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Britney Rears 3, Mach 2 Coverage and Cassidey's Return

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Spotlight Title: Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted!

Britney Rears 1 was one of most notable porn movies to combine a pop music parody with some decent sex, a factor carried to even further extremes by Britney Rears 2. Music is so rarely considered a factor in porn that those of us with decent sound set ups shrug when we see the types of movies that win awards in this area; knowing how low the bar is set by trade magazines and fan awards. That said, the marketing gimmick of the original Britney movie was strong enough to open a great many eyes in the business so it was no wonder that the sequel continues to sell like crazy but in an effort to push the concept even further, Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted! was made with a different dynamic in mind. Rather than rely solely on a gimmick to sell the movie, director Will Ryder ramped up the movie in a couple of ways; providing better, more original music than you'll find in porn while getting better sexual performances by selecting an all new, improved cast. One of the best choices in this regard was replacing the former "Britney" with hotty Hillary Scott, giving up the slight resemblance to the pop star Britney Spears in favor of much improved sexual skills (always a great choice). The movie was a light feature with Britney playing with a time machine bought off of Ebay that propels her and the lovely Jasmine Byrne back to 1974 where they promptly land roles on a Soul Train styled disco show. The parody aspects were weaker and as a feature, I'd have to say it suffered but the quality of the sexual scenes was ramped up more than a little bit and that should be the number one consideration of any porno, yes?

Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted! had better quality sex than Britney Rears 1 or Britney Rears 2; both movies that a lot of fans appreciated. The technical values, extras, and amount of fuck for the buck were superior and the inclusion of the first movie as an extra was a great idea; earning the rating of Highly Recommended with ease. I'd like to see Hillary given more to do in the next volume of the series since she's a very talented lady proving that in the fine tradition of the Batman and James Bond movies, a better performer can come in and make the role her own. In short, Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted! works because of the fusion of music and sex that smoked the previous volumes as much as Jasmine and Hillary sexually leading the pack. I'd have preferred it if another spoof song sung by someone (Hillary or the two talented gals in the band) were used since that had been the primary selling point of the previous efforts but this was a winner all the way around. If this isn't on your short list for purchasing, you're going to miss out. Look for the extensive marketing to make the movie AND Hillary Scott household names in no time.

Sneak Peeks: Dirty Dan's POV 2

Recently, we started reviewing titles from a small upstart known as Mach 2; a gonzo production company with a slate of popular directors such as Otto Bauer, Dana Vespoli, David Luger, and others that seem guaranteed to provide quality entertainment with a slightly rougher style that many fans find appealing. One of our first glimpses into their work was Dirty Dan's POV 2; a series of five scenes that offered up Sandra Romain, Candace Von, Jessi Castro, Alexis Silver, Destiny Summers, Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, and April Blossom as they engaged with the director for some dirty deeds, done dirt cheap. The fact that world class POV expert Mike John even made a cameo appearance in the show is more evidence that Dan learned from some of the best in the business before setting out to make his mark on the gonzo world, coming across as a stylized version of pervert Jake Malone to our review team. If you're looking for a guy that doesn't always play by the rules, choosing to make up his own instead, Dirty Dan might be exactly the one to help you get off with a little help from his friends. Keeping in mind that there were some rough edges and areas in need of polishing up, the movie showed a lot of potential on the part of the director, so check it out when it gets released next month.

Highlights of The Week

Elegant Angel has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years, nearly calling it quits awhile back according to the rumor mill but they have enjoyed a renaissance in the last year that has really brought them back to the forefront of gonzo porn to those of us that remember when they were one of the top dogs in the field. One of the directors at least partially responsible for their recent success has been William H. Nutsack with shows like Big Wet Asses 9, the thematic sequel to the series I last reviewed with Big Wet Asses 7. The idea is to have the ladies dance around in a tease sequence while getting their ass oiled up, moving to hardcore sex with a partner, and then taking a pop shot in some appropriate place. The casting of the series has long been one of the reasons this flagship title has been an award winner and this one seemed to be a champion right out of the gate. Big Wet Asses 9 was another hit from the folks at Elegant Angel, easily earning a rating of Highly Recommended for the levels of strokability, fuck for the buck, replay value, and a cast that was quite literally a solid selection of ladies ranging from the best ass of the 1990's to some of the best newcomers porn has to offer. For me, the highlight was clearly the scene with Tiffany Mynx but with other hotties like Avy Scott, Flower Tucci in the extras, and so many others, it should come as no surprise that Big Wet Asses 9 would have so much to offer so many people. Good work Nutsack!

Ronnie James is a director that has reportedly long been involved in the adult entertainment industry in one capacity or another and his recent work at Bad Seed/Adam & Eve has already shown a degree or two of improvement as he allows his performers to follow a light formula in order to get off as they may. This elevates the action a fair bit and I found plenty to like in Your Ass Is Mine 2, his latest release from the company. The good news is that it was superior in every way to Your Ass Is Mine 1 and the bad news is that there really wasn't any bad news, making my review sound a bit like one of those slavering fanboy reviews you see elsewhere on the internet. Your Ass Is Mine 2 was the breakthrough title for director Ronnie James as he combined a great cast, lots of fuck for the buck, decent extras, and high end technical values to make this one worthy of a rating of Highly Recommended. I was surprised that the action had such replay value to combine with the strokability and fun factors but everything seemed to click on this one, with a few minor rough edges in need of polishing. In summary, Your Ass Is Mine 2 was one of the better efforts by Adam & Eve with Ronnie showing us all that he had what it takes to compete. Good work and fans of ass related action will enjoy this one.

Hillary Scott may soon be best known as the all new Britney Rears but in my book, she'll always be the cute little anal princess she's been for some time now. In an effort to elevate her status to anal queen, she has embarked on a variety of projects though and her latest is also her directorial debut in Elegant Angel's Anal Princess Diaries 2, described on the back cover as: "2006 XRCO award winning super star, Hillary Scott, returns desperate to become an Anal Queen. On her depraved journey she must endure gaping, double penetration, double anal, a gang bang and a bukkake in pursuit of her crown! This is your chance to get inside the perverse mind of Hillary Scott!" Anal Princess Diaries 2 had more newly shot footage of Hillary Scott than any other release on the market so it is a must have for her fans. There were some rough edges to the show that could've been edited out or handled slightly better but the technical work by Brandon Irons, the hot cast of ladies, and the heated sex gave the show enough fuck for the buck to elevate it to Highly Recommended status for her fans. It was a close call for me since I wanted a longer movie, unique extras, and a little less reliance on the circus stunts but Anal Princess Diaries 2 had a lot to offer for fans, especially fans of the lovely Hillary.

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Paul Thomas has long been the main director at Vivid Entertainment; typically getting first shot at all the special projects they commission. The latest of these was the comeback of former starlet Cassidey in her first movie in some time, called Sexy Young Thing, described on the DVD cover as: "Announcing the return of Cassidey. Her boy/girl comeback! A Paul Thomas high definition video. Paul Thomas presents "Sexy Young Thing", the return of Cassidey in her first boy/girl role in years! And guess what... she's so excited to be back, she SQUIRTS! In this scorching hot, now-and-then interview-style feature, we learn why she left... and more importantly, why she came back! And we welcome her back in style. It's Paul Thomas's "Sexy Young Thing", a high definition video... that's the definition of hot!" Sexy Young Thing wasn't the biggest movie by director Paul Thomas this year but I have to hand it to Vivid Entertainment for re-signing a lady that a lot of fans wanted to make a comeback. The technical matters may have been a bit off at times but the raw energy and amount of Cassidey onscreen throughout the flick will undoubtedly work for her fans. Otherwise, the amount of fuck for the buck, sexual passion & energy, stroke value and replay, all earned Sexy Young Thing a rating of Recommended or better, largely depending on what you're looking for. The cast was top notch in terms of looks too and I hope that a few of the bugs get worked out of Paul's future HD offerings since this one seemed to rely on the gimmick of Cassidey's involvement a little too much, especially considering how well versed the others were by comparison.

POV Fantasy 6 showcased exactly why I so often praised Brother Love because the camera work was technically decent but the raw energy of the lovely cast was off the charts. The fantasies themselves were decent too but it was the amount of fuck for the buck, the ladies, and the sheer energy and passion that drove this one home for me so well that I rated it as Highly Recommended. The casting of Amy Ried, RayVeness, Tia Tanaka, Jasmine Byrne, Kelly Cameron, Katie Cameron and Sara Stone (in the bonus scene) proved to help elevate the heat of the show enough that some of you will enjoy the title even more then the staff did too. In short, POV Fantasy 6 was the type of simple yet classic porn that offered the right quantity of tease to increase the heat and replay value with a strokability factor in excess of what I could handle in a couple of sittings were this strictly for personal use. Good work Brother!

Nina Hartley has long been a legend in porn and education so it made sense that her longstanding series was appreciated by two of our finest reviewers: Addison DeLick who looked at Nina Hartley's Guide to the Ultimate Sex Party "is defined as a person having three to five partners of the opposite sex simultaneously; what differentiates the gathering from a gang bang, Hartley explains in an interview included on the disc, is that the lone woman or man is in control at all times and calls all the shots. The participants will be so excited to have been chosen, she says confidently, that they'll do whatever the object of their attentions says", and Colonel Mustard, who said Nina Hartley's Guide to Erotic Massage "is a step by step of how to deliver a fantastic massage to your lover and how to stimulate him or her. After an interview outlining some of the benefits of Erotic Massage and the differences between a traditional Massage and Erotic Massage, we get to watch Nina in all her glory."

Great Big Asses 2 was a favorite of Don's who said: Jordan Septo has long been by favorite director at Exquisite for the way he manages to coax excellent performances out of most of his hand picked, often extremely talented casts. His straightforward style and often classically simple themes all him to focus his efforts better than many of his peers, resulting in movies like Great Big Asses 2, the highly strokable sequel to Great Big Asses 1 (a title I really enjoyed). The sex was not all about anal so much as women with superbly shaped asses; a factor that the series has always shown in spades. Great Big Asses 2 was another fine movie by talented director Jordan Septo and fans of ladies with great behinds will find a lot of strokable material here to enjoy. The amount of fuck for the buck was solid, the technical values were generally high end, and but for Kyiele's lube issues holding her back and Kelly's lack of experience, the movie would have probably scored even better than the Recommended I gave it. In short, Great Big Asses 2 was a solid mix of ladies with the wonderful Tiffany Mynx leading the pack, Naomi pulling second place, Sophie Dee a close third, and the others still worth watching for their up and coming status. Once again, Septo managed to provide a wonderful experience with some of the best asses in porn so check it out.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot found two titles focusing on male ejaculate worthy of commenting on this week with: Cum Dumpsters #6; "The idea behind it is so splendidly simple that it would be tough not to enjoy it. You get a total of 69 hot girls taking powerful blasts of cum to the face " what's not to like? When you take into account the sheer volume of material, the decent extras, and the solid technical quality, you have a DVD that provides plenty of fuck for your buck. If you're in the market for a new cumshot compilation, definitely consider adding this title to your collection", and Don't Cum On My Face, Cum In My Ass "While this was enjoyable release, its definitely not a DVD you'd want to bring home to the wife. The sex is intense, wild, and unabashedly brutal at times. Any fan of gonzo sex resulting in sloppy cream pies will certainly want to consider picking it up." In both cases, the population pudding took center stage as the men knocked out load after load onto the ladies; either in their face or in their butt so fans can rejoice knowing the semen wasn't wasted.

Stormy Daniels is probably best known as the hotty female director at Wicked Pictures. While her beauty and passion are well established as a performer, she has been making significant headway into her directing skill in recent years with her latest flick being Sleeping Around. The movie was another of her small, lower budget features that showcase female empowerment as a theme, this time tempered with a bit of turnabout too. She played a high powered female executive that sleeps around as well as any man, trying to have her cake and eat it too as she guides kid sister (played by Eva Angelina) on the finer points of love, loss, and playing around. Sleeping Around might not be up for all the awards that Wicked Pictures hopes to win next January but Stormy did a solid job here of combining the various technical and performance aspects she had to work with and the results ended up in a movie I felt was worthy of being Recommended. The sex was not the sexual Olympic or circus act type so popular in certain circles but as a couples feature, the writing was decent and fused well with what took place. The cast looked fine and Stormy seemed to go out of her way to enhance them as best she could so I guess Sleeping Around was a title you'll find worth keeping in your collection if you like the performers listed above. Oh, and it was interesting (and a pleasant surprise) to see Club Jenna girl McKenzie Lee here, even if she wasn't allowed to have sex per her contract. Good work Princess!

Fine Ass Bitches 5 seemed worth picking up too since: Bobby Manila is a director that has seen a lot of action over the years and his current gig at DVSX often showcases a lot of decent hardcore sex so I was pleased to pick up Fine Ass Bitches 5 for review this week. The title tends to have a scenario where the woman will treat a guy poorly before they have sex though a couple of scenes dispensed with this idea in favor of a generic porn situation that could only be resolved by sex. I liked the show a lot and found a surprise or two in terms of who was the best sexually but that's one of the reasons why some of you rely on reviewers rather than box covers for guidance as to what to buy. Fine Ass Bitches 5 was another fine release by the folks at DVSX with decent technical values, some nice extras, and a lot of fuck for the buck to enjoy more than a few times. I rated it as Recommended though I could argue it was on the edge of getting an even higher rating but for some of the rough edges in need of honing. Still, Fine Ass Bitches 5 did have a bunch of ladies with very nice asses, appealing faces, and the skills needed to use them to full effect as long as you aren't seeking an all anal movie. The worst scene of the movie was still well worth checking out a few times and the best scenes were near classics in how the performers were getting off so check it out.

Out of this world reviewer The Mooninite found a trio of tantalizing treasures with Pure: Sapphic Liaisons 3, "the latest girl on girl effort from Holly Vanderhyden doesn't stray too far from what made the first two DVDs work, but it all works really well so if it ain't broke, why fix it? The women look hot, the production values are typically great and the sets and set pieces are interesting, erotic, and far classier than most modern porn tends to be. There is no plot to be concerned with, just five scenes of pretty girls getting down with each other. It puts Holly Vanderhyden back in the game. Each and every one of the girls in this release is gorgeous and the camera work, as soft as it is at times, does a fantastic job of capturing them and playing up to their more seductive qualities. The action is hot and consistent and the girls all look exceptionally good", Pushed: Catfight 1 "taps into the part of our subconscious that liked to see girls scrap and takes it way past the next level. This is fantasy made flesh and realism is thrown to the wind in favor of some very specific and thought out set pieces. Each of the three scenes on this DVD is quite lengthy, starting with the two girls alone before splitting off into a three way with a male performer. While this one was obviously made for those with a specific kink, if you're into watching girls get rough with each other this is top tier smut. It's shot really well with an eye for careful compositions and a nice use of color and most importantly the girls look great and the sex is hot", and Ass Appeal 4 "a nice selection of five big-assed lovelies doing their thing and looking good. The sex is usually better than average and things are shot reasonably well throughout particularly in the first and fourth scenes. Hot looking girls having pretty hot sex is what this is all about. If big panty-cakes are your thing then you're pretty much sure to get off on this one."

Texan reviewer Don Houston found something special to enjoy about Devinn Lane's Swingers since it was shot in the Lone Star State, even if some folks don't consider Dallas to truly be a part of the best state of the union, saying it was: "one of the few titles she shot for Shane's World before parting ways earlier this year, is the latest flick in my sweaty little palms and after not seeing any of their stuff in too long a time (I really wanted a few of their other titles too), I got my fix as the crew came to Texas for some fun at a swingers club in Dallas. If you're looking to see the pretty, plastic people of porn valley engaging in formulaic sex on the same old splooged-infested couch with flat lighting, a list of sexual circus acts, and all the usual conventions of porn, Devinn Lane's Swingers will be as exciting to you as watching Ed Power's is to me but if you want something slightly more daring with the kind of raw energy the company is known for, you'll see why I liked it so much that my hands kept busy more often than not. The decent extras, the scenes with cutie Sunny Lane, and the amount of fuck for the buck elevated this one's value for me but the same could be said of most the titles from the company so check this one out too.

Besides reviewing educational material as discussed previously, reviewer Colonel Mustard also liked a couple of hardcore compilations: Diabolic All-Stars; "Generally when I think of Diabolic productions, I think of some of the most hardcore scenes possible with directors who would readily sacrifice some of the hotter and more expensive actresses for some serious sexual depravity. When I saw the list of actress from Diabolic (Roxy Jezel, Aurora Snow, Jenna Haze) on a Diabolic release, I have to see if these woman hold up the Diabolic challenge. There are eight scenes on this DVD featuring some of the bigger names in porn. This is one of the best lineups of talent that has been put together in quite some time. Generally, I'm a little hard on (what?) compilations, but this one didn't disappoint at all. Diabolic productions found some of the best talent to ever grace the blue screen and fucked them Diabolic style", and sister company Anabolic All-Stars; "Belladonna, Teagan Presley, Briana Banks, Jenna Haze and Tara Patrick on the same DVD? From Anabolic no less? I couldn't be more excited about seeing some of my favorite starlets working for a production company with a very hardcore reputation. This is a regular murder's row of porn stars. I still can't believe that all of these women fucked for Anabolic."

Pretty Pussies Please 2 seemed worthy too: Danny Case, or Pat Myne as he's been called for years, has been one of the best directors at the quality driven company of 3rd Degree for some time now. He provides a typically high quality picture, a lot of excellent tease, and decent levels of fuck for the buck in almost all of his flicks so I was happy to check out the recently released Pretty Pussies Please 2 when it came my way. The idea was to provide a number of very attractive pussies in gonzo scenes with an emphasis on youthful gals getting boned hard by some of the journeyman studs of the modern age of porn. The levels of tease alone were often sufficient to justify the purchase but ultimately some of the gals were very hot while others relied more on their looks over riding skills. Pretty Pussies Please 2 was a decent effort by Danny Case with a lot of fuck for the buck to compliment the fine visuals and splendid cast; earning a rating of Recommended.

Reviewer Namrufmot found several fetish related titles for fans to enjoy too with I'm Only Squirteen; "I haven't had the chance to review very many squirting DVDs, but I do know a solid porno when I see it. The action on the disc is intense, passionate, and totally enjoyable. If female ejaculation is your thing, don't hesitate to run out and pick up this title", Gang Bang Darlings 5; "I've had the pleasure of reviewing the third and fourth installments in the series, and I can honestly say that this has been the best one yet. Director Bobby Manila chose some of the industry's biggest names, and did a great job of capturing the action. If you're a fan of the series, the performers, or group sex, I'm confident that you'd find this DVD enjoyable", and for the MILF lovers out there, Housewife 1 On 1 #4; "I've never really seen a "housewife" DVD that contains women that look like real housewives. Sadly the women on this scene don't either. In summation, don't watch this DVD because you're expecting to see middle-aged women fucking on camera, watch it for the enjoyable sex that will certainly hold up to repeated viewings."

In preparation for our multi-part retrospective of the work by director Jim Holliday, Don started reviewing some of his older works, including: Return of the Cheerleader Nurses saying "Jim Holliday may be gone from this mortal coil but his legacy lives on through the scores of great porn titles he left behind over the years. Few people understood his work in the industry but fans routinely sought his movies out, even if he rarely achieved the kind of critical acclaim he seemed to seek (for all his bluster about it on various commentary tracks, it was clear he had issues with professional critics being less appreciative then fans). As I continue to check out his older works, I found that his lesbian orgy sequences to still hold up really well compared to what you can find on the shelves today, with Return of the Cheerleader Nurses having one that I still fondly recall after so many years (no small feat in the disposable world of porn). The sequel to Cheerleader Nurses 1, the story elements continued the silly antics of the nursing world as the cast fucked and sucked their way silly through their educational program. Return of the Cheerleader Nurses was worth a rating of Recommended for the kind of added spark it offers the modern viewer. It certainly didn't hurt to have Tiffany Mynx looking as fine as she did but the other gals were working the meat pipe so well too that dismissing their efforts would be a mistake. The technical values were much like all older porn, the extras weak, and the strength of the movie derived largely from the raw energy of the cast."

Fans of blowjobs will love seeing the 15 offered up in Lip Lock My Cock 2 which: "had a lot of minor raw edges but the raw energy largely made up for it with a full fifteen blowjobs on the plate to satisfy even the most oral fanatic of you for some time. The replay and stroke value of this one was better too so I thought Lip Lock My Cock 2 was worthy of being Recommended. Not all of the ladies were oral queens and princesses but they each showed a modicum of skill, passion, and enthusiasm that elevated the action higher than a guy like me (who enjoys full scenes far more readily) tends to consider likely in an oral only flick. So, if you want the blowjobs without the frills, this will be a good starting point in your quest to find the perfect porno for your needs."

One look at the cast of Ultimate Asses 6 (Naomi, Georgia Peach, Brandi Coxxx, John Strong, Luscious Lopez, and Sydnee Capri) will tell you the title action would be fine but Don pointed out the title was: "exceptionally solid in terms of strokability, replay, and casting as well as the sexual passion displayed. Had one of the other scenes been nearly as good, I'd have rated it higher thanks to the levels of fuck for the buck but it was clearly worth a rating of Recommended to me despite the limitations. In short then, Ultimate Asses 6 might not have been the ultimate Red Light District movie but if you're a fan of ass, this title will show a need for seed well worth your hard earned dollars."

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