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Suck Balls 2

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 10/21/11

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GENRE: Blowjobs, Oral Sex

DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko

CAST: Aarielle Alexis, Alex Gonz, Bill Bailey, Gia DiMarco, Heather Vahn, Jacky Joy, Jonni Darkko, Katie Jordin, Krissy Lynn, Madison Ivy, Mia Lelani, Vicki Chase, Winston Burbank


LENGTH: 4 hrs. 52 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Audio on this DVD is very clear. The video is clear as well, and is presented in a widescreen aspect ratio.

OVERVIEW: This DVD features some of the finest looking ladies engaging in some serious oral action. As the title/cover suggests the scenes are mostly about girls sucking balls. There is some deepthroating, cocksucking, and even face fucking thrown in there as well. If you like your oral sex scenes in a truly hardcore fashion then this Evil angel presentation might just be what you're looking for.


SCENE 1: Mia Lelani

Mia is an extremely attractive girl who looks to be of Asian descent. Her scene was actually divided into 3 parts that started off with one guy at a pool, and ended POV (Point of View) style in a carpeted bedroom with another guy. The first part of the scene starts off with Mia taunting the cameraman with her low toned seductive voice. She stood in the middle of a swimming pool licking large pool balls, and stroking her massive tits before some guy finally joined in for some fun. The guy brought with him what appeared to be a bottle of oil, and squirted some of it on Mia's breasts. After rubbing it in really good she returned the favor by covering the guy's cock, and balls with it. Immediately after this deed is done she began wildly sucking his balls, and cock. I have honestly never seen a female performer suck so much in my life. It was quite amazing to say the least. Mia definitely knew what she was doing. At several points during the scene she even had the guy's cock, and balls in her mouth at the same time!

The second part of the scene continues with Mia, and the same guy from the pool as she lays on a bench somewhere in a house. There's a lot of face fucking that goes on during this part as well as a serious amount of ball sucking. Mia goes at it for a while alternating between some deepthroating, and ball sucking. She also allows the guy to teabag her face, and face fuck her while she's lying on her back. The oral sex is definitely intense during the first to parts of Mia's scene. In the end Mia get's the guy off so good that he explodes a massive load across her face, and in her mouth.

The third part of Mia's scene was a tiny bit more tame, but not by much. In this oral sex session Mia deepthroated, gagged, and spit all over they guy's cock and balls. There was also a good amount of ball sucking, but not as much as she did with the first male performer. About halfway into the scene Mia gagged so bad that she vomited. The good thing is that she held it in her mouth so the viewer wouldn't see, and the cameraman edited it out in a way that didn't butcher the scene. In the end Mia recieved the well deserved massive facial that she had been begging for the entire time. She even took some of the cum into her mouth, and played with it a bit. It was one truly awe inspiring cumshot, and facial. Overall I found this three part scene to be very enjoyable, and intense (in a good way). It's one of the best oral sex scenes I have seen in a long time.

SCENE 2: Katie Jordin

Katie's scene was divided into two parts, but they were basically continuations of the sane scene. When the scene begins Katie is reclining on a large bed (pretty much naked) where she's talking dirty to the cameraman/male performer. She talks about cock worship, and how some girls don't do the full job when it comes to oral sex. Katie is a very lovely young female performer, who proved that she could talk the talk, and walk the walk. For those of you who are curious about her features, she has all natural breasts that are modest in size, lovely brunette hair with highlights, and a very nice ass. She is an extremely attractive girl. After she finishes talking to the cameraman, Katie gets down to business with her 'cock worship'. She gives an amazing oral performance that includes lots of deepthroating, and ball sucking. She constantly keeps the guy's cock, and balls lubed with her saliva. The cocksucking, and ball sucking goes on for a while before the final half of the scene begins. During the last part of Katie's performance she allows the guy to face fuck her. In all honesty I wouldn't call it face fucking though. For the most part it was just slow deepthroating. The scene was truly impressive nonetheless, and ended with Katie recieving a massive cumshot all over her face, and even in her mouth.

SCENE 3: Vicki Chase

When I first began watching Vicki's scene I was thinking to myself that the director really messed up including it in this DVD set. The scene itself was actually divided into three parts with three different male performers involved. The first part featured a guy with an uncircumcised cock. I have major issues with this, because it was nasty to watch the guy play with his foreskin as Vicki sucked his balls. To be totally honest the first part of the scene wasn't good at all. Pretty much all that went on was ball sucking. Vicki hardly even sucked the guy's cock. I guess the best part of it was the ending cumshot which was fairly massive, and landed all over Vicki's face.

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The second part of the scene (with a different guy) was extremely better. Vicki seemed to be in her element with this guy. The whole thing was really intense, and involved a lot of serious deepthroating, and ball sucking. A few times during this part Vicki even deepthroated the guy's balls which I didn't know was possible. The oral sex was majorly sloppy, and wet. Vicki was constantly spitting saliva all over the man's cock, and balls. I was very pleased with the direction this part of the scene took. The ending cumshot for this part was awesome, and massive. Vicki ended up recieving a very large facial, and even took some of the cum into her mouth.

In the third part of Vicki's scene the intensity rose to yet another level of extreme. She did pretty much everything that she did in the last seen only she looked seriously desperate for cum. The whole oral session was as long as a full length scene, and featured some serious cock worship. At this point in my viewing of the DVD I was wondering how Vicki Chase could be outdone with the extremely impressive performances that she gave. The ending cumshot for this part of her scene was even better than the first two. Vicki ended up taking the guy's entire massive load into her mouth. I even think she swallowed! Despite the first part's failure, I think Vicki Chase really redeemed herself with her last two performances.

SCENE 4: Madison Ivy

I wasn't quite sure what to make of Madison when I first saw her. My intial impressions were that this one part scene was going to be a filler of time, and that it wouldn't amount to much. Fortunately I was wrong in that assumption. Madison begins her scene showing off her hot body in a french maid lingerie outfit. She does a lot of butt shaking which the cameraman seems to really enjoy since the camera focuses on her ass a lot. When the actual oral action begins Madison teases the poor guy with some pouty remarks, and sultry expressions. By this time the guy looks as if he's already hard as a rock. Madison takes her time slowly sucking, and deepthroating the guy's cock while occasionally sucking his balls as well. The scene does seem to drag on a bit, but maybe it was because I was spent from watching Vicki perform in the previous scene. When the male performer finally shoots his wad in this scene it is massive, and lands mostly in Madison's open mouth. Her expression was priceless, and kind of made me laugh. It was like a 'WTF!?!' moment. She looked rather dazed, and confused as the guy's massive load poured from her mouth. The camera faded out, and focused on her one last time while she still had that priceless expression on her face. Massive oral cumshots "FTW!!!".

SCENE 5: Gia DiMarco

Gia is one of those female perfomers that really seems to like what she does. In the three part scene she performs in she always has a smile (which is quite nice). Each of the guys she encountered had massive cocks, but that definitely didnn't stop Gia from taking them all the way down (multiple times!!!). The only problem I had with the scene (which is entirely opinion based) was that the uncircumcised guy was in it again. I just don't like seeing some dude play with his foreskin as the girl is trying to give head. It's not cool, and this guy does it a lot. Judging by the look of the guy's cock I'm pretty sure I know which male performer it is. Other than that small complaint I thought Gia did an awesome job. She even got one of the biggest facials I have ever seen from a single male performer. The uncircumcised dude can really come, I give him that.

I was definitely glad to see Gia get to perform with another male performer. The second round was definitely better than the first, and the oral action was fairly constant. Gia had an amazing technique that used a lot of ball sucking, and deepthroating. By the time she was through with each guy in her scene they were exploding cum all over her face. She definitely knew how to get the guys off. I think this was the first time I actually watched Gia perform, and I was truly impressed. Gia is definitely one of my favorites now, and will have a place under my Bio in the "Favorite Female Performers" spot.


SCENE 1: Heather Vahn

Like some of the other female performers on disc 1, Heather had three scenes with three different guys. I honestly think she deserved the three scene spot too. Heather had this amazing amateur (18+) look about her. When the first scene began she was wearing a very sexy pink nightgown. She had a killer body, and a very attractive face that was perfect for the scenes she performed in. The first guy she performed with was the uncircumcised guy from previous scenes. At this point in the review I give up on complaining about his cock. I actually liked the side view the cameraman shot of the face fucking that Heather recieved from him. it was quite impressive. The guy held up her brunette hair with one hand, and just pounded away at her throat. Of course Heather did a fair share of ball sucking as well. When I first began watching Heather I wasn't sure if she could handle the hardcore nature of what she was about to do, but in the end she did very well. At the end of the first scene Heather recieved a massive facial from the uncircumcised male performer.

Heather's second scene got progressively more intense. I definitely liked the male performer in this scene. He worked very well with Heather, and even convinced her to suck his massive cock and balls at the same time (which she did numerous times). As I watched I noticed that Heather was really getting into what she was doing, and she even seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself. She sucked balls like a pro. At the end of the second scene Heather recieved a very nice facial as she was lying on her back. It's this kind of performance that has changed my opinion on the whole ball sucking genre. I think I've actually become a fan of it now.

The final scene had Heather on top for a change. I was definitely glad that the director decided to switch up her positions during her three scenes. It added a nice variety, and changed the way she had to perform. During this scene Heather got extremely messy with the guy's balls. She had spit so much that the male performer's cock, and balls were entirely covered in saliva. It wasn't a bad thing, but it kept the ending cumshot from having the full effect due to the drool that was all around Heather's mouth. The ending cumshot itself was kind of a disappointment anyways, because the guy's cumshot paled in comparison to the other male performers' in her previous scenes. Overall I think Heather did an amazing job though, and I hope to see more of her in future DVD releases about oral sex.

SCENE 2: Krissy Lynn

Krissy is a somewhat attractive blonde haired female performer. I can't actually recall ever seeing her perform in any of the DVDs I have reviewed, but she definitely knows what she is doing. Krissy is blessed with three scenes that involve two different guys. My first impressions of her were honestly that she didn't look like she would amount to much, but once again I was proven wrong. The first scene Krissy is in has a roleplaying theme to it. If memory serves me well, I don't recall any of the other girls in this DVD set doing any roleplaying. Whatever the case may be it suited the DVD set well.

Krissy starts her first scene off doing some exercises with her personal trainer. She is appropriatly sitting upon one of those large exercise balls as she is lifting dumbells. It doesn't take long for Krissy to become distracted by the male trainer's pitched tent. You can obviously see the guy has a hard on for her from the beginning. The oral sex starts off with Krissy down on her knees sucking the guy's massive cock, and balls. She pays a lot of attention to the male performer's balls as she licks, and sucks them on a constant basis. At one point in the scene she even takes both his cock, and his balls in her mouth at the same time. I definitely liked the part where Krisssy was getting face fucked as she was lying on her back on top of the excercise ball. The ending cumshot in this scene was ok, and landed all in her open mouth. Unfortunately she spat it all back out on the guy's balls.

Krissy said at the ending of her first scene that she didn't recieve enough 'protein' yet. It kind of sounded a little off the wall to me since she didn't actually swallow. Regardless of the dirty talk Krissy ended up with another guy in some hotel room. For the most part she was on top servicing the guy as he layed on his back upon the bed. She applied all of the same techniques as she did in the previous scene. In the end she jacked the guy's load into her mouth while she was sucking on his cock. Unfortunately once agin she spit the entire load back out onto the guy's cock, and balls. She even added a final comment about it being a lot of protein. The scene was ok, but I wish Krissy wouldn't have spit the loads back out.

SCENE 3: Jacky Joy

Jacky was a very attractive blonde haired (bleached blonde) girl. She had three scenes, two of which were continuations of a session with one guy. The first session had Jacky paired up with a very hardcore type of male performer. He liked to do a lot of forceful things such as forcing his massive cock in Jacky's cheek as well as stretching her mouth out with his fingers. Jacky herself was pretty hardcore as well, and did some major ball sucking, and deepthroating. I had high expectations for this scene, but as it went on it seem to last forever. The male performer even shot a pitiful load onto Jacky's face at the end. It was extremely disappointing considering the effort she put into the entire two part scene.

The second session with the next guy was definitely an improvement over the last one. Jacky really seemed to enjoy herself in this scene, and performed very well. The scene also didn't drag on as long as the previous one which was a really good thing. Jacky once again gave it her all giving some awesome oral action while tending to the male performer's balls, and cock. In the end she recieved that massive facial that she definitely deserved. Overall I have to say that Jacky did an amazing job, but was rewarded with the most pitiful of cumshots from the first guy. At least one half of her scenes was good.

SCENE 4: Aarielle Alexis

Aarielle was a very pleasant surprise. When I first began watching in this very lengthy three part scene I wasn't sure what to think. All I knew is that she looked like she belonged in lesbian porn due to the short length of her hair, and her overall appearance. This is one instance that I was glad to be wrong in. As I watched Aarielle perform I became more, and more entranced by her skills and her bubbly personality. Her voice was very sexy, in an odd way. It didn't take me long to figure out that she knew exactly what she was doing, and definitely seemed to be experienced in giving a superb blowjob. She was constantly sucking the male performer's balls, and cock like she was hungry for it. At times she had this amazing doe eyed expression on her face that greatly enhanced her mesmerizing performance. Aarielle ended up finishing the scene off by sucking the cum from the guy's cock directly into her mouth, and it was a truly massive load! I usually have an issue with female performers spitting the cum back out, but for some reason it didn't bother me this time around. Overall this was one truly amazing scene, and a great way to end this DVD set.


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I have honestly been working on this review for some time now. due to some delays, and the overall content this DVD provided I had to spend more time working on it. After all was said, and done I was actually satisfied with this DVD set's viewing experience. I couldn't really find any real faults witihin the DVDs' scenes. Every girl was amazing for the most part. The only thing that I could really complain about was Jacky Joy's scene that was a bit of a letdown due to the poor cumshot the first guy gave her. If there's any flaw with this set it's definitely that. With that being said I still enjoyed all of the girls' performances. They were all truly amazing, and went out of their way to really impress the viewer. Considering what I saw in the 4+ hours of video that I watched I definitely think this DVD set still deserves the vulkanio.ru Pick status. As with most of my reviews my complaints mostly consisted of preferences over spitting, swallowing, and appearances. These are minute details that really only pertain the viewer who is watching it, so it could definitely be an overlooked complaint. This is definitely a DVD that's worth adding to an oral sex fan's DVD library.

Final Rating: vulkanio.ru Pick

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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