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Les Vampyres: 3 Disc Collector's Set

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Studio: Metro » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/29/07

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The comic book rendition of the scenes looked better than the movie.

Les Vampyres: 3 Disc Collector’s Edition

Metro Interactive/Cal Vista

Genre: Feature

Wendi Knight about to get some loving.

Director: James Avalon

Cast: Volume 1: Wendi Knight, Syren, Brick Majors, Ava Vincent/Jewel Valmont, Joel Lawrence, Violet Luv, Brandon Iron, Samantha, Jack Hammer
Non-sex roles: Nick Orleans, Ron Jeremy, Tori Wells, Anthony Hall, Vulture Adams, Bobbi, Louis, John Severson

Fetish vampires having fun.

Cast: Volume 2: Ava Vincent, Syren, Joel Lawrence, Misty Rain, Mark Davis, Katja Kean, Nick East, Nikita Denise, Wendi Knight, John Decker, Ian Daniels, Holly Hollywood, Gina Ryder, Evan Stone
Non-sex roles: Nick Orleans, Suitcase Jones

Big old titties!

Length: 92:34 minutes (volume 1); 103:32 minutes (volume 2)

Dates of Production: 10/5/2007 (compilation only); 3/25/1999 (volume 1); 2002 (volume 2)

Vampire ass was the best.

Extras: The first disc had some limited text cast biographies, a photogallery, and spam for a rental company. The second disc benefited greatly by the inclusion of an audio commentary by director James Avalon and starlet Nikita Denise. They really did not go into as much depth as I wanted but it still added value (though they stopped talking during the sex for some reason) and the other extras on the disc were the same as the previous volume (updated cast biographies though). The Third disc was where the action was at, with the exception of a really cool comic book contained in the fold out case the discs were held in. The third disc was the best of the batch in terms of extras though with some solid extras that are rare and added value. Aside from the generic trailers and spam, the extras included a version of the included erotic comic book where the pages would turn and some voice clips told the basic story. It lasted 20:38 minutes long and contained comic representations of full sex acts for the perverts out there, making it a nice addition to the set. This was followed by a 5:40 minute long Bloopers Reel where the goofs of the dialogue were plenty. There then a 29:34 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mike Quasar, complete with his usual sense of wit making it better for entertainment value than the movie at times. 13:40 minutes of it was dedicated to the first volume of the movie and the rest picked up the second tale of vampires on the prowl. There were then 26:29 minutes of interviews, starting with Ava (under her stage name Jewel Valmont at the time) and ending with weird Texan gal Violet Blue, as Mike Quasar asked the standard questions but also allowed them to discuss what they wanted to (to an extent). There was a DVD ROM extra of screensavers and wallpapers, a feature called “How To Detect & Kill Vampires lasting 1:40 minutes as Nikita Denise spoofed the ideas of the movie, a bonus scene between Nikita and her cute assistant stuffed inside a 16:31 minute feature called “The History of Vampires” (it was actually hotter and better shot than the scenes from either movie), and a selection of deleted scenes lasting 13:48 minutes.

Ava Vincent back when she was called Jewel Valmont.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Les Vampyres: 3 Disc Collector’s Edition was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame color it was shot in years ago by director James Avalon for Metro Interactive under their Cal Vista label. It was dark and highly grainy most of the time, supporting the vampire theme in general though obviously weakening the porn portions of this feature fuck flick. Without comparing it to more recent releases, I would have to say that it provided the kind of atmosphere it should have only at the expense of some technical qualities that are difficult to balance out on porn budgets. Still, the first volume of the series contained in the disc was pretty well shot and I can see why (partially) it won so many accolades from the powers that be when it came out. The composition of the shots enhanced the ladies to an extent and the fleshtones were natural (particularly for the vampire cast). The bitrate for the video hovered around the 7 Mbps mark, markedly higher than many efforts past and present and I saw some aliasing but no compression artifacts. The second movie looked better in some ways but clung to the grainy style of the first so your mileage may vary as to how good it looked, even if you might enjoy the movie itself but the bitrate dropped to the area of the mid 5 Mbps mark. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps but while the music was usually suited for the movie elements, the vocals could have been captured better. That the acting was often “porn 101” bad was less an issue here than the way the vocals were captured and processed, lacking the separation and dynamic range of higher end efforts. The second movie then provided a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track at a bitrate of 448 Kbps. There did not appear to be any real separation here (certainly not on the vocal track) and the rear speakers were largely lifeless, but the music was again pretty good as were the sound effects.

Samantha wanted a hot blooded male to play with.

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Body of Review: As award time is upon us, it makes sense to look back and see what was considered the top titles of the past to see how far we’ve come (or sunk, depending on your point of view), Thankfully, that gives me the perfect chance to look at a couple of titles by director James Avalon shot for Metro Interactive years ago that were praised all over the place, now combined in a single special set called Les Vampyres: 3 Disc Collector’s Edition. The triple disc set contains both volumes of the vampire story, an explicit comic book version of the story, and a disc full of extras that many of you will find to be a pretty full plate even now, never mind from when these two flicks came out. The porn industry is no stranger to using vampires as erotic representations of carnal lust in movies (heck, some would say that most distributors are blood sucking demons too); the undead craving the youth, beauty and life of their victims without the bonds of society restraints holding them back from doing as they please. The story starts out with a happy couple enjoying a recent success, proving to be very much in love and about to charge headlong into a group of female vampires that know more about lust than love. The second movie went back in time as a way of reinventing some of the characters so you needn’t watch them in order or expect them to make much sense sequentially. The box cover to the first volume said this: “A fiery sunset falls upon a mysterious Big Sur Manor as we are introduced to a young couple in love as well as three very exotic Women of the Night. Join our couple as they are uncontrollably drawn unto new levels of sexuality that they have only dreamed of in the past. This chance meeting can only lead to an erotic thriller filled with Evil, Passion and some of Film's highest rated sensual scenes ever to be captured.” The cover to the second volume then said this: “The award winning, gothic thriller continues as the gang of female vampires, who have developed a gory taste for the male blood-gorged organ, continue their terrible rampage, but this time with an unexpected twist.” If this sounds good to you, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were worn:

Wendi looked good in the shower.

Les Vampyres 1 scenes:

Scene One: Wendi Knight and Syren, dressed in lingerie that enhanced their forms, were up first in a scene that was presented during the lengthy movie credits where they seduced and ultimately abandoned Brick Majors, after some limited blowjob and vaginal sex. The ladies were active riders but the manner in which the scene was edited into the credits and plotted parts of the movie drained it of much of the heat it had; leaving a moody feel to the movie but also leaving me wanting a lot more from the later scenes. The scene ended in a facial for those keeping track but his healthy glowing skin certainly contrasted sharply with their pal, washed out Goth look.

Syren and Ava Vincent about to have Joel for breakfast.

Scene Two: Ava Vincent/Jewel Valmont, the lean blond seen on the far left side of the cover, was up next as she helped Joel Lawrence celebrate a recent success. He initiated the sex by spilling champagne on her chest and having felt her up, she slowly started to lick his torso, biting his nipples, moving up to his neck, and spending a lot of time kissing erotically. He then laid her down to start vaginally plowing but mere moments later, she was sucking him off to a frothy facial.

Misty Rain wearing a wig with Mark Davis on her arm.

Scene Three: Violet Luv, Wendi Knight, and Brandon Iron, were up next as the ladies jerked him off while providing him a strip tease. The seductive nature of the tease was really good though the third gal disappearing and the limits of the sex bugged me a bit more than usual too. I didn’t care about the condom and the vaginal ride was active enough but it was so red looking that I wondered if they shot it on Krypton. The gals then slobbed his knob until the population pudding was jerked right out of his rod (with predictable thematic results).

Katja Kean, Joel Lawrence, Nick East, and Misty Rain about to eat.

Scene Four: Ava Vincent and Syren were up next in a dream sequence where the two ladies were creatures of the night enjoying a lesbian romp on a fancy couch. The special effects included more candle light, the sights and sounds of a thunderstorm in the background, and the gals slowly pawing each other. I liked their oral work and kissing here each gal giving some head to the other with Syren being the dominant lady for most of the action.

Nikita Denise and Joel Lawrence.

Scene Five: Samantha, a lean black gal in sexy black lingerie that included a corset and fishnet stockings, was up next as she masturbated in bed and asked the magic question; “Do you like my pussy?” to Jack Hammer. Jack was licking his lips at the thought of savoring that urban cookie and started licking on her something fierce, tending to her feet, legs, and nipples as she guided him through what she wanted. Her blowjob was largely done in silhouette with Samantha stroking him to a full erection before mounting the cock vaginally, the couple moving to a doggy position where she was equally active until she blew him to a barely seen climax (then showing her true colors).

Wendi and Ava about to devour John Decker.

Scene Six: Wendi Knight, showering to rid herself of the daily grime covering her body, was up next with Joel Lawrence as they took their twenty minute window of opportunity to have a quickie in the bathroom. She undressed him and dropped to her knees to blow him, using her hand to limit how much dick would go into her mouth as she inhaled his cock. It wasn’t particularly enthusiastic until the active vaginal ride came into play; the gal bouncing on him as though scratching a deep seated itch inside of her abdomen. The standing doggy was less active but looked really hot too; Joel yelling out but no pop shot was forthcoming. There were some hints of more lesbian sex but they were left as hints until all three female leads started blowing Joel (Ava, Syren, and Wendi) and the real pop shot, small as it was, came out.

The big lesbian scene from the second movie.

Les Vampyres 2: The Resurrection scenes:

Scene One: Ava Vincent, Syren, and Joel Lawrence, all dressed in clothing supposedly representing the late 1600’s, were up next in a dark room lit by candles during a thunderstorm as the ladies double teamed the lucky guy orally. Syren, the brunette featured on the far left side of the front cover, was the primary mover & shaker of the scene; slobbing his knob before he boned Ava wearing a modern condom as he kissed her. Syren licked his ass cheeks as he pushed deep inside Ava, the thrusts of the dick less explicit than usual thanks as much to camera positioning as lighting. Syren then took his penis inside of her in doggy style as Ava rubbed her ass; the slower strokes signifying something but eventually lost in the shuffle as she drained him dry with a final blowjob; both gals ending the scene in such a way that most men will wince.

Scene Two: Misty Rain, a curvy hotty wearing a lame black wig (looking as if channeling Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice), was up next in the dungeon with Mark Davis as Syren got her thrills watching them go at it. She took off his clothing before aggressively sucking him off, leading to a doggy boning that was considerably easier to watch than most of the scenes from the first movie. Her all natural titties flailed about and she impaled herself on his cock, the special effects heightening the mood a little to add a desperate kind of urgency though the inclusion of the fantasy weakening condom did impact the drama a bit more than I would have suspected. She took the facial to finish things up, gaining her immortality as she kissed Syren.

Scene Three: Misty Rain, Katja Kean, Nick East, and Joel Lawrence, were up next in a atrium turned bar as the men paired off with the ladies. Katja took on Joel and Misty worked with Nick; the darker elements less apparent than previous scenes. The guys warmed the ladies up with kissing and eating their cookies but the blowjobs were the point where I started getting the quality vibe from them. The movie started getting unnaturally grainy around this point (even showing film scratches) but the gals seemed almost locked in a contest to see who could give the best hummer. Katja was the most focused but it was probably due to the fact that Joel had an easier time maintaining an erection than Nick; hampering Misty’s attempts at giving her best. The roles reversed a little during the penetrative sex when Misty was clearly the more active rider of the gals, pushing back on the cock as though she was displaying a need for seed. Both ladies were eager for the population pudding though and Misty excelled at providing some post coital sucking to make it a decent scene for all the limitations.

Scene Four: Nikita Denise, stepping in for Misty when the gal couldn’t make it to the rest of the movie’s shooting schedule, was up next with Joel Lawrence as the two again consummated their partnership with a tryst. There was a fair amount of kissing and body play, the well lit atrium giving way to another dark room where the erotic effect of the low lighting was enhanced by more thunderstorms as she slobbed his knob actively to the beat of a drum. The droning music ended as she bounced on his cock, a couple of vaginal positions done until she took his semen to her face.

Scene Five: Wendi Knight, Ava Vincent, Syren, John Decker, and Ian Daniels, with Syren paired off with Ian while the other gals did John on a large white couch. There was a fair amount of stroking going on and the ladies were the sexual aggressors most of the time. Wendi shied away from the cock as Ava blew John, providing a titty fuck much like Syren did for Ian in the other part of the room (the two were edited together). They weren’t bad at the action but the manner in which it was shot left me wanting a whole lot more and Wendi’s inclusion in the scene struck me as a waste of space since she had such an obvious dislike for penis. The facials ended the sexual parts of the scene upon which the ladies fed, as always, the bloody ending in line with the majority of previous scenes from what I saw.

Scene Six: Holly Hollywood, Nikita Denise, Ava Vincent, and Syren, were up next in a modest length lesbian scene. Holly was actually supposed to be Joel (who changed shapes thanks to the vampiric powers of Nikita/Misty) and the quartet met in a popular nightclub pickup joint. The non-sex performer here, credited as “Suitcase Jones”, was so bad as to be laughable (“That’s not right. That’s just not right.”) but if you like ladies doing each other, it had some appeal worth stroking out a load or two with. The scene began with a lot of nipple and breast play but advanced to the gals eating each other out. Some of the ladies were more apt to give than others but aside from the darkness and the lack of duration (maybe even the knife play), it was okay.

Scene Seven: Gina Ryder, Ava Vincent, and the mighty Evan Stone, were up last on a couch but the lack of lighting was especially bad this time. The single candle blown out, the rest of the light appeared to come from behind the shades as the trio were imbued with a deep blue look to them that might work for Smurf erotica but certainly left me hanging as a result. I could make out what was going on as the ladies teamed up to blow Evan before he pounded hotty Gina for a few minutes in some penetrative sex but the facial was almost certainly faked or so weak that it didn’t matter and the rest of the movie too obscure for my tastes.

Summary: Les Vampyres: 3 Disc Collector’s Edition by director James Avalon for Metro Interactive was a combination of two big award winners from years ago that were combined with a bunch of extras on a three disc set to give a decent amount of value. Given the expense of the original movies, this is probably the best way to pick either of them up, though the movie was definitely best suited for couples and major fans of vampire porn. As expected, the problems of combining the feature elements with a dark, moody sex were nearly insurmountable. Given some of the other titles up for awards in the years these were released, I wince at the process of how they were selected as the winners but my tastes are not that of someone rarely watching porn (and yes, I mean WATCHING porn), so your mileage may vary considerably. It had some appeal to me; particularly the sinister nature of the eroticism presented more than the actuality of the sex itself, but I still thought it was worth a rating of Rent It for most people that are regular porn consumers. For newbies wanting a flick that was short on explicit sex and high on erotica, this might be better described as a “must have” so fans of couples titles take note that Les Vampyres: 3 Disc Collector’s Edition is niche porn at it’s most defined so give it a look. If you like vampire porn though, you might enjoy Dark Angels and Dark Angels 2 even more as they were more modern, contained better movie and sex elements, and seemed to build on these two flicks from the past as well.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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