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Operation Tropical Stormy

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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/5/09

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Operation: Tropical Stormy

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Director: Stormy Daniels

Assistant Director: Randy Spears

Cast: Nikki Rhodes, Anna Bell Lee, Marcus London, Tony DeSergio, Stormy Daniels, Sammie Rhodes, Shyla Stylez, Carolyn Reese, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Gianna Lynn, Tommy Gunn, Renae Cruz, Mikayla Mendez, Desiree Diamond, Havana Ginger, Voodoo, Julius Ceazher, Devon Lee, Tee Reel, Mark Wood, Mya Luvana, Bella Ling, Mia Lelani

Non-sex roles: Nina Hartley, India Summer, Mike Hammer, Frank Bukkwyd, Dave Cummings, Bobo, Jay Jordan, Jacob, Lisa Lomi, Nin Joe; others not credited)

Nikki Rhodes and Anna Bell Lee

Length: 183:47 minutes

Date of Production: 2009

Extras Pt 1: Let's face it, as one of the premium titles of the year released by a company known worldwide for their feature efforts, the extras package is going to be great, so great in fact that I'm only going to touch on it and let you know what is here so you can grab a copy to explore it in detail for yourselves. The first disc reserved most of the space for the feature itself, a few versions of the audio track, and the audio commentary by Stormy Daniels, the Mighty Evan Stone and Randy Spears (with two trailers up front). Having listened to it a single time as I wrote this review, I might have missed a few things but it was clear that Stormy was somewhat defensive at times, extremely proud at other times, and admittedly a bit boastful every now and then as well. Given her popularity as a performer, a stripper, and as a porn personality spoofing around with the idea of a career in politics, I think it is fair to state that she has come a long way since being Bart's fluffer and bed buddy. There were no magical moments where she revealed any deep, dark secrets but there was a wealth of information her fans might appreciate, some overlap with the various interviews and BTS features of the other two discs inevitable so listen through and you may find the gal grows on you if you're not already a fan of the 30-something lady. The Easter Egg coconuts began on the audio option page, a 2:14 minute discussion about martial arts by Mark Stone and Gianna Lynn.

Stormy Daniels and Sammie Rhodes

Extras Pt 2: The second disc is the one that started off the real extras fun, even returning the company to the days when it offered plenty of Easter Eggs (try the first coconut on the lower left hand side of the screen to see the first, Randy and Evan having some fun for 1:22 minutes; the coconut in the middle containing a 4:24 minute long episode of shaving with the Mighty Evan Stone). The primary extra of the disc was a 19:39 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mark Stone & Jax (edited by Lee Snijders), the editors making sure to show Stormy calling "action" just like a real director (despite what some critics have claimed, I believe she earned the directorial credit for this movie as well as the original). There was sex, script readings, short interviews, clips from the movie's action scenes, and plenty of fluff. Then came two shorts on the making of the trailers (a soft one and a hard one), each lasting 2:15 minutes and applying much the same footage as was edited into the other features. There was another coconut extra here (bottom of the screen) to see Evan whipping his pecker out behind Stormy for 22 seconds. Then came a 10:57 minute feature on fighting training called "Kicking Ass on OTS" with Marcus London leading the day initially, others picking up the slack after that. There was then an 8:06 minute long "Girls of OTS" serving as a montage of clips introducing all the important ladies of the movie as well as a 5:56 minute long Audition reel providing some cute screen tests of various people (not all of them making it into the movie-usually for obvious reasons by the way). Then came the 5:18 minute long feature called "Stormy's Guns-Big Weapons" where Stormy got lessons in handling various firearms so she wouldn't look stupid; proving to me that I don't want her rescuing me if I'm held by a terrorist. Next up was "Taking A Fall" for 10:35 minutes, focusing mainly on Stormy's big stunt falling onto a car, the amount of coordination needed to make it happen safely kind of interesting. "Pyro For Porno"-a pyrotechnics special lasting 5:33 minutes, Randy Spears filling the viewer in initially but the actual professionals taking over before too long. A 6:41 minute long Bloopers Reel, as well as a digital copy of the movie for those wanting to put it on their ipod or other portable device filled up the rest of this disc.

Shyla Stylez and Carolyn Reese

Extras Pt 3: By now, many of you would be saying you don't care much for extras describing the cheesy effects, interviews with debutantes, or any of a dozen different descriptions the anti-porn snobs would toss at the flick yet the third disc will probably be the most favored of all. This was because it contained the seven extended versions of the sex scenes, nearly two hours worth of footage total, and many of the scenes far better than what was actually placed in the movie itself (ala P2). There was then a featurettes called "Raw Sex on OTS" with five of the scenes, kind of a BTS for the sex but also including the additional footage as it was shot, lasting about 66 minutes. This menu page also had an Easter Egg coconut, a 1:33 minute long clip of Randy Spears complaining about the workload as a performer/Assistant Director. There was then a 2:53 minute selection of deleted scenes, mostly short clips used between bigger scenes; a few of them kind of amusing. Another Easter Egg of Mike and everyone's favorite porn pooch lasting 1:02 minutes, a 5:37 minute bonus blowjob scene between India Summer and Dave Cummings where she milked his genetic juice from the tap. Then came 27 photogalleries (yeah, twenty seven!), the sex scenes screen having a coconut Easter Egg of Randy Spears and Francois Closot lasting 54 seconds. Then there were six trailers, a promo reel, the usual DVD-ROM content (award winners and nominations, company profile, desktop backgrounds) and some idiotic phone sex spam best left off high end features.

Condoms: Yes

Stormy Daniels and the Mighty Evan Stone

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Audio/Video Quality: Operation: Tropical Stormy was presented in an anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen color as it was shot in by director Stormy Daniels for Wicked Pictures using the MPEG-2 codec employed by most standard definition titles these days (with a 480 resolution). The lighting seemed about average for a Wicked Pictures release, a good thing considering the size of the crews used by the upscale company, and this limited the grain, video noise, and other issues associated with the illumination. The composition of the shots was often good too, enhancing the look of the thematic elements thanks in no small part to the technical directors assisting with the production such as Clousot and Raven, this being the blockbuster title of the year for the company. There were a few minor compression artifacts and macro blocking due to the darker nature of the scenes that limited the appeal and the bitrate seemed to frequently hover in the upper 3.4 Mbps range so it could have looked worse. It was a decent looking fuck flick for the most part, even for a big budget release from the company, striking me as a substantial upgrade from the original award winning production this sequel was based on, the editing of the story portions by "Slammy" among the best I have seen in a Wicked Pictures porno this entire year. The audio was presented with several choices this time too, the primary selection being a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track showing a 384 Kbps bitrate (twice the normal rate for a porno) and a 48 kHz sampling rate, it did have some separation between the channels but most of it appeared to be related to the musical score and not the vocals. The other selections were either a music-only version or a dialogue-only version, neither of which appealed to me when I spot checked them for review purposes. In all though, Wicked Pictures has been making some strides in the aural quality of their movies, something few reviewers or critics seem to mention in their articles, so my hat is off to whoever pushed the company to upgrade this one.

Gianna Lynn

Body of Review: Stormy Daniels has been a popular icon in porn for many years now, her contract at Wicked Pictures helping to greatly extend her career well beyond the life expectancy of most women in the industry. As time marches on, the industry still caters to newcomers as "fresh, young, and more appealing" than the established performers so it makes sense that Stormy would branch out into directing before she wears out her welcome, the gal making some amusing features to entertain those of us still appreciative of the genre. Well, in that line of thought, I was happy to get my copy of Operation: Tropical Stormy this weekend, the movie promoted as one of the biggest feature comedies of the year coming from perhaps the biggest outlet still making them in bulk. Anyone that remembers how well Operation: Desert Stormy was received a few years ago can understand how bigger budget features can still exist in a world full of gonzo, condom-free, outings; the storyline amusing enough to cover the less explicit sex and shorter scenes indicative of the genre. This time, the male lead was upgraded to the Mighty Evan Stone, largely recognized as the top comedy male in the industry (with his sexual chops just as pronounced) and Stormy reprised her role, the couple now promoted to full agents just three months after the escapades of their last adventure.

The Cannibal Orgy

Renae Cruz, Mikayla Mendez, Desiree Diamond, Havana Ginger, Evan Stone, Voodoo, and Julius Ceazher

As expected, they stumble into another mad scheme to destroy the world, this time using poisoned barbeque sauce (those bastards!) by a certain North Korean terrorist, backed up by their English counterparts, Marcus London and Tony DeSergio. As Stormy suggested in the multitude of extras, this was indeed "bigger, badder, and better" in many ways regarding the action elements, nearly approaching late, late night cable movies in terms of the firepower and acting, a hearty step above what most expect out of porn these days. I was cautioned by a few well placed individuals who asked me "please don't compare the sex to one of your gonzo buddies" and "don't over analyze it and you'll love it", both suggestions making me cringe given past efforts by big companies that feature sex they somehow figure has to be watered down or less sexy to accommodate the story elements. I'm not going to detail the plot elements as most will undoubtedly do though, such spoilers unnecessary given the primary reason for picking up a porno, just keep in mind that the totality of the three disc release seemed to be as entertaining as porn classics such as Space Nuts, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre, and Flashpoint. So, in I went to review the movie with my feature goggles on, expectations lowered to accept the sex as a lesser part of the production, and fully cognizant that the usual audience this type of movie is designed for might not even want truly nasty hardcore sex.

Stormy Daniels with Marcus London and Tony DeSergio

The back cover said it like this: "In the follow up to Wicked Pictures' award winning (AVN's 2008 "Best Comedy", XRCO's 2008 "Best Director", Nightmove's First Choice, and 2008 Empire Award's "Best Overall DVD", "Best Feature", "Editor's Choice Best Video" and "Viewer's Choice Best Video") and smash hit "Operation Desert Stormy", writer/director/star Stormy Daniels is back with another hilarious, action-packed, and sex filled adventure! Newly-promoted secret agents Rachel and George (Stormy Daniels and Evan Stone) have just successfully (and accidentally) saved the world. As a reward, they take a much needed romantic cruise.Unfortunately, it is not smooth sailing for long and the comedy quickly ensues as the two bumbling agents find themselves marooned on an uncharted tropical island. Soon they are face to face with a rabid jaguar, hunted by a tribe of sex-starved cannibals, and find themselves in the secret hideout of evil dictator Kim Jong-il. George and Rachel once again must fight (and fuck) their way to freedom while thwarting another terrorist attack. Filled with outrageous stunt sequences, heart-stopping explosions, sizzling sex scenes (including Stormy's first boy/boy/girl), an all-star cast, and an almost loveable communist leader, this is a non-stop comedic thrill ride you don't want to miss...." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Devon Lee

Scene One: Nikki Rhodes, Anna Bell Lee, Marcus London, and Tony DeSergio, were up first, the British agents regaling the ladies with their tales from Operation: Desert Stormy. The men did most of the talking, the ladies pairing off to get frisky with the men to help them relax before their big day with the queen in the morning. The transition wasn't the best and the generic music did not help a lot but the four all engaged in oral with the men going down on the ladies first before the modest blowjobs and vaginal screwing took place. Unlike the extended scene on disc three, this one seemed far too short to rev my motor and the ladies were just not suited for a scene in one of the biggest movies of the year, mechanically going through the motions without any chemistry at all. The basics were covered though so less discerning consumers might not complain too loudly, the scene ending in each gal getting a facial.

Mya Luvanna, Bella Ling, and Mai Lelani

Scene Two: Stormy Daniels, the hotty blond featured on the front cover, was up next in a lesbian scene in the lab with Sammie Rhodes. Sammie used a pheromone designed to make women go crazy and Stormy couldn't keep her tongue out of her. Stormy was the sexual aggressor here and I was thankful that the scene was far stronger than the opening one, the ladies displaying some passion as they ate each other and used their fingers to probe their snatches deeply. The penetration by fingers and the can used to dispense the scent were the only sexual aids this time, Sammie even going anal before they finished up.

Disc 2 Menu

Scene Three: Shyla Stylez, Carolyn Reese, and Randy Spears were up next, the ladies having interviewed for the position of his new bubble headed bimbo assistants now that Stormy was promoted out of the spot. He hired both of them for their wonderful physical qualities, the ladies soon embracing him in his office as they smothered him with their titties and blew him with a degree of energy. He implored them to work together so they also did each other, the eye candy provided amounting to some nice inspirational material as they stripped off their tight office apparel and ended up in some sexy lingerie. The blowjob and cunnilingus resulted in some vaginal fucking, his pink pecker making the condom hardly noticeable. Carolyn seemed to get the lion's share of the penetration this time, the taste testing handled mostly by Shyla until he unleashed his wad of population pudding on their faces. Watch the extended version if you want to get off though, this truncated short just couldn't cut it in my book.

Disc 3 Menu

Scene Four: Stormy Daniels, wearing a hot pink bikini with green trim and white polka dots on it, was up next on the President's ship with the Mighty Evan Stone, the gal wanting to test out her husband's new penis as they enjoyed their anniversary. She took off her top, he played with her funbags, and they felt each other up before the resulting titty fuck. I really liked the shot of her spread eagled on the railing as he ate her, the ocean background much better than the usual living room. Stormy was an occasionally active rider and the thunderstorm in the background was kind of cool, the couple clearly at home with one another during the vaginal action. It didn't fit their characters much but like most features, the details got lost in the big picture aspects, his nut busted on her face and chest. The funny line by Stormy in the scene was "I'm not afraid of Pirates" (likely a tongue in cheek reference to the industry's biggest selling franchise to date).

Extended Sex Scene Menu

Scene Five: Gianna Lynn, an exotic beauty wearing a green crop top and tight pants, was up next with goateed Tommy Gunn, the two sharing a fight sequence before they engaged in sexual misconduct. His really bad accent aside, it was a cute bit, her blowjob nearly equal to Stormy's and the vaginal penetration displaying a need for seed few others provided in the movie. Whether their chemistry was real or not is left up to others to debate but the passion was heavily in evidence, from the throat fucking to the way she impaled herself on his cock. In short, no one else in the movie provided as consistent a ride as Gianna, the way she milked his genetic juice very much appreciated.

Scene Six: Renae Cruz, Mikayla Mendez, Desiree Diamond, Havana Ginger, Evan Stone, Voodoo, and Julius Ceazher, were up next at night in the cannibal's camp, Evan acting silly as the women paired off with the men. Mikayla did Voodoo, Julius with Renae, Desiree with Evan and Havana masturbating before swapping around. The sex was all vaginal and oral, the night setting adding some modest grain though the shaven genitals, (mentioned in the commentary I found out), perfect manicures, and use of condoms just seemed weird though fans might appreciate the ending facials.

Scene Seven: Stormy Daniels, ridden with guilt and barely dressed in some skimpy clothing, was up next with Marcus London and Tony DeSergio, the men consoling her perceived loss with hard cock. This was reportedly her first time with two guys, her love of cock in the mouth showing how polished she was whether bouncing between them during the blowjobs or inhaling one while the other plundered her pussy. The men took turns on her holes and she seemed to appreciate them both, not really showing a preference for either of them as they did the deed. The extended version was more complete but only marginally so, the men ending it by taking turns unloading to her mouth.

Scene Eight: Devon Lee, a busty gal wearing a suit, was up next as she took on Tee Reel and Mark Wood for no apparent reason other than Stormy needed to flesh out the movie with another scene (suggestion: try making the previous scenes longer in the future, you know, like using the extended versions). Devon liked the taste of Tee's penis in her mouth but she showed some care for Mark's rod too, the lady moving back and forth between them before actively riding their cocks vaginally and, surprise, anally. She would suck one off while the other planked her, eventually taking both of them in a short DP that was very passive. While not up to Stormy or Gianna's level of performance, Devon did seem quite at home being stuffed with penis, my belief regarding the scene being disposable coming straight from the director's comments (though supported by my observation that it did not seem connected to the plot at all). The guys finished up by rubbing out wads of semen to her face, Devon providing some post coital sucking.

Scene Nine: Mya Luvana, Bella Ling, and Mia Lelani, were all up last as they took off their kimonos to enjoy some lipstick lesbian action while Tony and Marcus watched them from the doorway. It was at night and the lighting was subdued, their caresses caught fairly well though the camera spent too much time on close ups. They fingered one another and used an orange dildo, some candle wax added in to spice things up (per Stormy's commentary), and then later a huge purple dildo one of the ladies brought with her. The oral wasn't bad but it seemed rushed, ending the sexual portions of the show on the same kind of weak note it started on rather than one of the better scenes (such as those featuring the director).

Summary: Operation: Tropical Stormy by director Stormy Daniels for Wicked Pictures had a lot to live up to considering the marketing hype and the fact that it was the sequel to Operation: Desert Stormy but despite offering up what might be best called "feature porn sex", it had a lot of entertainment value. The extras package was among the very best I've seen and while I hated the cliffhanger ending more than a little bit, I'd be misleading you if I said I didn't appreciate all the hard work that went into the production, it meriting a rating of Highly Recommended if you're into the genre. It might not have been the most stupendous porno ever made as the director claimed, at least partially held back by the casting decisions for most of the other women and the hit or miss jokes deployed, but lack of polishing up aside, it was the best movie Stormy has made to date, bar none. In short, Operation: Tropical Stormy was an ambitious project assisted by a huge production staff made up of other directors (Mark Stone, Randy Spears, Michael Raven, and Francois Clousot) but Stormy was the point person making it all come together like it did, the movie certainly destined to give some competition during awards season. If you're looking for a comedy drama porno with lots of fuck for the buck, the extras package alone should impress you as worth the asking price.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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