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Pornstar Superheroes

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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/7/10

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Pornstar Superheroes

Elegant Angel

Genre: Feature

Tori Black

Director: William H. Nutsack & Graham Travis

Cast: Tori Black, Michael Stefano, Asa Akira, Mick Blue, Kristina Rose, Anthony Rosano, Sadie West, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes

Non-sex roles: Rod Fontana, Michael Cates, Carlos Dee, Ghunti, Gustav, Johnny Fender, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Hooks, Rob Banks, Dino Bravo, Eric Jover, Tea Lansky, Tizzy, Scott Kim, Ryan Lee, Twisted Mike, Jack Lawrence, Rick Hardwicke, Bruce Carter, Bill Bailey, Guy Le Douche, Marlo Rivera, Lucius Young, Porter Street, Jim Orlando, Tequila Bill, Kyle Stone, Wallace, Josh Hunter, Peter Goesinya, Xnacdc, Pops, Flash, Roy, Gonzo, Hung Solo, Slick, Danny SS, Gary, Dan, Zoe Voss, Keni Styles, Chris Charming

Asa showing off her powers

Length: 220:03 minutes

Date of Production: 3/15/2010

Extras: While fewer releases these days contain extras worth mentioning, Elegant really went out of their way to provide some appreciated content this time, both related and barely related (bonus scenes of the cast from previous movies). The majority of such content was offered up on the second disc of the set, the first providing an audio commentary with the directors and supporting folks like Mason that discussed the movie as it played. If you enjoy the process of guerilla movie making and anecdotes about the porn you watch, this extra will add substantial value to the experience but I'll admit that casual watchers might find it less appealing of an extra than deleted sex scenes or BTS material but industry insiders should listen all the way through for a few surprises. The second disc had the majority of extras though, starting off with an 11:18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature and a text series of background screens detailing some of the story elements not covered in the movie. There was then an 11:14 minute long interview with hotty Kristina Rose against a white backdrop, failing in the sense that her body was not shown during the discussion between her and Nutsack but otherwise informative. There was then a 19:15 minute long audio-only interview of the two directors by primary editor Robert, this feature occasionally deployed by the company (about once a year on average) but lacking in that clips from the show could have been used as visual elements while the three men talked. Then came four bonus scenes from Sporty Girls 2, Bootylicious Girls, Pornstar Workout, and Glamor Girls 2 to appreciate. Each lasted around a half hour and appeared to be uncut from their original presentation, the leads of the movie each given a scene to shine in. Next up was a 3:46 minute long set of Bloopers, six trailers, some website information (including the website to the specialized props used in the movie), and the regular spam commercials for phone sex. For the record, there was also a slipcover and true double sided DVD cover.

Asa Akira showing off her other powers to Mick Blue

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pornstar Superheroes was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by directors William H. Nutsack & Graham Travis for Elegant Angel using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec with 480p resolution. The lighting was as good as expected and helped minimize the grain & video noise. The composition of the shots always favored the ladies, rarely chopping off their heads in a frame or missing out on significant portions of the action, the footage in the kitchen not quite as strong but decent all the same. I also appreciate that Nutsack is not a close up diva like some in the industry are, the kind of guys that should be shooting for doctor flicks given how they consistently show disembodied crotches, tits, or asses with toys jammed up them (a nice balance of shots is always preferable). The editing was exceptionally good this time thanks to the team editing by Robert Laplanc and Graham Travis, adding some dramatic flair above what is usually the case with company releases. I saw no major compression artifacts although the bitrate varied substantially, often seeming to be in the 2.1 Mbps range, so while it was not the best looking show from Elegant, it was still visually appealing on several levels. It should be noted that the sexual elements were just as well shot as usual and the feature elements were well above average, proving Elegant can hit a home run with non-sex material too, despite the complainers at competing companies that suggest otherwise. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 256 Kbps bitrate (and 48 kHz sampling rate), the separation was better than expected and the dynamic range limited but clearly an upgrade in some ways, both aspects favorable to a big name release but a top company. This time, a wealth of audio sources were deployed including material from Production Trax, Stock Music Site, Shockwaves Sound, Audio Sparx, Mybeatshop, and istockphoto.

Some decent special effects helped round out the movie

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Body of Review: William H. Nutsack & Graham Travis are two of the main production men at Elegant Angel, their hands in some of the most well received works in the entire industry. While they have certainly been a major force in the gonzo industry for years, they have kicked around ideas for features with a few of us in the media, the result of which is now evident in Pornstar Superheroes. The movie is a tribute to television shows such as the now cancelled Heroes from NBC and the various comic book franchises like X-Men that have done so well, the theme being that some genetics experiments during WWII resulted in a small group of enhanced people called "Meta-Humans" that display all sorts of special super powers. Some of them are employed by the government while others seek the end of the human race, the story merely the first part of the tale where the audience is introduced. Unlike others, I won't spoil the story elements much in this review but I will point out that many of the dialogue portions were well above the standards set by a couple of high end feature outlets, the big question being how satisfying the sex was to most porn fans. Thankfully, Nutsack and Travis did not skimp on the sex and cast some of the hottest names in the industry to make this an award winner if ever I saw one, gals such as Kristina Rose, Asa Akira, and Tori Black leading the pack of the lengthy fuck flick. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Kristina Rose

Scene One: Tori Black, the lean hotty featured on the center of the front cover, was up first as "The Silhouette" dressed in her black leather clothing. Gifted with super strength, the young vigilante came to the rescue of Michael Stefano, tossing thugs around as if they were as light as feathers. After disposing of the losers, she started grinding against Michael inside a darkened room, feeling herself up to enhance the moment even before he regained consciousness and admired her genetic gifts. They kissed and caressed, inhaling his pecker orally as she throated him while jerking him off to make it an even better treat. He then ate her pussy and ass, the couple wasting no time in bumping uglies during the vaginal penetration positions that ultimately led to them doing anal. Tori was more active during the vaginal work but showed some spirit during the anal riding too, some taste testing included from time to time. I enjoyed the chemistry they showed and the energy levels were consistently high, the guy rubbing out a nut of genetic juice for her to swallow from the facial.

Sadie West's powers were shown more graphically

Scene Two: Asa Akira, the sexy Asian babe seen featured on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next as a schoolgirl attired heroine called "The Dragon Belle". Her abilities were less obvious but no less lethal, combining martial arts with the ability to project bolts of plasma from her hands. After coming to the aid of partner Mick Blue she felt safe enough at the gang's nightclub to make out with him, their kissing punctuated by his hand diddling her sweet pussy. She then rewarded him with a stunning hummer, Mick orally reciprocating before the two started boning hard. Asa was active in most positions and seemed to like the guy a lot, the scene shot differently than I'm used to by the company but fitting well within the usual parameters of a feature. The throating included streamers and some fine POV camera angles, the vaginal penetration mixing a number of angles to work to best effect. Asa was an active rider with a lot of energy at her disposal too, her seductive ability enhancing the scene significantly even if their personal levels of chemistry were not as consistent as I might have liked. The scene ended when he jerked off to her face, his gobs of population pudding falling all over her face and tits before she seemed to swallow most of it up.

Sadie West with Manuel Ferrara

Scene Three: Kristina Rose, an extremely popular starlet with a smoking hot ass and proven ability to act, was up next as a government agent able to wield her mental powers into telepathic bursts of strength. Her mission this time was to free Anthony Rosano, the mope held captive by a small group of lame thugs that he betrayed to the law. Of all the ladies in the movie, Kristina seemed to have the most fun with her role, hamming it up as the mighty Evan Stone tends to do though not quite as obvious as he usually is. Dispatching the assailants with relative ease, Kristina looked sexy in her white jumpsuit, removing it only when the jump was done and she needed the sexual relief provided by Anthony's modest sized cock. She jerked him off while blowing him, aggressively sucking for seed until he gave her some oral in return for her efforts by the fireplace. Kristina catered to the fetish crowd by using her feet to jerk him off but it was the manner in which she impaled herself on his pecker during the vaginal and anal sex that really stood out as special. There was taste testing and he choked her a little to her delight, the white couch contrasting to her sweet body as she overdid the aural portion of her performance. Anthony drove her hard by smacking her perfectly fleshy ass too, unleashing a load of semen on her ass cheek (much of it missed her though), before banging her a little more and getting cleaned off orally.

Kristina Rose and Asa Akira

Scene Four: Sadie West, the trampy looking brunette on the right side of the front cover, was up next as a fugitive with superior powers of persuasion, able to bend the will of men despite having the goofiest outfit of the movie. She was on the run because of a medallion she took from another powerful being, eventually working with studly Manuel Ferrara in a shitty looking boiler room. They kissed and he lifted her shirt, stuffing his hand down her pants to diddle her silly. Sadie was the most over the top of the cast too, her moans too pornish to believe but what some people have come to expect from her, Manuel smacking her ass and choking her to establish control of the lady. I loved the way the thong rode her ass, Manuel jerking off with it while it was still on her. This led to her providing some hand to gland action and slobbing his knob, looking up at him as if she adored him as much as the rest of the ladies in porn seem to. The fast paced hummer led to several positions of vaginal sex but the lighting was not optimal and the pacing of the scene as edited could have used some polishing up, Sadie acquitting herself via her performance generally pretty good, if not consistently so. It looked like he was going to drill her ass here but she resisted once more, sticking to the moderately active vaginal sex until Manuel jerked off to her face.

Kristina Rose and Asa Akira teaming up

Scene Five: Kristina Rose and Asa Akira, both portrayed as rivals of sorts, were then up in a fancy house with Steve Holmes, the ladies showing their respective physical differences by walking around in white stripper shoes and silly masks. The gals started out by rubbing against one another but Steve controlled the situation, the gals taking off their masks in order to double team his pecker on the floor. The ladies developed a taste for each other as well as Steve too, some kissing including all three of them before each went down on each other too. Steve gave as well as he received, taking turns drilling the babes vaginally as the ladies used their oral talents on one another. This continued for a substantial amount of time too, the oral and vaginal action including minor nods to face sitting, foot play, and titty fucking as well as fingering and sucking off the juices. The ladies even devoted some serious quality time to one another while Steve watched them, Kristina topping Asa by tossing his salad as Asa blew him before the gals swapped positions. It ended with the guy dropping a wad of sperm on their faces, the gals licking each other clean before some ending expository material was presented along with a "to be continued" sign just before the ending credits rolled.

The Disc 2 extras (click for a special report from Xfanz)

Bonus Scene: Sporty Girls 2: Kristina Rose, a short but sexy little brunette, was up next as she engaged in carnal activity with studly Manuel Ferrara, the guy serving as her replacement trainer outside by the pool. Kristina was wearing a black one piece outfit that hugged her form and some white tube sox, the smoking lady blabbing on her cell phone until forced to shape up by Manuel. Kristina followed his routine to the best of her ability, bending over and allowing the camera to capture her antics quite well, the heat of the warm up serving to get the couple inside where they practically attacked one another. After the initial pawing, Kristina sucked him off with great enthusiasm and skill, inhaling his meat while looking into his eyes as he smacked her fleshy little ass. Manuel ate her out passionately too, stuffing his face in between her ass cheeks as she cried out in pleasure. It took her a few moments to accommodate the size of his cock tearing into her pussy (she was on her stomach in this modified doggy positions) and he choked her as she wanted to get her ever more excited. There was some more oral by the couple as well but each position seemed to get them into each other as their chemistry developed on the fly. I was half surprised that Kristina did no anal but she loved the facial he gave her, the population pudding coating her face and upper torso really well.

Bonus Scene: Bootylicious Girls: Asa Akira, one of the top Asian hotties on the market today, was up next as she started off with an interview that led to a fantastic (or is that "fant-ass-tic") tease session outside by the pool in her black bikini. While she was more seductive in her approach to the tease, the oiling up helped liven it up and she was soon on the living room couch (the beige one) with studly Manuel Ferrara. They kissed a lot as they caressed each other, his hands spending even more time on her ass than usual, a few swats exciting her before he snacked on her ass and pussy. She then went crazy blowing him actively, following up with a similar vaginal series of positions, even fingering her ass because he turned her on so well. Their personal chemistry was as clear as could be and they went at each other in heated form to end it with her finger in her ass diddling her quickly while he tossed off a round of semen to coat her backside, some additional foreplay added in where he slobbed his know clean and he fingered her to a wet conclusion.

Bonus Scene: Pornstar Workout: Jenna Haze and Tori Black, the two hotties featured on the front cover, were up next in a yoga themed scene that had the two casually exploring the benefits of the exercise on pink mats inside a voluminous wooden floored room. Doing pelvic grinds and a variety of positions, they were soon embracing each other, the music perfect for the kind of tease the scene offered, going down on each other before slobbing the knob of Mark Ashley. The aggressive oral led to an equally active series of vaginal penetrations, the women enjoying his manhood a whole lot with some dedicated oral going to it between the gals. It wasn't as strong a scene as the last one but it showed a decent amount of chemistry and enthusiasm indicative of these three. The pop shot landed mostly to Jenna's sweet ass, Tori sharing some of it with her before some last minute rug munching. Nice!

Bonus Scene: Glamor Girls 2: Sadie West, a curvy babe with an incredibly sexy face reminding me of Lanny Barbie, was up last as she seductively shook her figure aptly and even smoked a little in her black outfit, her bit in the pool the best of her opening act. She was also paired off with third tier moper Anthony Rosano, the guy shoving his pecker into her mouth as she tried to aggressively do him before climbing onto his body in a 69. He gave her what she wanted and the form of some limited oral, soon pounding away at each other in a vaginal bout of boning as they spit on each other, choked, and otherwise engaged in some rough stuff. I enjoyed the eye contact and her dirty talk, the scene finishing up when he rubbed out a wad of semen to her mouth for sucking him off so well.

Summary: Pornstar Superheroes by directors William H. Nutsack & Graham Travis for Elegant Angel was an instant classic destined to forever silence the small band of haters suggesting the company can only handle disposable gonzo, the sexual heat generated far surpassing that found in most features but the story as coherent as anything you will find on the mainstream market for the superhero genre to merit a rating of vulkanio.ru Pick. I watched it several times over the last few weeks and in each sitting I was impressed that the directors went out of their way to entertain, the success of which was determined by all aspects of the movie. My hope now is that any sequels are crafted with equal or better care, the company showing that it can compete with creativity against the blockbuster budgets some companies have relied upon to conceal weak sex and mediocre features with over the years. In short, Pornstar Superheroes was a lot of fun, opened the door to more adventures of the characters, and did not rely solely on the works of others to parody, elevating it for many folks that appreciate originality. The bottom line is that you just can't go wrong with Pornstar Superheroes, the sexual trysts vastly superior to the majority of competing titles, expect to see this one again in various award show settings!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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