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Pegged: The Best Of Strap Attack

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/26/10

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Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Genre: Compilation, Femdom, pegging

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Lola, Christian XXX, Courtney Cummz, Beau Meadows, Lauren Phoenix, Karina Kay, Amy Ried, Vin Deacon, Sativa Rose, Scott Wilde, Joselyn Pink, Renee Richards, Julian Ko-Jaxxx, Christie Lee, Vashon Lex, Leah Luv, Jagger, Tory Lane, Kinzie Kenner, Jada Fire, Jasmine Byrne, Taryn Thomas

Length: 398:51 minutes (198:12 minutes & 200:39 minutes)

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Date of Production: 2010

Extras: There was a cast list, a popshot recap, 12 photogalleries, some trailers, and a few filmographies but that's all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack was presented in an old fashioned 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as the scenes were originally shot by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel over the years, this compilation compressing some of the scenes more than previous showings. The DVD was standard definition, using the MPEG-2 codec with a 2.1 Mbps video bitrate when spot checked, the scenes all clear enough thanks to decent lighting and a steady camera. Various camera angles were used that enhanced the look of the dominating ladies in the scenes, the men put through their paces as they received all the ladies could offer them. The newer scenes tended to look better than the older ones but ultimately, all of them looked better than most of the releases by specialty companies have offered over the years, Joey always trying to improve with time. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English, some of the vocals on the low side but for the most part easily heard. There wasn't a lot of background music or ambient sounds here, no separation of the channels provided and it was as basic a gonzo offering as could be on an aural basis.

Body of Review: Joey Silvera has been one of the most stable kink directors distributed by Evil Angel for years now, his dedication to "alternative gonzo" certainly fulfilling a needed gap. His latest movie making it my way is a compilation called Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack, taking a dozen scenes from the first six movies of the popular female domination series, presumably a second compilation in the works soon. The series as a whole employs some of the best ladies available, we're talking major talent, often giving their first on camera strap on performance pegging men. If you're curious as to this type of action, the entire series is among the best on the market, the compilation skipping some otherwise awesome performances but offering a well rounded collection all the same. The company website described it like this: "A dozen scenes of plastic packing women sticking it to the men from Joey Silvera's best selling FemDom series. Stunningly pretty cover girl Amy Ried leads the charge as 15 dominant dames, porn's biggest starlets, turn the tables on guys who like to receive as well as give. Black beauty Jada Fire's dark dildo strap-on splitting lily white Christian's ass is the kind of visual that explains why the Strap Attack series is the gold standard of the pegging niche. After a while, it's hard to tell who's sucking what... is it a guy sucking a strap-on, a girl sucking a cock, some of both? Whose ass is getting plowed? These and other penetrating questions can only be answered after a careful review of the five plus hours of FemDom gold personally selected by AVN Hall of Fame legend Joey Silvera." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Strap Attack 1: Lola, Christian XXX: Lola, the hot young brunette that always reminds me of a younger version of Wicked Pictures contract performer Sydnee Steele, was showcased on the lower middle of the front DVD cover. She was wearing a hot corset and fishnet stockings as she engulfed Christian in her mouth to warm things up by a mirror. He had his hands tied in front of him to limit his mobility and her oral was the best of the show by far. She led him around on his leash before forcing him to orally service her. She then rimmed him and licked his feet a bit before slamming it in his willing ass. Her strap on was smaller than the other gals but he didn't seem to care, establishing his love of receiving quite quickly. She gave him an opportunity to get a little pussy too and he jerked off to completion in a very warm scene. This was the best scene in many ways and a great way to end the flick as she licked up his ejaculate.

Scene Two: Strap Attack 2: Courtney Cummz, Beau Meadows: Beau is our first artificial fudge packer and he truly takes it like a man. Courtney, pierced just about every place a gal can get bejeweled, is really into the whole dominatrix ideal. She is decked out in a combination corset and commandant's outfit and she keeps Beau in a cage while she makes him suck her ersatz schlong. From there, our leading man is very passive, and Ms. Cummz really pounds him like chop meat. This is not the most aggressive of the strap-on sequences in the collection, but Courtney and Beau prepare us for some very heated himbo dildo action ahead. You can gauge your reaction to Strap Attack 2 on this scene alone: if you find it exciting, you'll LOVE the rest of the DVD. If you think it's a bit much, you perhaps should stop right here. The ride and the rest of the riding only gets more intense from here. Score: 7 out of 10 (review by Disco Dirge)

Scene Three: Strap Attack 3: Lauren Phoenix, Karina Kay, Christian XXX: Lauren Phoenix, the anal queen shown on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover and Karina Kay, shown on the far right hand side in the middle, were up first in a scene with bald Christian, who played a couch. Both gals were noted on the cover as first time "man fuckers" with Lauren listed as her last time too. It began with Lauren as a bitchy cheerleader fussing at Christian for getting her boyfriend in trouble. He was reluctant at first but soon found himself sucking her strap on dildo as she sat down and pushed his head down with her hand. Karina joined them and her outfit was akin to a stripper cop with PVC fetishware to enhance the effect. They dominated him and each of the trio sucked some cock here with Christian sporting some major wood as he sucked happily away. He was then led to the bed where he spread his legs for some anal penetration (receiving it this time) by Karina as Lauren jerked him off (and sucked him a bit more). They used some toys and Karina seemed more at home bending him to her will than Lauren but each gave him what he desired so strongly. He did get to ride some pussy and eventually some ass before the gals helped him rub out a load to their awaiting mouths.

Scene Four: Strap Attack 5: Amy Ried, Vin Deacon: Amy Ried, the retired hotty seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she talked with Ko-Jaxxx by the pool to find out what kind of sex he enjoys. She seemed to enjoy getting him to open up about what he likes in his mouth and ass, showing off her awesome body while she considered his request. I loved watching her breasts and ass tease the camera and they went inside to consummate their scene together but the foreplay in the pool was cute (if short lived). Once inside the house, she donned her toy to work him over with, forcing him to suck her off while he jerked off for her. He was a natural cocksucker (or at least very experienced) and she seemed equally capable at fingering and rimming his ass. She then sucked his cock and titty fucked him, using a large blue toy to stretch him out for her larger red one. With ATM and other tricks, she soon plunged deep inside of him, working his cock like a stick shift while she fucked him harder and faster with time. He gave up a small load that dribbled out and beamed with pride over her apparent victory over her partner.

Scene Five: Strap Attack 5: Sativa Rose, Scott Wilde: Sativa Rose, the hotty on the upper left hand corner and all around cutie, was up next as she made her return appearance to the show while sporting some clear plastic fetish attire and a huge strap on dildo. She put on gloves to protect partner Scott Wilde's ass from her talons and began the sex by treating him like a lady; sucking his nipples as she teased his cock a bit. She then made him such her dong before she fingered his ass (a lot), going slowly as though she wanted to savor the moment for awhile. Fingering him and jerking him off (with a few licks), got both of them more into the action, making him almost beg for it as she whined that she wanted it (his ass). She fucked him moderately hard, slowly working the cock inside of him faster and faster; going very deep but taking her time with him. I liked the titty fucking she gave him but he didn't get any of that sweet little pussy, ending the scene with a huge load of genetic juice all over the place when she was done with him.

Scene Six: Strap Attack 4: Joselyn Pink, Renee Richards, Julian Ko-Jaxxx: Renee Richards, the attractive brunette featured on the middle of the right hand side of the front DVD cover, Jocelyn Pink, the leaner brunette featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, were up first as they dominated weasely Julian Ko-Jaxxx. Jocelyn wore "big red" and Renee pretended to be a police officer, each in the mood to prove to Julian that his boosts about being able to take anything they have to offer to be somewhat exaggerated. Renee's British accent was appealing as she provided lots of dirty talk and Julian seemed to be no stranger to having a cock in his mouth. They gag fucked his throat and questioned his manhood with Renee even giving him a quick lesson as she sucked Jocelyn's dildo for a moment. Renee then bent him over and worked her fingers easily into his ass, rimming him, and jerking him off before Jocelyn took him anally first. Renee even rode his dick as Jocelyn sat on his face, before Renee drove her bone home into his loose anal passage. The scene went on for a very long time with lots of variations on the theme, Renee doing ATM and the scene ending with him shooting a load thanks to oral stimulation (Julian even ate his own spew yuck!).

Scene Seven: Strap Attack 4: Christie Lee, Vashon Lex: Christie Lee, the cutie on the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next as she bound and blindfolded a guy named Vashon Lex. While no stranger to cock himself, he seemed less experienced than other men and the scene was different in how Christie teased the camera outside in the parking lot while she smoked her cigarette. Calling him a "man-bitch", she made it clear that he'd be all hers to do as she pleased, from the initial jerking off (he was as hairy as Ron Jeremy or Steve French) to her applying lipstick to all the other wonders she had to offer him. In his favor, he was hung like a porn reviewer so he had that over the previous two characters though as the scene progressed, he seemed to be far more experienced with cock than he originally led me to believe). Christie was playful and seemed to thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of him (and making him her girlfriend). She was nice enough to let him get some first before she took his ass, though she went slower than the other gals before her had with their partners. He did ATM and she went back for more, eventually jerking him off with one hand and slamming the dildo down his throat with the other. Her oral was more enthusiastic than his was and the scene ended when he blew a load to her mouth for her to give back to him on his face.

Scene Eight: Strap Attack 2: Leah Luv, Jagger: In the hierarchy of man catchers, Jagger is second only to Christian in the cock-craving department. Leah seems really into the possibility of pitching penis to this man, and the couple turns up the carnality with a nice long boning. Indeed, both get the shaft as each one fucks the other over the course of the scene. Again, the ardor and compatibility between the pair is obvious, making anything they do to or for each other that much more erotic. The only letdown here is the lack of length. The sequence seems to end just as it's moving into orifice overdrive. Score: 8 out of 10 (review by Disco Dirge)

Scene Nine: Strap Attack 5: Tory Lane, Kinzie Kenner, Christian XXX: Kinzie Kenner, the beautiful gal in the center of the front DVD cover, and hotty Tory Lane, as seen in the middle of the left hand side of the same cover, were upset at a tardy Christian, who was late for their date. The clock showed it as ten past two but the dresses they wore really enhanced their looks a lot; so much that they couldn't resist starting without him. The lesbian action had a lot of chemistry and was too short but the idea behind the movie wasn't about that so he soon came over and they punished him for it extensively. He was eager to suck their toys off and they fingered him, fucked him, and stuck candy up his ass to be forced to eat afterwards in their attempt to get even with him. Given how much he relished the treatment though, I got the impression that he'd be later every time they were going out in the future. He almost took a fist in his ass by the end of the scene and they took both ends for a fuckfest he really appeared to enjoy as the peak of his career, ending in him eating his own spew off the dildo. In all though, the trio provided the best combination of heat, chemistry, and skill with the ladies getting off on the scene as much as he did. Wow!

Scene Ten: Strap Attack 6: Jada Fire, Christian XXX: Jada Fire, the curvy black gal featured on the middle of the front cover, was up first as she brandished a large black strap on dildo while wearing her fishnet outfit in a scene that was advertised on the cover as her first time doing this (but her limited interview said otherwise-sort of). Her attitude shone through the interview and she claimed that men wanted women to fuck them; a claim many of us would probably argue with. It was no surprise that metrosexual Christian was on the receiving end of her charms this time; his body stripped naked in the room next door; a cock ring adorning his genitals that were turning purple as she played with him. According to her, he looked like a "sweet little puppy", the man acting like one as he worshiped her from toe to head like a slave. He sucked her toy, her toes, and her other body parts as ordered, getting extra hard in the process before she returned the favor of sucking him off while fingering his backside. She put all but her thumb inside of his ass, both of them looking like they wanted to go further but were stopped by Joey. The dildo was next to plunge inside of him; the guy taking it passively as he stroked himself off. They did this in a few positions before she sucked him off with a messy hummer once more, leading to her pissing all over him (with no pretense that it was "squirting"). She actively rode his cock and then diddled him while he stroked off to a tiny orgasm that she fed him; Jada calling him "Kinky the Puppy" as she gave a brief closing interview.

Scene Eleven: Strap Attack 3: Jasmine Byrne, Christian XXX: Jasmine Byrne, looking great wearing a stripper candy stripper outfit as partially seen on the middle of the lower front DVD cover, was up next with wad loving Christian. Given how good she looked, I'd have played at being sick myself although he got caught and paid the consequences for calling in sick at work. She choked him and took charge as she made him admit to being a liar (and twisting his arms behind his back). She claimed to be ready to teach him a lesson although I'm sure he could've broken her in half if he wasn't so turned on by the thought of her working him over. She made a makeshift blindfold and started beating him before offering up the strap on dildo for him to suck. He took right to it (again!) and she soon had him gagging but at least she gave him some oral too. She then rubbed his cock as he bent over on the bed and rimmed him before opening up his ass with her finger. She drove it home in a few positions and gave him some pleasure when he gave her a bone of his own to reciprocate. It ended when she fingered his ass as he jerked off. Whew!

Scene Twelve: Strap Attack 6: Taryn Thomas, Jagger: Taryn Thomas, the lean brunette seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she necked with Jagger on the bed. Her black lingerie fit her lean body nicely, a blindfold covering his vision up, when she went to the closet to get some clothing to make her look more masculine. That worked for him as the blindfold came off and he started working her cock with enthusiasm as she continually spewed dirty talk. His own cock looked tiny by comparison and he got some tail from her but the cost was quite high as he was pushed to go down on her increasingly rapidly. That also led to him deep throating her before she sat on his face; the man getting all he wanted from her and more. She then drove her toy balls deep inside his passive ass, with ATM standard before he jerked off into her mouth. There was then a clip of him boning her pussy but it was short and showed why he was working as a receiver more than a pitcher, if you catch my drift.

Summary: Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel had well over 6 hours of hardcore footage, the scenes lasting over 30 minutes on average. While none of them appeared to be edited (it's been a long time since I've seen these), a few of them flowed better than others, the resulting heat, chemistry, and strap on fuck for the buck enough to merit a rating of Highly Recommended or better for fans. The male talent was always the weak link here, Christian the most used (and reliable) meat puppet on the receiving end of the sex toys, but his metrosexual peers rarely living up to his abilities, the movie admittedly a lot to take in unless broken up into multiple viewings (for me at least). In short, Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack was a solid selection of scenes using some of the best ladies in porn over the years, making the double disc title something special as awards season approaches us so check it out. The is pretty fun too for those interested in looking at it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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