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Anal Acrobats #2

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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/23/08

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Anal Acrobats #2
An Evil Angel Production of a Jay Sin Picture
Starring: Velicity Von, Kelly Devine, Sammie Rhodes, Bailey Brooks, Iris Reyes, Flower Tucci, Jandi Lin, Lana Croft, Harmony, Britney Stevens & Amber Rayne.
With: Michael Adriano, Mick Blue & Christian.

-2-Discs- | Disc One: 2hr 46min / Disc Two: 1hr 44min / Bonus: 1hr 24min
Total Overall Runtime: 5hr 52min
Condoms?: None!

Brief Synopsis: To classify director Jay Sin as an unabashed assman would fall short of his passion: in this world (and probably in space), he is an aficionado. Thankfully for all of us watching, he translates his girlicious passions with all the gracefulness of a total expert. In this, the second Anal Acrobatsvolume, he presents a series of mostly girl-girl antics with a few privileged peens taking the bottom third of the playtime, all brought to a culmination of gaping glories that will probably leave most speechless for both their tastefulness (really!) and their exquisite attention to detail (no bum left unturned). Toys, as the title screen suggests, is the silent third character here, and frankly, a highway underpass straight into my filthy and beating heart.

- Disc One -

[Scene One] Velicity Von & Kelly Divine (with Michael Adriano)

Drifting into a pink-bannered white room, director (and lone cameraman) Jay hovers gracefully while taking in the lip smacking Kelly (brunette) and her cohort Velicity (blonde and soon to be dangerous). Fitted accordingly in shorts pared down to the nibble of their assets, the girls tease the camera with their bared symmetry as an overlay of tunage sets the mood. Velicity is the first to dabble her tongue downward, prying the line of Kelly's rear huggers to dazzle us with a glance of her winker before leaning and taking a preliminary taste.

Onward finds a tiny but precise amount of baby oil, lovingly and mischeviously applied across the asses and tits of our fair ladies, dotted with heavy tongue kisses and gropes and the swooping palms and prods of a stray finger or two. Kelly and Velicity massage each other's boobs together, circling their chests and peeling away their skimpy outfits. Kelly passes her hands across Velicity's shoulders, down her back, into the nest of her ass to pry her butt cheeks apart, greasing the path with a thinned coating of slickness.

Velicity does the same to Kelly in following, though her approach is a bit more fierce and, as we've already found, keen on being the alpha of the two. Velicity's cursory inspection is only the beginning, however, and soon the two are side by side with their asses pointed to the sky, inserting one pink golfball a piece into their now shimmering rears.

As they wiggle and squeeze out per their first and second times, their assholes pucker and quietly heave as we await the inevitable plop, which rings out as the hot hued sniglets worm their way out of Kelly and Velicity's respective asses. Velicity vamps a few seductive mugs during this prelude, throwing in a few more kisses with Kelly. As Kelly's third insertion threatens to rise up and catch air, Velicity leans down and cradles the ball in her mouth as it ekes out of her partner's ass, covering it with spit and savoring the flavor before tapping it back into Kelly's backhole. Kelly masturbates as the two swap a dirty ass-to-mouth kiss before switching places, this time with Velicity on the receiving end.

As a receiver, Ms. Vonn falls into an almost trance-like state, reeling as Kelly undoes the pink partition of Velicity's crack, slurping up the pink dot that emerges from her hole and propping the spit-drenched favor back in again and again. Kelly relies not only on her tongue twirling abilities in assisting Velicity's tailpipe, but as well fiddles a finger into the black dot supplanted by her brownie kisses. The girls return to face each other in equal, dressing each other's mouth with the attuned results of their backward (but unbroken) handshakes, enrobing each other with the filthy gauss and glory of cornhole-ology. Brought to a pause, the girls can't help but notice that Michael's been keeping a naked eye on them from the sidelines, already stroking himself to a fervor with which Velicity and Kelly swaddle and snuggle via blowjob turns, more often than not with one taking a chin full of balls while the other slaloms his wand between her cheeks. Soon Michael is thrusting his joint into each respective ladies' open jaws for no-hands action, serving one orally while the other tickles and pleasures themselves with a free hand or two. A short break follows, wherein Kelly and Velicity swap spit yet again, spiderwebbing the thick combination of pre-cum and ass juice across their booming sets of tits.

It's with this melange of ooze with which Michael lubes up Velicity's tits for a chest fuck that prompts even more spitting on the part of Ms. Vonn, her hands pushing her jubblies together for a proper push, with Kelly helping out for a brief time. Her helping hands are more than welcome once Velicity and Michael get going in an anal play of doggy-style pumping, and Kelly takes in a copious amount of ass-to-mouth on the part of her partners as they fuck away. Sooner than not it's Kelly's turn, assuming the properly patterned position just like Velicity, her ass now slipped and loosed and just as lucky as Velicity's. The ass-to-mouth continues onward as the churn between Kelly and Michael gains an expert wind, and Velicity spits, suckles, smacks and cuddles the pole and hole until Kelly unplugs herself and smother's Michael's face with her pussy. Velicity takes the opportunity to straddle the free peen, riding along in anal cowgirl as Michael is crammed between Kelly's slit and cheeks. Kelly licks up another asstastic dick taste, and another dual blowjob sends Velicity to the crowned position atop of Michael's face, leaning down onto his nose and mouth as Velicity jerks his slab a bit. Now lying face to face on their sides, Velicity takes in an anal spooning while Kelly picks up with those pink golf balls once again. Those slippery poppers make their way between the girls' mouths post-ass again, and each one keeps them in ass play as Michael makes his way between both their crannies of pink and brown. After offering their upward asses for a final run of ass jousting and ass-to-mouth girly goodness, Michael jerks the quite fruitful majority of his joint juice directly into Kelly's open mouth, landing nary one shot into Velicity's similarly eager expression. The heavy load that Kelly captured, however, is fed into Ms. Vonn's mouth, a worthy swap to cap off a hoary mixture of anal play.

Kelly, a relative newcomer, shines here as Velicity's very willing foil, though Michael does shift a bit of his focus to our brunette wonder, despite Velicity's initial control over the proceedings. She is, however, the more vocal of the two, with Kelly still providing a palpable sense of grooviness to the proceedings (especially all of that wonderous ass-to-mouth action!). As a team, the girls make for a strong pairing, and physically speaking, they almost seem like a mirrored image of the other (save for Kelly's enhanced bust vs. Velicity's boobtacularly natural knockers). As the scene is strictly ass-centric, I did crave a bit of the standard vaginal in and out, though the golf ball antics more than sufficed, as anal as they may have been! It's all pretty wonderful, thanks!

[Scene Two] Sammie Rhodes & Bailey Brooks

Outdoors we find Bailey, the gardener, snipping a few flowers as Sammie, the butterfly, sniffs and and waddles her behind in the midday breeze. After spanning each girl's form, the camera shifts downward to catch Sammie's bare ass sticking out, soon popping out a black golf ball with a "plock!" onto the stone surface beneath her. Once a second ball pops out of her now spread crack, Bailey thwarts Sammie by shooing her away with a plastic purple flyswatter.

Indoors we find Sammie the Butterfly doing that playful rump shaking yet again as her nose points toward a potted flower, comfortably bedside. Gripping her left-end cheek, Sammie gazes down toward the bloom of her ass as one, then another, of those deposited balls quietly pop out and rest against her right cheek. Pulling away from her polka-dotted stockings, the camera find Bailey, standing tall in the distance, tapping that purple flyswatter against her incredibly long legs. She approaches Sammie and begins to swat her while chiding her very existence, playfully enough that Sammie soon takes hold of the smacker and snaps back in swift retaliation.

Our butterfly runs her hands across Bailey's now arched caboose, biting down on the inner denim stretch of crotch that keep her from gnawing on the goodies underneath. Sammie caresses Bailey's g-stringed ass and pops her new weapon across her hide, increasing with such sensation that Bailey cries out with each new open kiss. With her partner's garments now pulled back and down, Sammie spreads Bailey's cheeks apart for a maximum anal buffet, lapping over the crest of her asshole with a deep-tongued bravado. Sammie keeps it all up with a heavy amount of spit, enough to keep the back end moist enough as Bailey crowns and sits atop her face, focusing on her bald pussy.

Sammie does actually chew on Bailey's meaty envelope as she drives her tongue farther into and atop of Ms. Brooks' pussy with a gentle voraciousness that does wonders for Bailey's outlook within the scene. With her ass pointed out on the edge of the all-white furniture, Bailey spreads her cheeks as Sammie inserts a spit-drizzled ball into her back door, submerging the black sphere long enough for a darkened inner dip. The suspense already killing her, Sammie whispers into Bailey's asshole "feed it to me", which she certainly does! Suckling on the emerged traveler between her teeth, Sammie passes the toy into Bailey's mouth and back again, submerging the hefty dot back into her partner's bum.

Bailey coos and cracks a few groans of sweetness as Sammie does her best to keep her ass busy, ordering both her partner and her partner's evil eye to "blink it for me!" as another faithful deposit plops out into her open mouth, with copious amounts of tongue loving to follow. During a brief pause, Sammie spies a few toys on a nearby table, inserting a red butt plug into Bailey's ass. An over sized red jelly dildo, though, is what Sammie seizes as an opportunity, cramming the not-so-soft effect into Bailey's mouth declaring "bite my dick!". A forceful amount of face fucking follows, with Bailey stopping to breathe and to spread her legs upward and outward for more delicious oral cunt carving on the part of her partner. Another round of butt toy popping follows with the aforementioned golf balls, Bailey stroking her coochie while Sammie delightfully catches and nibbles on her pinkest (and brownest) parts.

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In thanks and in kind, Bailey transfers all of her good vibes unto Sammie, who by now is ready for some rear play of her own. Anchoring herself at the foot of the couch, Sammie pries her cheeks apart as Bailey strokes her bottom with her tongue and forefingers, wetting another of those ubiquitous black rounders with her mouth and slipping the object into Sammie's tiny hole. For variation, Sammie takes that red jelly down a trail into her ass further and further along, almost to the click of its life-sized sack, emerging with a newly flexed muscle greeting her grinning partner. A few more ball catches and oral swaps later, a medium sized purple spinner is thrown into the equation, emerging afterward and causing Sammie's ass to pucker wider, louder, and pinker than before. Bailey catches the heave with her hands, always, of course, making sure to keep the magic running between her and her sneering partner. "Get your mouth down there" a self-rubbed Sammie urges between gritted teeth, pulsing the purple out of her ass down to Bailey's now swatter-assisted catcher's grip. Caught up, she carries the ball to Sammie, who cracks her mouth wide enough to gnash on the ball, delivering it back and forth with Bailey into the haze of fade-out.

Overall, Sammie is the key player here, with Bailey (her second anal-based scene) being the more soft-spoken, but rarely inhibited, second fiddle. As before, the action is very much centered on the anal-centricities, with the only vaginal-based fucking occurring on the oral front. Ms. Rhodes seems to enjoy being fluffed quite hard, and at times Bailey seems to hold back on the physical front, instead opting to keep her mouth full of her partner's pussy and ass, though it never seems like enough for Sammie. Still, it's a happy, almost scary dalliance of a butt buffet that keeps going and going and going, sharp enough for you to remember fondly, but probably not enough to send you to the hospital.

[Scene Three] Iris Reyes & Flower Tucci (with Mick Blue)

Bobbing along atop a miniature rowboat, we find Iris Reyes, sound and sturdy as the wooden ship nestled between her legs. Decked out in a body-fitting sailor suit, she bops and weaves her hips as the music fills the speakers, swaying as the camera falls into close-ups of that dutiful derriere as it breaks free and clean of its blue wrapping, with Iris' tiny chest bulges following suit. Spreading her cheeks, she reveals a birthmark in the enrobed circumference of her southernmost port, into which she deposits a spit-lubed white golf ball, puckering the circle within her own circle. Traveling back out, the dot goes back into Iris' mouth by way of her hand, at which time Flower, decked out in pirate gear (and latex pants!) playfully smacks Iris' face. Ms. Tucci's booty bounty is offered to Iris with a two-handed shake, and from it emerges a stewed black ball, which Ms. Reyes catches in her mouth and shares with Flower.

The girls shine their precarious black and white balls between their butt holes and mouths, keeping their spit in play for the long term, and arching their rumps out as Mick, the eye-patched/naked scallywag, brandishes his erect sword muscle in front of them. Iris is the first to slalom over his schlong, tickling the back of her throat before Flower nails her nose against Mick's crotch in a deep-throated knob gnashing. Before the log jamming begins, Flower crowns Iris with her pussy as Mick nestles into Ms. Tucci's ass, pulling back to allow Iris the well-endowed spread to grace the might rump smothering her face. In reverse cowgirl, Iris takes Mick's sausage up her exit canal, bumping and riding and serving Flower an ass-to-mouth portion of sweet goodness in brief rests.

The girls gust their lips across Mick's dick together, flicking their tonsils against with his pink mushroom cloud soon after in turns. Flower keeps herself at the alpha position throughout, smacking and berating the outwardly meek (but ultimately gregarious) Iris as she kneads her hands and lips against Mick's swelling tip. Those trusty balls come back into play as Flower's ass necessitates a touch of widening, and Iris takes up the trick by catching the toss into her mouth (as Flower would no doubt do the same!). Primed, Flower nicks Mick's prick in standard cowgirl anal, post-bump lick-up by way of Iris showered by Flower's self-diddled hail of squirt raining down upon her dark-haired girlfriend. They kiss and smear the fluid against their faces while Mick widens his smile and fixes his tongue against Iris' ass and slit. A doggy turn (in anal) for Flower follows with Mick in heavy rotation, and Iris' mascara smears from the combination of sweat, squirt and assorted moistures dotting the bodies of all three participants. Taking turns to blow Mick again, Flower holds Iris' face close down with her face shoved hard onto his pink tower, holding Iris' nose (!) as her breath sharpens and her throat closes around Mick's noodle. The harshness ceases, however, as Iris spreads her legs for a wide-angle anal pumping afterward.

Another round of ball toying sets off the next wave of fucking, with Flower and Iris stacking their holes face-to-face, with Flower inserting and expelling a black orb from her rear end, sent directly to Iris' puckering eye where it goes down a second time. This gives way to a larger, multi-flecked ball that Flower absorbs with her back hole, emerging and falling into Iris' mouth after she's once again smothered by her partner's massive rump. As the ball is oversized, Iris cracks her lips open quite a ways apart to hold the device, prompting a smack across her face by Ms. Tucci (if your'e nasty?). Squatting down, she rains a shower of squirt across of Iris' face, hitting her thighs in the process, arraying the ball as it's gagged by Ms. Reyes, jawbreaker-style.

In a fit of self-stroking, Mick unloads his own broken brook of thicker spray, streaking down his pop across Iris' propped-open lips and cheeks, while Flower masturbates to the events from her stance above, leans over and licks the hot ball, carrying it from Iris' mouth, into her own and back again. With one last face smack across Iris' face, Flower proudly sucks off the rest of the ball's slather, the toy boat rocking beneath the two of them.

Overall, the action is kept well between Iris and Flower, with Mick being more of a side-salad to the girls' steak dinner. Flower seems to delight in keeping Iris at her beck, call and swat, and she, though a bit nervous at first, eases into the filth quite easily. It's never too harsh, thankfully, though those with a weak tolerance for such behavior may be put off by her faithfulness to her pirate characterization. The gagging during the final ten minutes or so leave Iris on the receiving end in more ways than one, though I took pleasure in every minute of the whole darned thing. Time to buy myself a boat!


- Disc Two -

[Scene Four] Jandi Lin & Lana Croft

Dissolving into a white-bloomed setting, we find the brown-haired Lana (her of the puckered lips) and her partner-in-crime Jandi (with all the looks of a lynx and enough tattoos to cover the canvas of her spine). The girls toss the camera a few knowing looks before locking lips, Jandi fluttering a fan between the both of them, and are soon prying away at their silken suits to find all their perfect squishables lying beneath. Lana takes the reins first, cresting her lips against Jandi's itty bitty nipples and bare crotch as she rubs herself. Jandi bends over, prompting Lana to part her lady's asscheeks for the camera before licking that winking backside and crumpling a few of her fingers inside. The snacking nears a full meal, though Jandi breaks away and turns her illumination of hot breaths against Lana's neck and shoulders, spreading Lana's cheeks for a goodly sum of rear rodgering that follows.

Lana's bullseye, too, nudges a wink or two before Jandi Lin gets her mouth muscles moving, and the girls tickle each other's nipples as Jandi prepares to get her lips stuck on that lovely port hole. Ass sticking out, Lana is served up a fine cycle of tongue, lips and fingers, all thanks to Jandi, a fine warm-up for the toys that Jandi whips out as Lana arches her back against a red-leather neo-everything piece of furniture. That expandable fan finds a new use as it's rapped against Lana's cheeks, and she seems all the better off for it! A clear jelly dildo is lubed by both girls lovingly, and Jandi wafts the wet cock around Lana's ass stating "I think this asshole's ready for a good dickin'!", as Lana's feet cradle a pair of traditional wooden sandals (nice touch!). Onward the donging goes, with Jandi smacking Lana's hide as the thickness grips her asshole deeper and deeper, gaining traction and speed as the inches are driven down further along. Jandi keeps the spit handy, gazing at the effort with a hungry stare as Lana cries with her head in half-turn. Jandi uncorks Lana's ass a few times, displaying a fine gape who's riches the girls swap between them a la cock. After all that steady dicking, Lana presents a surprise by way of a small red box. A pair of meditation balls (of the Zen variety) cause both girls' eyes to light up, and Jandi garners enough spit between her teeth to prepare the sluggers for Lana's widened-out lens.

The first insertion is a bit of a struggle, though the tightness gripping the muscles of Lana's ass (and her attuned cries attest) is marvelous to see, especially as the balls are swallowed down by her asshole. It arises, and Jandi and Lana slather its collection between their mouths for another go, this time with Jandi shaking Lana's ass while the ball is going down, a tiny ringing rattling out with each shake. Lana's bud blooms after the second dip down, and Jandi massages the pulsating tissue resulting from all the backward play, and will probably cause most to faint (I almost did!). The tricks continue with Lana at a more accommodating spoon/side position, though Jandi finds that this shift only tightens the play even more! The balls, however, are expertly caught by Jandi's open mouth, always carried and shared with Lana, who keeps her eyes tight and teeth gritted between shouts and cries, hand always frittering atop her pussy.

Following all the sweet suffering that Lana is put through, Jandi soon has her turn to be smacked, dipped and chipped away at, and Lana begins by lubing up that little whistle her partner juts out into the air to start her dose off. The spit flies and oozes across Jandi's crack with Lana pulling out a red butt plug, which inserts thusly between kisses, licks and palm swats against Jandi. The girls indulge in an ass-to-mouth feast with the toy, thereafter bringing out an oversized string of black-pearled beads, strung into Jandi's hole with the lube of her own throat. Three of those lucky orbs shuttle down into her ass (courtesy of Lana, of course), and their course is retread going out, carried back to Jandi's mouth and through Lana's lips. Jandi's blossom is quite muscular and luscious, especially as that very button, pre-gape, was so tiny and seemingly unforgiving from the get-go. We all learn the opposite, thankfully, as Lana shifts her hand pushes to palms full of those trusty meditation spheres, engulfed in all manners of co-habitant ass juices that both she and Jandi swap and pop between their mouths with all sorts of harmonious glee! After a few passes, one single ball is sealed with a kiss between Lana and Jandi, capping the scene with a filthy handful of ass glories.

While Jandi spends most of the scene buttering her partner's ears with a filthy stream of encouragement, Lana interjects her fair share of less-wordy hotness by way of her moans and abrupt screams and wails. Together, the pair is well matched, even though Jandi's wordsmithing may suggest her gain of the upper hand; in retrospect, both ladies bubble and burst with a similar enthusiasm full of deep-diving tongues and a very lucky set of inanimate objects. The meditation ball ringing was especially cute (we need more, frankly!), though the cycling of play between Jandi and Lana was constantly exciting and without a dip to speak of. Splendid!

[Scene Five] Harmony, Britney Stevens & Amber Rayne (with Christian)

Perhaps saving the best for last, we find Jay Sin's camera hovering on the backsides of Britney (top left, rump of glory), Amber (top right, true acrobat) and Harmony (blonde!), posteriors spelling out the phrase "Hole In One" on their matching green panties. Draped down their thighs, the girls tut their asses outward, with Harmony offering up "You wanna see a hole in one?" as she parts her cheeks and cutely poots a golf ball from the innards of her whiff-hole. Amber and Britney follow suit in a similar sisterly fashion, peeling off their tops after the third ball hits the faux-turf laid out beneath their feet.

Britney's brick is the first to be taken on by the thigh-high clad Harmony and Amber, with the latter laying a few curt smacks down her rump and the former leeching her tongue against Ms. Stevens' asshole. The girls cycle into a chain of ass-wiggling oral, with Amber on Harmony on Britney, grunting their way toward a focused play atop of Amber's front and back nibblings. Britney and Harmony kiss in between puffs of Amber's glorious hole, a tiny dot that widens and spools with each new tongued touch. Harmony aims and spits into that crevasse, darting her muscle in and out with a pointed approach, soon with Britney in a simultaneous ass eating extravaganza all at once. Perfectly petite Amber radiates and keeps the linguistic logic spaces filled with her words of enouragement, spiced with flavorful moans that suggest the oncoming repayment of such dirty deeds. Harmony keeps keen on her promise of eternal spit by wetting Amber's crack, inserting a golf ball for a heightened spectacle of play whose rewards she shares with the sidelined Britney. A few ball paths and ass-to-mouth catches later, it's Britney's turn for some salicious salvation.

Cracking her booty apart with her outstretched palms, Harmony clears a wide path for Amber to kiss and swallow the juice around Britney's corn socket, delving a depth before inserting another white ball into play. With each pass between hers and Harmony's ass-to-mouth swill, Britney's ass eases open easily, muscle tissue heaving and pulsing, with a fine circle of hair lining the outer rim of her gape. How Amber and Harmony pass that lucky spinner between their lips is stunning, especially as they carry it from lips to lips like a sort of ceremonial key; I'll chalk it up to their cool experience of female-oriented butt lovin', but it remains incredibly hot and eyeball bursting to witness it actually happening. Phew!

In due time Harmony is thereby feasted upon, with Britney working the south while Amber hits her tender button by air raid from the northermost center of her ass' gravitation and sexual pull. Amber and Britney take turns doing the catch & swap with another golf ball, widening that third hole with enough might to keep us tickling for more!

For the second course, Amber offers her now greased hole, legs dangling near her ears, atop the edge of a ledge. Harmony preps her pocket with a green jelly prodding device, affixed itself to a final hole flag in keeping with the overall theme (nice touch, really!). Plugged and unplugged with the vaguely cone-shaped spherical jimmy, Amber's other jane is putted into by Harmony, succeeding in a hole-in-one (well, after a few tries, maybe!), wherein the in-play ball is sunk back into Amber's caramel-shaded rose, only to be pushed out and fished into the eager mouths of Britney and Harmony: swapperiffic!

As Amber's teeny ass flexed wide and inhaled that passing ball, Britney's hole winked wider and therefore was an easier shot for put-happy Harmony. Still, those first tries prove difficult, with the additional mini-globe piling (and a few finger stuffings into) around Britney's rear until Amber assists in a first dip by way of technicality and assistance. A few passes later, Britney's hole is widened like stretched putty, heaving as Harmony grips her cheeks and witnesses her handiwork from up high on the platform, spitting into the bull's eye winking like the biggest eye in the universe!

The blood-draining antics of the upside-down putting give way to a larger, sturdier ball striped in two-toned green, which Harmony intently holds between her teeth and covers in spit before popping it slowly into Amber's flexed chute. Both Britney and Harmony coax the plastic traveler with a series of good lickings as Amber intakes the device, her voice trembling and rattling out a goodly amount of swears as it's absorbed. Swapped and cooled by the tri-mouth transpose of all three, the ball is set aside for a more alien choice: a beaded sac containing neon-colored beads, festooned with jellied tentacles. Marbled with a bit of spit, it, too, ventures into Amber's underneath with an oddly fascinating crawl, stressed somewhere among some inter-dimensional rift between Caddyshack and Videodrome, though much less scary and more erotic (thank goodness!), all with Amber keeping her vocalized tones in check and on point.

The third and final section of the scene offers the now bouncing bums of all the girls, rump shaking among their white stockings. "That was pretty fun, but where's our ball boy?" Amber rattles off without hesistation. Cue caddy Christian, bag in hand, who is ordered to lean beneath the riser where each lady pops their respective ball from their ass into his mouth. For good measure, Harmony smothers his face before Amber bundles the white sphere for a bit of chucking down into his mouth. Afterward, she and Britney do their own smothering atop of Christian's now learned chin and face, leading to a sausage-bending blow job performed by all three girls.

Amber and Harmony tiddle the shaft down their throats with a cough and a smile, eager for depth and a touch of sloppiness in between all three. Britney's similarly successful effort earns her a 69 spot as Christian flips her upside-down to wiggle his tongue against her lady business as she keeps on sucking his crotch rocket, spit flying every which way. In reverse cowgirl, Harmony is the first to be pushed vaginally, her hands keeping her clit in the higher temperatures, switching to classic cowgirl, onward into anal. An ass-to-mouth meal keeps the grist going, switching to doggy where Britney heaves in her helping of ATM swill.

Amber suckles on a new ball as Christian pumps his rod into her roaring rear, crying "push it out!" as a few ball-in strokes push the ball further into and out of her ass. Harmony ekes out a touch more anal stroking, this time doggy-style, bringing Britney to the forefront of the fucking, her turn signaled by a taste of Harmony-dripped schlong, onto reverse cowgirl anal. Amber keeps Britney's otherwise unoccupied territories tickled and rubbed as Christian does his doings, with Ms. Rayne receiving another but plugging in reverse cowgirl anal at an upwardly paced speed. "Fuck it like it's the last dick you're gonna get!" squeals Harmony as Amber backs up into Christian's already heavy doses of pumping, and Amber responds by ordering Britney to "SLAP ME!" The girls respond by choking her as she's being fucked, thereafter tasting and knobbing the cock already shared between their collective asses. Britney is the last to be horned anally (in a pike of reverse cowgirl), producing the eclipse-worthy gape pictured above. Knelt side by side, she, Amber and Harmony lean into Christian's self-jerking, spewing the majority of his load across their faces (Britney, sadly, gets the least). In unison, the girls kiss each other, painting the rest of what remains of the drip across their cheeks and lips, into the fade.

Harmony and Amber are the most dynamic of the three ladies in this scene, with Britney keeping herself third in line for most of the action, though her gape is mighty and quite the hypnotizing, spiraled force. Amber is nearly matched in the all-around department, though Harmony tries her best to outdo her both vocally and in tricks: Ms. Rayne is just about unstoppable, though her brand of grain may irk some as being too harsh. All three take well to the constant toying with the golf balls, keeping the scene enjoyably nasty with each new pass from mouth to ass and back again. Put-put!


Bonus Features

And what a hefty amount of features they are! A Behind the Scenes (7:49) segment includes mostly b-roll footage of a few moments worth of production, with our director Jay Sin guiding the action from behind his trusty camera. A few extended preliminary shots carry out the bulk of the nearly eight minutes, with rehearsal runs and camera blocking filling out the rest. More illuminating is the face-to-face Interviews(37:41) with each respective girl, prompted by Mr. Sin's good-natured approach to his asses in waiting, as visible in both the performances in the feature as well as right here. Bailey and Iris are quite soft-spoken (this was Ms. Reyes' second scene ever!), and Sammie admits to her preferred style of horseplay ("I keep telling girls to slap my tits, but they never slap hard enough!") while recouperating from a fall that kept her in crutches before and after her scene. Flower pontificates on the nature of enjoying average-sized dicks ("I can cum and cum and cum and not get sore!"), finger sniffing at a young age, her laid-back approach to life, run-ins with her fans and the freedom that porn grants us all. Upon meeting her post-scene, Jay Sin pleads to check out her flexed asshole, which Flower digs into, excavating a dollop of juice and assorted smegma which Jay swallows down (he digs his tongue down for even more, giving a glimpse of his face) - all wonderful stuff!

An Outtakes (31:55) run includes a decent amount of steady action, no less heady than what ended up in the final cut. The ever-present golf and assorted balls are the focus here, with an almost endless amount of variation (and a few lost angles) that fill in any gaps that die-hard fan may have felt initially. Bloopers (4:27) consists of those very same balls running out of frame in misfire, or popping out too soon (or too late), one even going fast enough for a slow motion replay! A drool-worthy amount of Trailers (4:12) for similarly veined Jay Sin titles also appear (Anal Acrobats, Deep Anal Abyss and Gape Lovers 2, drooooooool), as well as a Cum Shot Recap (3:25), cobbled from the first, third and fifth male-oriented partying that horseshoes well as a bonus. A Photo Gallery per girl, a Cast List, Filmographies(for Amber Flower, Harmony, Britney, Velicity, Sammie, Lana and Jandi's jaunts in Evil Angel land) are also handy, as well as the standard website links for all you clickable folks out there set the features to an end.

Audio/Visual Quality
The picture was presented in 1.66:1 (approximately), boding better for tube-oriented folk than higher-definitioned folks. As is the nature of Jay Sin's productions, colors were usually based around a white background (as in an opened studio set), with the boldness of the key hues more or less guiding the scheme of the scenes (the pink in Velicity and Kelly's scene, the green in Amber, Harmony & Britney's, etc.). Whites tended to become exaggerated and blown out at the rim of the frame at times due to the color schemes, though this is mostly apparent in freeze-frame, not in motion (as the screen captures above will no doubt prove). Jay Sin's control with the camera and frame is pretty stunning, however, and he is apt to keep the proceedings full of action and detail, nicely balanced between full-on fucking and the scope at hand. He carries himself very in tune with his subjects, often keeping himself at a perfect distance as to blend into the surroundings: he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it! The standard 2.0 channel audio is a bit muffled throughout, with a tasteful batch of intertitle music introducing each scene, and a few off-camera directions sometimes heard through the din of flapping and slapping, as well.

Rear Endings
To indulge in the gifts that Jay Sin's world has to offer may be asking too much from some, though those who take the dive will be rewarded with the luxury of the majority of girl-on-girl butt plucking, as well as the smattering of dick that peppers three of the five overall scenes. Likewise, the upper hand gained by a few (Sammie, Flower and Amber) may put a few viewers off, but those already accustomed to the slightly saltier, slightly dominating kink involved with the slapping, spitting and tough talk will relish the end results here. The control over both the image and performance is one of the director's strength, as is finding just the right performers to set his creations into a stunning overall effect; all involved perk and seem to genuinely enjoy themselves, which is a rarity these days indeed. Technically speaking, the few faults regard the standard definition presentation, but even in that canvas Mr. Sin paints his creations with ease and with gusto. Clocking in at close to a whopping six (!) hours in total, the material breathes and fills its lungs with enough ass whiffery to convert even the most jaded porn viewer, and to possibly overwhelm everybody else! Highly Recommended, indeed!
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