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Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/19/09

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Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Holly Morgan, Lanny Barby, Nadia Styles, Carly Parker, Harmony (deleted scene only), Tommy Gunn, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Alex Gonz, Dave Pounder, Chris Cannon, Van Damage, Marco Banderas (deleted scene only).
Non-sex roles: Karlie Montana, Kayla Paige, Victoria Velasquez, Paul Thomas, Jasper Knight, Garret Grant, others.

Length: 111 minutes

Date of Production: 12/21/2006

Extras: There are two very good deleted scenes from the feature presentation. The first one is from the bachelor party scene. It involves Nadia Styles, Van Damage, and Chris Cannon. While Lanny Barby is upstairs entertaining her two fellas, Nadia is busy in the living room sucking cock and having her beauty spot stimulated by the men. The sex scenes with this beauty are cool. In the second and much shorter deleted scene is with Harmony and Marco Banderas in a church. This act would had been located in the movie when Tommy Gunn's character approaches the church and sees the twosome through the window. The couple goes through the standard sexual positions that most sex scenes normally have in them. Nevertheless, they are good to look at. A Behind the Scenes footage is the next best segment that is related to the movie. It lasts over eighteen minutes and consists of the crew and cast shooting several of the scenes. There are no interviews with the cast which is a downer. A nice looking photo gallery is included. Five very cool bonus sex scenes are provided, however they are from other Vivid movies. I will go in depth with each one at the end of Tony's Betrayal scene summary. To round out the extras package, a positions room option, several Vivid previews and Vivid products are advertised.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is passable. For the ordinary porn fan, this will be fine. It's not difficult to hear the dialogue. The background music fits the mood of their related scene. As for the video quality, it's not too bad. It's a mixed bag though. Some of the scenes have very good lighting, but parts of the Heaven and Tony sex scene have shadows that are very present on the walls and on their bodies. The evening outdoor scenes are a bit too dark, but it's shot during the night so it can be understandable. This feature is shot in high-definition.

Overview: Heaven is directed by multi-award winning director Paul Thomas for the studio Vivid Entertainment. It stars Hillary Scott as Heaven who gets hired as a dancer at the local strip club. She gets involved with Tommy Gunn's character Alonzo who wants to get into the club business as an owner, but currently is the manager of the main club in the movie. Herschel Savage is Teddy who owns the club where Heaven performs. Tom Byron plays Tony who works for Teddy and Alonzo. Lanny Barby and Nadia Styles are two dancers from the club. Hillary Scott does a good job in creating a sweet persona for her character in which the audience wants the best for her. Tommy Gunn also makes his role very well-liked among viewers. These two actors have good chemistry together. The storyline is sound, but it goes downhill fast when Tommy's character "sleeps with the fishes" briefly.

Lanny Barby, Tom Byron

Scene One:A Gentlemens' Club: In the club's parking lot, Lanny Barby and Tom Byron are self-stimulating their own sexual plaything on the front seat in his car. Soon, she sucks his already hardened cock as he feels her smooth ass. The tight close-up of her bj is hot. Unfortunately, the action is interrupted.

Herschel Savage, Holly Morgan

Tom Byron, Lanny Barby

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Scene Two: A New Dancer: After Hillary Scott performs on stage for the first time, club owner Herschel Savage sucks on Holly Morgan's breasts. Moments later, his right hand man Tom Byron is making out with Lanny Barby in the same room. Lanny sucks her man's cock first before Holly goes down on her boss' dick. The background music fits the scene. Next, Tom fucks his gal well while Herschel continues to experience his dancer's oral treat. Then, Miss Barby takes his cock in her anal cavity. Their anal reverse cowgirl hump is also good. Meanwhile, the boss has his cock stroked by Holly and cums on her mouth. Moments later, after the anal fuck from behind, Mr. Byron pulls out and shoots his load all over Lanny's ass. This scene is a good send-off to the rest of the movie's sexual happenings.

Hillary Scott, Lanny Barby, Nadia Styles

Alex Gonz, Lanny Barby, Dave Pounder

Chris Cannon, Nadia Styles, Van Damage

Scene Three: Bachelor Party: Tommy Gunn takes Hillary Scott, Lanny Barby, and Nadia Styles to a bachelor party. The ground rules is that there is not suppose to be any penetrable sex and that the ladies are to dance and strip for them. As a matter of fact, Hillary performs a lap dance and the other two ladies strip and dance. However, the party-goers trick Mr. Gunn. While Tommy leaves the room, Lanny heads upstairs with Alex Gonz and Dave Pounder. She immediately rides one of their cocks cowgirl style before the guys team up. She gets missionaried while giving head. An anal spoonful of debauchery occurs next. He pumps her fairly hard at times. Of course, her mouth remains preoccupied with a dick. Then, he cums on her tits. Meanwhile, his buddy missionaries and then, doggies her before stroking off on her mouth. While Lanny is getting all worked up, the guys get rough with Hillary downstairs and storms off to tell Tommy that she wants to go home. When he reenters the place, Mr. Gunn is pissed that Nadia is having sex with Chris Cannon and Van Damage. One of the deleted scenes is a longer portion of Nadia's performance with these two men. He immediately gets his ladies out by pointing a gun at the party-goers.

Hillary Scott, Tommy Gunn

Scene Four: Heaven & Alonzo: While taking the women home, Tommy Gunn has Hillary Scott as his last passenger. During their conversation in his car, the viewer can sense some chemistry building up between them especially on the part of Heaven. The moments at her door also brings forth these feelings. Then, he leaves and drives away. Moments later, he heads back and they kiss at her door the second time around. They continue their lip lock action to the dining room. He squeezes her breasts. Her squeals sound hot. Tommy kisses down her cute body until he reaches her sexual playground. The man orally stimulates it quite nicely. Her heavy breathing and moans while he rubs her clit are cool. Her bj technique is good enough to get the viewer hard. Her face looks sweet. She is gentle on his manhood. It's sensual. Her eye contact with him is nice. The actions fit the romantic mood of the scene. A screw from behind follows. Hillary's peach is very wet. The action shifts to the following night at his place. He missionaries her in his own bed. A spooning follows. There are shadows on the wall and on their bodies. Soon, he inserts his love rod inside her butthole. He is gentle during the anal activity. Then, Tommy pulls out and unloads his man juice on her love region.

Hillary Scott, Herschel Savage

Scene Five: Heaven & Teddy: Herschel Savage has his eye on newcomer Heaven. After a drink, they head to a room where the Savage man fondles her and shoves his sex tool in her mouth. Soon, he removes her pants. Her boss is rough with her. She is semi-nude. Then, she sucks his cock again at another part of the room. Next, Hillary Scott bounces on his tool in the cowgirl position. After resucking his dick, an anal doggie is performed. Their angry dirty talk intensifies the mood of the scene. Later on, the stripper climbs on top of him for the anal reverse cowgirl action. Lastly, she gets down on her knees so that Mr. Savage can deposit his raunchy semen on her pretty mouth.

Carly Parker, Tom Byron

Lanny Barby, Tommy Gunn

Scene Six: Chantel's Reverie: Lanny Barby and Carly Parker walk into the gym. Tommy Gunn and Tom Byron are in the boxing ring. The women enter it and pair up with the guys. Lanny is with Tommy while Carly hooks up with Tom. Some titty play occurs briefly by both fellas. Then, the ladies suck cock on their respected guys. The vaginal fuck moments begin when Tommy Gunn uses his rod during the screw from behind and Tom Byron pumps his tool inside his partner's muffin in the cowgirl session. The action looks good so far. Carly's smile is cute. Next, Carly gets spooned while Lanny rides a meaty sex rod. Soon, Mr. Byron gets into the reverse cowgirl mode. Then, he spoons her again. Next, Mr. Gunn is cowgirling Lanny. Then, both guys are analing them in a spoonful manner. Later, Tom doggies Carly before he unloads his masculine juice on her ass. Next, Tommy cums on Lanny's passion fruit and she successfully sets him up.

Hillary Scott, Tom Byron

Scene Seven: Tony's Betrayal: After slapping Hillary Scott several times, Tom Byron tastes her snatch before doggying her. Then, the woman sucks his pecker with good energy before having her sex spot pumped by his rapid cock motion. This rapid drill routine of her vaginal plaything continues in the cowgirl session. Later, he sticks his fingers in her asshole to loosen it up. Soon, he slides his tool in her butthole during the missionary moments. A good looking anal reverse cowgirl activity is shown next. After sucking his wet cock, he strokes his load at her receptive open mouth. There is not much chemistry here.

Bonus Scene One: Car Wash featuring Lanny Barby, Stefani Morgan and Friends. Stefani sucks cock while Lanny eats her muffin. Then, each woman sucks a dick. Stefani continues with her oral gift on Jack Venice as Lanny performs a 69 on Van Damage while being on top of him. Soon, both women are giving good blowjobs beside each other. Miss Barby is aware of the camera and her partner. Then, Stefani gets doggied while her friend rides on a guy's lap. The intensity level is not that high. Afterwards, Miss Morgan rides a cock while sucking on one. Next, Lanny plays with a guy's package while playing with her own clit. Then, one of the guys shoots his load at their mouths while Lanny is being doggied by her partner. Finally, he pulls out and shoots his cum at them too.

Bonus Scene Two: Cry Wolf featuring Carly Parker, Lexxi Tyler, Tory Lane, and Friends. The blond in the sexy outfit gets fucked by Jay Huntington while the other blond rubs her own lovebox. Then, she rubs her ass while the other one sucks his cock. Next, the other light-haired lady has her muffin eaten and then, gets screwed missionary style. Soon, the woman climbs on top of her mouth so that her love spot can be orally stimulated. While the two blond women are getting busy with Mr. Huntington, the brunette is getting doggied by Steven St. Croix. Next, she sucks his cock in an unusual position. A missionary hump follows. While this pair is fooling around, the lady in the sexy outfit rides Jay's dick. Then, Steven doggies his partner again. The other blond woman uses a glass dildo on her own vaginal plaything while watching Mr. Huntington screw her friend. Later, Steven anals the lady with a fuck from behind. The energy level is good. Next, Jay missionaries his partner while Mr. St. Croix has his partner ride his manhood. Later, Jay is doggying the lady while she eats her friend's sex spot. Soon, he is fucking her mouth as the other blond uses the sex toy on herself. Moreover, Steven anals the brunette doggystyle. Next, the guys switch partners and mishes their new lady. At the end, Mr. St. Croix deposits his sperm juice on the blond's lovebox. Then, Jay shoots his load at two women. This scene comes from an vulkanio.ru pick. So, it's important to check Cry Wolf out.

Bonus Scene Three: My Big Fake Wedding featuring Holly Morgan and James Deen. Mr. Deen is doggying Holly Morgan on the bed at the beginning of this scene. She has a cute butt. The slit in her pussy looks hot. The guy uses good rhythm in his sexual technique. He continues his good technique during the missionary activity. However, Miss Morgan's constant moans are overdone. He squeezes her tits at some point. Next, James holds her up to his waist while fucking her. Afterwards, the woman sucks his dick very enthusiastically. Next, he places her on the bed so that he can eat her plaything. Then, he pumps his tool inside her tasty treat for the cowgirl action. By now, her moans do not seem annoying. He rolls her over onto her back for their missionary performance. Finally, he pulls out and gives Holly a sticky facial.

Bonus Scene Four: The Sunny Experiment featuring Nadia Styles, Barry Scott, and Jerry. Nadia Styles is getting missionaried by Barry while she sucks and strokes Jerry's pecker. Next, she gets doggied while still performing her oral talents. The doggie action is intense. Her moans and squeals are hot. Mr. Scott does a good job in fucking her. He is one rapid machine. Then, she is analed by Jerry in the reverse cowgirl position as Barry has his rod orally stimulated by her. Jerry also plays with her peach during his screw session. Later, the anal reverse cowgirl moment becomes more intensified. Afterwards, Barry anal missionaries Nadia while she gives head to his buddy. She also rubs her clit. The scene ends as Barry pulls out of her and deposits his cum on her beauty spot and Jerry gives her a facial.

Bonus Scene Five: Burnt Fury featuring Lanny Barby and Hillary Scott. Lanny Barby is eating Hillary Scott's passion fruit. The brunette uses nice energy. They kiss. Next, she sucks her breast. Then, Lanny rubs her peach with much enthusiasm. Next, the blond orally works on the woman's sexual plaything. However, she cannot match Ms. Barby's very good performance. It's a nice try for Hillary though. Afterwards, Lanny sucks her tits. Soon, Ms. Scott is on top of the lady as the brunette fingers her vaginal sex spot. Later, the ladies suck on the same dildo before Lanny fucks her partner with it. Next, Hillary uses a different toy to screw the woman's muffin. The rest of this scene has the both of them fucking each other with toys. The women look hot together.

Final Thoughts: With the cast of characters and storyline, Heaven had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, it took a bad turn in the final quarter of this movie. I put most of the blame on the screenwriter for this lower rating. It's at best a rental. I enjoy a good story, but this one did not live up to what Vivid fans expect from the top studio in the business. Nevertheless, Hillary Scott and Lanny Barby's performances make it a nice movie to watch especially those who are fans of theirs. Hillary Scott's character is sweet-natured. The viewer will fall in love with her. Tommy Gunn's character shows some vulnerability in coping with events that surround him. Nevertheless, he really falls for the title character which shows a sweet side to Alonzo's persona. Meanwhile, Lanny Barby's role as Chantel shows off her revengeful and manipulative skills. She should be offered more of these types of roles. She looks like a siren who could be trouble if you double cross her.

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