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New Devil In Miss Jones, The

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Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/15/05

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The New Devil In Miss Jones Menu Title

The New Devil In Miss Jones

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Vicky Vette, Alec Metro, Kris Slater, Jeremy Steele, Damien Childs, Rob Rotten, Brooke Alexander, Tony Tedeschi, Savanna Samson, Nick Manning, Jenna Jameson, Rachel Rotten, Angelica Sin and Roxanne Hall, Dick Smothers Jr., Jessica Jaymes, Cameron Cain, Mario Rossi, Anthony Hardwood, Sir Nik, Sophia, Venus, Blaze, Raven Starr, Erzsebet Santanas, Louis Fleischauer, Mistress Zazel, Dion, Beamer, Raymond Nino, Manny, St. Rick, Cyrus King, Rock Harder, G. John Moreno, and Dave Rosenthal
Non-sex roles by: Georgina Spelvin, Robin Ashleigh Pike, Leah B., others uncredited

Length: 108.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/20/2003

Extra's: The extras on this three disc collector's set were impressive. The first disc had three separate audio commentaries; one with Jenna Jameson by herself, one with director Paul Thomas by himself, and a third with Paul joined by Savanna Samson and Georgina Spelvin. Jenna's comments were negligible since she stopped talking for the sex and didn't really have a lot of interesting material to talk about. Paul's commentary alone was nearly as limited since he kept getting his dry wit in the way of discussing the movie (he sounded stoned to me or at least extremely contemplative to the point he needed a nap), even joking about how all people in porn are "bad". The third commentary actually added some value for me though. Georgina was an albatross in that she hadn't seen the finished movie and seemed awed by the advances in porn too much and Paul was kind of a sounding board for Savanna but it was the lead starlet herself that added some of the more interesting anecdotes. I'd like to hear her on a commentary with someone more livelily in future outings if at all possible.

Georgina in her heyday in the original release

The third disc was a copy of the original The Devil In Miss Jones. I saw it decades ago and never thought it was any good for stroking but it had some cutting edge intrigue considering it was made in a time when porn was essentially illegal. I like the historical value of older movies and those who haven't seen it should give it a look but don't expect to get off to it. This disc also had some classic trailers and five VOD (video on demand) movies but the catch was that you had to pay for them. A friend watching the movie with me had some choice comments about the nerve of Vivid to call them "extras" but I'm not repeating them here as I'm a gentleman.

Savanna wished her fans well in the BTS feature.

Brianna Banks hawking Vivid's store.

For me, the "real" extras were on the second disc of the set. I'm not talking about the baker's dozen of trailers, the rest of the spam (as mentioned above), the short biographies of Jenna, Savanna, or Paul Thomas, the five bonus scenes from previous movies, several of which starred Savanna Samson, or even the multitude of photogalleries; no, I'm referring to the extra footage and other cool extras that Vivid offers when they want to. The disc started out with a 45.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Victoria Woodhill. It gave the cast and crew, including Paul Thomas, a chance to discuss their involvement in the movie and some of the issues that arose. It was far more engaging than the commentaries so give it a look. There was then a Movies Extras that started with some DIMJ previews, went to a 5.5 minute Blooper Reel, a 65 minute reel of deleted sex footage (that was very entertaining by the way), nearly 5 minutes of deleted acting clips, and ended with a couple minutes of photoshoots. There was then the 41.5 minute reel on Paul Thomas, complete with trailers, his history in porn, and I found it very well made. There was also a double sided DVD cover and a paper insert that outlined the big movies for Vivid to be released in 2006. If that's not a lot of extras worth checking out, nothing is.

Never skip the extras disc or you'll miss out on fetish hotties

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: The New Devil In Miss Jones was shot in what appeared to be 16mm film, much like the original, with Paul Thomas directing for Vivid Entertainment. Film was used to make a statement and those of you wanting to jerk off to a standard porno will probably find yourself disenchanted with the amounts of grain, video noise, and compression artifacts. The goal of the movie was to work the mind, not the libido, and I'm not going to be the one to scream "pretentious" this time. The lighting was suitable to the thematic matter at hand and if you like moody, darker films, this will be head and shoulders above most porn for you. I prefer the flat lighting of video or a film made like a clean Hollywood production, so the technical aspects of the picture weren't appealing to me.

The audio was presented with several choices including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian; all with 2.0 Dolby Digital processing. There were three commentary tracks too but I'll cover those in the extras section of the review. Okay, there was some minor separation between the channels and the dynamic range wasn't bad but my overall impression of the sonic portions of the film was that they needed more attention. The music score was better than average (credited to a person named Michelangelo) with the atmospheric attention they deserved.

Body of Review: 33 years ago, a porn movie was made that described the death of a young woman and her descent into hell. It made a lot of waves and served as a template for many other releases that followed. The movie was, of course, The Devil In Miss Jones. I saw it the better part of 25 years ago and by that time, far superior movies were released (superior in terms of strokability) but the movie was notable for the mental aspects of the show more than the ability to get you off. Well, Vivid Entertainment being in the business of providing a variety of shows, decided a few years back to remake the movie as The New Devil In Miss Jones, starring the lovely Savanna Samson as the lead role and Jenna Jameson as the Devil in charge of her soul. Unlike most porn these days, it wasn't designed for stroke value (at least not much) and I suppose my biggest initial complaint was how Vivid sat on it for over two years before releasing it recently to qualify it for January's AVN Awards. With stiff competition from other major production companies such as Wicked Pictures offering up the hilarious Camp Cuddly Pines and Digital Playground teaming up with Adam & Eve to offer Pirates; the ensuing battle for marketplace dominance began and folks from all over wondered which movie was best. I'll write an article for the Blue Room to address that issue but here's a look at TNDIMJ:

The story behind the movie has a lonely lady going through a crisis. On her birthday, the only birthday card she gets is one from her insurance agent and she has yet to live a full life. Ignoring those around her that try to involve her in social events at work, she sees her life through a series of random flashbacks. The movie was a bit jumbled in this regard but the same held true for the original so I suspect that was expected of it. Using a number of sex scenes, the movie told the story of the gal, including her fate at the end of the movie and why she ended up where she did. In that sense, lead performer Savanna Samson was probably the best actress in a recent feature porno although the sex left much to be desired. There were numerous nods to the original as well, even the casting of original lead Georgina Spelvin as one of the characters in the movie so here's a look at the scenes with a few pictures to better describe the curious movie to you:

Savanna was brave to make a movie looking like this.

Georgina Spelvin as the bathroom Attendant.

Scene One: A Face in the Crowd: Vicky Vette, one of the older gals in porn worth a darn in bed, was up first in an orgy scene on top of a trash dumpster with Alec Metro, Kris Slater, Jeremy Steele, Damien Childs, Rob Rotten, and others waiting to get some loving from her. There was a lot of oral but they took turns in her ass to her delight. There was a lot of dirty talk as Savanna watched the crowd either boning her or waiting to do so. It ended when they jerked off all over her, especially the face.

Jenna played a convincing Devil

Scene Two: Office Mates: Brooke Alexander, a busty gal in black lingerie, had the next scene with greasy Tony Tedeschi at work. He started it out by going down on her and Savanna Samson masturbated guiltily as she watched them. The couple then moved to a couch so Brooke could get some oral loving in on his average dick, slobbing it and maintaining eye contact to enhance the mood. They screwed a little bit in her pussy and he rubbed out a tiny load on her awaiting chest at the end of the action.

The director though Nick Manning was prettier than Savanna Samson.

Scene Three: A Bigger Splash: Savanna Samson, finally made up to look attractive, wore her dress as she watched Nick Manning swim in the outdoor pool. I'm not one of those (like director Paul Thomas) who thinks he looked better than her but I'd be in denial if I said he wasn't buff and tanned as ladies seem to appreciate. They started off slowly with some foreplay and soon moved to him going down on her by the edge of the pool. They switched places and she gave him some head which looked good since her ass was high in the air. They screwed on the grass and he popped a load onto her face and body at the end of the short scene.

Jenna Jameson and Rachel Rotten provided some nice contrast

Scene Four: Underground: Jenna Jameson, all dolled up in fetish garb, took advantage of a moment with Goth gal Rachel Rotten on a table in a dark room as Savanna masturbated in the shower. The lesbian duo were suitably talented and the contrast between young and old, light and dark, and even pretty and exotic, were the focal points of the scene that used a strap on dildo, tongues, and fingers to get one another off. Jenna seemed to almost put her full hand in the brunette but stopped short to keep out of trouble. Jenna even took a technical DP with toys before the scene was interrupted.

Jenna and Savanna having an afternoon delight

Scene Five: Underground Pt 2: Angelica Sin and Roxanne Hall, playing a couple of dominant gals, took charge of Dick Smothers Jr., as they teased and played with one another in front of him. From Paul Thomas' audio commentary, Dick couldn't get it up so the gals played with each other in a lesbian tryst for a few moments before the story took over again.

Scene Six: Tell Me What You Want: Jenna Jameson, made up to look something akin to a princess in lingerie, and Savanna Samson, made to look like she was her grandmother, had the following lesbian scene outside on a hard old rock. It was fun to watch since I'm a fan of the two ladies but it was very limited sexually with licking and fingering being the dominant form of play. At least they moved onto the grass when getting particularly active with one another.

Scene Seven: The Last Day: Savanna Samson, Jessica Jaymes, Cameron Cain, Mario Rossi, Anthony Hardwood, Sir Nik, Sophia, Venus, Blaze, Raven Starr, Erzsebet Santanas, Louis Fleischauer, Mistress Zazel, Dion, Beamer, Raymond Nino, Manny, Rachel Rotten, Rob Rotten, St. Rick, Cyrus King, Rock Harder, G. John Moreno, and Dave Rosenthal, were up last in an orgy scene that appeared to be in a dungeon of sorts. There was a whole lot of action going on but the camera was fluid and aside from spending most of the time on Savanna, the others were short changed in regards to camera angles and lighting too. The sex was rougher than average for a Vivid movie, especially when it came time for the flogging and piercing with needles. In all, it was a varied scene so I'm sure I missed a couple of people but the emphasis was always on the star (rightfully so). The most interesting moment for me was when Savanna took the DP by Anthony and Mario with a gooey finish.

Jenna explaining the rules of hellish descent.

Summary: The New Devil In Miss Jones was not your generic stroke flick and never sought to be. Instead, it was a sometimes morbid look into a dark, depressing tale of a woman in great pain. There was some good sex but that was in the background more often than not as director Paul Thomas decided this porno would be more about story than sex. I have mixed feelings about such focus since the best acted porno is still a porno but the overall quality of the movies writing and acting was several notches about the norm. The extras were great, the cast a mixed bunch of talented performers, and the movie itself seemed worthy of a rating of Recommended. Collector's will consider it a must have but lacking much stroke value it becomes more an art film than a porno so your mileage will vary according to what you're looking for in your adult entertainment. I have to admit that Paul Thomas took a lot of chances with the movie and should be commended for them but they seemed to be a case of biting off more than he could chew compared to other movies that had better technical values.

Jenna ends pretty much every Vivid movie by selling condoms

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter

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