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Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/4/07

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Buttworx: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Julia Bond, Jules Jordan, Annette Schwarz, Steve Holmes, Alexis Texas, Maya Hills, Jean Val Jean, Gina Lynn, Aurora "Nikara" Jolie

Length: 234:49 minutes

Date of Production: 5/18/2007

Extra's: By now, you know that each disc has its own cum shot recap, probably suspected there would be a lengthy photogallery, a partial cast listing (women only), a biography for the director and trailers to ten shows like Pump My Ass Full Of Cum, Black Owned 2, Slut Puppies 2, Facial Demolition, Weapons of Ass Destruction 5, Flesh Hunter 9, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Jenna Haze: Dark Side, Black Owned, Feeding Frenzy 8, Weapons of Ass Destruction 4, and Tunnel Vision. There was also a 12:25 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that added more sex to the mix rather than focus on make up or other stupid shit that no one wants to see. It started with curvy Gina Lynn and ended with Annette Schwarz but generally was too short to do more than provide some minor sex with the ladies or part of their photo sessions.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Buttworx: Special Edition was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as originally shot by director Jules Jordan for distribution by his own company, Jules Jordan Video (with a single scene exception being the one with Gina Lynn). The lighting was presented in a very pleasing manner that lit up the action in the scenes very well, limiting the grain and video noise a lot, and I appreciate that the anamorphic processing was employed on the scenes for those of us in the growing legion of HD and widescreen TV's to appreciate. There were a few scenes where things weren't quite as good but that was almost certainly due to the skill level of the talent given Jules' manner of coaxing out fine performances from almost everyone but the same could be said of the lighting that wasn't always perfect either. So, in the scenes where the lighting was flat and stronger; the picture was good and the minor tint or other issues were decidedly not worth worrying about. The grain and video noise were both lots better than usual; marking another positive visual improvement by Jules that was complimented by the compositional work Jules offered up that repeatedly enhanced the look of the cast. There were no noticed compression artifacts and while the picture wasn't the best gonzo I've seen from the director (his cameraman lacks his skill so when Jules is in the scene, the quality goes down a bit), the technical matters never hampered the heat. I still wonder what future releases using one of the true high definition formats (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) will do for the quality of the picture given his recent improvements over past works though. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (at 192 Kbps) offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do so here too). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Jules could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theatres in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

Body of Review: Jules Jordan is arguably one of the top three directors in porn depending on a fan's particular tastes, his work at Jules Jordan Video typically surpassing the rest of the industry in terms of quantity and quality on a regular basis. His devotion to tease alone is enough elevate his status in my eyes but his ability to bring out the best in those that work for him surpassing even that quality as far as I'm concerned for making him the man to follow for those in the field of gonzo. His latest release is Buttworx: Special Edition; a double disc DVD that emphasizes ass worship and anal, though not all of the ladies took one in the backside. Still, clocking in at almost four full hours and offering up some of the best talent in porn at this time, I cannot argue with the fact that there was something for almost every fan of hardcore porn, with little of the circus act sex that mars the works of some of his peers who rely on such acts to boost the spectator factor over the heat generated for the raincoater crowd. That said, here is a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Julia Bond, the curvy hotty seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first in what was advertised as her first anal scene. She was dressed in a neon pink top and blue jean shorts that displayed a fuller ass than I've seen on her before, a fact not lost on scene partner Jules Jordan. While I've never been big on porn "firsts", Julia is a fine combination of attractive gal and sexual dynamo so her different hair style and fleshier body were working for me as she teased the camera around the pool. The shorts then came off to show her bikini bottom, her ass cheeks eating it to reveal her delectable ass that she then oiled up. They went inside and it wasn't until 16 minutes into the movie (with short credits mind you) that he touched her, feeling her up and orally ravaging her before pulling his pants off to reveal a massive erection for her to play with. She then dropped to her knees to give him a playful blowjob, using her same attitude that gave the entire scene such replay value. I'm glad her upper back tattoo was not nearly as expansive as I've seen it of late (making me wonder exactly when the scene was shot) and the way the junk in her trunk bounced as the couple vaginally bumped uglies was superior in my eyes (she is a great fuck) so I didn't really care about her doing anal given the wealth of positions and tease that took place in the living room scene. A half hour into the scene, he started slowly drilling her perfect pucker, going far slower than ever before but also showing her appreciate his manhood in the process. They boned in several positions anally too and moved about the house where she became increasingly aggressive during the anal; resulting in Jules popping a large load of population pudding on her ass cheeks (there was some limited ATM too but barely enough to mention). The scene ended at about the 50 minute mark in the movie so if you're a fan of hers like myself, that alone made the two disc set a winner. Yes!

Scene Two: Annette Schwarz, the curvy blonde German anal queen seen on the upper middle of the front cover (under the "T" in the title), was up next as she teased on the shaded porch by the pool. Annette has really taken the porn world by storm of late given her body of work that includes all sorts of kinks, fetishes, and all around solid performances (the best of which pair her with frequent partner Lorelei Lee and one male) so I knew this would be a good scene too. The tease was as extensive as expected, it being a trademark of productions by Jules, and I liked how he used his camera to scope her out so thoroughly; the voyeuristic effect giving so much more appeal than a static and boring angle. He followed her into the house where Steve Holmes waited for her, the couple dropping the storyline due to their chemistry for one another. Steve worshipped her ample sample thoroughly and she reveled in his oral attentions, coming across as though she was getting off early into the scene and tossing in some foot fetish action for the kinksters out there. He then throatfucked her between her own messy dynamic, the aggression levels she showed being off the scale in some ways but never looking stupid like some of the imitators out there make it seem. Her tossing his salad was thankfully limited but after more warm up, they were boning like teenage lovers, both showing how into it they were in a number of ways. The vaginal led to the anal and she got even more active with that, notable for the bouts of ATM and the expressions on her face as they bumped uglies like seasoned sexual athletes. Part of her appeal is that she really seems to enjoy anal sex; and readers may know that I'm not big on anal as an act unless the gal is into it, so watching her go at it was like poetry in motion as the pair tore into one another. She swallowed his load at the end of the scene after she blew and jerked him off into her mouth; the scene proving another balanced bit of boning overall. Yum!

Scene Three: Alexis Texas, the hot blonde with the bubble butt on the lower left hand corner, was the last scene on the first disc and the cover mentioned that "Everything's Bigger In Texas" (hopefully this not referring to Jules peeking into my bathroom stall at the ). While possessing a tiny rack, her ass is very shapely and the appeal of her girl next door face enhances her look to me a lot, though in fairness, her performances to date have been decidedly mixed in quality. Thankfully, Jules Jordan himself was going to be the meat puppet here and if anyone could bring out the performance artist in her, it would be him so I appreciated the lengthy tease session all the more with anticipation that he would at last be the one to get her revved up. Her ass was a bit loose but the way it looked in her eye patch sized bathing suit was sweet. She walked around the house and grounds for awhile, the best footage taking place outside on the sunny day near the pool, Jules getting intimate with her after over ten minutes of quality tease. She gave him what amounted to a lap dance where both of them had clothing on before he buried his ass in between her cheeks, the two slipping into a 69 where her oral was marginal but visually appealing. They screwed vaginally where she showed some active riding skills (better than her previous scenes) but she wasn't in the same league as the last two performers though she gave the repetitive moans a newcomer tends to make as he drilled her. I was surprised that he never actually did anal with her, satisfying his need for her ass with his mouth and some admittedly appealing ass cheek masturbation, but it was still a good scene, though not as good as it would have been if she cranked up her riding a notch (give her time and she will do better I suspect). He busted a nut on her ass to finish up, leaving a big load for her to play with and clean up (though she never did taste it), and the ending tease gave me hope that when these two next meet, she'll be up to giving him a full service ride with the flair his other partners show.

Scene Four: Maya Hills, the exotic cutie seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, is one of the best teenager performers in the jizz biz; her work for other directors often rating among their best work to date (both before and after her premature retirement and subsequent return to the industry). Unlike some of the primadonna's of porn, she is another that embraces anal under a wide variety of circumstances, so her tease in her blue butt munch shorts and black top built up some serious heat as she walked around the house near the pool. The tease wasn't as long this time but by the time she was masturbating in the bedroom with anal lube, fingers and plethora of toys (the neon pink dildo slid into her tight asshole so smoothly that I envisioned my two inches going there as well), it was clear that Jules was going to pawn her off on someone else. Still, she appeared to enjoy readying herself for the cock and the heated solo work was a lot of fun to watch, especially when she charged up her anal beads after meeting an anxious Jean Val Jean at the front door. He loved her body and she stoked up that he would be her partner, the gal typically stuck with a moper or lesser talent, which elevated the scene for them as well as me. She sat on his face before the beads came into play and this led to a particularly enthusiastic hummer by the gal where she deepthroated him and licked him so very clean. Their raw sexuality came into play to increase the chemistry levels all the more and she passionate blew him, the resulting vaginal and anal rides showing her get a bit too vocal (getting too loud with her moans as though channeling the spirit of another teenager, Traci Lords in her heyday, from the past). She did some taste testing too but they spent more time kissing as he hammered her ass that I figured she was into him as much as she could be, the guy lost in the moment as he found her to be a superior little hotty much like I did. The scene ended with him rubbing out a load of semen to her anal gape, the gal farting it out in the piledriver position as he rubbed his cock along her crack. Whew!

Scene Five: Gina Lynn, the tanned blonde superstar seen on the lower middle section of the front cover (between Alexis and Aurora), was up next in a tight, form fitting pink dress that enhanced her fine ass and other curves as she walked inside the mansion. Gina knows better than any of the other gals how to work herself favorably for the camera and unlike some gals in porn that toss it all out there immediately, she provides the slow, savoring kind of tease as she discussed her lack of panties (claiming to never wear them though I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case when I met her in Houston years ago). The tease by the pool was great thanks in part to the sunny day (where the wind noise wasn't that bad but certainly noticeable along with other background noises) and it was clear that Jules Jordan was going to tap this hotty hard when given the chance. The tempo of the scene reached the point where Jules couldn't hold out any longer and was soon pawing her and eating her ass, Gina reacting as though she were getting off thanks to her moans in the living room. I like Gina's performances and accept that she has more chemistry with Travis (her husband) but the raw energy she exudes when working with Jules is also undeniable so the way she took care of him orally was as fine a knob slobbing as she has given all year in my estimation; the gal going wild with desire as she teabagged him and inhaled his cock. That led to a passionate round of vaginal screwing that had her on top riding him like crazy, my only complaint being that the scene was in full frame and not as well shot as some of the other scenes of the flick. It got so out of hand at one point that Gina took a break to keep him from popping, returning only to slowly gyrate while riding his cock. There was no anal action here either but the amount of booty worship covered the titular action nicely and her other skills more than made up for it in my book. The fine scene ended with her blowing him to completion, the big wad of semen gracing her face and hair, marking some of her best work all year long (regardless of when it was shot). Yow!

Scene Six: Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, the light skinned black gal seen busting out of her leopard print stretch pants on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up last in a scene with Jean Val Jean. Initially, she was teasing by the pool on the cloudy day and fans of ass worship will appreciate her curvy backside a whole lot, moving inside for some toy use before jean tongued her backside so readily. It seemed like half his face was covered by her fleshy ass cheeks and the look on her face was indicative of a gal in heat, the teenager moving to sit on his face for some added friction as he slurped away like he was in ecstasy. Her turn came soon after that where she was used as a mouth fuck receptacle as he pulled her large anal beads out of her ass. The gal knows how to suck cock and despite her claims of vaginal purity (she only does oral and anal; skipping pussy fucking at this time), her learning curve in porn has been impressive to say the least. She might not have the tease capacity of Gina, the oral skills of Annette, or the cuteness of Julia, but she definitely has a lot of potential with the rough edges of a newcomer on the way up (much more so than someone like Alexis though my own tastes in looks run towards the Texan bred hotty). In any case, she was largely active in the anal pounding and gave some intermittent oral to him as well, ending the scene with a titty fuck and hummer where she jerked out a very large load from his meatpipe with a smile; never cumdodging or otherwise showing distain for the fluid finish embraced by the porn loving community. Wow!

Summary: Buttworx: Special Edition by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video was a truly exceptional hardcore stroke flick that embraced a wide range of diversity in what took place but still provided the kind of tease and chemistry filled pairings that Jules is known for doling out. The strokability, replay value, amounts of fuck for the buck, and the cast of exotic and appealing women were easily enough to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended and nearly enough to make it to the top rung of the ladder in the form of a collector rating. Still, there were some minor technical issues and one of the gals was great eye candy but not ready for this level of quality effort, nudging down my estimation of the double disc project just enough to keep Buttworx: Special Edition from making it all the way. In short though, there are a number of reasons why Jules has scaled the ranks of the porn pantheon so quickly and Buttworx will show you exactly why people are singing his praises.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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