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Jenna's Provocateur

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Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/15/06

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Jenna's Provocateur: Sophia Rossi

The six separate covers all represent one of the contract starlets and her unique extras package, allowing fans to decide who their favorite is.

Club Jenna

Genre: Erotica

Director: Jenna Jameson

Cast: McKenzie Lee, Marco Duato/Banderas, Scott Nails, Ben English, Sophia Rossi, Evan Stone, Jesse Capelli, Melissa Lauren, Ashton Moore, Manuel Ferrara, Chanel St. James
Non-sex role: Jenna Jameson

Length: 100 minutes

Date of Production: 5/16/2005 (box); 10/2/2005 (credits)

Sophia Rossi's masturbation scene was short but sweet.

Extra's: The two disc set actually had some of the most exceptionally entertaining extras on a release this year with the first disc focused primarily on the movie and the second disc offering up the majority of extras. On the first disc was an 7 minute long photogallery, a beautifully shot montage masturbation scene with hotty Sophia Rossi in a high tech room lasting 4.5 minutes, a selection of websites, and an audio commentary with Sophia Rossi. Sophia was the main commentator this time, acting kind of giddy as she described the movie (saying early on that this was the first time she has seen the movie). It wasn't a bad commentary but even when she was joined by her male friend, there wasn't anything I could truly suggest as being overly amazing said so don't expect a lot from it. The second disc started off with a 30 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by industry veteran Dic Tracy (the ending credits of the BTS) or Justin Sterling (the ending credits of the BTS). It had a lot of comments by director Jenna Jameson and fans will like seeing more of her then the brief glimpses from the movie; even if she was not made up most of the time. There was a sort of confessional couch where she discussed some of the problems on the set (like the neighbors upset that a loud bunch of screaming was going on in their wealthy neighborhood from a porn shoot) and Justin was given some time to be funny (his monologue on waiting was classic). It was well done and while I'd disagree with some of her sentiments about the movie (at least a little), she showed some pride in her work from the looks of it. It was narrated by someone named Cesar Capone who also did a fine job of keeping track of the information provided. This was followed by a lengthy photogallery, and a splendid 8 track audio offering by Spout (the band on the music track). I could see some of their music featured on shows like Smallville or in small clubs as it caters to a youthful demographic (I listened to it while polishing up my review in fact) so I hope they make it big. There were also trailers to shows like Insexts, McKenzie Illustrated, Sophia Syndrome, Krystal Method and other projects as yet unreleased. Otherwise, the DVD set had a pretty booklet with nice pictures and the case was the fold out style with a cardboard holder; though the keepers didn't hold the discs on their spindles as both of mine were loose upon arrival.

The case opened up to a stunning picture of director Jenna Jameson with a great looking booklet.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Jenna's Provocateur was presented in the same 1.85:1 letter boxed non-anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Jenna Jameson for Club Jenna on Super 16 film. Jenna's husband, Justin Sterling, was the camera operator and the couple has shot a few movies together in the past so I knew what I'd be getting into with the rapid fire editing, stylish camera angles, and occasional lighting effects; the good news being that Jenna must've calmed Justin down from previous works by keeping said effects to a minimum. I'll admit that I was disappointed that such a premiere company as Club Jenna wouldn't make their biggest release of the year in anamorphic widescreen as other companies have been doing (if you have an even halfway decent set up, it adds a great deal of detail to the picture) but perhaps the future will show them taking the inevitable next step. The visual elements of the movie were slightly grainy with the kind of film look you should expect with the use of film and there were a number of moments employing soft focus rather than the hard edge of what Justin used to shoot for Jim Holliday years ago but I liked this one more than the couple's earlier works together as will fans of the ladies. The audio was presented in true 5.1 Dolby Digital English with the vocals sounding confined to the front channels (probably recorded in monaural with the camera microphone) but the music having substantially more head room to speak of. The music was provided by a band called Spout (with a few tracks by Walt Jizzney) and I liked their work almost as much as the infamous Reno and the Rumrunners from years gone by (though Spout was decidedly more contemporary). The exceptionally wise idea here was to offer up several versions of the audio track; a balanced mix, vocals heavy, or music heavy mixes depending on your tastes. I can't stress enough how good of an idea this was and I wish other companies would follow suit (Anabolic/Diabolic have long offered a dual choice but high end companies rarely go to the effort as Club Jenna did here).

Body of Review: If ever porn produced a pop culture icon it would be the attractive, street smart Jenna Jameson. As her performing career winds down, she's making the step into directing once again, previously having held the title with her husband for movies such as Bella Loves Jenna and Krystal Method, she now seeks to provide a stylish new approach to her craft that melds the high fashion with a new age sensibility calling her work a fusion of "couture" (style, typically referring to women's fashion) and what works for her. The result is Jenna's Provocateur: Sophia Rossi; meaning she's indicating herself as a sort of troublemaker or shit stirrer (much like this reviewer has been called many a time) with the release of the double disc set. The cover said it like this: "Once in a generation, a visionary comes along; one who is able to capture true emotions on film to uncover every man and woman's deepest fantasies... and satisfy them. When that visionary happens to be an icon... and the greatest adult star to ever grace the silver screen... the experience is unimaginable. Jenna Jameson has entered a realm where the lines between fantasy and reality have blurred, and she has made that realm materialize on film in her directorial debut. Jenna's depraved fantasies played out by her contract stars, Jesse Capelli, Krystal Steal, Sophia Rossi, McKenzie Lee, Ashton Moore and the newest Club Jenna superstar Chanel St. James. As Jenna says "I have put my dreams into action; I have melded Couture with Triple X. I designed each frame of this film in my mind first, and now my imagining is realized." Each scene takes it's star to the brink of her sexuality and tests their limits...It is beauty unrivaled..." The unique thing about the release is that there are 6 volumes; each one starring a different contract gal who provides a commentary track and masturbation scene unique to the volume (labeled with the performer's image; this being Sophia Rossi's volume). That said, here's a look at the movie's scenes, some of them sure to be up for awards come January, notable in that no condoms were used:

Sophia was featured all over her volume in the series, including the initial menu.

Scene One: McKenzie Lee, the award winning brunette English gal, was a wise choice to start out the movie as she has a harder edge and does more than all the other gals at the company combined. Her scene was with Marco Duato/Banderas, Scott Nails, and Ben English, doing everything from a series of blowjobs to vaginal and even anal like a champion performer, showing the most chemistry with Marco as he worked her over in their luxurious setting. She did some DP work here, took their loads well and the teasing montage at the beginning of the scene was actually really appealing to me visually. Some of the close ups of her implant scars should've been snipped out but otherwise, the raw energy was left intact and the music mixed nicely with the vocals here. I greatly preferred the vocal heavy mix though I thought the music was especially well done, just too repetitive for me.

Scene Two: Sophia Rossi, the curviest contract gal of the company and a personal favorite of mine (she was very nice to me in January; I'll leave it at that, nothing sinister or out of line), was up next as she rode a masturbatory device that simulated a rocking horse but sporting a cock instead. Her lingerie enhanced her figure and Evan Stone was kind enough to orally work her over while she sat on his face. She turned it into a 69 that used sunlight to give her a glow before the two bumped uglies. She doesn't have a lot of titles under her belt like McKenzie does so some people have been hesitant to suggest she has developed a style of her own yet but I will say that she impaled herself on his rather large cock, taking him in balls deep as she rode him hard. It was definitely not couples sex here as they tore into one another with the female dominant position showing her in best light but the standing vaginal also very appealing. Her comments about the house they shot in and working for Club Jenna showed she wants to stick around for awhile, realizing the golden opportunity she has been given by the company.

Scene Three: Jesse Capelli, the hotty featured on the cover of the version I had in hand to review previously (she's notable as the hotty with the light streak of hair on her pretty head), was glammed up in a neon blue outfit as she stood on some steps and rode a mechanical bull. The costumes were designed by a fashion type known as "September" and sex partner Melissa Lauren, seemed to be wearing a similar outfit as the two licked and fingered one another. I was wishing that Jesse was going to take on a guy but maybe some other time since the ladies seemed to be into their scene. They did do the next best thing though, Melissa sported a strap on dildo that Jesse rode pretty hard, working her pussy to take as much of it as she could fit with an increasing tempo. Jesse liked the sticking and licking so much that she returned the favor by really drilling Melissa hard with a vibrator in her ass (causing her to do ATM too) though I wished the close ups were quite so close (or at least so often).

Scene Four: Ashton Moore, the most established gal of the movie in terms of a lengthy career in porn, was up next as she pranced about at night in front of an incredible pool to the mansion/luxury hotel from earlier (Sophia's scene was indoors at the location). The tease was nice but she soon went inside and was dressed in a black lingerie ensemble as she played a stringed instrument before she showed her true calling was playing the meat pipe of Manuel Ferrara like a virtuoso. The look in her eye said it all that she was into the moment, teasing him as she licked him like a lollipop and worked the tip more than anything else. He showed equal vigor when going down on her, leading to what appeared to be her most enthusiastic, energetic scene in recent memory as she pounded herself down on his cock. Her lips were inflamed by the action so after several positions of her yelling out loud, he unleashed a huge facial; showing her how much he appreciated her work.

Scene Five: Krystal Steal, before she parted ways with Club Jenna, was up next as she teased at night in a flowing white outfit that truly did her justice but it was shorter than most of the tease as Barrett Blade, also dressed in a white outfit, tended to her orally. He bent her over and ate her out, rimming her for a lengthy portion of time as she moaned with pleasure. She then sucked him off and thankfully his modest sized cock was within her skill level (it was even talked about on the commentary track), showing more skill than usual as she lay on the bed and inhaled him as he stood by the end of it. The scene then cut away to him plugging her tiny pussy as she moaned every louder. He did most of the work initially but she picked up the pace as the scene progressed, doing more than she used to for the company until he popped on her face. It wasn't the strongest scene of the movie but it was one of her best scenes to date.

Scene Six: Chanel St. James, one of the newest contract gals and one I've never seen in action before, was up last with McKenzie Lee in a lesbian scene. I admit that McKenzie was the more dominant of the two and showed her own skills off far more effectively than Chanel but the beauty of the newbie gal was undeniable. I truly hope that she lives up to her potential given that first scenes such as this one are the toughest to get right. It wasn't a bad scene for her but it wasn't a great scene either since she seemed to be a plaything of Ms. Lee rather than getting properly showcased as the others were. If you like lesbian pairings, you'll enjoy this one but even the active toy use and other actions seemed to be controlled by her partner.

Summary: Jenna's Provocateur showed that Club Jenna was willing to step up to the plate and try something new, something arguably exciting, and something off the beaten track for a porn company these days. The sex was almost always top notch for what the performers limits were, the extras were far better than expected from the company given their past titles, and the multiple version release will undoubtedly draw some press though a lot of fans will scream "double dip" in a harsh manner since they'll be forced to pick between which contract performer they want spotlighted by a given volume. Still, I liked Jenna's Provocateur: Sophia Rossi enough that I nearly elevated the rating above Recommended. I wanted more extensive extras and a lengthier movie but this was clearly showing that Club Jenna was catching up to their competition and I hope their next releases are even better (Jenna spoke of a volume two in the works).

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