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Big Wet Asses 15 (Blu-Ray)

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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/11/09

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(pictures from the SD version of the movie; click for trailer)

Big Wet Asses! 15 Blu-ray

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: William H. Nutsack

Cast: Gianna, Michael Stefano, Julia Ann, Manuel Ferrara, Kimberly Kane, James Deen, Ava Rose, Mr. Pete, Mia Rose

Length: 180:58 minutes

Date of Production: 5/23/2009

Extras: While the second disc was devoted strictly to the extras here, the first disc did not leave the viewer empty handed, offering up a sweet bonus scene from Big Wet Asses! #11 between Brianna Love and Michael Stefano (described below), a pop shot recap, trailers to the last five volumes in the series, and some spam. Both discs were presented in a cardboard case surrounding the usual DVD case too, the fold out cover describing the wealth of extras offered on both discs in detail. The second disc was where this one truly shined though, the first extra on disc #2 being "The Story of Big Wet Asses" lasting 45:01 minutes, the series evolving out of a scene from Sodomania 41 by Thomas Zupko and into the present by William Nutsack. Then came 39:28 minutes worth of interviews for the female cast members, some of them kidding around more than others but all of them providing some anecdotal tidbits for fans to appreciate, Mia even bringing up my old pal Bobo (a reviewer at ADT) since she likes how he is "always nice". The official Behind the Scenes feature only lasted 7:34 minutes, adding little to the rest of the features other than some exit interviews, then came a fun montage of edited scenes selected as the "Top Ten" scenes from the BWA series lasting 23:49 minutes. It was pretty good though I doubt you'll find too many people that would agree on which scenes constitute the very best, each getting enough footage to convey how good it was. Then came a 9:16 minute long interview of William H. Nutsack by Mason/Sam No, the crazy guy causing her to break into tears while laughing. After that were some bonus scenes, starting with a 32:45 minute long one by Ava Rose from Battle of the Asses, followed by Gianna in a 35:15 minute scene from Performers of the Year 2009, and closing out with Naomi in a 16:15 minute long scene from Big Wet Asses! 7 (all described in detail below). Then came a wonderfully amusing music video from Glazed and Confused #4 that was as much an advertisement for Nutsack's website (free ringtones!) as anything but I liked it anyway. Then came a photogallery, a cumshot recap from previous volumes in the series, and some more trailers, the usual spam tacked on at the end. The main difference between the SD version and this Blu-ray version in terms of extras is that the BTS, interviews, and music video were all upgraded to high definition for that enhnaced look I applaud so often. Wow!


Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Wet Asses! 15 Blu-ray was presented in a crisp 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as released by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel using the high definition VC-1 codec with 1080p resolution. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows and the picture appeared to be crisp this time. Nutsack has proven to be a devious genius in terms of catering to what his fans want, expanding upon themes and capturing them in really clear fashion. I saw no compression artifacts (the HD version largely falling around the 11.1 Mbps video bitrate; modest enough for an HD flick but better than many on the market these days, and the composition of the camera angles strongly favored the female performers as most of her work these days tends to do. There was no true upgrade on the aural qualities of the high definition version but I did find the additional texture, detail, and brilliance to add to the appeal of the show, perhaps not the very best looking title from the company I've seen but certainly better than most of the competition that center their efforts on special effects and visual craftsmanship over straightforward picture quality like Elegant Angel provides. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps offering with a 48 kHz sampling rate, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too.

Gianna's "big wet ass"

Body of Review: William H. Nutsack is no stranger here on vulkanio.ru given our extensive coverage of his movies from Elegant Angel over the years. A porn directing equivalent of Baseball's Babe Ruth, he hits home runs left and right with his admittedly eccentric movies, the man helping to revive the concept of teasing as much as providing an economic stimulus package to body oil companies for the copious amounts of eye catching lubrication he lathers his ladies up with these days. Of all the titles he has come out with since I last met him in January, the most anxiously awaited has been Big Wet Asses! 15 Blu-ray, the sequel to Big Wet Asses! #14; the series almost always amounting to a must have for me since the director took over some years ago. This time, the big, and I mean HUGE, selling point was Gianna's 1st anal, the lady having scored our top female performer spot last year for her multitude of fantastic performances but the double disc set also included Ava Rose's first bout of butt boning too. The rest of the cast was full of award winning hotties as well with Julia Ann, Kimberly Kane, and bobo loving Mia Rose. If that isn't an all star line up worthy of your attention, consider that the extras were among the best I've seen outside of a September released title in quite some time. All of this going to show that when Elegant Angel puts their staff on a top project, the results are akin to a moon landing, my vaulted ceilings seemingly shuttering at the prospect of all the genetic juice headed their way. Glad handing prose aside though, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Julia Ann

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Scene One: Gianna, the fleshy redhead gracing the front cover, was up first and her tease alone showed her off perfectly in a satin blue bikini. Gianna has long been able to tease with a smile yet project a sultry playfulness I simply adore. She is built for comfort over speed and should be considered a role model for all the ladies out there that think they are "too fat" and that "no one likes fat women" because frankly, her body type has been in fashion for thousands of years, those curves demanding attention from real men that aren't into boyish looking stick figures. The oiling up during the music session over, the scene started with Michael Stefano stuffing his face between her ass cheeks, soon kissing her as he whispered his sense of desire for her as her purple bikini was half hanging off of her figure. She reciprocated with a splendid blowjob where she kept looking into his eyes, the noisy ministrations of the knob slobbing such that even a blind man could get off listening to it. He fucked her face and she was soon spreading her legs, actively bouncing on his pecker during the vaginal positions. There was some taste testing and he was soon inside of her ass while she laid on her stomach (a favorite position of mine that is not common in porn for how hard it is to show the action properly). While passive at first, Gianna was actively riding his cock anally in a number of positions, gyrating her hips and groaning in a seductive manner on the black couch, the metal vault wall not distracting as the pair showed a lot of chemistry. Some more oil was added towards the end of the scene and she begged for more cock in her ass, his nut of genetic juice landing on her ass cheeks as she told him to "make me your dirty whore". Yowza!

Julia Ann's "big wet ass"

Scene Two: Julia Ann, a curvy blond most people are familiar with for her work as a contract gal or for her lipstick lesbian act, was up next in the white room in a black bikini. Her sparkling eyes and winning personality shone through here much like Gianna's did, the lady as physically appealing as ever as she teased with lots of oil sprayed on her sleek physique. Okay, I admit that I find her one of the sexiest ladies in all of porn and have for some time, her gonzo work over the last year or so proving she is just as hardcore as any of the men she's worked with and able to fully accept her own fantasies no matter what form they take. She was also extremely lucky to score studly Manuel Ferrara as a scene partner, the couple into each other from the very beginning from the way they interacted with each other. He playfully smacked her ass as she grabbed his deeply, the two making out like long lost lovers. Manuel went down on her as she loved the way he serviced her front and back, the expression on her face showing she was into him even more and the way he stuttered while whispering to her showing she was not alone in her admiration. He then took her from behind as she choked him, Manuel wanting her to hold his throat tighter as a result. They actively screwed like a couple of teenagers in heat too, the vaginal sex giving away to the slower pace of anal after a long but feverish amount of time (and she did a fine hummer as well as intermittent taste testing as did he on her juicy snatch). By the time she took his large facial of population pudding, the look she gave to him that almost begged for the ejaculate was among the best I've ever seen from her, her beautiful blue eyes looking up to him as she orally milked him of every last drop. Yum!

Kimberly Kane

Scene Three: Kimberly Kane, a lean gal wearing a slight black bikini and best known for her alt-porn efforts, was up next as she followed the formula with some tease in the white room that included the old oil & water mix sprayed on her body. She was sporting black hair here and her body was somewhat fleshier than I'm used to, her slightly standoffish attitude a marked contrast to the previous ladies though the renewed sense of sexuality was not lost on me either. The way she almost seemed to project a knowing manner began working for just before the tease ended and she was pawing at the diminutive James Deen, this being the perfect guy for her given their past work over the years. He ate her ass and smacked her around a little, her reaction showing she adored him and everything he did to her before she reciprocated with a hearty blowjob full of energy and enthusiasm. They vaginally plowed in several positions and included some heat inducing choking too, always smiling and looking at one another as though they would have done the scene for free instead of just frolic for funds like most performers do. As the least appealing couple of the movie to me (personal tastes vary though I can't deny admiring their attraction to one another), I expected them to go through the motions like a buddy fuck of sorts yet they provided some welcome passion too, Kimberly going all out in what should be used as a comparison scene to any of her other scenes for those who always seem to say she is on the mark (like she truly was here). Aside from the weird boxer swap (she loved his underwear), their kissing and other tricks convinced me again that they almost forgot they were fucking, the anal again showing her slightly more passive but ready to rumble all the same. The ending had her receiving his spew on her ass crack, the foot fetish crowd probably enjoying his play with her feet before the scene faded out. Nice!

Kimberly Kane's "big wet ass"

Scene Four: Ava Rose, an attractive brunette with a perfectly curvy figure and pretty eyes, was up next as she teased in the standard white walled room, shaking and gyrating as though she were at the disco in her black bikini. I know some folks liked her better when she was thin but let me tell you something, her full ass and strong legs were great looking here, far more feminine than her younger days in front of the camera. She was nicely oiled up and there seemed to be a longer bout of booty tease this time (I'm not complaining), resulting in her on the couch with Mr. Pete. Once upon a time he would have struck me as a freaky looking mope but over the years he has since proven himself a capable meat puppet, into the ladies more than a little as his overworked sex drive was let loose with this cute babe. He spanked her and kissed her before going down on her ass, his admiration for her "jackpot of ass" proving his status as heterosexual beyond any dispersions his detractors could fabricate. He used his sense of tactile projection to service her along with his tongue, probing the young lady as he stretched her out a bit for the ensuing action. This included a technical DP with his fingers and her tasting the results, her welcome blowjob as solid as any she has given under contract if not better. As in the other scenes, they rarely looked in the general direction of the camera because they were so into one another, the vaginal side as active as could be while the anal action showing just as much sultry slow down as one might expect. The scene finished up with an ass pop shot too, Ava whispering to Pete as he basked in the afterglow. Whoa!

Ava Rose

Scene Five: Mia Rose, a famously cute gal now wearing red hair, was up last in red & black striped booty shorts, her curvy figure a bit leaner than her sister. She showed how flexible she was and the camera reverted to focusing on her ass in the white room, her pretty eyes and ample curvature just the kind of thing Manuel Ferrara was happy to work with on the black couch. I've seen a lot of her scenes in the past during her contract days and many of them relied far too heavily on her looks for my taste but this was not one of those times. She directed what she wanted him to do and as a result, the chemistry was not as high but the levels of energy and passion certainly provided some additional replay value. He ate her so well that she nearly lost it moments into their performance, Manuel getting slightly rough with her as he reasserted his dominance over her while pleasing her orally at the same time. Mia fingered herself and started slobbing his knob, the deep throating pushing her limits somewhat even as her ass cheeks turned red from his slaps. They choked each other, Manuel having to order her to do it to him, moving into various positions of vaginal, then anal, sex (including a technical DP with her finger). She was a wild ride when let loose too, impaling herself on his cock like this was as good as she got while Manuel pushed her verbally. They continued providing numerous acts until the end where he unleashed his seed on her face, Mia satisfied with the results of her work. Whew!

Ava Rose's "big wet ass"

Bonus Scene: Big Wet Asses! #11: Brianna is the girl featured on the DVD cover. She is a good looking babe with a tight body and nice ass. The scene opens with her shaking her ass and getting liquid poured on it. The scene cuts and she's on a couch with her ass in the air. Michael Stefano is with her. He feels her ass up and buries his face between her cheeks. Next gets his dick sucked. The oral action has a nice pace to it. Afterwards the fucking begins. Michael fucks her and there are some good shots of Brianna's butt jiggling. The sex includes straight and anal. Later on Michael drenches her ass with some kind of liquid. They keep fucking and then finish with a facial. Overall it was a good scene but I would have liked to see Brianna take her top off and perform more oral sex. (review by Rob Randall)

Mia Rose

Bonus Scene: Battle of the Asses: Ava Rose, the brunette featured on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next as she displayed a whale tail in the living room, her thong riding her ass crack as her jeans fell down a bit. Ava is another one that has become better with time, her body filling out as she gained the needed experience to really strut her stuff. The interview also led to the outdoor oil tease session that I (and a great many others) love so very much, the droning music actually working for me more than in most imitators' products. For those that don't know, Ava's ass is the fleshier kind, while not my preferred type, it still works just fine during her scenes. The tease over, Ava joined Manuel Ferrara in the living room, his tongue drawn to her ass crack and pussy for extended periods of time before she blew him with adoration in her eyes. The levels of chemistry between them was very high and she did exceptionally well during the scene as she blew him and actively rode his pecker so well. One of the other aspects about this pairing worth mentioning is how wild they let themselves get, abandoning their big heads to let their little heads do their thinking (to the point they were clawing and pawing at each other, even choking and slapping each other around a little bit at times between the taste testing). The use of her ass crack crevice to masturbate with and vaginal plowing alone were strokable too, the resulting wad of spew landing on her ass as was expected. Sweet!

Mia Rose's "big wet ass"

Bonus Scene: Performers of the Year 2009: Gianna, the taller ad bustier brunette in the background on the cover (that won the vulkanio.ru Top Performer of 2008, was up next as the last scene of the first disc. She teased in her black lingerie, her huge breasts slipping out to play with even though her solo action was superior. I know from firsthand revelations by the gal that she loves rough sex so as good as the tease sequence was, her seductive nature was never fully revealed until her scene partner, Steve Holmes, got physical with her. They were in bed and she helped undress him, Steve gripping her titties very hard as she purred in appreciation. She reciprocated by grabbing his package and sucking him off, both of them dedicating themselves to getting the other off repeatedly. Fans of choking will appreciate that the pair engaged in the act and Steve came a few times, the final round after a vaginal fuck that left him nearly dried out, Gianna's aggressive style of screwing pushing him beyond his own limits. The final round of spew hitting her on the ass cheek, the passion displayed throughout the scene elevating the dynamic as far as I was concerned. Yes!

Bonus Scene: Big Wet Asses! 7: Naomi, the gal on the front DVD cover with the bountiful behind, has been making a lot of porn lately and for very good reason; her ass looks incredible! Her tease alone was nearly as good as porn veteran Gia and Van Damage was more than happy to work over that ass of hers in what was billed as her second anal scene ever. With a perfect pucker like this one at stake, I can see why she earned the cover (for several pictures of this appealing gal, make sure you check out my 2006 Photo Essay) although I generally don't expect a lot out of gals new to a particular sex act. It took her a long time to get acclimated to the anal action and she wasn't nearly as active as the other gals but she did come off like she was having fun and pushing her limits. I'm guessing she'll be quite a force to be reckoned with once she gets more experience under her belt and the simple fact is that she provided some very nice moves for a beginner here, something I wouldn't typically count on outside of this series.

William H. Nutsack's music video

Summary: Big Wet Asses! 15 Blu-ray by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel was one of those titles that came in well after release date so I set it aside lest it make other titles pale by comparison (look at how many "rent it" ratings I have given recently and you'll understand what I mean). The ladies were all in good form and even a guy like me that routinely finds fault with "1st" performances had to admit the gals were exceptionally attuned to working their asses better than many seasoned anal whores. The amount of fuck for the buck, the superior strokability, and the sweet package of extras on the double disc were enhanced by the technical values too, all of which combined to earn a winning vulkanio.ru Pick rating. The upgrade was in full 1080p on the Blu-ray release, the standard definition version already surpassing many of the effects-laden releases of competitors. In short, Big Wet Asses! 15 Blu-ray, like Big Wet Asses! #14 instantly became a classic for me that should stand the test of time for even my jaded old porn hound eyes, the kind of movie that gathers a lot of attention during award voting without payoffs or sucking up. Once again, my hat is off to Nutsack and associates for the kind of porn that provides all the heat and chemistry a guy could expect and more, a raincoater's wet dream. Great job!

Note: To best compare the two versions of the movie, I borrowed a second PS3 and hooked it up via hdmi as well, going back and forth to see the additional clarity compared immediately in succession. This is something I encourage my fellow reviewers at all websites to do too, the benefits of the upgrade all most telling on a large screen television rather than a computer screen or smaller TV (under 50" and the added benefits start getting watered down quickly). So if you want to see the smoking hot ladies look their very best, go Blu-ray with this one because you can get the movie in this version for only a little bit more, the realism making it worthwhile on a keeper such as this!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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