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Club Elite 2

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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/25/11

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Club Elite

Elegant Angel/LT Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo, Black on Black

Director: LT Turner

Cast: Misty Stone, Mark Anthony, Rock, Nyomi Banxxx, LT Turner, Jada Fire, Roxy Reynolds, Skin Diamond, Persia

Length: 259:11 minutes (199:23 minutes & 59:48 minutes)

Misty Stone

Date of Production: 8/13/2011 (per box cover; credits read: “Augest 6, 2011”)

Extras: All the extras were on the second disc of the set, starting off with a 52:43 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It was largely a set of interviews but also included some of the verbal exchanges between the ladies and director as they prepared for their scenes. Then came a set of three bonus scenes, a 28:10 minute long scene from Porn’s Top Black Models, a 31:02 minute scene from Black Booty Worship 1, and a 27:04 minute scene from Up That Black Ass 8; all described in detail below. The other extras were the standard package of a photogallery, spam, a pop shot recap, and spam.

Condoms: None

Nyomi Banxxx

Audio/Video Quality: Club Elite was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director LT Turner for Elegant Angelusing the standard definition MPEG-2 codec with 480 resolution. The lighting was better than expected, evenly balanced with few problems to speak of. Otherwise, there was little grain, only a limited amount of aliasing and mostly minor visual issues that didn’t get in the way of having a truly first rate picture in most cases. The composition of the shots tended to favor the ladies nicely, rarely chopping off their heads in a frame or missing out on significant portions of the action. The editing by Michael Cates was decent though a few of the edits were noticeable but part of that might be due to what kind of footage was presented. I saw no compression artifacts although the bitrate varied substantially, often seeming to be in the 4.4 Mbps range. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 256 Kbps bitrate (and 48 kHz sampling rate), the separation was nonexistent and the dynamic range limited but at least the vocals could be heard most of the time (as could some background noise). In all then, the technical aspects were decent here and the music from the company vaults and that by My Beat Shop added some fun too.

Jada Fire

Body of Review: LT Turner is currently the well received black director for Elegant Angel, his interracial titles some of the best on the market. His latest movie is called Club Elite, a lengthy double disc offering full of very curvy black performers that enjoy large black cocks. The performers included hotty Misty Stone, juicy Jada Diamond, lean Skin Diamond, and several others you will likely find appealing. The extras included a BTS lasting almost an hour and three bonus scenes from previous titles with the cast, four of the six ladies doing anal and the director enjoying most of the cast himself. The company website described the double disc movie like this: “These girls are at the very top of the game, and here you see them like you've never seen the before: Raw and Passionate. You really get to appreciate their personalities as well as their beauty. So sit back, relax and enjoy Club Elite!" - Director L.T. Director L.T. produces his own slice of reality/superstar porn, with the innovative release Club Elite, starring a jaw dropping lineup of urban legends: Jada Fire, Roxy Reynolds, Misty Stone, Nyomi Banxxx, and Skin Diamond.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Roxy Reynolds

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Scene One: Misty Stone, the beautiful young lady featured on the left side of the group shot on the front cover, was up first. Her all natural tits and perfectly awesome booty were displayed just right thanks to her sheer black lingerie, the back of it comprised of straps for greater access. She verbally teased with the director but she was actually set up to work with Mark Anthony and Rock, I could see the look on his face suggesting he wanted to participate after all. The guys took turns eating her out but they entered the picture one at a time initially, Misty slobbing their knobs as aggressively as she deployed the stream of dirty talk I enjoyed so much. She savored their rods and pushed her limits a bit, most of the scene when all three were present being comprised of a cock in her mouth and the other in her snatch. The scene ended when the men tossed off wads of population pudding on her face, Misty smiling at the way she drained their balls so thoroughly. The company website described the scene like this: “Misty Stone gives us a taste of POV oral, as L.T. Turner steps up and eats at the Y, in this long and intense ebony threesome. Misty and L.T. give each other the kind of foreplay you only get from a combination of total animal lust, and great chemistry. Soon, she's riding his cock, and sucking off his buddy! Both guys get to feed her a blast a warm cumshot before this 51 minute scene fades out.”

Persia and Skin Diamond with LT

Scene Two: Nyomi Banxxx, a thicker gal than Misty in all ways and more of a MILF by comparison, was up next with LT Turneras the two traded memories from the good old days. They showed some personal chemistry right from the start and the tease began with Roxy in a neon pink and black outfit, her ripe rump repeatedly showcased as much as her own wonderful oral skills. She teased him with a short hummer and display of flexibility, her active riding and oral skills always showing her at her best. Granted, she was more active during the vaginal positions than the anal but she showed she wasn’t afraid of anal when she stuffed most of her hand inside her ass to help get off yet again. This scene was not as lengthy as the last but the way she licked his nuts while he beat off a load of genetic juice to her mouth for swallowing was as great as her sex positive attitude. The company website described the scene like this: “Naomi Banxxx is one very affectionate ebony beauty, and she's in the mood. She sets to treating L.T. Turner just right, in this 42 minute hardcore scene. After worshiping his cock with her full lips and eager throat, she settles down on top and starts humping away. Before this frisky frolic ends, she's treated him to anal and let him cum in her throat - what a way to end an afternoon of sex!”

Scene Three: Jada Fire, the thick MILF seen on the upper right corner of the group shot on the cover, was up next in something of a double scene where she did LT Turnerand then Mark Anthony. Jada has been a popular black performer for a very long time, her sexual needs and willingness to do it all making her a go to person a number of times for directors. This time, she showed much of her enthusiasm and energy up front, her boobs bigger than ever and her ass looking perfect when stuck up in the air (especially on the piano bench). She warmed up with a thick purple vibrator but it was no replacement for cock, her passion for pecker again elevating the quality of the scene. She did not do as much anal as vaginal here but the pop of spunk on her leg was only the beginning of her fun, Mark already erect when he walked over to offer Jada a treat. Her oral seemed more generous, even sloppy, during the second half but she did seem to get off before her three holes milked out a small second load of semen on her crotch. The company website described the scene like this: “Jada Fire is too hot to wait for the scene to begin, but that's okay - nobody in their right mind would complain, about extra footage with this ebony queen! She works herself up with toys as this 1 hour plus video begins. But the intro isn't long - sooner than you'd expect, L.T. Turner has Jada full of his cock, and begins an anal pounding that just doesn't stop!”

Scene Four: Roxy Reynolds, the alluring babe seen on the far left portion of the group photo on the cover, was up last on the first disc, the gal entering the room with shaving cream all over her crotch as she cleaned up for the work. She engaged in the same sort of gonzo banter with LT Turneras the others did, the scene picking up when she was all dressed up in fetish attire playing some pool. She extolled the virtues of her website and then teased LT, giving him a great blowjob before he ate her pussy and ass on the couch. She was a very active rider too, oiling up in such a way that even I nearly lost it, LT banging her pussy until busting a nut on her ass (a huge load by the way). The company website described the scene like this: “Roxy Reynolds is visiting L.T. Turner for a friendly game of pool... but thanks to the way she's dressed, L.T.'s got other games on his mind! Roxy can't keep her mouth of his cock, or her hands off her own pussy, as she sets the stage for this 36 minute hardcore scene. L.T. eats her ass, which tells Roxy everything she needs to know - our ebony ass freak will indeed get the wild humping she came for!”

Scene Five: Skin Diamond, Persia, and LT Turner, were up last as a separate scene on the second disc. Including the ending credits, it lasted almost an hour itself, the ladies getting in some fine personal time by themselves before they began working on the cock of the director. They moved about the house from the bathroom to the pool table and living room but it was interesting to see that Persia (who was not on the front cover) was the initial babe in the scene focused on, her ventures in Las Vegas touched upon but not in detail before she hooked up with increasingly popular Skin. They showed some chemistry together, perhaps just a friendly lust connection, but really came into their own when LT arrived to provide the pecker. He pounded them and got some exceptional head, the ladies proving to be as active at riding cock anally as they were vaginally. There was some taste testing and the women assisted each other as needed, some breaks taken to flesh out the dialogue (which added to some sexual tension and more tease), the ending load of splooge rubbed out on the faces of the ladies where they licked it off each other as LT watched up close. The company website described the scene like this: “Skin Diamond and her sexy ebony friend visit L.T. Turner, for a hardcore threesome. The action gets underway right away, and keeps on going forever - or at least, long enough for a 58 minute video! Once the girls started eating each others' sexy tits, there was no way L.T. was walking away for anything but lube. Two petite beauties who want it all... has his cock ever had it this good before?”

Bonus Scene One: Porn’s Top Black Models: Misty Stone & LT Turner: Misty's scene is up next and her inclusion begins with a little tease and interview segment as well. At the start she's wearing a tight little red dress but nothing else, not even underwear. Her tease moves outdoors and then back inside as she meets her partner for some nookie. There's a fair amount of oral foreplay, though it's one-sided as Misty is on the receiving end. He pokes her pussy with his dick for a bit and pulls out for his own little bit of oral fun. The main attraction here is very solid and Misty really puts on a good show, even though she doesn't quite command attention the way Naomi did. There's a better chemistry between these two and I particularly enjoyed it when Misty was pinned underneath him and looking seductively into his eyes. (review by Harry Johnson)

Bonus Scene Two: Black Booty Worship 1: Roxy Reynolds, Jemeni, and LT Turner: Roxy greets the camera introducing "Black Booty Worship" setting the stage for all the other women opening with one of the finest asses I've ever seen. On a scale of 1-10 in Guerra scale, 1 being boney, 10 being Guerra, Roxy is a definite 8 with an amazing rump that she jiggles, wiggle, and bounces for the camera which was quite the spectacular lead in. Roxy herself is a gorgeous woman, but she knows why we're here and she doesn't hesitate in giving us the goods. Sauntering down the stairs teasing the camera, and licking her lips, she's eventually met by Jemeni who doesn't mind paying homage to her butt by kissing and licking every inch of her ass for us. They engage in a 69 of sorts, twisting to luck each other’s asses, get to bed where they engage in one on one 69ing eating other out and enjoying the asses they both bear. Roxy is never hesitant to smother her partner with her own rump. Their mate enters in on the girl on girl sticking his cock in to Roxy's mouth and she obliges with heavy lapping and sucking as he bites and licks Jemeni's ass. Jemeni smothers her mate letting her pussy be chewed out as Roxy sucks him off, and Roxy switches places getting her pussy eaten as Jemeni sucks his cock. Things heat up with Jemeni gets on his cock riding him fast and hard wiggling her ass in the process, and Roxy gets on Jemeni fingering her own hole as Jemeni gets fucked and then switches off getting fucked as Jemeni gets her pussy eaten. They eventually get back down to his cock sucking him off and he gets behind Roxy fucking her ass as Jemeni is eaten out by Roxy. Jemeni is eventually spread and fucked by her mate pounding her deep and hard as Roxy gets her pussy eaten. Jemeni turns to get it up her ass, and then rides him backward cowgirl, was Roxy gets a few sucks in. They eventually switch again with Roxy riding him and taking it at a rapid fire thrusting eventually cumming all over her ass. The girls sign off with another ass show. (review by Felix Vasquez)

Bonus Scene Three: Up That Black Ass 8: Skin Diamond & LT Turner: Cover girl Skin Diamond is LT’s first starlet he gets to play with. A little tease sequence here goes a long way, with Skin showing hers off, topping it off with plenty of shots of her soon to be nailed backside. What a body on this girl! LT walks in and after Skin sucks him off and gets his cock lubed just enough, LT enters her ass. Just a side note here; LT enters every girl anally first and fucks them longer in the ass than in the pussy. Skin, who’s pretty petite and tight, nicely handles LT in her ass. LT doesn’t appear to fuck her as hard as the other girls that appear later on, but it is still a fantastic scene as we watch Skin enjoy LT’s member go in and out of her. LT works her equally tight pussy for a little while before releasing a huge cum load on her face to finish the opening scene. (review by Rob Perez)

Summary: Club Elite by director LT Turner for Elegant Angel proved again that when allowed to, the director can compete with anyone else in the urban porn (black on black) market with some smoking hot sex, great extras, and the kind of casting the company is typically associated with in their plethora of more vanilla titles. The ladies all gave some excellent tease, had the kind of bodies that transcend the racial preferences of the audience, and gave some sweet diversity within the theme of the day so it earned a rating of Highly Recommended; the replay value, strokability, and amount of fuck for the buck easily worth the price of admission. In short, Club Elite was more than just a selection of good scenes placed in an upgraded package of extras, each scene stood out as the kind I expect from any of the company directors these days, the totality of circumstance such that the movie stood out as award worthy for several categories.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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