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Big Wet Asses #13

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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/16/08

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Bree Olson in the bonus scene. (click for trailer)

Big Wet Asses 13

Elegant Angel

Sunny Lane!

Genre: Gonzo

Director: William H. Nutsack

Luscious Lopez and Ricki White!

Cast: Sunny Lane, Manuel Ferrara, Luscious Lopez, Ricki White, Sasha, Kelly Divine, Anthony Rosano, Bobbi Starr, Steve Holmes, Amy Ried

Length: 169:31 minutes

Kelly Divine!

Date of Production: 5/17/2008

Bobbi Starr!

Extras: For many of you, the bonus scene from Big Wet Asses 10 lasting 25:51 minutes long will be the best extra. I already saw it months ago but it was a great scene and it featured hotty Bree Olson so those of you new to it will find it appealing as an extra. I described it below for those that care. The Behind the Scenes feature only lasted 7:13 minutes and only covered Sunny Lane and Amy Ried but I enjoyed it all the same. There was the obligatory pop shot recap from the scenes, the photogallery, spam, and six trailers to shows like Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman 2, Performers of the Year, Massive Asses 2, Swimsuit Calendar Girls, Big Wet Asses 12, Brianna Love is Buttwoman, and Celebrusluts.

Amy Ried!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Wet Asses 13 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel, the disc mastered using the MPEG-2 codec standard to most regular DVD's. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to reduce the grain, video noise and shadows with the picture appearing as crisp as ever. This is one area that William used to be less consistent so I applaud his efforts at continually improving the quality in his better works; proving William works at making the best porn possible. I saw a few compression artifacts (it was largely falling around the mid 2 Mbps video bitrate) and the composition of the camera angles strongly favored the ladies better than some of the director's previous works (but still on par with his more recent efforts for those in a comparison mode). The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. The scenes were largely quiet so those of you into Nutsack's musical interludes might feel left out once the tease montages were finished, at least until the ending ditty took place showing the director has not lost his touch. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps (the sampling rate established at 48 kHz) offering, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future improvements too.

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Body of Review: William H. Nutsack and Elegant Angel have sure come a long way in recent years, the director just twisted enough to appeal to jaded old porn hounds like myself and the company sporting a revival that many others thought could simply not happen in the overcrowded marketplace of gonzo. The director's best series as far as I'm concerned involves copious amounts of oil, the best butts in the business, and the kind of heated action that makes each volume an event of sorts, the latest being Big Wet Asses 13, the sequel to the highly rated Big Wet Asses 12; the series itself awarded a coveted spot on last year's top porn list (2007 Top Porn List). The series follows a strict formula where the ladies do a strip tease montage at the beginning of their scenes, get oiled up as a result, and then have a lot of hardcore sex that often relies on even more oil being tossed on them. The shiny look aside, a lot of attention is typically given to the pairings so that the natural chemistry can augment the highly selective screening process the ladies go through to make it into the award winning series. If that sounds good to you, you will definitely want to check this volume out since it showcases early anal scenes by Sunny Lane and Kelly Divine but all of the ladies seemed selected with a nod to picking the best of the best. The company website put it like this: "Big Wet Asses, the winner of AVN's coveted Best Anal Themed Series award for 2006, 2007, & 2008, is back! Elegant Angel is delighted to announce that porn superstar, Sunny Lane, stars in the 13th edition of the critically acclaimed series, performing in her very 1st, highly anticipated anal scene, alongside another stellar assemblage of voluptuous superstars. The curvaceous and fair haired beauty, Sunny, performs with former AVN, male performer of the year, Manuel Ferrara. The scene is thirty five minutes of scorching hot, passionate sex, featuring plenty of balls to the wall, hardcore anal. The on set chemistry between Sunny and Manuel is electric. "I'm so happy," said Sunny. "It was such a great scene, and I was so excited and turned on. This scene was all I could think about last night. I had definitely been practicing over the past couple of weeks while thinking about Manuel's big cock penetrating my ass." "This was the right time," she continued. "I was totally ready for anal. I never understood how girls could have orgasms from anal sex, but now I totally get it." Also accompanying Sunny Lane in the BWA 13 cast list is Amy Ried, Bobbi Starr, Kelly Devine (also appearing in her 1st anal scene), Ricki White, and Luscious Lopez." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Sunny Lane, the curvy cutie featured on the front cover, was up first and as an event (this being her first anal on camera), I figure the company will get a lot of mileage out of it. A few haters will say it's too late to care and to be frank about it, I don't care if a gal ever does anal as long as she has a good time doing what she likes in her movies (that's just the way that I am) but I have to admit in Sunny's case, that ripe, round rump of hers is made for all sorts of kinky fun so seeing that she was also working with top stud Manuel Ferrara, how could this be a bad scene. Even the usual hype surrounding the scene was elevated but her stripper moves, the tremendous amounts of oil poured on her body, and the tease factor all made the opening montage particularly fun. Her metallic bikini and stripper shoes enhanced her figure and that wonderful ass was just too much! It looked like Sunny had toned up a bit since I last saw her too; the gal aging like a fine wine. The music ended and she was soon kissing Manuel on the lips, the guy grabbing her ass and pulling her thong up the crack of that sweet ass before removing her clothes. He stuffed his face between her cheeks and she sat on his face too, his oral antics leading to Sunny slobbing his knob with at least as much passion and enthusiasm. Sunny has never been an orally gifted lady so she stuck to sucking the head but it was nice to see her try before she bounced onto his cock vaginally; those pouty little moans of hers sending chills up my spine. They tried several positions too, Sunny taking a breather to dance for him and masturbate with a long stem G-spot toy before fingering her perfect pucker in preparation for his dick. She was a passive anal lay but he hammered away at her in such a way that she embraced her newfound desire, the toy vibrating to help her work through it. She got better with time too, learning to accommodate his rod in her backside even easier when he oiled her up some more. Manuel is a big guy for a first time and I imagine she'll get much better with practice but it was a very chemistry filled scene that suited me as a perfect opener for the more experienced ladies that came afterwards. The ending wad of population pudding hit her face (and eye), Manuel rubbing it out hard before she offered some post coital sucking. Yowza!

Scene Two: Luscious Lopez, one of the thickest gals in porn (with a superior ass!), her leaner pal Ricki White, and Sascha, were up next. The ladies gave a rare two for one special during the tease where their skimpy outfits did little to hide their assets, the oil ever flowing on their shapely behinds, and some incredible ass rubbing (see my picture) was a very nice touch before the ladies pawed each other on the black leather couch on the set. He wanted to get right down to business and began by drilling Ricki vaginally as he kissed Luscious, the Cher-look alike sucking his dick out of her pussy to show she liked pussy as much as dick. Luscious was also plundered here and the ladies took turns getting fucked and sucking his cock; providing some extensive oral when they shared his penis together during a later blowjob. Both ladies were active riders of cock though and while I have been a fan of Luscious longer than Ricki, each seemed to display the kind of heat needed to make this another great scene (albeit for different reasons). The anal and ATM came later as well, Luscious going first but both of them showing they were no strangers to hardcore anal; each lady assisting the other orally as well as cleaning him off at times. Luscious was the better of the two but either of them would have given a great scene together. The ending wad of spew landed in Ricki's mouth so she could cumswap it with Luscious; the chemistry between the ladies high and the scene better technically than the first. Sweet!

Scene Three: Kelly Divine, a slutty looking gal with a combination of heated curves but a leaner figure than the last pair, was up next in another advertised "first anal". She danced around actively during the montage, her purple satin hotpants bikini combo enhancing her look almost as much as the oil poured on her, that bubble butt of hers stuck out becoming ever so inviting. After she cleaned up and put on a new outfit, a similar red satin affair, she was on the infamous black couch to find moper Anthony Rosano as her partner. He might be a third stringer guy but from her point of view, at least he wasn't well hung so the anal would be more aggressive in my reasoning. He serviced her orally and she sat on his face, gyrating her hips as though he was doing a decent job orally. He kept jerking off as she pumped her ass on his lips too, Kelly sucking him off with her trademarked seductive oral. She used both hands to enhance the moment, stroking his shaft and balls while pumping her head on his modest member, the couple kissing before she went back to working it. This led to them vaginally fucking; Kelly giving some dirty talk and moaning to make it better. He smacked her "fat ass" at her request, the reddened cheeks pumping back to meet his thrusts, Kelly shaking around too. She did some PTM and he then oiled her up some more, the gal stretching herself to ready for the anal. Unlike Sunny, Kelly seemed a lot more experienced from off camera encounters, riding his cock in her ass much more actively as a result. Kelly has been moving up the food chain in my estimation of late, her game getting better with time and this was her best scene to date so if she keeps it up, she'll be on my short list of performers I actively seek out in movies to review. The ending facial was almost anticlimactic since it was so small but I need to point out that Anthony did a better job than usual too; making it highly strokable thanks to both of them. Yes!

Scene Four: Bobbi Starr, one of the leading anal queens of recent times, was up next as she teased in her aqua satin outfit, showing her moves effectively as she pranced around during the montage. The oiling up was sweet too and the usual emphasis on the ass cheeks was such that I'd have dived in myself if allowed. She followed the lead of others that poured bottled water on her slickened figure too, leading her to the black couch to pair off with Steve Holmes and another outfit change. The blue bikini didn't last long as the pair kissed, Steve shaking her pump before inhaling her ass into his face, Bobbi responding as though he were hitting her magic spot. The warehouse in the background seemed so much nicer to work in as a result, and he spanked her causing her to purr in delight. She even taunted him with her cheeks and provided a splendid blowjob, using no hands to slob his knob before the pair skipped the vaginal altogether to go right to the ass. He plundered her perfect pucker while jamming fingers in her mouth, Bobbi moving back to do more oral in the ATM manner she enjoyed. It was a messy hummer too, but it led to multiple active positions with the anal, Bobbi really rubbing her clitoris like crazy as he hammered her ass. More oil was applied to her ass and she took the cock in her mouth one last time to drain him dry! Whoa!

Scene Five: Amy Ried, a very fetching young lady that has been in all sorts of incredible scenes, was up last and given her following, she could have just as easily been on the cover (as she was in Big Wet Tits 3 awhile back) like many times before. Her tease was once again most strokable but too short, the woman ending up with horny Sascha on the couch as he serviced her thoroughly front and back. Her black mesh top and neon pink thong looked perfect on her and she sat on his face as he licked her folds and pucker to cause some appealing faces on the lady. There was more oiling up early here as he fingered Amy's ass too, the babe gyrating before he rubbed his cock along her ass crack. He then teased her by inserting the tip only, a very short blowjob later showing her to ride him vaginally as he fingered her ass. This was another magic moment where she impaled herself on the penis, bouncing like she was scratching a deep seated itch, the vaginal replaced by anal for a slower ride but a satisfying one all the same. Once acclimated, she was just as quickly riding the cock in her ass (while yelling "fuck me" repeatedly), and the positions aside, she nearly caused me to pop while I typed (and I was using two hands to type!). The load went to her open anal gape and she got her wish of wanting to taste it with her fingers, not the best scene of the day but a mighty fine one all the same. Whew!

Bonus Scene: Big Wet Asses 10: Bree Olson, the newcomer cutie on the front cover, was up first as she gyrated in a white painted room in her black lingerie to a thumping Euro-pop disco tune. She moved about like an experienced dancer and the montage style editing looked good here as lots of olive oil was poured on her before she ended up in a small room on a black couch with Brandon Iron. He had her jumping and bending over in no time as he orally attacked her ass crack, showing why she could be one of the next big things in porn with that combination of curvy body and pretty face. She also did some face sitting before sucking his cock straight out of her ass (calling herself an "anal whore") with some ATM. She actively rode his modest cock in numerous positions, squirting oil into her ass from a large blue bottle. The Christmas-y lights wrapped around them weirdly but he busted a nut of population pudding onto her ass cheeks; leading her to scoop some up for swallowing before the fade. It was an excellent scene to begin with, especially considering how new she is to porn at this writing.

Summary: Big Wet Asses 13 by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel continued the passion, the pleasure, and the sheer nastiness of the series with a terrific array of cunning stunts, earning it an elevated vulkanio.ru Pick. The replay value, strokability, and amount of quality fuck for the buck sure kept up the standards of the series, reminding me that out of the volumes I've had the chance to check out, it is the closest series to a "sure thing" as I have found. The first Sunny Lane anal scene was smoking hot and Kelly Divine's first backdoor adventure was a pleasant treat as well but the wealth of experienced ladies in the show all added up to a great deal of inspirational material. In short, Big Wet Asses 13, like Big Wet Asses 12 before it, should please anyone that loves seeing perfect asses coated in copious amounts of oil before some chemistry filled scenes take place. Director Nutsack was definitely in his zone and the all star casting sure made this a winner! Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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