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Big Butts Like It Big 7

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Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/17/10

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Big Butts Like It Big 7

Brazzers Entertainment

Price 24.99

Running Time: 2hrs and 56min


Phoenix Marie

Emma Heart

Mackenzee Pierce

Aletta Ocean

Monica Santhiago

Scott Nails

Jordan Ash

Johnny Sins

Keiran Lee

Mick Blue

James Deen

Special Features:

Interactive Menus

Chapter Selection

Bonus Scene w/ Bobbi Starr and Keiran Lee ( a 30 minute scene, with a pretty funny start to the scene as they try and fit her tight pants on her ass. )

Web Site Info

Photo Gallery

Cumshot Recap

Trailers (6 trailers)

Overall Thoughts:

As Queen once said, “Fat-Bottomed Girls, you make the rocking world go round” and this DVD is proof of that. Plenty of big butts for your viewing pleasure, and even a few big tits thrown in to add a little spice to the DVD. Overall there was only bad scene in my mind, and I think the fact that there were some video issues during the scene, was part of the reason why it got a back score. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the rest of the scenes, with Phoenix and Aletta really bringing the A-game to the their scenes. I also think that both Emma and Mackenzee deserve some attention, and I think even Bobbi deserves a little attention for her bonus scene on this DVD. As stated earlier and in my scene review, there were a few video and audio issues during this DVD, and the special features were decent, with the bonus scene being the highlight. So I am going to give this a solid RECOMMEND rating, if you are a fan of big butts, you are going to enjoy this film. I do want to say that I feel more of the scenes on this disc seem like they could have almost considered part of their Pornstar Punishment series, it felt the guys were manhandling the girls most of the time.

Scene One: Phoenix Marie, Scott Nails and Jordan Ash (5/5 rating)

So the band is here to get some pics for their cover for the album. It seems the photographer seems to be more focused on Phoenix. She tries to keep them in the pic, but after awhile they leave and the cameraman boosts her ego a bit. One month later and she is getting ready for a shoot and it seems that someone is turning into a real diva. The guys come into the room and they are not happy with Phoenix. Apparently her singing has gotten worse the past few days and she is more worried about how she looks. They get into a scuffle and Scott lays her on his lap and they pour water on her and slap her ass. Jordan stuffs his cock into her mouth to shut her up and Scott quickly busts out his cock so she can work on him too. She gets pretty deep as they force her face into their cock. There seems to be some slight audio issues during the scene that pop up every once in awhile. They continue to throat fuck her and then Scott lifts her up, bends her over and fucks her pussy. Jordan tells Scott to fuck her ass to show her who is in charge. They put her back on her knees for a bit and then Jordan bends her over and fucks her ass from behind. Scott goes back to her ass and she goes back to deep throating Jordan, as she gags on his cock. Scott moves back and forth between her pussy and ass before he concentrates on her ass. She climbs on Scott and rides him and then Jordan sticks his cock in her ass to complete the DP, and this is her first DP on camera. They continue to fuck her and control her as she takes all that they can give her. She follows up with some more oral until they throw her back on Scott and they continue back with some more DP action. Scott throws her on the couch and fucks her ass while she jerks off Jordan. She continues to get manhandled through the scene and she just keeps going not matter what they do to her. The guys switch positions and then she ends up back on Scott and Jordan moves in and gets some more DP action going. Scott gets some one on one time with her ass, as she bounces up and down on his cock, and then moves over to Jordan and does the same with him. But Scott decides to come over and fuck her ass for some brief DP action. They stand her up some more DP action as they continue to pound her ass and pussy. The scene ends as Scott cums all over her face and face fucks her. Jordan fucks her ass until he pulls out and cums on her open ass.

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Scene Two: Mackenzee Pierce and Johnny Sins (4/5 rating)

Mackenzee is riding around with her boyfriend and they get into an argument and she gets out of the truck and figures she is better off finding her way on her own. Walking around with that top and shorts, I am sure there is going to be plenty of people who are going to want to help her anyway they can. She makes her way to a shop and she goes in to get some help. She asks for a map and of course of she doesn’t have any money on her. She tries to take it and he gets pissed at her. He takes her to the back of the store and then he stuffs his cock in her mouth. She tries to stop him for a second, but then grabs a hold and goes for broke on his cock. He throat fucks her and she chokes on his cock as he continues to call her out for being a dirty whore. He lifts her up and rips her shirt off and takes her bra off. He pulls her shorts down and slides her panties to the side and he slides it in her ass, and she says she doesn’t even have anal sex with her boyfriend. She can’t understand why he is so into anal, she makes a joke about if he was ever in jail. He pulls out and makes her suck off his cock, and she seems disgusted. He slides his cock in between her giant tits and she squeezes them together. He stands her up, takes off her panties and continues to fuck her ass from behind. She plays with her pussy, while he grabs her hair while he continues to pound away on her ass. He gives her a break, but sticks his face in her ass and licks away at her pussy and ass. He wiggles and slaps her ass while she seems to be starting to enjoy it a bit more now. He lays on the bench and she climbs on his cock and slides it in her ass and she bounces that booty on his cock. She gets another taste of his cock and then is right back on top riding him some more. She says she doesn’t like the taste of her ass, but he is determined to get her to enjoy it. He puts her up on the bench and she sticks her ass in the air and fingers her ass while she continues to choke on his cock. He climbs on top of her and slides his cock into her ass and begins to drill away on her ass. He must have cured her, cause she says she will never steal again. She wishes he would hurry up and finish up so she can go. But he says he wants to do one more thing before she can go, so he slides his cock into her pussy and pounds away until he pulls out and cums all over her ass and pussy. He says she can have the map if she cleans up the cum off her ass. He uses the map to clean her off and she leaves the store and finds her boyfriend and gives him the map.

Scene Three: Aletta Ocean and James Deen (5/5 rating)

The bass is booming and the butts are a shaking, so we must be at a strip club. James shows up and he is told that there is no touching allowed. A girl comes up and asks for a dance and he asks her to turn around and she must not have what he is looking for. Two more girls come over and he turns them down too. Butt, Aletta walks in and shakes her ass for him and he is in love and he follows her to next room. She tells him again about the rule and he says he will be fine if she doesn’t spread her ass in his face. She works the pole and he thanks her with some money, as she continues to bounce her ass in his face. He grabs her ass and she tells him no touching. She walks away for a second and then is back to teasing him with her ass. He keeps trying to grab her ass, but she tells him no and seems to enjoy teasing him even more. She pulls down her top and then slowly takes off her bottom and continues to tease him until he grabs a hold and stuffs his face in her ass. She calls for security and he is kicked out of the club. Aletta leaves the club, still wearing her costume, but James seems to have found her and takes her over to a bed mattress and pulls her panties aside and has his face back in that ass. She doesn’t seem to mind it now. He fingers her ass and slaps it a few times and she tells him that she likes to be fucked in the ass. He continues to lick her ass, while he jerks himself off a bit to get himself ready for what he is about to do. She gives him a blowjob as she spreads her ass apart for the camera. He throat fucks her a bit as she gets deep on his cock. She stands up and leans up against the garbage bin, he slides her panties aside and slides his dick into her ass. I am sure I have said this once before, but there is nothing sexier than a lady with an accent, talking dirty. She tells him that she wants to taste it, so he pulls out and shoves it in her mouth. But soon enough she is bent over once again and he grabs a hold of her belt as he continues to fuck her ass. He lays on the mattress and she slides on his cock for some more anal, reverse cowgirl style. A quick taste and she is turned around for some cowgirl fucking, still in her ass of course. She sticks her ass in the air and begs for him to fuck her, so her positions himself above her and fucks her from above. He braces himself up against the gate for a bit, so it gets loud for a bit. She lays on the mattress and spreads her ass, letting him know exactly where she wants it. She fingers her pussy as he continues to pound away on her ass. He pulls out and comes on her ass, and it seemed like a little may have already been in there and tries to seep out. She licks her ass clean as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Four: Monica Santhiago and Keiran Lee (2/5 rating)

Monica shows up at his front door and he doesn’t understand her, and says he better get going. She keeps talking and tries to make her way in. She signs that she needs money and she hands him a business card. She is an escort, so he calls the agency and they hang up on her. She grabs his cock over her his pants and he takes her inside so his neighbors won’t see her. He grabs her neck and tells her that he will show her a good fucking. He slaps her ass a few times and then plays with her heavily tan lined boobs, but them pulls her shorts down and smacks her huge ass. She shakes it for him and he shakes and slaps her ass. He grabs her neck and takes her to his living room and sets her on a chair. He takes off her shorts and she bounces her ass for him, as he continues to slap away at it. He stuff his face in her ass and begins to lick it as she continues to talk dirty to him in a language I can’t understand, but it seems sexy anyway. She turns around and grabs a hold of his cocks and gets throat fucked as she gags on his cock. He even stuffs his balls in her mouth too. We get some POV action as she continues to deep throat and gag on his cock. Some slight focusing issues pop up a few times in this scene. He grabs her legs and pulls her to the end of the chair and licks her pussy a bit, before he slides his cock in her pussy. She gives out a quick moan of delight as he fucks her and then quickly sticks it in her ass. He grabs a hold of her neck and even slaps her face a few times while he fucks her. Some more focusing issues pop up and kind of distract you from the scene. He slides beside her for some spoon action in her ass. He seems to be pretty rough with her throughout this scene, but she doesn’t seem to mind it all. She chokes some more on his cock, before he bends her over and is right back in her ass. He climbs on top of her for some piledriver action in her ass and she opens her ass for the camera so we can see how wide open it is. She climbs that big ass on top of him and inserts his cock in her ass and slowly at first bounces on his cock. She speeds up and down as she continues to ride him. He picks her up and continues to fuck her as she screams with delight, but he ends up back on the chair so she can bounce on him some more. He pulls out and cums all over her ass and it drips down to her pussy as the scene comes to a close. She licks her hands clean and he tells her that she was the best hooker she has ever had.

Scene Five: Emma Heart, James Deen and Mick Blue (4/5 rating)

The scene starts as James has jumped through some sort of portal and he has a mask, suitcase and a gun on him. We see that Emma seems to be trying to track him down. He jumps again and she finally tracks him down in a warehouse. She cuffs him and he tells her that she fucked up. She wants the combo to case and he won’t give it to her. She stuffs his face in her ass and tries to get him to talk. He doesn’t tell her what she wants so she sits on his face and almost causes him to pass out from not being able to get any air. Suddenly Mick shows up and puts a gun to her head, and then he opens her top and plays with her boobs while she takes off his cuffs. They push her to the couch and slap her ass repeatedly. She lays on James while Mick continues to play with her ass. James opens his pants and shoves his cock in her mouth. Mick finger fucks her pussy pretty hard and then decides to pull his cock out. She spits and swallows on James’s cock and then he pushes over to Mick so she can work on him. James begins to fuck her from behind as she works on Mick. She ends up jerking off both guys as she is on her knees, going back and forth, making sure each guy is getting plenty of attention. They take turns throat fucking her, but James bend her over on the couch and pounds away on her pussy as she works on Mick some more. He fingers her ass a bit and then slowly sticks his cock in her ass, and he tells her that is how she is supposed to her ass. Mick finally gets his turn as she climbs on top of him and rides him as she licks the taste of her ass off James’s cock. Mick attacks her pussy at first and then she licks off the taste of her pussy on his cock. James sneaks up behind her and ask where she wants it and she gives him a look and then says she wants it in her ass. She must be enjoying it, cause he she grasping tightly to the sheets and pillows on the couch. Mick climbs on top of her and finally gets a crack at her ass. He pulls out a few times to show the camera how wide open her ass is. She moves to James and rides him and then Mick attacks her ass, and ladies and gentleman, we have a DP. James get some solo time with her, but then she begs Mick to put his cock back in her ass. So we get some more DP action and then she ends up on her knees and the guys jerk off on her face and she smiles with delight and then James puts her in her cuffs and says good luck explaining that to her SWAT buddies.

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