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Studio: Vivid » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 3/2/09

vulkanio.ru's Advice:

Director: Paul Thomas

Producer: Shylar Cobi

BTS: Jimmy D

Length: 2 hrs. 17 mins.

Release Date: 2/3/2009

Production Year: 05/21/2008

Category: Feature

Genre: Vivid Celeb, Straight

Condoms: Yes/No

Performers: Daisy Marie, James Deen, Jennifer Dark, Kelli McCarty, Kelly Leigh, Steven St. Croix, Voodoo.

Non- Sex Role: Herschel Savage

Note: For those that are turned off by rough sex, choking, and drug use:Watch at your own discretion!

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Vivid Teaser: She's Loyal...To Many Men. Meet Kelli McCarty...a true, genuine, former Miss U.S.A., and star of the NBC soap opera Passions. But you can only spend so long pleasing your public, the networks, your lovers and other judges. Then it's time to please yourself. And does she ever!.Presenting Faithless, the controversial, ground-breaking drama from adult's most awarded director Paul Thomas...in which Kelli shocks every world she's ever been in, from network television to national beauty pageants...and rocks your world at the very same time. Beyond beautiful, beyond hot, beyond belief. Kelli McCarty is Faithless.

The Movie: In the classic tale of hubby cheats on wife and wife retaliates with fucking someone a lot younger, Kelli McCarty takes her first real step in the adult industry. Kelli played a bad girl on the now defunct soap on NBC Passions had the bad girl role down pact. Now taking on another role in a totally different direction, she hopes to make a new name for herself and build a fan base amongst the other ladies that she is working with. She has the look but does she have what it takes to keep you watching and get you off? Watch and See for yourself!

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Faithless is directed by Paul Thomas for Vivid, filmed in High Definition, shot on film, and given an anamorphic transfer, presented wide screen format in 16:9 ratio and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 3-4 Mbps. The sound portion was good presented in 2.0 Digital Dolby Surround Sound. There was no echoing or any kind of audio distortions. The colors were accurate, the flesh tones solid. The lighting at times was very dark.

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Positions Room, Behind the Scenes, Bonus Scenes, Slide Show, Previews, Int. Tel. Sex, Web Site Information, Advertisement inside DVD sleeve for the following titles : Star 69: All Facials, Gotcha!, The SetUp, The Expert Guide to Threesomes.

The Extras:

Trailers: Burn, Hand Jobs, The Chauffeurs Daughter, The Nikki Jayne Experiment.

Behind The Scenes:

Lasting almost thirty minutes the cast and crew shows how much fun it is with Voodoo and Daisy getting into mischief. Kelli lends her voice as to how she feels in regards going from main stream to porn. The camera catches the beautiful Jennifer Dark taking a cat nap before her scene. Director Paul Thomas gives Kelli and Voodoo some pointers on their scene together. The camera then finds Kelly Leigh prepping for her scene with Steven St. Croix and talks about her role and of how she sees herself as both MILF and Cougar.

Bonus Scene 1: The Visitor w/ Alektra Blue & Liss Ann:

Alektra Blue, a beautiful newcomer, and established hotty Lisa Ann, were up next as they masturbated beside one another in some bikini outfits as the edited Stefani footage continued to be added in from time to time. Of the two gals, Lisa interested me the most as she dominated the action but compared to the last lesbian scene, this pairing was much more readily appreciated since the gals appeared to be getting each other off with their tongues, fingers, and toys. The lighting could have been slightly better but the raw energy was off the charts; proving that Vivid's lesbian scenes aren't all tame. Reviewed By Don Houston

Bonus Scene 2: City Sex w/ Demi Delia & Sascha:

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Demi Delia, a curvy older woman in porn typically associated with her boy toy Randy Spears, was up next as a grieving widow on the prowl, attacking Sascha on the bed. The garish nature of the furnishings aside, she was rejected and resorted to tricking him into the bedroom upstairs where she jumped his bones. After a few kisses, he gave in (this is porn after all) and soon stripped naked himself, eating her out as she spread her legs quite flexibly. She gave an okay hummer to him and they screwed vaginally, Sascha doing the work before rubbing out a wad onto her ass cheeks, the passive lay not at all what I expected from the situation that started with such promise. Reviewed By Don Houston

Bonus Scene 3: Pipe Dreams w/ Janine & Venus & Manuel Ferrara:

My Little Devil: Janine Lindemulder, wearing more black bondage gear, was up last in bed with blindfolded Venus and Manuel Ferrara. Janine was particularly aggressive with both of her partners this time, dominating Venus with her paddle and some oral loving as Manuel gave the lady some oral herself. The ladies double teamed him orally and Janine even tossed his salad (rimmed his ass); the condom shown being put on this time (I actually appreciate seeing that act when they are to be worn). Venus rode him hard vaginally, as did Janine, before some toys and anal took place. Janine doing anal with a guy is rare on screen (Venus less so) and she seemed to be more active the entire scene so fans will have something appealing to remember her by if she sticks to her retirement this time. The scene ended with both gals taking the facial and giving him some post coital head. Whew! Reviewed by Don Houston

Bonus Scene 3: Miles From A Needle w/ April Blossom & Savanna Samson & James Deen:

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Over a plate of cold eggs and turkey-basted mystery brine, the creepiness continues for our girls, who are now cuffed and chained to their dining table seats. Kimberly shouts and yells at Constance (James Deen), the youngest member of the unhinged clan, to keep his distance from the prisoners, though they do offer a group "hug" in concordance with his assistance once the room is clear of Mater and Pater. The trio move to his bedroom, and James tossed April onto the bed as he rushes to kiss Savanna. They play along, but soon find that in a house like this, no one is ever really alone. Peeling back a curtain, the terrorized twins see Kimberly and Evan hackling away as they sit and watch the ordeal go down. April channels her fury into pleasure as she gathers the lion's share of the action, though James doesn't neglect Savanna too often, either. A two-mouthed blow job (one on the balls, another on the chain) leads to an inordinate amount of boob squeezing and rubbing, followed by a plowing into April as Savanna queens her quivering face. James flips over April for doggy as she noshes on Savanna's spread gooeyness, cycling into a pattern of reverse and standard cowgirl by each female companion. Missionary with Savanna finishes off the groin-grabbling good time, and April glints her shiny tongue out to carry James' gush down the reaches of her chin and neck (eventually giving Savanna a taste before it's all said and done). A delectable amount of candy-pulling here, with the green-thumbed April showing off her skills in a stunning way. But even those fine qualities can't save her from her tormentor's hand of chance, now forcing the two ladies into a darkened room of ill-repute. Thankfully, the duo thwarts their attacker, Evan, and run off to hide in the shadows of a garage stowaway nook, away from his stun gun, but in full view of Brian Surewood and Maria Belucci wrecking each other atop another bare mattress. Reviewed by Wind Tunnel

Bonus Scene 4: MILF WOOD USA w/ India Summer & James Deen:

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India Summer feels way too young to be here. She looks like she belongs in another flick. What the hell is going on here? She rides the cock, she sucks the cock, and she fucks it eight ways to Sunday. But, there's no real bite to the scene. What I need is something substantial to enjoy. There's nothing here. Therefore, I've got to call for a pass on this scene. Reviewed By Guy Incognito

Opening Scene:

Faithless opens with Kelli putting on makeup and adjusting the white lacy under garments. Her thoughts drift back to when she was with Voodoo at his garage. After a final look over into the mirror she makes her way down stairs where Voodoo is sitting on the sofa. She pours them a drink then sits next to him. Voodoo goes on to tell her that they can't see each other any more and of course Kelli thinks it has to do with her age. They start to make out and one things leads to another. Kelli 's hands start to feel up Voodoo's crotch and she places her mouth on it but doesn't follow through with the blowjob. Second later she is straddling him riding him RCG not hearing that her hubby and his daughter are coming into the house. Can we say busted!!! The scene pans back to a month earlier before the affair starts.

Scene 1: Daisy Marie & James Deen & Jennifer Dark & Voodoo:

Voodoo (Nico) shows up at is girlfriends Sarah's ( Daisy Marie) house meets the dad who points over to Kelli who is on the rocks sunbathing topless. After all the introductions are done between friends and nieghbors, Daisy and Voodoo get away by themselves to a supposedly secluded spot to get their groove on. While they are busy you see the other couple getting some action of their own. Both couples look good together and you can see some chemistry between Voodoo and Daisy.

Everyone's Getting a Piece of the Action!

Scene 2: Jennifer Dark & James Deen:

Jennifer and James leave nothing to chance after getting back to the garage still waiting more after their romp in the outdoors. James's fingers find the right spot to get her all wet and ready for his mouth and cock. James makes sure he nails her both vaginally and anally without any second thoughts from Jennifer. A good scene but the camera man wasn't in tune with them as he veered off a few times.

Scene 3: Kelli McCarty & Steven St. Croix:

Kelli and Steven finally get the time alone that she's been wanting and they get very heated within moments. The only thing is that they get interrupted by his daughter Daisy pissing off Kelli who walks off into the bathroom. Once Steven gets rid of his daughter he goes over to Kelli hoping to pick up where they left off. Steven becomes the aggressor forcing himself on Kelli as she fights her way from him. There is some choking and rough sex going on in the bathroom at some point it does get to be too much. Eventually Kelli gives into Steven and they end up in their bed with Kelli on top.

Scene 4: Kelly Leigh & Steven St. Croix:

After having sex with his wife, Steven still isn't sexually satisfied. He goes over to Kelly's house and peeps through the small bathroom window. He sees her on the toilet seat playing with her clit. He walks in and literally shoves his cock into her mouth which Kelly gladly accepts. Steven drags her into the shower pressing her up against the wall for some doggie action. Soak and wet he takes her on her bed vaginally and anally in several positions before he unloads all over her leaving her tied up in the shower.

Scene 5: Kelli McCarty & Voodoo:

Kelli finally finds the courage within herself to show up at Voodoo's place of business. Once there she plays it coy at first till Voodoo makes the first move and she follows his lead. There is a lot of foreplay on Voodoo's behalf but not as much as there should be from Kelli. The scene doesn't come off as a very sexually heated one as it should especially with both of them wanting the other so badly. Disappointingly enough Kelli's oral skills are very lacking and they end the scene with Voodoo jerking off and unloading on Kelli.

The Ending: I guess by now you already know how Faithless ends, but there is still more that hasn't be touched on by me. I suggest you watch it through and then decided if its worth the rental or purchase..

Final Thoughts:Paul Thomas has always impressed me with his dark plots, twist and turns in the majority of his movies. In his last film " Cry Wolf" everything came together nicely, but in " Faithless" there was an over abundance of unnecessary dialogue and not enough sex. There were many times throughout the movie that the sex should have been added, giving more to the movie yet it lacked what his other features had to keep me interested. The basis of his movie Faithless touches on the sexually frustrated and neglected wife who is resented by the husbands daughter. Good idea yes.. Having the boyfriend and his best friend have the hots for the step mom another good idea. It's something very natural that happens in every day life. Every women at one time or another enjoys that feeling of being wanted and lusted after by a younger man especially when they aren't getting it at home.

What Worked:

Horn Dog Voodoo!

Voodoo aka Nico: Voodoo gave it his all playing the horn dog boyfriend who so wanted into Kelli's pants.

James Deen / Brian: Also showed his colors when it came to the Step Mom.

Daisy Marie aka Spoiled Bratt!

Daisy Marie/Sarah: The spoiled brat that made it well known that she did not get along with the father's new wife. I expected to see a cat fight in a few scenes between them.... Oh Well....

Steven St. Croix/The Hubby: If his role was meant to be a SOB then he nailed it right on the head. Steven has come a very long way from when I first saw him almost 3 years ago when I first started reviewing. I admire his work a lot and he is among the few men in porn that I enjoy watching for his acting skills and his skills in the bedroom.

What Didn't Work:

Hershel Savage/ Simon : I don't understand what the purpose was of writing him into the script if he wasn't going to be having sex with anyone. The fact that it was implied that he was having an affair with Kelli wasn't enough to warrant him being in the flick.

Jennifer Dark

Jennifer Dark/ Brian's GF:I excepted her to be more catty in certain situation with Daisy and her Step Mom.

James Deen/ Brian: Understandably so that a male had to be written into the scene to compensate for Hershel's non sex role and as Jennifer's BF.

Kelly Leigh/Hershel's Wife: Her scene with Steven wasn't one that you can say they had chemistry together. The camera man seemed to pan away a lot and not show their faces. I'm one that while watching enjoys watching the facial expressions to see if they are just clock watching or actually into the other.

Kelli McCarthy/Kalli: I have seen Kelli in late night soft core that really didn't impress me either. Her acting abilities are decent enough for soap operas but an over kill in porn. I used to watch her in NBC's Passions and didn't like her then because she came off too slutty for her own good. I thought that would have carried over to porn but it didn't. Kelli came off too innocent for her own good and the fact that she didn't know how to give a guy a blow job was a kill joy. I mean everyone has given head at one time or another in their lives. In her scene with Voodoo a lot of oral is given to her which is a good thing for the couples watching Faithless. Not everyone is made to be in adult movies and it shows with Kelli. Her acting skills are made more for mainstream than porn. Kelli isn't the most attractive looking woman I've seen but apparently she has something that made Vivid take a glance at her.

The Camera Man/Ralph Parfait: My gripes with the camera are few and well noted. In the majority of the scenes you panned away from the faces of the performers showing only the upper or lower torsos. There wasn't a lot of penetration shown in either of Kelli's scenes which were with covered with someone's hand or not shown at all.

Overall for her first real taste of the adult films, Kelli has a lot of work to do if she is serious about her crossover from mainstream to porn. She has a lot of competition out there from all the younger ladies and seasoned female performers that have worked to perfect the right image they want to get across.

As I said before this wasn't one of PT's best but baring a extremely long storyline it's worth a " Rent It" for those who want to see the former Miss USA getting banged and man handled by hubby.


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