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Cum Rain Cum Shine 2

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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/10/10

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Patrick Collins
Cast: Allie Ra,y Billy Glide, Celeste Star, Dick Nasty, Haley Paige, Karina Kay, Kris Slater, Marcos Leon, Memphis Monroe, Randy Spears, Savannha James, Tiana Lynn, Trina Michaels.
Must-See Girls in Cast: MSGs
Length: 02:02
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Bonus


I am a very big fan of Elegant Angel releases. Maybe it's because the company's slogan, "Where the Girls Cum, Too!" meshes with my definition of a good sex scene. Or, maybe it's because of the incomparable Tiana Lynn, who has appeared in many of the Elegant Angel movies I've reviewed.

Why Tiana Lynn? Because she's not only cute as a button, but she possesses a sexual dynamism that few other girls can even begin to approach. Her hypnotizing eyes dance and sparkle as she's banging a guy, fucking herself, or devouring a pussy. And, she cums like a fucking volcano...literally! Whenever she experiences the "BIG O," a deluge of squirt splatters everything--and everyone--in sight. There's no way that one of Tiana's orgasms could escape notice. So, every time I think about Tiana's recent retirement from in front of the camera, I become a bit melancholy. Thankfully, I can still communicate with her regularly since she now works as the media relations expert with Elegant Angel. So, I chat with her magnificence on a regular basis.

No matter what the reason, Elegant Angel sex scenes are hot! And, Cum Rain Cum Shine 2 has several of the hottest scenes in memory...especially if you like squirting as much as I do.

In Cum Rain Cum Shine 2, Tiana's boyfriend (Kris Slater) can't wait to shove his cock deep inside her ass. Unfortunately, Tiana's not ready to have her sphincter violated quite yet. So, Kris takes a trip up another girl's (Haley Paige) Hershey highway. Of course, Tiana finds out about his infidelity and immediately sets out to satisfy her carnal desires with a series of "rebound" sexual encounters. In fact, Tiana and her girlfriend Memphis (what a cutie!) show up at Kris' dad's house and fuck him (Randy Spears) and his oldie-but-goodie friend Dick Nasty. Later, she learns the anal ropes from her buddy Trina Michaels when the two of them take on Marcos Leon. Then, to satisfy the "softer side" of her lust, she participates in a four-girl orgy in which the estrogen permeating the air becomes so thick that you can cut it with a knife. As Tiana's search for anal fulfillment continues, she and Karina Kay give Marcos Leon another workout. Finally, Tiana gets her asshole reamed by Billy Glide as she and gal pal Allie Ray give Billy a memorable fuck.

With the exception of Scene One, all the sexual encounters are in groups. I like that. What's even better is that the groups are never b/b/g. I don't know about you, but my fantasies revolve around being with more than one girl. Cooperating with another guy to double-fuck a girl is just not on my top-ten list of most-enjoyable activities.

Cum Rain Cum Shine is a definite must-see. You'll love it if you like Tiana as much as I do (she's in five scenes!), you'll love it if you like anal, and you'll love it if you like squirting (Tiana's not the only girl who squirts). Just watch it!

Check out some photos of the girls in Cum Rain Cum Shine 2 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Tiana Lynn as well as early photos of Memphis Monroe. Also, check out Haley Paige's insatiable asshole! Enjoy!


The sex is absolutely superb in Cum Rain Cum Shine 2. Not only is it first-class, but there is a lot of it. So much so, in fact, that my review is even longer than normal. That's because there's so much damned good stuff going on and I wanted to let you know about all of it. I hope you enjoy it--and buy (or rent) the movie! I loved every second and think you will, too.

Scene One

In Scene One, Tiana's boyfriend, Kris Slater, is tired of waiting for Tiana to give up her asshole to him. When the scene begins, Kris confesses to Tiana's friend Haley Paige that Tiana won't let him take her "anal virginity" (he feels left out because he didn't have the opportunity to take her "regular" virginity). Haley, sensing a too-good-to-be-true opportunity to get fucked, demurs, "Have you done it with anyone else?...Because she won't give it up, I think you should do it with someone else...I think you could convince her to do it if you do it with me!" Although Kris tries to be true to Tiana, Haley soon wins him over to her way of thinking. The clincher comes when Haley sits back on an animal-print couch and gives Kris a heart-stopping tease, revealing her superb all-natural body slowly but surely as she suckles her fingers, squeezes her boobs, and casts him (and us) come-hither looks. Haley also masturbates for us as she writhes in ecstasy inexorably toward orgasm. Haley gets a bit demanding with Kris and orders him to "pull your fucking dick out!" Mesmerized by Haley's erotic moves and unmistakable lust, Kris has no choice but to release his dick from bondage and stroke it fervently...indeed his swollen cock has made his jeans too tight for comfort. Soon, Kris joins Haley on the couch so that she can give him a very effective and tender hand job as she continues to jack her own clit. Haley soon realizes that Kris really needs to see her pussy. So, she strips off her panties and lies back on the couch so that he can watch her fuck herself with her skillful, long, and nicely manicured fingers (she has an all-natural bush that crowns her cleanly-shaven labia). While Haley plays with herself, she reaches out her pretty feet and uses them to stroke Kris' trembling cock and sensitive balls. Eventually, Haley sits up, spits on her hand, and then gives Kris such an inspired hand job that I could actually feel her hand stroking my cock. Then, drawn to Kris' cock like a moth to a flame, Haley begins to lick his penis, paying special attention to his tip and the underside of his shaft. Of course, licking soon becomes sucking and sucking becomes swallowing as Haley uses every trick in her book to please Kris' lucky dick. Meanwhile, she finger-fucks her own pussy and Kris grabs handfuls of her luscious all-natural tits and meaty ass. As the scene continues, Haley lies back down on the couch and masturbates while Kris devours her pretty toes, one little piggy at a time. After Kris worships both of Haley's feet with his greedy mouth, he redirects his attention to her pussy. After spreading her labia wide open with his fingers (what pretty pink you have, my dear!), Kris goes down on Haley, licking and suckling her clit and probing her vagina with his tongue. Damn, I'd love to be in Kris' shoes as he greedily feasts on Haley's bounty. When it's time for sex, Kris slips his cock into Haley's pussy as she continues to lie back on the couch missionary style. As Kris pounds her with increasingly deep and forceful strokes (nice camera angles and close-ups), Haley screams, arches her back, and tosses back her head in ecstasy. Her face literally beams with pleasure! And, her fine boobs bounce joyfully in response to Kris' strokes. In fact, Haley's so fucking horny that she soon shouts out, "I'm gonna cum all over your fucking cock! I'm gonna cum right now!" The sweet orgasm that ensues leaves her breathless. However, Kris is relentless and continues to pound her so that her pleasure does not subside. As the scene continues, they transition to doggie. Haley shouts for joy and arches her back very erotically as Kris pounds her with balls-deep strokes. Great camera angles capture the action from close-up and medium range as Haley's boobs bounce delightfully while her pussy swallows every inch of Kris' rod. Eventually, Kris asks Haley if he can give it to her (ass) now. She readily agrees. So, he slips his dick out of her pussy and into her asshole. Haley's anus quickly accommodates Kris' rod--it's obvious that she's no anal virgin! As soon as her sphincter relaxes, Kris pounds her with long and deep strokes as Haley shouts out her pleasure. Meanwhile, Kris bends over to kiss Haley's shapely back and inviting neck. Of course, Haley wants to taste her own ass. So, she performs ass-to-mouth (ATM) on him on a repeated basis. At one point during doggie anal sex, Haley demands, "now give it to me HARDER!" Kris complies and pistons in-and-out of her asshole at redline speed while squeezing and slapping her ass cheeks (great shot-from-below camera work). Haley loves the pounding she's getting and screams out nasty talk to prove her appreciation: "It feels so good inside my ass!" Later, after an abrupt transition, Haley and Kris enjoy some intense anal sex in reverse cowgirl. While Kris reams her asshole, Haley frantically jacks her clit until she cums again (more ATM during this segment). Afterward, Haley lifts herself off of Kris' cock and moves into the 69 position so that they can lick each others' genitals clean (I love 69!). Kris even rims her just-fucked asshole! When they're both squeaky-clean, Haley again climbs aboard Kris in the reverse cowgirl position. They fuck each other anally for a short while until Kris is ready to pop. When Kris can no longer hold back, Haley moves into position to catch his load with her insatiable mouth. Afterward, they cuddle (he nurses from her pretty breasts) and swear "our secret." Four and one-half stars!

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Scene Two

In Scene Two, Tiana and her gal-pal Memphis Monroe invade the home of Kris' father (played by Randy Spears). Before the girls arrive, Randy and his older friend Dick Nasty, are playing a good-natured game of pool. As they play, Randy tells Dick about his son and his troublemaker girlfriend. Soon, Tiana and Memphis, dressed in almost-there outfits--barge in and take "daddy and his friend" by storm. Believe me, Tiana and Memphis (what a gorgeous blond) are an unstoppable force and, before they're through, they'll leave no man standing. Tiana begins by taunting the men with unmistakable sexual innuendo. Meanwhile, she slips one of Memphis' magnificent large breasts out of her halter-top and squeezes her rapidly hardening nipples. The guys try to behave themselves--to refrain from pouncing on the lovely girls who are throwing themselves at them. However, Tiana and Memphis are relentless. Feigning ignorance of the game of pool, Tiana convinces Dick to give her a few pointers. However, Tiana really has other "balls" in mind. So, to inflame the guys' lust--and demolish their remaining inhibitions--Tiana takes the cue ball from the table and then shares it with Memphis--both girls lick the ball with their sexy tongues before tossing the ball aside for some intense and oh-so-erotic open-mouthed kissing. Dick's blood soon starts to boil. So, he blurts out, "It's getting really hot in here!" Tiana consoles Dick by telling him she has a special way of cooling people off (if you don't know about Tiana, she squirts like a fire hose all over her partner(s)--and anyone or thing else within range--when she cums). "I think maybe we could show him!" So, Tiana leads the group to a corner-group couch...she and Randy sit side-by-side while Memphis sits on Dick's lap. Tiana hikes up her skirt so she can play with her panty-less pussy...after all, she has to get her pussy excited so she can cool off the guys! Soon, Randy can no longer control himself. So, he bends toward Tiana and nibbles on her ear while fucking her mouth with his finger. Meanwhile, Dick gropes and squeezes Memphis' big boobs. Then, at Tiana's suggestion, Memphis helps Dick out of his pants so she can suck his dick. Back on the other side of the couch, horny Randy shoves his fingers up Tiana's pussy so he can massage her G-spot. Tiana's pleasure engine soon kicks in (one look at her heaving chest and ecstatic face proves she's in heaven) and she soon rewards all her partners with a refreshing shower of sweet girl juice. In fact, overly heated Dick gets his face sprayed straight on when he bends down to drink from Tiana's pussy as if it were a drinking fountain! Damn, I wish I was there! Now that everybody knows Tiana's "secret" cooling-off method, sex begins in earnest. Tiana gives Randy's happy cock an inspired blowjob while Memphis shows off her fellatio techniques for Dick. During this segment, pay close attention to Tiana's riveting eyes as she blows Randy's cock...damn, that girl is hypnotizing! And, it's obvious that she loves to suck and stroke Randy's rod: "I love that daddy dick!" And, be sure to check out Memphis' magnificent mams as they tumble out of her top when she sucks Dick to heaven. She also uses her big boobs to fuck Dick's rod. Wow! In due course, Tiana lies back on the couch next to Dick and spreads her legs open so that Randy can fuck her pussy missionary style. While Memphis continues to blow Dick's cock, Tiana stretches out her leg so that Dick can suckle her toes. Tiana's horny body immediately starts to tremble with pleasure as Randy slides his cock in-and-out of her voracious cunt while Dick pleases her toes (superb camerawork). Randy knows exactly how to work Tiana's G-spot with his cock...her cunt gushes an unbelievable amount of ejaculate when he causes her to cum. In fact, by this time, the couch is soaked! Tiana loves the taste of her own squirt (she told me that when I interviewed her), so Randy lets her suck his squirt-soaked cock after she cums. While Tiana laps up her own cum, Memphis mounts Dick cowgirl style and pounds him like a champion...she and Dick work together like a well-engineered machine to fuck each other to heaven. Meanwhile, Memphis reaches over and French kisses Tiana who, by this time, is frantically fucking Randy reverse cowgirl style. Randy and Tiana fuck each other recklessly as Tiana cums again and again (spraying everything in sight each time she climaxes). After a while, both girls take a break to suck their guy's cock clean. Then, Memphis mounts Dick reverse cowgirl style so that she can lay back and enjoy the ride as Dick fucks her at breakneck speed. Meanwhile, Tiana helps out by fingering Memphis' pussy and by squeezing her nipples (great video). After Memphis cums, she rewards Tiana for her help in achieving the "big O" by letting her suck her cum off of Dick's cock. Meanwhile, she services Randy's rod with her voracious mouth. Later, the girls switch dicks: Randy and Memphis fuck each other doggie style while Tiana hurls her body up and down on Dick's cock cowgirl style--when Tiana cums, she straddles Dick's face and showers him with her refreshing blast. Yum! Later, Memphis uses her tits to fuck Tiana's face while Tiana, in turn, talks deliciously nasty and strokes both guys' cocks with her well-practiced hands. Before this superb scene comes to an end, Dick nurses from Tiana's tits while Memphis nourishes Randy with her bountiful boobs. Then, while using a vibrator to stimulate her clit, Memphis fucks Randy reverse cowgirl style until she cums (her fine body looks SO inviting in this position). On the other side of the couch, Dick fucks Tiana's pussy in the missionary and spoon positions so that she can cum--and squirt--again and again. Tiana's whole body shivers every time she cums! To finish up, Randy gets one more chance to fuck Tiana--and then shoot his load all over her fine boobs. Randy's substantial load looks fucking awesome as it dribbles down Tiana's tits. Meanwhile, Dick reams Memphis missionary style until he creams her tits with his semen. Afterward, Tiana licks Dick's cum off of Memphis' breasts and then the girls cum swap. Awesome group scene, people! Five stars. (BTW, oldie-but-goodie Dick's first-class performance with the girls gives hope to those of us past 50!)

Scene Three

Looking to learn the ropes of anal sex, Tiana hires a man-whore (Marcos Leon) for her and her girlfriend Trina Michaels. When the scene opens, gorgeous and oh-so-stacked Trina is reclining on a couch dressed in an extremely sexy black fishnet outfit that covers most of her body except her genitals. To please herself, she uses a purple vibrator on her bejeweled clit while Tiana, bent over doggie style, pounds Trina's pussy with a second vibrator. The look on Trina's face, as pleasure courses through her fine body, is one of utter and complete delight. Indeed, as the girls share intense eye contact, Trina cums for the first time during the scene! After Trina cums, she gobbles her juice off of the toy when Tiana offers it to her. Then, as the girls kiss, already-erect Marcos joins the girls and offers his dick to the girls. Tiana directs the action: "I'm gonna suck this cock and you get my pussy wet." Trina gleefully agrees and pulls aside Tiana's clothing so that she can lick, suck, and probe her tasty pussy. Meanwhile, of course, Tiana shows off her first-class fellatio techniques. As they please each other, Marcos stands behind the couch and Tiana kneels on the cushions, doggie style, while he fucks her throat and fondles her boobs (Tiana's ass looks perfect from behind! And, her abundant drool looks damned fine, too.). Meanwhile, Trina sits on the floor and arches her back acutely so that she can eat and finger Tiana's pussy from below (Trina's tits look breathtaking in this position). To increase her own pleasure, Tiana grinds her pussy against Trina's ready-and-willing face. When Tiana's had her fill of foreplay, she orders Marcos to "get over here" and fuck her missionary style as she reclines on the couch. As the camera captures the action close-up, Marcos fucks Tiana balls-deep with frenzied strokes until her pussy explodes all over herself, Trina, Marcos, the camera, and the couch (be sure to freeze-frame during the close-up shots as Tiana's magnificent vagina erupts with uncontrolled pleasure). Tiana is absolutely insatiable and, after her ejaculation dies down, screams, "more, MORE, MORE!" Damn, I love Tiana! Marcos does the lady's bidding and continues to pound her as Trina helps out by fingering Tiana's clit and by licking her ejaculate off of her chest. Tiana soon releases four more powerful sprays of squirt while screaming and growling through almost-continuous all-encompassing orgasms (Trina laps up as much as she can). During these massive climaxes, be sure to look closely at Tiana's stunningly beautiful pussy and passionate face as tsunami-like waves of pleasure envelop her. By this time, Tiana realizes that Trina wants cock, too: "How bad do you want that fucking cock? KISS ME FOR IT!" Trina is very willing to pay Tiana's price and kisses her deeply. However, Tiana, as you might expect, is rather reluctant to give up Marcos' cock. But, she eventually lets Trina have her turn: "Let's bend your ass over!" After an abrupt edit, Trina has moved into the doggie position atop the couch so that Marcos can energetically fuck her gorgeous bejeweled pussy from behind (outstanding camera work). Meanwhile, Tiana plays with Trina's boobs and whispers naughty words of encouragement into her ear. Eventually, Trina decides she wants to sit on Marcos' cock. So, after Marcos sits on the couch, Trina climbs aboard, cowgirl style, and then fucks him with long, deep, and powerful thrusts until she screams through a body-quaking orgasm (her breasts look fantastic as they bounce happily in sync with her thrusts). Meanwhile, Tiana uses globs of her spit to lubricate Trina's pussy and asshole. Tiana also spanks Trina's gorgeous ass and finger-fucks her anus to prepare it for the fucking it will soon receive. After Trina cums, she steps off of Marcos and lets Tiana suck his cock clean. Then, Trina mounts him again, reverse cowgirl style, and continues to fuck him while Tiana slaps and sucks her abundant breasts and kisses her mouth. Trina and Marcos do a first-class job of fucking each other, almost as if they were a well-engineered sex machine. And, extremely incendiary chemistry also develops between Tiana and Trina during this segment. Trina climaxes again and then Tiana sucks her cum off Marcos' dick. Deciding that it's her turn again, Tiana then climbs onto Marcos so she can fuck him cowgirl--and then reverse cowgirl--style. Of course, it's Tiana we're watching...so, there are lots of orgasms and lots of ejaculations during the next few minutes (great close-ups of her erupting pussy!). After cumming God knows how many times, Tiana tells Trina that it's time for him to use his squirt-covered cock to fuck her ass. So, working together like only porn girls can, Trina straddles Marcos' cock so that Tiana can guide his cock up her ass. Tiana, holding Marcos' cock near his balls, gently pushes it up into Trina until her asshole accommodates it. Once Marcos is inside, Trina hurls her body up and down on him while both she and Tiana jack her clit. Meanwhile, nasty Tiana fondles and squeezes Marcos' cock and balls (I can't even begin to imagine how good that would feel!). During this segment, Trina's pleasure cannot be estimated. However, it is patently obvious that she not only experiences an ass-gasm, but she also ejaculates repeatedly from her pussy, too. After one memorable squirt (Trina squirted even though nobody touched her pussy), nasty Tiana performs ATM on Marcos' cock. Then, Marcos gets another opportunity to plow Trina's brown eye--this time in missionary (great photography)--while Tiana suckles Trina's boobs and talks deliciously naughty. Before this outstanding scene comes to a conclusion, Marcos gets to fuck Tiana again--in the missionary position--so that she can drench Trina's tits with one more voluminous spray. Then, Marcos adds his enormous load of semen to Trina's already-soaked tits. After both girls suck Marcos' cock dry, Tiana uses her fingers to scoop up his cum from Trina's breasts so that she can eat it--and feed some to Trina. Superb. Five stars!

Scene Four

Scene Four is a riotous four girl orgy that features Tiana, Savannha James, Kaiya Lynn, and Celeste Star. It's always hard to write a complete blow-by-blow description of an orgy because so damned much sex is going on at the same time. So, I'll do the best I can. As the scene fades in, the camera is zoomed in on Tiana's pussy as she frantically fucks herself with a dildo while reclining on a beige leather couch. (I haven't mentioned it yet, but throughout this movie, Tiana's pubic hair is shaved in a very effective manner. It's shaped like a T in which the long stroke points to Tiana's clit. It's very attractive!) Within seconds, Tiana makes herself cum...as the camera zooms in tight, her pussy unleashes a mighty stream of cum straight up into the air. Of course, what goes up must come down. So, Tiana's squirt soon soaks everything in sight. Afterward, the camera pans across the couch until the next girl on the couch (Savannha James) comes into view. She, too, is masturbating intently. Subsequently, our eyes feast on Kaiya Lynn and then Celeste Star as they, too, use an arsenal of toys to please their own pussies. Soon Savannha and Celeste, who are seated next to each other, begin to fondle each other with their free hands while continuing to masturbate. Meanwhile, Tiana and Kaiya pair off for a little titty worship and pussy eating (I agree with Tiana's choice, Kaiya is scrumptious--especially her perky nipples!). The girls quickly move past the fondling stage to full out cunnilingus and finger-fucking: Savannha greedily licks, tongue-fucks, and fingers Celeste's inviting spit-soaked cunt while Tiana finger-fucks Kaiya. Both Tiana and Savannha really know how to please pussies because Kaiya and Celeste are soon screaming through their first orgasms of the scene. After Kaiya cums, she eats her own juices off of Tiana's fingers and then bends down to rim Tiana's pretty asshole and finger-fuck her pussy until Tiana soaks the carpeting with another shower of cum. Simultaneously, on the other side of the couch, Celeste and Savannah enjoy some oh-so-pretty 69 tongue-to-pussy action. Celeste increases her pleasure by finger-fucking her asshole while Savannha eats and finger-fucks her pussy. Result? Both girls scream in ecstasy as pleasure overwhelms them. Soon, Tiana and Kaiya join the other girls for some four-girl action. During the next few minutes, the girls share open-mouthed kisses, vibrators, fingers, and tongues. They make a pleasure train---each girl pleases the girl in front of her. Later, Tiana and Savannha pair off for some pussy-to-pussy grinding action (Tiana's clenching ass looks so fine as she uses her pussy to hump and grind Savannha's.). Then, Tiana uses a multifaceted and high-powered purple vibrator to simultaneously ream Savannha's pussy and stimulate her clit. Meanwhile, Savannha finger-fucks her own asshole. On the other side of the room, Celeste and Kaiya pair off so that Celeste can use her fingers and tongue to make Kaiya cum explosively. After Kaiya cums, she and Celeste join the other girls. While Kaiya goes down on Celeste's pussy, Celeste uses her hands to squeeze Savannah's boobs and jack her clit. Of course, Tiana's still banging Savannha with the toy. Happily, Savannha soon succumbs to the pleasure as her body convulses through a world-class orgasm. Later, Kaiya, in the doggie position, becomes the center of attention as all three other girls lick, squeeze, caress, fondle, and suckle every sensitive part of her body. Tiana uses a specially shaped anal toy to fuck Kaiya's spit-soaked asshole while Celeste and Savannha both rub her clit and squeeze her ass cheeks. Of course, Kaiya's subsequent climax is an awesome thing to behold. After Kaiya cums, she and Tiana lick her ass juices off of the anal toy. After a short cooling-off period, Celeste and Savannha pair off again. Savannha straddles Celeste's thigh and then, in an oh-so-sexy way, she humps and grinds her pussy as if she was fucking that perfectly formed thigh. Damn, this is sexy footage! Savannha wants to cum real bad. So, Celeste grabs the purple multi-purposes toy that Tiana previously employed, and fucks Savannha until she cums (great camera angles). Meanwhile, Tiana and Kaiya have reconnected: while kneeling doggie style with her ass high in the air, Tiana eats and dildo-fucks Kaiya's pussy through another body shaking climax. Even though each and every girl has climaxed multiple times, they are insatiable. So, they gather into a circular group and then fuck themselves with toys as all the other girls watch. While the girls masturbate, they manage to feed each other their toes, talk deliciously nasty, and rub and suck each others' tits. Of course, they get quite "hot!" However, Tiana cools down the girls' faces a bit when she drenches all of them with a powerful and voluminous squirt. Then, the girls lap up her cum with their greedy tongues. Meanwhile, Tiana grinds Celeste's tits with her never-satisfied cunt until she cums again, drenching Celeste's face, shoulders, and boobs. This video is fucking gorgeous! Although I'm quite sure the foursome could have continued for hours, the scene fades to black as Tiana kisses Celeste's mouth. Five fucking stars!

Scene Five

In Scene Five, Tiana continues her pursuit of anal enlightenment by hooking up again with boy-toy Marcos. However, this time she brings another girl--Karina Kay--along as her slave girl. As the scene fades in, the camera pans up Karina's awe-inspiring ass (her shapely butt fills the entire screen) and up her back until we can see Tiana, who's seated atop Marcos' shoulders. Soon, the camera angle changes to highlight Karina's front and we find that she's been handcuffed and had a chain affixed around her neck. Tiana pours out her tale of woe about how Kris fucked another girl's ass. It's obvious that Tiana intends to take out her frustrations on Karina--to make Karina do anything she wants. Tiana begins by ordering Karina to smell Marcos' cock...not taste it, just smell it. Poor Karina...that tasty cock is so close and yet so far. Tiana also finger fucks Karina's mouth during this segment. Eventually, Tiana allows Karina to drool on Marcos' rod and then take it into her impatient mouth. By this time, Karina is simply dying to suck cock. So, the resulting fellatio is both spirited and passionate. Tiana decides that Marcos' cock looks just too good to be the sole property of her "slave." So, she pushes Karina away so that she can fill her mouth with man meat. Tiana eventually lets Karina help her blow Marcos' dick. Just like I like it...two female mouths on one cock! Believe me, this is world-class fellatio as both girls compete to see who sucks cock better. In due course, Tiana turns her attention to Karina's genitals by spitting huge globs of saliva onto her asshole and then rubbing that spit all over her ass and into her already-soaked pussy (excellent video). Of course, Tiana also buries her face between Karina's ass cheeks. When Tiana decides it's time to move on to sex, she lies back on an elegant couch so that Marcos can fuck her missionary style. Again, Tiana's T-shaped pubic hair looks outstanding as it points the way to her delightful cunt. While Marcos fucks Tiana's pussy--and slaps her clit with his dick--handcuffed Karina does the best she can to please Tiana's nipples with her mouth and tethered hands. Amazing Tiana cums within seconds and, as soon as her squirt starts to erupt, Karina reaches down and drinks as much of it as she can. Marcos also gets to quench his thirst with mouthfuls of cum. I believe that this is the most voluminous squirt I've ever seen! It's fucking astonishing. Afterward, Tiana's entire body heaves with pleasure. Marcos doesn't want Tiana's orgasm to end. So, he immediately shoves his dick back inside and pumps her ferociously until she explodes again (Karina catches a lot of it in her mouth and then cum swaps it with Marcos). As the scene continues, Tiana lets her slave Karina get fucked, too. As Tiana controls Karina using the chain that's around her neck and a gag, Marcos fucks Karina from behind, doggie style. Meanwhile, Karina suckles Tiana's pretty tits and screams out deliciously naughty vocabulary. Karina wants to cum real bad. So, Tiana, acting on her behalf, orders Marcos to make her cum. Although Karina's subsequent orgasm is not of the squirting variety, it is damned impressive...so much so, in fact, that Tiana has to vigorously kiss her to keep her under control. Afterward, and after an unexpected edit, the threesome has transitioned to missionary: Marcos pounds Karina's pussy while Tiana fucks Karina's face and finger-fucks her own asshole. Meanwhile, Marcos squeezes and suckles Karina's pretty boobs and rims Tiana's asshole. Marcos makes Karina cum again! This time, however, Karina not only cums, but she squirts, too! In due course, Tiana gets another chance to fuck Marcos...this time in the reverse cowgirl position. Tiana hurls her body up and down on Marcos' dick while he, in turn vigorously jacks her clit with his fingers. Karina, knowing that Tiana is about to squirt, positions her face and mouth to capture as much as she can. Karina gets a full mouthful--and then swallows every drop. Karina's mouth is also ready the next two times that Tiana explodes. However, Tiana squirts so much that Karina cannot possibly capture it all. So, Tiana's ejaculate lands all over the place, including on the camera lens. Eventually, Marcos and Tiana transition to the cowgirl position. Tiana straddles Marcos' dick and then fucks it using her squirt-soaked ass cheeks for a short while before inching it up her "virgin" asshole. Damn, this looks SO FUCKING GOOD! Once Tiana's sphincter has relaxed sufficiently, she begins to fuck him with slow and shallow strokes so that she can become accustomed to having a cock up her ass. Meanwhile, Karina masturbates and lends a helping hand--or naughty word--whenever possible. Little-by-little, Tiana's strokes become more frenzied as her newfound love-of-anal-sex strengthens and becomes complete (the camera angles are outstanding). In fact, Tiana's moves demonstrate exactly how much she loves to get fucked up the ass. After Tiana has fucked Marcos for a while, she lets his cock slip out of her ass so that Karina can perform ATM on it. Then, with her mouth full of Tiana's ass juices, Karina kisses Tiana. How nasty! Later, after a bit more hot cowgirl-style anal sex, Tiana and Karina work together to suck Tiana's ass juices off of Marco's rod. Before this superb scene comes to a close, Tiana gets to cum/squirt two more times, ride Marcos' cock anally reverse cowgirl style, enjoy having her ass rimmed and pussy licked by Karina, get her toes and breasts suckled by Karina, and perform ATM. Don't worry. Karina doesn't miss out during the remainder of the scene. She gets to fuck Marcos cowgirl style while Tiana finger-fucks her asshole and slaps her butt cheeks. Karina receives an earth-shattering orgasm as her prize. She also gets to drink vast quantities of Tiana's squirt. To conclude the scene, both Tiana and Karina kneel in front of Marcos so that he can jack off onto Karina's face. After Marcos splatters an impressive amount of his seed all over Karina's eyes, nose, cheeks, and tongue, Tiana uses her fingers and tongue to scoop as much of the semen as possible into her mouth. Then, the nasty girls cum swap and swallow. Five stars.

Scene Six

To finish up the stellar sex scenes that comprise Cum Rain Cum Shine 2, Tiana and another cutie (Allie Ray) take on Billy Glide's enormous penis. When the scene begins, Tiana and Allie enjoy some good-natured play: Tiana slaps, squeezes and licks Allie's perfect butt (and rims her asshole) as the two girls ogle Billy from across the room. Billy really likes what he sees...so he soon joins Tiana in groping, squeezing, stroking, spanking, and licking Allie's superb flesh. Of course, Tiana quickly goes down on Allie's pussy to lick and probe it with her tongue. Tiana also multiple-finger-fucks Allie's hole. Meanwhile, Allie squeezes Billy's already-erect cock through his jeans. Of course, Allie's lust simply cannot accept the fact that Billy's cock is concealed. So, she clumsily helps him pull down his jeans so she can swallow his massive rod while stroking it with her hands. Damn, she goes fucking wild over his cock! Believe me...any straight man would enjoy Allie's enthusiasm! Tiana, gluttonous for all things sexual, makes sure she gets her turn to gobble Billy's rod. When she does, she displays a great deal of intensity--which nicely contrasts with Allie's playfulness--and uses intense eye contact to drive Billy wild with lust. Damn, to have playfulness and intensity in one blowjob! What more could a man want? Well, maybe to watch Allie lick Tiana's pussy and asshole while Tiana sucks dick. Ahhh, the life of a porn stud. In due course, Allie strips off her panties and straddles Billy's leg so she can hump it while jacking her own clit until she makes herself cum (Allie's moves are extremely erotic!). Meanwhile, Tiana sucks and strokes Billy's cock, encourages Allie with naughty talk, and suckles Allie's boobs. Allie, too, gets a chance to stroke Billy's cock during this segment. And, Allie is the beneficiary of a vibrator's effects when Tiana grabs a toy and uses it to please Allie's clit while she continues to hump Billy's leg. Wow! Orgasms like that must be what heaven's all about! Afterward, Tiana relinquishes control of Billy's cock to Allie who, of course, blows it and strokes it happily. Meanwhile, Tiana climbs atop Billy's face so that he can eat her pussy like a famished orphan would guzzle milk. Of course, Tiana's not content to simply sit back and enjoy the cunnilingus. So, she vigorously fucks his face as he eats her. As usual, Tiana's the first to get fucked...after she commands, "Give me that fat fuckin' dick of yours!" Billy does the lady's bidding and fucks her hard and deep in the missionary position while Allie, in turn, suckles Tiana's toes and her nipples. Of course, Billy's fucking Tiana Lynn. So, as expected, Tiana cums and squirts hard--and often. Fuck, I will never get tired of seeing Tiana squirt. It's a damned shame she retired! While Billy fucks Tiana, Allie keeps herself busy by fucking herself with a vibrator, by using the toy to please Tiana's clit, and by trying to lick up Tiana's bountiful cum. Later, Allie gets a chance to have her pussy stuffed with Billy's rod: he fucks her doggie style as she, in turn, eats Tiana's pussy. Billy is a first-class swordsman and soon has Allie screaming with happiness. Allie's ecstatic screams continue when they transition to reverse cowgirl. As Allie tosses her pussy up and down on Billy's penis, she pleases her own clit with her fingers and with the vibrator. And, Tiana helps out by suckling Allie's cute all-natural boobs. Although Allie doesn't squirt when she cums, her intense orgasm leaves her breathless and nearly spent. However, she still has enough energy to rub the vibrator across her clit--to keep her orgasm flowing--while Tiana sucks Billy's dick clean. After Allie has had a minute or so to recover, she shoves Billy's cock back into her cunt and, her energy restored, pounds him furiously while jacking her clit with the toy. Meanwhile, Tiana squeezes Billy's lucky balls. Allie's subsequent orgasm causes her to lose her balance and literally fall off of Billy's cock. Next, it's Tiana's turn again. While Allie reclines on the couch and masturbates with the vibrator, Tiana wildly hurls her body up and down on Billy's cock as she rides him cowgirl style. When she approaches climax, she lifts herself up and then straddles the faces of both Billy and Allie so that she can shower them with her bounty. That orgasm causes Tiana to fall off the couch and onto the floor. Talk about orgasmic! While Tiana recovers, both Billy and Allie jack their respective genitals. Tiana again climbs aboard Billy cowgirl style and fucks and grinds him with outrageous energy until she cum/squirts again. Meanwhile, Allie masturbates through repeated orgasms. As the scene nears completion, Tiana kneels on the couch, doggie style, so that Billy can ream her no-longer-virginal ass from behind. Her ass looks absolutely splendid as it fills almost the entire screen. And, her asshole looks mighty good as it consumes almost all of Billy's super-sized rod. Even better, Tiana's face displays a look of complete satisfaction as sweet sensations course through her amazing body. To finish up, Billy pops directly inside Tiana's insatiable mouth. She rolls the semen around in her mouth and then pretends that she's going to cum swap it with Allie. However, at the last minute, Tiana swallows the entire load and laughs, "Mine!" Five stars.

You're gonna love this movie.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video was fairly well captured, is usually well lit, is composed of effective long-, medium, and close-up shots (the videographer definitely knows what we want to see!), and contains no visible grain or digital compression artifacts. However, the color balance changes discernibly between shots--from too saturated to too desaturated. And, I think that many of the edits are less-than-adequate. When performers transition from one position to another, I prefer to see them move into the new position and I want to see the insertion. Otherwise, I think I've missed something important. In the case of Cum Rain Cum Shine 2, the action jumps from one position to another without footage to establish continuity. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Most of the audio is quite good. I did notice a few cases in which the dialog was just a little to quiet to be adequately heard. The editing problem I mentioned in the "Video" section also affects the audio. Sometimes, edits cut off the action mid-moan. That's a bit amateurish. There is no musical soundtrack...so, nothing comes between your ears and the sweet sounds of sex. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selection (which, thankfully, identifies the girls in each scene), there are 12 minutes of bonus footage (from Scenes Three, Four [nice toe-to-pussy action], and Five), a five-minute behind-the-scenes featurette (consists of photoshoot footage and extemporaneous interviews), a 23 minute five-star sex scene from Swallow My Squirt 2 (see my review on this site), a hilarious two-minute bloopers feature called Funniest Video Moment that details exactly what happened when Tiana fell off the couch in Scene Six, a nine-minute self-running slide show (great pix!), website access, trailers, and phone sex ads. Four stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, the video is quite pleasing. A very attractive home (or homes) was used as a location when the sex scenes were filmed. The girls' outfits are sexy, attractive, and titillating. And, their makeup and hair are appealing without being particularly noteworthy. Bottom line, for a non-feature all-sex release, the visual aesthetics are quite nice. There is no musical soundtrack to support the on-screen action. So, there's not anything to say about the audio aesthetics. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.90
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.18

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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