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Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone

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Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/15/06

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Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Virtual Sex

Director: Q. Roberts

Cast: Sunny Leone, Lanny Barbie, Lexie Marie, Charmane Starr, Amy Reid

Length: ? minutes (the box claimed over 9 hours but suffice it to say that there was a lot more material then usual, even with a lot of the time consisting of secondary camera angles and slightly elevated responses in the bad girl sections)

Date of Production: 11/1/2005

Extras: Most virtual sex DVD's don't offer a lot of extras since the space is taken up to provide a faster access time to the clips and more room for them in the first place. The sole exception to this general rule of thumb has been the top of the line release from Digital Sin released years ago called My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2. I know reviewers have fussed about the lack of second discs in the genre, myself included, for a very long time but the pleas have fallen on deaf ears, until now. There was a second disc to the DVD set, and it included a lot of great extras to enhance the replay value and levels of fuck for the buck you'll be looking for this time.

Makeout Session: With fewer choices all around, you get to pick Sunny kissing Charmane or Amy in the weird half car seat that has been in a lot of porn shoots with the two feeling each other up topless (Charmane) or with clothing on (Amy). The lizard licking style of kiss aside, I wished the other gals had been given a nod too since the limited amount of action (they pull each other's tops off) shouldn't have taken too much time. Still, it was nice thinking as a bonus, and speaking of bonus, the bonus button allowed you to see Sunny making out with both Lexie and Lanny (so they weren't neglected as I originally thought).

Girl/Girl Sex: There were three choices this time with the make her cum option added in as well. The first was Sunny using a vibrator on Charmane while the gal was eating out Amy for a few minutes; the second was Sunny doing the same for Amy as she gave some head to Lexie (with the male hand assisting mid way through), and the third was Sunny using the vibrator on Lexie as the performer gave some pleasure to Lanny (the male hand assisting again). The bonus section had Lanny getting some attention from Charmane or Amy eating out Sunny's pussy too.

Sybian Sex Machine: This section offered up Sunny, Charmane, Amy, or Lexie getting to ride the world famous sex toy known as the Sybian. Sounding much like a motorboat, the toy is top of the line and shaped like a saddle that a gal (or guy) can sit on with a hand control to make it provide different sensations. The options for each gal were a slower clip, a faster clip, and the inevitable make her cum feature. The second camera angle was provided by Lexie in the first three choices but anyone that has used the device will know how much fun it is, especially for women. If you select the bonus choice, you (thankfully) get to see Lanny on the Sybian as well, something that probably could've been included on the main choice even if it was her first such ride ever.

Amy Striptease: While listed as a bonus, this showed Amy giving a very sultry striptease on the staircase that lasted about 4.5 minutes. Her blue bra and tiny black skirt were nicely enhancing as she made her way slowly down the staircase and fans of the young lady will be jerking off to this for a long time to come.

Hot Tub Orgy: Sunny Leone, Lanny Barbie, Lexie Marie, Charmane Starr, and Amy Reid were in the hot tub outside by the pool at night. They all initially wore tiny bikinis but those didn't last long and the gals went after one another sexually in true lesbian form with the camera spending a slightly longer time following Sunny. 15.5 minutes of hotty in the hot tub action is always a good extra, something I hope Vivid keeps in mind for future movies (not just their foray into virtual sex).

Bloopers: While this could have been more comprehensive, it spent most of the time on Sunny trying to get her striptease lines down with an off camera male trying to coach her through it for three minutes.

Behind the Scenes: Shylar was working the camera (that voice of his is quite distinctive) and 29.5 minutes of footage that included short interviews, gals getting ready for scenes, Sunny commenting on her flubbed lines taking an hour, additional sex, and extra fun as the cast and crew interacted on the set. It combined a lot of humor and worthwhile stroke material so don't skip it if you rent or buy the DVD set (and fans of the ladies on the fence about it might want to consider buying given the strength of this one alone).

Photogalleries: Each of the five ladies had a short photogallery of their own with Lanny's coming across as the most enhancing and Sunny's as the longest by a few seconds. There were also photogalleries for the hot tub, the BTS, and the hardcore gallery, making the total amount of them numbering eight (a lot of pictures folks).

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FAQ: Okay, this was kind of weird but it only had two questions, one involving Sunny having real life orgasms during the sex portions of the DVD and how you can't switch the camera angles during the striptease portion of the disc since it's a POV angle only. There was some of the usual spam too but at least you could opt not to pick that selection and like most new Vivid releases, it wasn't shoved down your throat at the beginning of the DVD.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was presented in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Q. Roberts for release by Vivid Entertainment. The introduction was presented in a non-anamorphic letter box but this gave way to the standard visuals with the menu on the top and bottom of the screen (effectively letterboxing the show without the higher quality picture of an anamorphic widescreen show (which might be something to consider for future offerings). There was some light shimmer on the fishnets, light grain, and saturated colors at times due to the almost film-look that was provided for the clips but the BTS was crystal clear and made me wish they went for less of an erotic look in the main movie to enhance the show like the BTS. The clips for the movie generally looked decent, though not nearly as sharp and clear as the My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 release by Digital Sin, yet the access time to the clips was faster than I'm used to for this type of show and it never looked bad. The composition of the shots varied in terms of how much it enhanced the ladies with the second camera sometimes looking better then the first but all of them adding to the replay value for fans of the wonderfully attractive Sunny and friends. The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English that was about as clear as I recall any of the Vivid features being but it still lacked any noticeable separation and the dynamic range was an area still in need of some work to cater to the high end home theatre crowd.

Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment has long been a leader in porn when it came to innovation but it has tended to play if safe in recent years a bit too much. Thankfully, the company has made some decisions to change all that and regain some of their lost market share by mixing things up with a host of new contract hotties and some new attempts at showing the world how things should be done. One of these innovations is the release of Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone, the company's first entry into the virtual sex genre in years, designed to compete with the well known offerings from Digital Sin's My Plaything series, Digital Playground's Virtual Sex series, Anarchy's Playing With series, and the newly established Zero Tolerance getting in on the action with the heated Interactive Sex series as outlined in a recent written by yours truly. The choice to start the series using the incredibly sexy and frisky Sunny Leone makes sense given the amount of fan interaction the hotty has built up in various online forums providing (and custom made ). Initially, I was hoping for the first volume to star Lanny Barbie but it was pointed out that Sunny has so little exposure that she'd make an excellent choice to start it off.

The idea of any sex simulator is to provide a fan based experience that lets a consumer control the sexual actions of a lady performer that like and in that sense Sunny Leone is head and shoulders above many who have been so showcased previously by others. As a consumer, you select clips of Sunny and her friends doing various sex tricks, with an entire second disc of extras worth mentioning more than just the multiple paragraphs I outlined above. If you ever saw , you'll know why we here at DVD Talk like her so much but a simple glance in her direction will tell you all you need to know too. That said, here's a quick look at the material on the DVD, noting that no condoms were used since the sex was all lesbian in nature:

Tease You:
Strip: Under the Good Girl Setting, Sunny started off wearing a small white crop top, red & black plaid skirt, and knee high white stockings with black shoes as she sashayed down the stairs to the bottom floor of the house. Taking off her top and slowly revealing her black panties, she touches herself and continues the routine, showing a sense of playfulness often missing in a Vivid title. The way she took her time elevated the heat and the 3.5 minutes of the segment seemed to last much longer as a result. The Bad Girl setting had a bit faster tempo music as Sunny did about the same thing but in a purple & black lingerie get up that showed off her lean physique even better, using more close ups and a less steady camera. If you click the Bonus button at the bottom during the scene, you are immediately treated to seeing Lanny Barbie and Lexie Marie providing a heated dual strip tease act that lasted longer and had the two doing each other on the stairs. Lanny was in charge of the action (good call) with some light grain and shimmer in the scene but the two ladies looking very appealing during the 6.5 minutes of action. The alternative choices under the bonus tease included a very nice little romp by Charmane Starr where her red top and tight blue jean shorts made my own shorts a bit tighter; Lexie Marie playing with Amy Reid's boobs for a few minutes (using vocals very effectively compared to her usual performances), Lanny playing with Lexie's legs, and another segment of Lanny playing with Charmane's nipples. The other choice under the Bonus section of the Good Girl area is to see the aforementioned sections without any assistance (except for the Lanny/Lexie strip), with lighter music and a less heated bit of action. As a side note, the second camera angle was used in most of the segments, offering what almost always appeared to be a closer view of the ladies at work, though some seemed to be off to the side too. What a start! Whew!

The next choice under Tease is called Boobs and the good girl/bad girl options are still available, using bad girl will summon forth another of the hotties to assist in the action, in this case having Lanny feel up Sunny's chest. That was followed by Pussy, where the bad girl option will have Lexie assisting the playing action of Sunny's little act, then Ass, with Amy on standby for bad girl action as Sunny bent over with that incredible ass of hers in the air as she kneeled on all fours; and ending with Feet that had Charmane assisting for the foot fetish crowd.

Fingers was the first choice and under the good girl section, Sunny rubbed herself in her pink and white polka dotted bikini undies on some black leather couch (with a non-standard back to it consisting of circles). The section lasted a couple of minutes with the bad girl section having her get nastier and finger her own ass (among other things) with both choices giving you the option of making her cum (which basically sped up her jilling action and had her getting louder as she appeared to perform like she was getting off).

The Vibrator section followed with the choices varying what kind of language and toys she used; the bad girl action making Sunny appear to be sluttier as she whipped out the pocket rocket to assist with the standard issue vibrator. Making her cum had the same result, louder and faster action that lasted a short time and gave the general appearance of a gal faking it. Either way, the choices were immediately accessible with no lag time, a definite improvement over similar series.

The Dildo section was the last of the Masturbation choices with the good girl offering an angular purple toy that she rubbed on herself more than anything else. The bad girl section was a large black cock dildo that she called her "new best friend" and her breathing was faster as she used it. The cum section didn't change much from the previous areas of the DVD but it was a nice way to finish her off, so to speak.

Tease Her:
This section provided the same multiple angles, good girl/bad girl action, and three choices. The choices had an anonymous person (sometimes a man, sometimes a lady from the looks of the hands) either a) fingering her, b) eating her pussy, or c) fuck her with a dildo. The clips seemed far shorter this time but I enjoyed them nearly as much as nice little bits adding to the replay value. The second angle in the bad girl material seemed a bit too close since it did not center the action on whatever body part of Sunny's was being concentrated on but that's a matter of preference that will vary according to the individual viewer.

Get It On:
Okay, the final segment of the main program was the Get It On section which amounted to the actual blowjob and penetrative sex portion (the main event). It was broken up into Blowjob, Missionary, Cowgirl, and Reverse Cowgirl, with a "shoot your load" option. The positions are self explanatory with the caveat that the cock used (Sunny doesn't do men on camera yet) was a large flesh colored dildo wielded by a person wearing black long pants and shirt (concealing their identity though the BTS made it look largely like Lanny was sporting the toy). Sunny was an active ride though and I admit that the action was more than enough to fire up my imagination as she pumped away like a woman possessed with a secondary option of making her cum added in for good measure. Some of you may be worried about what kind of pop shot was used since the other series in the genre have made extensive use of computer generated imagery (CGI) and still do to some extent. Well, it was still faked (dildos don't produce semen folks, sorry for the clue) but the fluid used was more realistic than usual and should serve your imagination quite well. It was interesting to note that you could always select the main menu and restart the action or directly move back to an area, with the main screen letting you replay the introduction and offering up a helpful User Guide rather than rely on a paper insert that generally gets lost early on in the life cycle of a DVD.

Summary: Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was a superb release by the folks at Vivid Entertainment for those of you into the sex simulator genre of porn. It's not just that Sunny Leone had a lot of screen presence or that the footage of Lanny Barbie gave me instant wood (their co-stars were also looking great) but the sheer magnitude of the release seemed designed to win awards all over the place thanks to extreme levels of fuck for the buck. I know some of you will complain that Sunny didn't do men, the cocks used were all toys, and the usual complaints about a lack of true pop shots but compared to what else is on the market, Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. With relatively minor polishing up, I could see the next volume in the series getting the full enchilada of a collector rating, but the DVD set was clearly this year's flagship title by Vivid and one of their best efforts in a very long time that should silence the critics for a little while.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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