “medicine”, Manuel lubing her up with his tongue as she bent over the bench and allowed him to rub her shaven snatch. From there, things picked up in a more mundane bedroom, her more cautious blowjob showing less of the driven energy from earlier scenes but a lot more chemistry as she had developed feelings for the man. He throated her briefly and she stroked his shaft, a lot of kissing and lighter caresses contrasting heavily with the darkness and depravity of the previous portions of the flick. Manuel gobbled her gash and she spread her legs far apart to grant him better access to her loins, more blowjob work leading to a steadily increasing vaginal penetration in cowgirl. She cleaned him off orally from time to time and they boned like they owned each other, their connection to one another growing as seen in many little glimpses that went along with their superb eye contact and caresses. They spooned and the look of joy on her face as they both approached climax during the ending anal spoke volumes, the entire scene punctuated in the one thing earlier scenes could not show due to her condition (see the movie to know what I mean), Brooklyn eliciting the last bit of his liquid essence all over her face before they kissed (and the feature elements ended in a cliffhanger).

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Summary: Voracious: The First Season by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel was the kind of darker drama you rarely see made any more, the amount of hardcore fuck for the buck almost totally overwhelming compared to the lighter, fluffier competition I have been privy to this year. Fans of anal and scenes that push the limits of the ladies will find this a must have release in many ways, even the general audience finding the quality and quantity of entertainment value enough to merit a rating of vulkanio.ru Pick. The technical values relied heavily on atmosphere and locations, the score assisting in enveloping the visual elements superbly, and the casting of exotic young ladies such as Brooklyn Lee (fresh off her win as Starlet of the Year) as well as European performers that naturally appeared more suitable for their roles than their domestic counterparts just made this the movie to beat for many categories. In short, Voracious: The First Season was as fulfilling a hardcore fuck flick as I have seen, relying on the ensemble nature of the cast and story elements rather than a handful of popular flavor of the month performers (a standard method of gaining popular support) going through the motions. The extras package was great and tied to the production rather than needing unrelated scenes from past productions to bolster the score, the sum of the parts adding to more than the individual components once more. Great Job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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