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Throat: A Cautionary Tale

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Studio: Vivid » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 4/9/09

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Director: Paul Thomas

BTS: Jimmy D

Production Manager: Shylar Cobi

Release Date: 3/26/2009

Production Year: 06/17/ 2008

Length: 1:55 minutes

Category: Feature

Genre: Straight

Condoms: No

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Performers: Aliana Love, Allie Foster, Beverly Hills, Brynn Tyler, Carmen McCarthy, Emilianna, Evan Stone, Herschel Savage, Jarod Diamond, Jerry, Jordan Lane, Kelly Wells, Lee Stone, Marco Banderas, Megan Monroe, Penny Flame, Pike Nelson, Ricki Raxxx, Rocco Reed, Sasha Grey, Tom Byron, Trent Tesoro, Voodoo.

Non - Sex Roles: Jasper Knight & Darth Franklin & Marco Leon & Shylar Cobi

Main Menu

Vivid Teaser: A beautiful young woman is found dead in a field amidst shards of broken glass. Who was she? Why did she die? Who killed her? We move back in time to her life as a young student, waiting tables, unable to make ends meet. She takes a job in a peep show where she learns, to her great amazement, that the seat of her sexuality is in her throat. Suddenly her sex life, always a pretense of pleasure, changes dramatically. But where she sees pleasure, her boyfriend sees profit...and pushes ''The Girl With The Golden Throat'' up the ladder of success, from peep show to private clients to featuring in a major club called The Zone. Tired of being used, she snaps...and attempts to bite off the cock of the biggest porn star in history...leading to her own tragic demise. And of course, during the autopsy, the coroner and his assistant find something in her throat they've never seen in any throat before: a clitoris...a tiny bit of flesh that made and unmade the life of a lovely young girl.

Sasha Grey "Julie"

The Movie: For some of us porn lovers Saturday nights became the night when Vivid took over Showtime for Vivid newest premium cable TV reality series, "Deeper Throat " . The seven part series covers the behind-the-scenes adventures that Vivid went through to obtain the rights to produce a remake of the adult classic "Deep Throat." For those that did watch you saw first hand all the trouble Vivid had in getting rights to do a remake and the trouble they had casting "Julie". Arrow Production tried everything to stop the production as well as the release of the classic re-make. Question is.. Does it and can it make the cut and is it worth all the hype around it....???

Where It All Begins For Julie

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Throat- A Cautionary Tale is directed by Paul Thomas for Vivid, filmed in High Definition, shot on film, and given an anamorphic transfer, presented wide screen format in 16:9 ratio and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 3-4 Mbps. The sound portion was good, presented in 2.0 Digital Dolby Surround Sound. There was no echoing or any kind of audio distortions. The colors were accurate, the flesh tones solid. The lighting inside the club was rather dark at time but otherwise the lighting was on key. There was some minor shadowing during the daytime fucking scene with Sasha and Trent and Penny and Tom.

The Audience

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Positions Room, Behind the Scenes,Slide Show, Previews, Bonus Footage, Sasha Grey's Biography,Int. Tel. Sex,Web Site Information.

The Extras:

Previews: 20 Questions, The Nikki Jayne Experiment, Power, Sugar, Set Up

Trailers: All Dressed Up, Going Deep, Funny Bone, Strip Tease

Penny Flame

Behind The Scenes: Lasting roughly twenty-one minutes the BTS starts off going between b/w and color showing the cast and crew with clips of the movie before hand. Penny Flame is the first of the ladies to give her insight into "Throat" and of her role as a Detective who is dealing with her own issue and trying to stay focused on her job. Aliana Love who plays Julie's best friend shares more into the how's and why's of Julie's break down and about showing her the ropes the first time around. You also have Hershel Savage, Tom Byron, and Kelly Wells giving a bit of their own feedback about "Throat".

Tom Byron

Bonus Scene 1: 20 Questions w/ Meggan Mallone & Voodoo & Jennifer Dark & Derrick Pierce

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Cut to a few minutes earlier with Derrick Talking with Meggan and the talk finds it way to Meggan saying she thinks people think she's a tease and misunderstood and Derrick gives a response that has Meggan get up and walk away. Jennifer enters the room and sits next to Derrick and the couple begins to kiss. It is not long before Derrick is sucking on Jennifer's bald pussy and the couple looks good together as they sex things up. While Derrick and Jennifer go at it on the couch Meggan and Voodoo begin a fling of their own. The two couples fuck in the living room and the Meggan Voodoo pairing is not as strong or visually pleasing as Jennifer Dark and Derrick. The girls play with their boy toys for a while before turning the attention on each for some girl on girl and I really liked the two together. The chemistry appeared to click and hell both girls are knockouts so seeing them please each other was hot. After both girls go at it Jennifer and Voodoo remain back together in the living room to fuck while the other two leave. Reviewed By The Horny Housewife.

Bonus Scene 2: The Nikki Jayne Experiment w/ Nikki Jayne& Ben English & Mick Blue:

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Nikki Jayne, once again showing why all the scenes without her presence were a waste of time, began her next tease session in heated fashion, the canned music complementing her doe eyed look and winning smile as she ever so slowly removed her skimpy underwear to masturbate. A hard edit then resulted in both Ben English and Mick Blue joining her on the mattress, the men feeling her up as she stroked their cocks rapidly. She went back and forth between them when it came to kissing but also when the inevitable sword swallowing took place, the dynamic soon showing her do the same with vaginally riding the peckers plunging deep inside of her from various angles. At some point, they oiled up her ass too, this leading to Nikki doing a double penetration (DP) as Mick tore into her ass while Ben pummeled her pussy. Nikki held on for dear life as the men drilled her so rapidly and the rest of the scene showed them all swapping roles with one guy in her pussy, ass, or mouth, while the other took a different hole. Nikki loved sucking them clean too, savoring her own juices off their meat sticks until the men unleashed their seed upon her face at the very end of the action. Whew! Reviewed By Don Houston

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Bonus Scene 3: Power w/ Savanna Samson & Derrick Pierce:

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Lingerie Sample: Working with a good looking boss has it upside to it especially for Savanna who turns the tables on Derrick after he shows his feminine side to the camera. The scene changes over from the office to a dungeon which really didn't fit in. Then you see Savanna in the stockade wearing a red corset. There is some very light BDSM action through out the rest of the scene with vaginal and anal penetration enough to steam up your glasses and TV screen. Derrick then caps off the scene unloading on her breast.

Bonus Scene 4: Sugar w/ Kelly Wells & Lorena Sanchez & Rocco Reed:

Lorena and Kelly are working for a struggling bar and decide to have some fun with the one customer they have, starting with a show put on by Kelly as Lorena blows him at the bar. Kelly's not my type, looking like mall trash, with her small boobs, bright blonde hair and angry face, but brunette Lorena is much hotter, and she gives Rocco a slow, sensual blow job before turning her attention to Kelly's meaty vag. Lorena looks like she's going to devour that mound of roast beef, in one of the hottest lesbian oral scenes I've seen. Rocco gets both girls working on his rod before long though and gives each a bar-top ride on his pole. The oral action on Kelly is hot, but everything else is kind of average, especially after Jack and Hannah. Reviewed By Chris Knight

Bonus Scene 5: Set-Up w/ Riley Evans & Sarah Vandella & Alex Gonz:

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Gearhead Garage: Alex walks in to find Riley and Vandella deep in some g/g lovin without the use of any toys and that turns him on even more. He decides to join them and the ladies share cock sucking duties. Alex grabs Sarah in mish and standing doggie then switches over to Riley who also gets some doggie action and RCG. Both ladies are recipients of some anal action and share in some cum swapping.

Opening Scene:

Julie's body is being carted off to the morgue for an autopsy while the cops are at the crime scene gathering information on her death. Back at the morgue they discover something totally different about Julie. Flash back throughout the discovery leads into the story were it all begins with Julie. Sasha Grey does the narration telling the story of Julie's life and her untimely death.

Scene 1: Peep Show Arcade- Sasha Grey, Aliana Love, and Trent Tesoro:

After having words with her boyfriend Eddie, Julie goes off to work at the Peep Show Arcade to pay for college and to support herself. She at first hesitates stripping on stage as well when it comes to playing with the huge dildo to get the men off watching her. Eventually she is joined by Lane who steals the show from her with her expertise in keeping the men wanting more.

Scene 2:Julie's Special Gift- Sasha Grey, Aliana Love:

Before the show Julie and Lane are chatting it up and Lane offers to give Julie some pointers on how to get the audience off. Lane hands her a huge dildo to play with at first but she gags a few times trying to take it all in her mouth. Lane then tells Julie to put some honey on tip of the dildo and to coat her mouth and lips with it making it easier for her to deep throat it. The honey works perfectly, Julie then uses the dildo in her act having orgasms that drive the men wild.

Scene 3: Amazing-Sasha Grey, Trent Tesoro:

Julie comes home to Eddie finding him sitting on the sofa reading. She goes up to her bedroom, slipping on a pair of black heels and panties. She makes her way back down stairs, kneeling in front of him and begins to suck him off deep throating him till he cums. There is no visual pop shot to see, just the salvia from her mouth.

Scene 4: The Zone Club- Aliana Love, Beverly Hills, Kelly Wells, Marco Banderas, Penny Flame, Ricki Raxxx, Voodoo:

With the cops checking out the club, everyone is paired up on different sides of the club getting fucked or sucked. In a cage you have the trio of Kelly, Marco and Aliana deep into the other with Kelly at first getting faced fuck by Marco then taking it RCG. Kelly is bent over getting nailed doggie while fingering Ricki. You also have two ladies which I can't make out their faces because of the lighting playing with themselves.

Later that night Penny returns to the club wanting some of what she enjoyed watching earlier. She goes into the ladies room, changes her clothes letting the naughty side of her come out to play and play she does. Penny walks around the club watching the couples getting off then finds herself in a dark corner watching porn and rubbing her clit. Two sets of hands begin to feel her up at first. Voodoo is busy eating out Penny from behind while Penny has her faced buried in Ricki's snatch. Voodoo grabs Penny in mish then doggie while Penny is still paying homage to Ricki's clit. The ladies switch off giving Voodoo time to pound Ricki in mish. Penny gets the full load to her face.

Scene 5: Sex Addict- Sasha Grey, Trent Tesoro:

Back at their place Trent and Sasha are getting hot and heavy in the living room. Trent gets to his knees to eat her out .Within minutes Julie is riding him cowgirl style and switches over to give him a BJ. He bends her over the arm rest of the sofa for doggie. Trent reaches over grabbing her by her neck choking her lightly before kissing her. Trent nails her a few more times anally with Sasha doing some ATM before taking it to the face.

Scene 6: Blow Bangers-Evan Stone, Jack Logan, Sasha Grey, Jordan Lane, Pile Nelson, Sebastian Silver:

This next scene has Sasha selling out to her boyfriend all for a brand new Harley. Trent lines up a bunch of guys to pay for the pleasure of getting "deep throated" by Sasha. After sucking off a bunch of guys, Danny Quinn (Evan Stone) shows up taking Sasha away from the blow job lineup.

Scene 7: Julie & Danny- Evan Stone, Sasha Grey-

Questioned by the detectives Evan implicates the ex-boyfriend in Julie's death. It flashes back to Julie in a Jacuzzi with Evan watching her from a distance. Back inside Sasha gives Evan a hand job first then a BJ making sure that she deep throats him several times. Sasha straddles him to ride him CG at first then slide over for some spoonin. From spoon Evan grabs her in mish with more oral loving from Sasha before he nails in anally in the spoon position. Evan palaces a pink dildo in her mouth getting her off while she gives him a hand job. Evan gives her more back door action with Sasha still sucking the toy with Evan unloading all over her ass.

Scene 8: Punish Me- Penny Flame, Tom Byron:

Things get very heated for Penny and Tom after he goes off on her going back to drinking and doing drugs. She tries to explain to him that she has a moment of weakness because of her no good hubby who doesn't pay any attention to her. She demands that he punishes her ad he has done in the past. He drives into an abandon alley where Penny starts to remove her clothing. She is more turned on from the numerous slaps to her ass. She gets to her knees to work her own kind of magic on his cock. Bent over a near by pallet Tom nails Penny in a standing doggie first. He then is on his back getting his cock sucked before he nails her in mish first then spoon and RCG . Penny then gives him a hand job to finish him off.

Scene 9: A Private Client- Herschel Savage, Sasha Grey:

Alone with her thoughts in a private area of the club, Sasha is confronted by Jacob King (Hershel Savage) who has been following her from club to club to watch her. After some convincing and forking over some cash Sasha gives him a BJ. He tells her that is not what he wants and tells her to remove the condom he is wearing. She continues to suck him off till he unloads in her breasts.

Scene 10: Julie vs. Dante- Lee Stone, Sasha Grey:

At a sold out night club, Evan has set up a special event with Sasha and Dante (Lee Stone). Dante enters riding his bike on the stage while Sasha is over on the sofa waiting for him. Lee walks over dropping his pants for Sasha to get to work on him. Lee gets a bit too aggressive as he holds her head down once too many times. Sasha resists gasping for air before things go terribly wrong!

The Ending: I wont give away the ending to you especially with the twist that take place !

Final Thoughts:

Vivid and Paul Thomas took a classic and went in a totally different direction with their version of "Throat". The original was made as a comedy and from what I saw of it no wonder why it became a classic. Is there a chance that might happen with the newest version of it.... It could happen. The erotic drama " Throat" showed us is not so much just the story of Julie and what went wrong in her life but of Detective Byrd Smith played by Penny Flame who had her own demons to deal with booze and drugs as well as an inattentive husband. Working with a huge cast and a few very long scenes I did take a few minutes to pause it to understand why PT took this kind of a route with his version. Granted that the scene in the Zone Club had too much going on at one time it was one of my least favorite scenes. Only when Penny Flame went back to the club getting it on with Voodoo and Beverly Hills did heat up the scene. I know there is going to be a lot of mixes views on " Throat" and I for one had my fair share of mixed views it as well. If you look at it, the story basically is about a young girl who looks for love and affection in the wrong people who end up using her for their own greed and self satisfaction without any consideration for what Julie wants and needs.

What Worked:


Through out the entire story the flashback explained why things happened as they did. I liked that the majority of them were done in b/w being a huge fan of b/w films.

Aliana Love:

The character she plays,Lane ended up being a very strong individual in telling Julie's story and helping her develop persona. In my opinion, I saw Aliana playing Julie much more believable than Sasha. But I seriously doubt that Vivid would have taken that chance with a latina and went with a name that would sell the product in which she did more towards the end of the film.

Jacob King:

At first I thought to myself ok what the hell is a Hassidic man doing in porn. Then I remembered all the news here in NY about the abuse recently discovered all over the news. Hershel Savage at first creeped me out at first but his role explained it self all too well.

The Love/Hate Relationship of Tom and Penny's Characters:

Throughout the entire movie you can feel the sexual tension between these two performers which has them finally getting it on in an abandon alleyway.

What Didn't Work:

Too Wordy: Sometimes too much dialogue can make or break a movie and in "Throat" the lengthy dialogue started to bore the hell out of me. I found myself wanting to fast forward to the sex but didn't for fear of missing something important.

Trent Tesoro:

Playing the love interest didn't work for me. He didn't have that sex appeal that brings the right kind of chemistry with him and Sasha. According to his bio on IAFD he has been around since 2002 and has work with Vivid on many different features. Sorry but he just isn't what I consider top notch porn stud hotness. Too bland for my taste.

Scene 4: The Zone Club:

With all the fucking going on in the first few minutes you couldn't see who some of the ladies where unless you knew them by facial recognition. The only woman that I saw getting the hardcore pounding was Kelly Wells.

In Closing: Vivid's " Throat" has the making of what could be another classic if it continues to get the right kind of exposure which it did with the reality series airing before the release of the movie. Given its complex storyline and multiple characters seeking to control the movie, it all makes for a erotic drama for couples to enjoy. Again the lengthy dialogue might bore you but it does get better along the way. Last year Paul Thomas gave us " Cry Wolf", this year "Throat" that might be another of his films that will make the people over at AVN take a second and third look at it before the awards.


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