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Rocco's Breaking Ass In St. Petersburg

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/30/08

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Rocco's Breaking Ass in St. Petersburg
An Evil Angel Presentation of a Rocco Siffredi Picture
Starring: Kiki Ferrari, Sonya, Taopus, Macroc, Bac, Lilu, Anna, Katya, Sweet Angel, Oksana, Roxana, Dolce, Kollika, Jessica, Wiska, Laura & Kur.
With: Omar Galanti, Keiren Lee, Mat, Giorgio Grandi, Vadim & Rocco Siffredi.
Runtime: 2hrs 26min
Condoms?: None!

Brief Synopsis: Hot on the heels of Rocco's recently documented trips into St. Petersburg (Rocco's Intimacy 2, specifically), Breaking Ass presents a more wiley, group-oriented set of scenes, all of which tip the female scales on a higher ratio than their attending male partners, and all of which partake in, well, ass breaking! Along the way of the polyamorous pairings, Rocco, often behind the camera, attempts to woo the blond-haired nymph Laura, who appears in between scenes as the girl that refuses to be caught in a web of Siffredi. He does triumph, but not before a load of solid fucking (featuring a delectable platter of Euro-bred babes) is witnessed on his camera's behalf.

[Scene One] Kiki Ferrari & Sonya (with Omar Galanti & Keiran Lee)

Amidst the droves of tourists snapping pictures, Omar and Keiran spot Kiki (busty, top left) and Sonya (thin, top right) and ask them for a shot or two. Afterward, they trail both men to an apartment overlooking the skyline, teasing them each in a course manner regarding their sexuality. The petting begins thusly, with Sonya throwing her tits out for Keiran to hug and kiss and Kiki doing the same with Omar, all of which happens on the split-away couch.

Kiki's breast are jiggly and fluff in between Omar's fingers, and she offers her bare ass out for Omar to lap his lips against, which he does with gusto. Sonya blows Keiran's protruding buldge while this is happening, and both swap partners afterward. Kiki swallows down Keiran's cock, venturing into standard cowgirl, with Sonya hopping close to taste. Omar, somewhat sadistically, takes Sonya's underwear off and attempts to shove them into Sonya's mouth, only to fail but ultimately succeed at tying her red-tipped hands together at the wrists with the pair. Seizing the opportunity, Omar shifts her head down, hands behind her, as Sonya again swabs along Keiran's brush coated with Kiki juice. Omar face fucks Sonya, soon guiding her nose against his toes, licking his as she's half-bound and ass smacked.

Meanwhile, Kiki rides Keiran in reverse cowgirl, tits bobbing up and down amidst her whips of darkened hair, and she descends, taking in Omar's knob into her ass in missionary. Sonya keeps a close watch throughout, though she does take this break for herself to catch her breath. Kiki flips around as Omar stands above her, dripping a spittle of goo on Keiran's dick as she awaits Omar's rear rogering, doggy-style.

Omar first nourishes Kiki's strong hole with a tenderizing flurry of licks, dipping his wand into her ass as Sonya performs ass-to-mouth, post collision. Keiran does a half-spoon with Kiki's pussy, worming into cowgirl as Omar caps her ass for a double-penetrative slope ride. Standing up, Keiran delivers a hoary amount of throw throttled against Kiki's face, onto which Sonya wanders and kisses, doing a post-taste as Keiran deflates. Omar aims his end result of swill onto Sonya's face, with Kiki cleaning and doing the post-party afterward outro.

Kiki, the more voluptuous of the two, is both the main attraction and the most willing to take on both studs in the scene, leaving her partner Sonya to lie in a state of non-ass penetration (sadly). Ms. Ferrari has a certain swaggering nature as she bears her lusty gifts upon her male suitors, though Sonya does try to make up for her lesser efforts by her numerous ass-to-mouth presentations on behalf of her more work-oriented (play-oriented?) partners. They do seem less a pair than a one and a half by the end of the scene, semen sipping be damned, though Kiki will certainly be the highlight for many who catch her performance therein. Boom!


Outdoors again we find, this time, Omar and Rocco waiting for Laura to show up, thus sparking a push and pull over the appropriate netting of said foxy lady. However, their plan to take her back to the apartment is squandered flat and shut by Laura herself, who, student she is, has to hurry back home and study, squashing any cool amount of sexing either gent had in mind. More later...


[Scene Two] Taopus, Macroc & Bac (with Omar Galanti)

Thankfully, Rocco seeks out and hones in on students-in-translation Macroc and Bac (the stunner last seen in Rocco's Intimacy 2 ), who have a bit of trouble understanding just what he seems to be saying. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Omar is teasing and sparking a little romance with Taopus, which, for her, ultimately ends up being wrapped up in red tape and rolled into a few yards of carpeting.

Upon arrival the girls are greeted with a muffled scan of sounds eminating from the roll-up on the floor, which Omar plays dumb to until Rocco demands he knock off the shenanigans in light of their new guests. Taopus is set free, but not before Omar takes a few long stemmed roses and bats her across the arms and shoulders, loosening the petals and dropping them across her face. It's all in good fun, though, as Taopus takes a seat on the couch between Macroc (hereby the moon-faced, sandy-haired giggle box) and Bac (teeny star with the auburn lull in her locks), who grin and are a bit taken aback as Omar squeezes and nibbles away at Taopus' heaving breasts.

The twin-fitted girls pull away at their skirts, with Macroc revealing a pair of teal-bit panties that Omar pries away with his fingers before gilding her lily with his ravenous grin. Macroc is delighted at this turn of events, especially at Omar's willingness to keep her satisfied. However, it's soon Bac's turn, and her polka-dotted pair slides off soon thereafter, with Omar gazing down at her tiny ass before bending her legs back for a good ass reaming with his tongue. He takes turns forcing the entirety of his penis into Macroc and Bac's mouth, the latter reeling backward and coughing from the effort, and the former shaking and giggling amidst the healthy formation of spit that results.

Taopus keeps herself mostly solitary and entertained with a few nearby toys, all of which are kept in between the towels covering the cushions of the furniture. She does lean in for a few deep-throated blow job thrusts before the full-on bump gets underway, preceeded by Omar's continuing anal-tastic mouth meanderings on both Bac and Macroc (and respective knob sucks, as well), who signals her inauguration with a coo of "my turn?" toward her erect partner. In missionary, Macroc takes in Omar's staccato shots of peen, erupting in a manner of kisses that he soon uplifts himself and sits on her face. Macroc doesn't take too kindly to this (it seems silly to her, I think), and bats away his balls as he presents them to her nose and chin. Finally, Macroc stands up and starts to re-dress on the other side of the couch, a little put off, but laughing all the way through. Sensing Omar's oncoming "attack", she squeals and tries to run off, only to be caught and pummeled from behind, Omar now holding her against the door frame. They continue back to the center of the room, where Bac and Taopus are masturbating furiously, waiting their turns.

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After a few more restrained cowgirl and missionary takes with Macroc, Bac is the center of attention again, this time riding Omar in reverse cowgirl as he paddles her ass (when she slows down enough for him to do so, that is) as she rides his joint. Macroc attends to herself with a clear, black-striped double sided dildo, noshing on one end while sticking her pussy with the other (and a few fingers in her rear, to be sure!). After Bac finishes another session with Omar in missionary, Macroc sticks the device into her and her partner's pussy, thrusting into her as the depth increases with each heave into her own ass. Bac sucks on her end of the dildo, leading to Macroc having another session, this time anal, with Omar, doggy-style.

Likewise, Bac does a spin atop of Omar, anally, in reverse cowgirl, with Macroc catching the wheeze between the two with her fingers and mouth, masturbating all the while. He switches to Bac's pussy and back again, finally jerking off onto and into the mouths of his surrounding girls, the majority falling onto Macroc's open mouth, all of which is split between the three ladies as they wash down and spread the wealth amongst themselves.

From the start, I had hoped Bac would be the main ingredient in this scene (based on her previous appearances in Rocco's world), and sure enough, she led the scene with her tiny bubblings and anal offerings. Macroc, it should be said, was no less stunning, and I do feel that she had more will, out of all three girls, to keep the scene going past it's curt ending, and probably could have gone on for hours more; it would be a crime if she didn't show up again! Cute as hell, the pair certainly kept me at the edge of my seat (what with the constant tasting and the dildo play and the wily looks in their eyes), though Taopus felt more like a supporting character hovering in the background. The scene, however, belongs to Macroc and Bac, may they continue fucking and may we find them in more places than just this! Aaah!


Cut to a restaurant: it's Omar's birthday! For this particular celebration, Rocco invited Laura, who unhooks the red-tipped penis from a novelty cake and sucks off the frosting before the candles even have a chance to burn out! Outside, she once again gives Rocco the runaround, landing Omar and Rocco to barely celebrate the evening with a window full of fireworks a few hours later from their hotel room. And then...


[Scene Three] Lilu & Anna (with Keiran Lee & Mat)

The next afternoon finds Rocco ushering Keiran and Mat accosting Anna (seen previously in Rocco's Intimacy 2), haggling her over the meager sandwiches that she purchases for herself. Turns out the loot is for a gent repairing a bust at her place, who shudders at the meal and disappears, calling in Lilu from the shadows. A bit of investigation unveils a clear-colored sex toy behind the headless torso, which Lilu snaps up and attempts to hide from her newly arrived guests. Eagerly she shows just what the toy can and will do, pulling away her dress to expose her breasts, following with her underwear, keeping her fishnets on as she fellates the device and slides it along and into her pussy.

Keiran perks up and straddles Lilu in a missionary position, grabbing at her tits for a time before she leans over and blows his already self-pumped sabre. In return, he diddles and fingers away at Lilu's bare crotch, inviting Anna to take a turn sipping on his rod before engaging in a couch-bound session of classic cowgirl with Lilu. Anna does a post-dip taste in the meantime, urging Keiran to fancy her a turn atop his northbound arrow, fondling and tickling her privates before her own cowgirl action takes him away. Regaining his composure, Keiran rises up and guides Anna toward the sunlight of the window, where he wraps his hands around Anna's throat and does a slight chokehold on her as he thrusts himself inside and out of her sterling envelope.

Rubbing along in unison with Keiran and Anna's perks of punctuation, Lilu keeps her clit happy and warmed, gaining another missionary round, venturing into pile-driving, with Anna again taking a taste of pearliod peen. She masturbates in an opposite corner as Lilu is served, prompting Keiran to dole out more missionary material on Anna, her legs spread and open for quick and bustling business. The girls continue on with a final sloshing along their suitor's dick in turns, opening wide and catching Keiran's splatter against their faces and open mouths (Anna gaining the most hot paint).

Both ladies here do get possibly the most equal time during their three-way scene on the whole disc, which is pretty super in and of itself: the hotness and the positions are quite heavy, though the penetration is restricted to being vaginal only, and each provide enough stroke-worthy wreakage whilst in heat (vocally and physically). Fair and balanced is exactly what you get, though you'd wish that those great asses could have taken on even more! Still, we win!


For his birthday (another one!), Rocco is presented with a miniature life preserver, as well as the company of seven of his newest best friends in the form of vouyer-worthy vixens that accompany him on a brief boat ride (all appear in the bonus area of the disc, sans vessel). After being surrounded by a few handfuls of bare asses and exposed tits, Rocco spots Laura back on the foot of the harbor with a friend, signaling him to come and see them, somewhat flummoxed by the all-female crew around Mr. Siffredi. Rocco does his best to cool of his blond obsession, well enough to bring her around toward his favor and into the landscape of his apartment, sans his boat load of party people. We can't have everything, I guess...


[Scene Five] Laura & Wiska (with Kur, Vadim & Rocco Siffredi)

After spending the remainder of the feature in hot pursuit of Laura, Rocco bathes in the glory of finally seeing her back at his den, with her brunette pal Wiska (who strikingly looks like the sleepy-eyed starlet of a reality show, fill-in-the-blank as need be), who undoes her overcoat to reveal her slinky, sheer outfit. Laura offers her up to Rocco as a surprise for his devotion, unveiling her and curling her ass out with her fingers, trading kisses with him and Wiska's glory hole and back again, all with a jarringly romantic effect (Wiska approves!).

The three soon form a chain of tongues, smacks and kisses, with Wiska turning her mouth toward Laura's slit, Rocco blindfolding her afterward for a tossed out blow job between both girls. A bit of masturbation and face fucking carries Laura and Rocco to the window, where he bats up a doggy-style helping of his grizzled sausage, eating her out in the process. He flips her around for more traction, though her thin frame takes a good shaking even as she snarls backward at her partner's socking (Wiska wiggles her fingers over her clit in the meantime).

Kur and Vadim arrive as weary travelers with their host (a woman who soon departs), leaving the two to be crafted upon by both Wiska and Laura, now descended from Rocco's cock pit. Each fella is primed with each respective girls' tongues along their schlongs, seguing into doggy-style patterns for Laura (in her boots) and cowgirl orientation for Wiska. Laura pulls away for a quick stroke, standing up again to prime her asshole for pumping by inserting her four longest fingers into her tiny asshole, while Wiska switches from hole to hole, staying on in classic (anal) cowgirl. After a run in the sun with her mate, Anna attends and sucks up the collective juices from Wiska's partner's peen, aiming that prick up her own ass for a session of anal cowgirl. Wiska does the same amount of tasting, in turn, and goes back for more backward prodding, again switching back to Anna, this time with reverse anal cowgirl. Anna screams and props herself up with her slender legs (dresses in lime green stockings), stopping only to widen her gap with a fist full of clumped fingers!

On the sidelines, Wiska suckles on the other lucky punk, himself dressing her chin and upper lip with the gluttonous glory of greasy glue from his grokked gun. She runs toward an in-progress Anna, who kisses and smears the effects with glee. Once her hammering is done, Laura allows Wiska to get her round rump wrangled again, facing herself flat against the couch as the still-beating stud shifts in and out of her blown-out stink hole. Anna comes in close and bleats out a few tastes, finally pushing her cheeks against Wiska's hole as Lucky Duck #2 douses her face (eyes opened!) with the constellations that she craves so much. After the ass-coating is done, Wiska and Laura clean their cheeks with even more kisses and tongue baths, spilling into each other before Laura veers toward the adjoining end, where a set of toys awaits her.

In this corner, Laura finds that clear and black-striped double dildo (per Scene Two), which she sucks and inserts into both her ass and pussy (prepped with, you guessed it, the entirety of her right hand). Rocco soon flies in, waving his erection in the direction of her mouth, receiving a well-earned blow job on the part of his previous efforts. Soon they're both spooning, with his stalk up her anus, pausing for a dildo suck and a series of finger fucks before the bliss threatens to break the continuum of the spinning disc it's presented on! It's just that crazy, people!

Anna keeps her ass filled with her fingers as Rocco drifts his hands over her snatch, soon mashing his face into her bare feet as he piles into her in missionary (anal). As he piles down into her, Laura's feet dangle in the wind and they close in tight to kiss - not just once, but in a heavy fit of torn screams and bleats toward the hardest edges of the room's ceilings. Skin reddened, eyes moist with sweat, cheeks flushed and hair tousled, Anna sits up as Rocco shirks out his salve, aiming the gloss at Anna's wide-eyed face and open mouth, mixing with the perspiration and the wayward jizz and the leavening left behind by Wiska and all the rest. Rocco's wang slangs into her mouth one last time, and with that they kiss, getting up after a brief embrace to glace outside, facing each other and fading out into the black.

In terms of an ending, no better scene could have appropriated an ass breaking as well as Laura's, who appears whimsical and utterly other-worldly in her anal desires alongside Wiska and the boys. Rocco, of course, almost ruptures the Earth's axis with his brief appearance, all the more poignant (yup!) when reminded of his undying pursuit of this seemingly innocent girl. I truly was not prepared by the fearless stylings of that pert little fireball, and neither should you! To paraphrase Rocco, it's fucking amazing!


Bonus Features

A Cast List, scrollable Photo Gallery, Filmographies and a few Web/Company Links are the smaller bits of features at the end of the disc, but most substantial is the Extra Sex section, clocking in at nearly 46 minutes. The first fifteen minutes includes another session with Sonya (from Scene One), and a second (nearly thirty minutes) featuring the Party Boat Girls (via the interlude preceding Scene Five).

[Part One]

The boys take turns manhandling Sonya as she shutters her eyes open, closing them as the heat bubbles and boils, as the tumult of shafting happens atop that sticky leather couch. At first we find Omar sliding into her in missionary as Keiran forces a mouth meal between Sonya's lips. Omar takes a few breaks and speaks to the camera in Russian, allowing Sonya to laugh and joke a bit while Keiran stays in position, soon with Omar eating her pussy before sticking himself back in groove. He stops again to finger fuck her, and Keiran departs as the remaning two delve into a 69 session, with Sonya nuzzling her nose against Omar's balls (rather quietly, sadly). Both boys are serviced one after the other by Sonya's tongue, culminating in an Omar pummeling that renders Sonya breathless and cradled, arms folded, in a heap on the couch. Swinging in, the camera catches only a few utterances as she descends from the mountain air, leaving her alone into a fade-out.

Seeing the men quite grabby with Sonya (hands constantly covering her mouth, holding her by the neck, gripping her head, etc.) could have been a bit more exciting had it all ended with at least one cum shot, but as this is leftover footage, it is what it is! I don't have any doubts that Sonya was enjoying this part of the shoot (though I don't speak Russian), as her behavior, despite the goings-on, is lively, but turns more inward and reserved (not, however, trapped and drowned-out). In addition, this seems to have been shot after her tag-team event with Kiki, so her exhaustion seems understandable.

[Part Two] Katya, Sweet Angel, Oksana, Roxana, Dolce, Kollika & Jessica
(with Giorgio Grandi)

Unfolding after the boat ride, the girls all set their asses pointed out, with Giorgio smacking and sniffing at their rumps as they attentively undress down to their underwear. A few toys are whipped out here and there, though only three of the seven girls delve into ass gaping-country with Giorgio and another off-camera dude (I keep wanting this to be Rocco, but your guess may be as good as mine). Giorgio performs his share of ass-eating, specifically on the giddy and brace-faced girl (pictured above), performing doggy-style buffery and keeping his stick up and slippery with each subsequent girl. As well, each of the three lucky ladies sit upon the cameraman's (Rocco?) lap in classic cowgirl, at first vaginally then onto anal, in shifts and turns. Self rubbing and the occasional blow job dot the savory, hot-hued action, along with the attendant screaming, shrieking, and hot-breathed stutters of the active participants.

Our cameraman shoots a healthy wad across the face of that orthodontists' dream girl (but not before Giorgio finger fucks her, causing her to squirt lividly against the other girls' faces!), spraying the back end of the ass he had just rode as Giorgio readies and primes another girl's gape to a suitably messy level. He's brought to his brink soon enough, gracing the faces of all three ladies, dropping his karma juice over their lips, cheeks and foreheads.

It's all quite close-lidded and fast-moving, so the whittling down from seven to three girls feels more like a concentration than a distraction of, perhaps, an incredible orgy. What remains is a five-way that burns more than scuttles and is more devilish than coy. The only reason why this didn't survive the final cut, I would say, is the poorly metered picture, which feels like it's all happening on the surface of Mars.

Finally, to assure us of the actual perils within the non-stop fuckfest that is porno movie making, Rocco testifies to the blood he shed in Rocco's Accident, which is about a minute or so worth of spiel recounting his meeting with a pier following that now-infamous party boat footage.


Audio/Visual Quality
The picture was presented in 1.66:1, appearing in full frame on standard tubes and with the appropriate black bars on either side for widescreen viewers. As the majority of footage is shot in the exact same apartment/room, the colors are lit with a few studio lights that more or less present an appealing range of skin tones, from neutral to a more earthen-based (red/brown) take as the camera shifts and takes in light from shot to shot. This is most apparent as the outdoor light sometimes fades in and is focused on (the most natural grabs of all), though the density of the color sometimes suffers as a result. Depth-wise, the worst span of colors are seen in the second half of the bonus footage, though, thankfully, the best are featured in the final scene starring Laura and her fist. A 2.0 standard audio channel captures all the necessary elements, sometimes on the echoey side (Lilu and Anna's scene), sometimes muffled by the outdoor/location shots (all the interim/narrative plugs along the way), though the huffs and puffs are all right there, square center, just where they out to be.

Final Thoughts
As a continuation of Rocco's love affair with the ladies of St. Petersburg, Breaking Ass should yield subsequent volumes and titles in the future, though this is certainly a chapter worth a Recommended appeal, for just about everyone. The sex, as the title would imply, is on the more aggressive, group-oriented level, though all involved are well aware of their playful smacks and slaps enough to chide and joke with their partners along the way. Fans of Euro-based ladies will find much to offer here, with many of the break-ees being of the trim and teen varieties (especially Bac and a few of the party boat girls), all with a penchant for furious ass-plugging that only someone like Rocco could offer them over the course of a weekend. I'm not so sure that the ongoing narrative truly is worth the effort, though the payoff of seeing the vibrant and nutty Laura break off three dicks in a round-robin scene is certainly worth her early hinting via Rocco's constant stream of frustrating blue-balling aspiration. Likewise, all the rest serve their share of hard-nosed bump via tag-teaming and group sharing, all with lovely, giggly results. Do it for Laura!

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